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Hence choose wisely, which way you want your subconscious mind to behave so that you may not have to complain later on. If you want your subconscious mind to help you concentrate on important tasks, send it the messages of concentration and not the messages of distraction, through your conscious acts. Your subconscious mind is only obeying your requests and acting according to them and hence it can’t be blamed for giving you any good or bad habit. It is you and you alone who is responsible for any particular good or bad behavior of your subconscious mind as at some point back in time, you had yourself trained your subconscious mind to behave in this specific way and now that you don’t like this behavior, the only way to get rid of it is to start telling your subconscious mind to adapt to a new behavior. It is a behavior that you want and a behavior that you have to teach your subconscious mind through your conscious and specifically target acts which in present case will be conscious acts of concentrating and focusing on one thing at a time.

Looking at some other activities which can promote this negative habit of lack of concentration, having tea or coffee while writing or reading something important, watching TV while talking to someone on phone or talking to someone while watching TV, talking on phone while reading or writing something important, watching or talking to other people while doing such exercises in gym which require complete focus or concentration, talking on phone while you are cooking, talking to other people while driving car, eating or drinking something while driving, talking to other people while filling some important form or doing some other important job which requires a lot of concentration, chatting on Whatsapp or attending to Facebook when someone is telling you something important, talking to other students instead of listening to the teacher or coach when he is delivering a lecture or teaching you how to do something, and many other such activities which you do in a way that while you are doing one activity, you are distracting yourself to one or more than one other activities.

As you keep engaging in more and more such conscious acts of distracting yourself while doing something important, you keep sending more and more signals to your subconscious mind that you don’t want to focus on one thing at a time and instead you want to attend to two or more than two things at a time. As you keep sending these messages to your subconscious mind through your conscious acts, your subconscious mind registers your choice and it starts acting according to it. Hence whenever you tend to do a task and you are not doing anything else simultaneously, your subconscious mind starts suggesting you many other things to do by sending ideas related to those things so that you may choose one of those things to distract yourself.

All this works fine as long as you are engaging in activities where you wish to attend to more than one thing at a time because this is what you like doing; like in case of watching TV while eating your meal, you are engaging in two activities at a time with your own choice. On the other hand, when you tend to engage in a task which is very important for you and you want to concentrate on it with your hundred percent, the same behavior of your subconscious mind becomes a problem for you, a problem which you only have created, a problem which you don’t want at this particular time and a problem which is called lack of concentration. Yes, your subconscious mind tries its best to engage you in various types of distractions when you are doing something very important, but it is only due to the fact that you have trained your subconscious mind to act like this whenever you are doing something important or even when you are doing something in general.

Therefore if you don’t want your subconscious mind to stand against you when you are trying to focus on something important, train your subconscious mind in a way that it works towards keeping you away from all types of distractions when you are doing something important. In order to do so, you have to send continuous signals of ‘I want to focus on one thing at a time’ through various types of conscious acts that you engage in, in your day to day life. Your subconscious mind works best with one type of script at a time and it does not do well with two opposite scripts or two opposite habits at the same time. Hence you can’t expect to teach it that it should send you all types of distractions whenever you want it to do so and at the same time, it should stop sending any distractions to you when you tell it that you are doing an important job.

It simply doesn’t work like this and it is not going to happen. So if you want your subconscious mind to help you focus when you are doing something important, you have to first train your subconscious mind and tell it again and again that you are a ‘One thing or one task at a time’ type of person and when you are doing something, you want to do that thing only and nothing else. As you keep telling this again and again to your subconscious mind, slowly but surely, it adapts to your new demand and starts working according to it. When this happens, your habit of lack of concentration starts getting treated as more and more focus and concentration start coming to you.

Concentration is the secret behind the great successes achieved by various people in the history of mankind and without proper concentration; you can’t achieve top level success almost in any sphere of your life. Therefore if you want to get best results in many spheres of your life, you need a very good level of concentration and if you need a very good level of concentration, you need to train your subconscious mind to deliver that concentration to you as and when you need it.

Looking at one more reason which can promote lack of concentration when you try to do something; not liking something much or at all and still doing it is one practice that will almost always result in lack of concentration needed to complete that task in a proper way. Many people do this mistake and as a result, they find themselves struggling while doing such tasks which may be related to any spheres of their lives. For example, if you don’t like science as a subject at all but you are still pursuing studies in science, you can’t expect anything else but lack of concentration whenever you try to study and learn this subject, which further translates into getting average or even below average results in this subject.

Taking another example, consider you are a girl and you have starting dating a guy who you really don’t like much and this dating has been set up by someone or under some specific circumstances in a way that you fell into this scenario. You can try as hard as you want but you will not be able to concentrate on this guy and instead, within a few dates or so, you will start building repulsion for this guy. As a result, you won’t like most things he does and you won’t bother much about what he likes and what makes him happy or what you should actually be doing to take this relationship to the next level. This keeps happening and eventually you decide not to date this guy any longer. Once again this is happening so because you really didn’t like this guy much but you tried to push yourself to like him which does not happen in most cases and accordingly, it didn’t happen in your case too.

The more you tried to push yourself, the more repulsion started building inside you due to which you lost your focus on this guy and as a result, things which were bad for relationship, started happening. For example, whenever you went out with this guy for lunch or dinner, though you might be having a meal with him but your focus was somewhere else and you were not able to enjoy whatever he was saying or sharing. Instead you started feeling bored in his company and really wished for this dinner to end at the earliest so that you may move away from this guy. All this happened because you tried to do something you didn’t like due to which your subconscious mind kept distracting you from this guy and therefore you could not focus on this guy, no matter how hard you might have tried.

Let’s now look into the reason for this distraction which happens when you don’t like a person or a task but you still try to engage. Imagine the time when you tried some food item which tasted very bad, you disliked it instantly and so much that you didn’t want to try it ever in your life. As a result, you don’t even bother looking at this food item whenever it is present among a variety of food items, at a party, buffet or any place else. Likewise there was a particular perfume that you smelled at a time and you didn’t like it at all, instead it gave you a feeling of disgust and so you chose not to smell it or use it again since you hated this smell.

Moving on, you met a person and you didn’t like him at all, instead this person gave you vibes of boredom or disgust and so you decided not to socialize with this person any more. Whenever you see this person anywhere, you try your best to avoid meeting this person and socializing with him as you don’t like him. In order to avoid him, you start looking for other available activities or people who can serve as a distraction to you so that you may engage in something else or with someone else and avoid this person. There are many other examples of this type but I think the message I want to convey has been conveyed. If we don’t like a person, thing or activity at all, we tend to avoid it with as much strength as possible and this is where your subconscious mind comes into the picture.

As you keep sending messages of disgust and disliking for people and things you don’t like at all, to your subconscious mind, and as you try your best to avoid these people and things whenever you come across them, you keep telling your subconscious mind that you don’t want to focus on things and people you don’t like. These messages also say that you really want to avoid these people and things whenever you come across them and in order to do it effectively, you are willing to use any available distractions which can help you shift your focus away from them.

As more and more of these messages keep reaching your subconscious mind, it starts understanding your demand and accordingly it starts helping you in this regard. As a result, whenever you see a person you don’t like at all, you face away so fast that your conscious mind doesn’t have much time to dislike that guy and then make you face away. This whole practice is carried out by your subconscious mind and that is why it happens so fast that it looks like a reflex. All the reflex looking practices are conducted by your subconscious mind and not by your conscious mind because conscious mind takes time to understand a situation and then guide you accordingly whereas the subconscious mind has already been notified about a particular situation and how to react in that particular situation.

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