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Heaven and Hell Within Part 02

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Through lives of experience and recordings available with it, your subconscious mind considers the act of eating a major meal, a very important task in your day to day routine as well as in your life. This is due to the reason that a wide variety of food items have become available only in the recent years and throughout the history of mankind, food has not only been our primary need but it has also been difficult or very difficult to find at times. Your subconscious mind has a record of all those lives of yours when you found your food with great difficulty and once you found it, you ate it with complete concentration, enjoying every single bite of it as if the world has ceased to exist for you, while you are eating this food. Hence your subconscious mind attaches a very high value to eating a major meal, based on its past experiences.

When you pay more attention to TV and less attention to your food while eating a major meal, this conscious act not only conveys a message to your subconscious mind that focusing on one thing is not important but it also sends a second message which says that you like to pay attention to other things while doing your important tasks and you don’t want to pay your undivided attention to important tasks. The second type of messages are the ones which worsen your problem of lack of concentration because you are sending more and more signals to your subconscious mind that you want to attend to or think about other things when you are doing your important tasks.

These messages are finally recognized by your subconscious mind and they are registered on it. This is where your problem starts building up as you are telling your subconscious mind that you don’t want to pay complete attention to one task at a time and you are also telling it that you can afford to focus less and less on the tasks which are important for you. As these messages take shape of a script written on your subconscious mind, it starts putting resistance whenever you choose to engage in an important task and you want to devote complete concentration to it. This is because, according to your subconscious mind, you are not a person who pays attention to one thing at a time and you like to do other things also while doing important jobs.

Understand this fact that through your conscious acts, you only requested your subconscious mind to believe that you don’t want to do one thing at a time or pay complete attention to one thing at a time and though it took time for your subconscious mind to agree and adapt to this request, but it finally did and it started supporting you accordingly. As a result, whenever you try to engage in jobs which are important for you, your subconscious mind starts sending many distractions to you in the form of various thoughts and imaginations due to which you find it difficult to focus on the job you are trying to do. This is when your problem of lack of concentration has started interfering with your performance and this is why it has become important to treat it as otherwise it will keep gaining more strength and keep troubling you more and more.

Going back to the old and wise times, now you may understand why in the old times, there were special places made for eating major meals and the food was not served to anyone in their bedrooms, on their study tables and other such places. Intimation was given once the food was ready and all the members of a family or a group had to go to a specifically chosen place to eat their major meals. These places didn’t have any means of entertainment in them and the ambience of these places featured complete calm and composure so that the people eating their food may not be disturbed or distracted by anything else.

Look at this whole practice and try to learn from it. A specific place for eating major meals was chosen in every house and the members of the family went to that specific place at the time of eating their major meals. In addition to it, people were advised to maintain silence while eating which was to ensure that their complete concentration goes to the act of eating and any part of their concentration should not be directed to any type of talking or gossip. This whole practice made every member of the family aware and conscious that eating food was an important job and accordingly, it needed to be done at a specific place and at specific times during the day.

Hence when they came to eat, they were fully aware that they were going to perform a very important task of their daily routine and accordingly they tried to put as much conscious effort and concentration into it, as much they could. Further, it was a custom in many families that before eating, all the members or the head of the family would pray to God and thank him for blessing the family with food which was the most important thing to keep them alive and healthy. This whole theme made sure that people eating food paid attention to food and food only and nothing else, as eating food was a very important task for them and accordingly, they devoted their complete concentration to this task.

Likewise, the people in the old times had assigned timings and values to various jobs and in most cases, they used to do one job at a time and they avoided trying many things at the same time. This was not due to the reason that they were not intelligent enough to try the phenomenon of multitasking but it was due to the fact that they wanted to build and maintain very healthy levels of concentrations. This is why all such things were practiced as through each one of these conscious acts, each one of them kept sending more and more signals to his subconscious mind that whenever he did something, he wanted to concentrate completely on that task and nothing else.

Their subconscious minds adapted to this script and accordingly they helped these people focus more and more on anything and everything they engaged in. With conscious small day to day acts, these people developed a subconscious habit of paying attention to one thing at a time and accordingly, they faced few distractions when they tried to do something important as their subconscious minds supported them in focusing completely on the task they were attempting and the same subconscious minds put resistance if ever these people wanted to engage in a distraction while doing something important. They had trained their subconscious minds to focus on one thing at a time and that training blessed them with great amount of concentration because concentration is nothing else but the ability to focus completely on the thing you are doing.

Coming back to the topic, watching TV while eating your food is only one of the activities which can write a script of lack of concentration on your subconscious mind and though it is a very important activity when it comes to writing and confirming this script, doing this activity alone is not likely to write a strong script of lack of concentration on your subconscious mind. This is because, in case of most negative as well as positive habits, a single activity in a specific sphere of your life is generally not capable of giving you a permanent good or bad habit or personality trait. Hence a conclusion should not be drawn from a single act or event and the conclusion should be reached after carefully looking at a series of events. In case of this habit, the people suffering from this habit are doing many such things in various spheres of their lives, which contribute to and which confirm this habit of lack of concentration.

Another common activity which can promote this negative habit is talking on mobile while driving a car or some other vehicle. The mechanism is the same in this case also and accordingly in this case too, you are sending the same two messages to your subconscious mind through your conscious acts, which you send through previously mentioned activity. The first message says that you don’t want to focus on one thing at a time and you want to do more than one things at a time whereas the second message says that even when you are engaging in important tasks, you want to distract yourself to some other tasks and you don’t want to devote complete concentration to your important tasks.

The reason for the first message is obvious and needs no explanation. Coming to the second message, driving a car or another vehicle is indeed a very important job for your subconscious mind as well as in actual practice. This is an activity which if not done properly, can result in attracting damage to your vehicle, someone else’s vehicle, your life or someone else’s life too. Hence you should stay focused on driving and driving alone when you are engaged in this act and you should not engage in activities like talking on mobile which can distract you from your primary activity and result in an accident.

But if you choose to do so and keep talking on your mobile every now and then, while you are driving your car, you keep sending the already mentioned two signals to your subconscious mind, through this conscious act of yours. As more and more of these signals keep reaching your subconscious mind, they start taking the shape of a script which says that you don’t want to concentrate on one job at a time and you like to distract yourself to other things even when you are doing some very important tasks. Once this script takes place and once your subconscious mind starts acting according to this script, it starts motivating you to distract yourself to many other things and ideas, whenever you choose to engage in something that you consider important and you want to concentrate on it.

You have told your subconscious mind again and again that you don’t want to concentrate on one thing at a time and you want to indulge in other activities while doing one activity, even if that one activity is one of the important activities of your day to day life. Your subconscious mind may have taken time to listen to you and adapt itself accordingly but it finally did and now that it has started behaving according to your taste, you have started complaining that you are not able to concentrate properly whenever you wish to do something important. This is simply not fair as your subconscious mind is behaving only in the way you asked it to, and when it starts doing so, you start making complaints about its behavior 🙂

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Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari