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Hence your subconscious mind makes you give reactions like facing away or having feelings of disgust or dislike, whenever you come across someone or something you didn’t like at all and you did conscious acts to avoid this person or thing, in the past. These conscious acts of avoiding specific people and things sent messages to your subconscious mind that you didn’t want to focus on people or things you don’t like and you want to use any possible ways or distractions to avoid these people or things. As your subconscious mind kept receiving these messages and as it adapted itself according to these messages, it started helping you out in moving away from people or things you didn’t like and in doing so, it started suggesting you various distractions to keep your focus away from such people or things you disliked.

Though your purpose is served and your subconscious mind is now helping you move away from any person or thing you don’t like, this whole script written on your subconscious mind, has another meaning also, which has to be read between the lines. Through all your conscious acts of shifting your focus away from people and things you don’t like, you have trained your subconscious mind to distract you away from people or things you don’t like. This comes as a great help whenever you are in one such situation as your subconscious mind finds many ways to get out of this situation but at the same time, this script comes with a side effect too.

Whenever you try to do something that you really don’t like but you still want to go ahead with it and do it, your subconscious mind does not help you in such practice and instead, it puts resistance in your path and tries its best to distract you from that thing or task. This is because you have trained it to help you shift your focus away from a thing or a person you don’t like. As you subconscious mind suggests you more and more ways to move away from this act, you start losing your focus as there are many things now and you are not able to focus on one particular thing.

It means that by asking your subconscious mind to help you in situations when you don’t like and you don’t want to do something, you are also training it to put resistance whenever you don’t like a thing but you still want to do it. As already mentioned, you can’t train your subconscious mind to do different things in similar situations in most cases, and you can only train it to behave in a certain specific way, in a certain specific situation. It means you can either train it to help you out in liking or carrying on with people, things, places or activities that you really don’t like or you can train it to distract you whenever you engage in any one of these acts that you don’t like.

Since doing the first act which means trying to like most things, people, places or activities you really don’t like, is not a natural choices of most people; we have to go with the second option in most cases. It means that most of us train our subconscious minds in a way that they help us shifting our focus away from things or people we don’t like. As we have trained our subconscious minds for this practice, we should not only expect their help whenever we fall in situations we don’t like but we should also expect resistance put by our subconscious minds whenever we don’t like a situation but we still want to go ahead with it.

Now that we have looked into the two main reasons which cause and promote the negative habit of lack of concentration, it is the time to look for remedies which can help treating this habit. As far as the first reason is concerned, you should stop doing two or more than two things at a time and you should instead start building a habit of doing one thing at a time. At the first level of this treatment, simply start with the practice that you will not attend to anything or anyone else while you are having your major meals. Stop watching TV, talking on mobile and all other such activities which demand attention or focus, while you are eating your meal and try your best to consciously focus on your food and food alone.

By disengaging from all other activities and by consciously engaging in your food, you will start sending messages to your subconscious mind that you now want to focus on one thing at a time and you want this focus to be complete and undivided. In order to get the most from this act of eating a meal, try to make it more and more conscious so that stronger signals may be sent to your subconscious mind through this conscious act of yours. In order to make this act more conscious, try to focus on your food items as much as you can and try to consciously feel the taste and flavor of each and every food item. Try to feel what flavors may be present in a food item like ginger, onion, tomato, garlic, specific herbs, specific cooking oil, specific spices and other such flavors.

The more you consciously try to enjoy your food and get into the details of flavors contained in different food items, the stronger signals you send to your subconscious mind that when you engage in an act, you want to concentrate on it with as much strength and ability as you can. It should be noted that at this first level, some of you may be able to identify many flavors present in different food items whereas some of you won’t find much success in this practice. It is not a problem at all as the whole purpose of this activity is to try and focus more and more on your food and different food items; and not to succeed in finding all the flavors in different food items. So all you have to do is to consciously taste, feel and enjoy your food items and not bother about the rest.

As you keep doing this act of consciously engaging in your food and food alone, whenever you are eat, you start sending more and more signals to your subconscious mind that you now want to focus on one thing at a time and you want to focus on it with complete concentration. As more and more of these messages keep reaching your subconscious mind through your specifically targeted conscious activities, it starts making changes to the previous script of lack of concentration written on it, and it starts sending fewer distractions to you whenever you want to focus on something or someone.

This is the time you should start extending this conscious practice of engaging in one thing at a time, to the other small but important spheres of your life. To do so, stop talking on your mobile whenever you are driving or doing any other important activity, and focus on that particular activity. Talking on mobile while driving a vehicle is a very harmful and potentially dangerous activity and it should be avoided as much as you can. This habit becomes even more harmful when you hold your mobile against your ear and talk to someone while driving. This is due to the reason that when you engage in most of the conscious acts of distracting yourself while doing one activity, you use one more activity to distract yourself and hence your focus is divided between two activities instead of one.

For example, when you watch TV while eating a major meal, your concentration is divided between two activities one of which is eating food and the other one is watching TV. But when you hold your mobile against your ear and talk to someone while driving, you use two distractions instead of one and accordingly, your concentration is divided into three activities instead of two. Looking at these three activities, you are driving your vehicle, you are talking to someone and you are also paying attention to the fact that your mobile should not fall from this position as it may get damaged if it falls from this position.

Hence you are focusing on three things at a time which makes the situation even worse by giving you even less percentage of concentration on each job, and your chances of lacking your focus on the road are much higher and accordingly, you are more likely to meet an accident or damage your mobile. This is the reason why talking on mobile causes many more road accidents than by engaging in other types of distractions like talking to someone else present in the vehicle, while driving. In the second case, you are only using one distraction which is talking to someone else whereas in the first case, you are using two distractions which are, talking to someone else and taking care of your mobile phone.

Other loss that you face while engaging in this practice is that the more is the number of distractions that you consciously use while engaging in an activity, the stronger signal you send to your subconscious mind that you don’t want to focus on one thing at a time and you want to use more and more distractions. Such repeated messages worsen your problem of lack of concentration and hence such practices should be avoided or reduced as much as they can be.

Therefore, if you have to receive a call while driving, the best way to receive it is to park your vehicle on the side of the road and then take that call. If you don’t have an option of parking your vehicle on the side of the road and you have to take this call, carry a hand free kit or Bluetooth with you to receive calls through them. Though you are still taking a call through hand free kit or Bluetooth, but the risk of accident as well as the risk of worsening your problem of lack of concentration is less in this case. This is due to the reason that now you are using only one distraction instead of using two, as you are not holding your mobile against your ear and you don’t have to worry about it any longer. So if you can’t avoid the loss altogether, it is always wise to reduce it as much as you can. It means if you have to use distractions in a situation, use as few of them as you can.

As you keep engaging in more and more such conscious acts of focusing on one activity or thing at a time, you keep sending more and more signals to your subconscious mind where these signals ask for more focus and concentration whenever you engage in an activity. As these signals take the shape of a script, your subconscious mind starts sending you fewer distractions in the beginning and it then starts sending you more and more concentration once this script has become strong enough to make your subconscious mind do so.

Looking at the line of treatment when this habit of lack of concentration has been caused due to engaging in an activity that you don’t like at all, the only effective treatment for this reason is that you should always try and engage in activities that you like. On the other hand, you should avoid engaging in such activities that you don’t like much or don’t like at all, as doing so puts you up against your subconscious mind which has been trained to put resistance and send distractions whenever you face situations or activities you don’t like. As most of you already know by now that whenever you are put up against your subconscious mind, the chances of your subconscious mind winning are much higher. Hence try to avoid doing things you don’t like at all and instead try to do things that you like a lot, as liking is a factor which can increase your chances of success in any sphere of your life, more than many other factors or good qualities.

For example, let’s consider a person is married for many years, his wife is very happy with him and in his company, and she often thinks and speaks very well about her husband. Though there may be many other qualities her husband may possess, it is almost certain that this man has a great focus on the needs of his wife due to which he attends to most of her day to day needs whether they are physical, financial, mental or emotional. In practical language, you will call this man a very caring husband and due to his quality of caring so much for his wife, he makes and keeps her happy most of the time.

Yes, it could very well be his love and care for his wife but what is the exact thing working behind making his wife happy? As you may know by now, it is his undivided focus and complete concentration on his wife and her needs that makes him attend to and fulfill most of her needs in due time and this is what makes him a caring husband. This person loves his wife and accordingly he wants to make her happy most of the time and this is what draws his attention to various needs of his wife and accordingly he focuses more and more on those needs and finds ways to fulfill them. Hence we see a natural boost in our level of concentration for something or someone we like very much or love very much.

Looking at some other examples, you tend to do much better in games or sports that you like a lot, you tend to do better with people you like a lot, you tend to do better in subjects you like a lot, you tend to succeed easier and more in jobs or professions you like a lot and many other such examples may be considered. The essence of all these examples is the fact that our liking for something or someone increases the level of success we achieve when dealing with them, as our concentration sees a natural boost when we deal with the things we like a lot. Hence you should make the most of this secret and engage in more and more such activities which you like a lot as that will do a world of good to your concentration.

As you keep engaging in more and more conscious acts of increasing your concentration, some of which have been mentioned above, your habit of lack of concentration will start becoming weaker with the passage of time and finally, it will leave you for good as you now have a new friend called Concentration. As most of you already know through the first part of this book that two opposite habits can’t stay with your subconscious mind at the same time; it means when concentration comes to you, lack of concentration has to leave you.

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