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Lack of concentration is one more problem which is affecting many people nowadays and due to this problem, these people are finding it difficult to perform at their best as they are not able to focus on their projects, in the best possible way. Concentration is one of the key elements if you wish to achieve success whether that success is related to your profession or it comes in the sphere of relationship. The people who are able to concentrate on their professional projects or on their important relationships, usually succeed at them and achieve good results, whereas the people who lack concentration in professional sphere or in the sphere of relationships, tend to either get below average results or they may see complete failures in these spheres.

Look at the lives and schedules of people achieving great things in various spheres of life and you will find that most of these people have complete focuses on what they want and they don’t lose sight of their missions even for a short period of time. For example, look into the life and routines of a famous football player and you will find that he had his undivided concentration on this game right from an early age due to which he could engage in more and more practice and could become better and better at this game. Even when he became an established player and stared gaining rewards through this game, he still kept his complete focus on his game and kept training with the same undivided concentration, throughout his career.

Accordingly, this player not only succeeded but he was able to maintain this success for a long period of time compared to some other players who might not have reached the same level of success or who might have achieved the same level of success but they couldn’t maintain that level for a long period of time and they fell from that level to a lower level. The reason for not achieving success in case of first type of players is that they were not focused enough on their games and accordingly they could not obtain as good results as the player in our example did. In case of second type of players who did achieve the same type of success but could not hold on to it for long, they concentrated on their games completely until they reached that level of success and once they reached that level, their concentration level dropped and accordingly the level of their success dropped too.

This means that in order to be successful in any sphere of your life, concentration is first required to achieve the level of success you wish, and it is then required to maintain that level you have achieved. Hence if you want to achieve success in any sphere of your life and want to hold on to that success for as long as you can, you simply can’t afford to have lack of concentration on your target because as the level of your concentration or focus on your target drops, so does the level of your success. So your success in any particular sphere of your life is directly proportional to your level of concentration on that particular sphere of your life.

Let’s now look into this problem of lack of concentration and find out why do many people suffer from this problem and what exactly are the root causes of this problem so that we may know the treatment for this problem as getting to the root of a problem is absolutely necessary if you want to remove the problem from the root. This problem has its roots spread to many things that we do in our day to day lives and accordingly it can be called more a problem of lifestyle than anything else. It means that most people suffering from this problem have issues or serious issues with their lifestyle and that is why they are suffering from this problem. We will now take a look at some important issues of day to day life, which contribute a lot in giving birth to this problem and then in making it bigger and bigger.

A division of attention to more than one thing is the root cause of this problem. Accordingly most people suffering from this problem agree that the reason they can’t focus on a particular thing, project or person is that they keep thinking about other things, projects or persons. It means if you can think about and concentrate on one thing, project or person at a time, you will be able to produce best results related to that thing, project or person. But how can we be able to focus on one thing, project or person at a time and why do we deviate to other things, projects or people in the first place?

The answer to this question may seem difficult but it is very simple. The reason you are not able to devote complete concentration to a thing, project or person is that you have a subconscious habit of attending to more than one thing, project or person, most of the time. It means that your subconscious mind has a script written on it, a script which says that you want to focus on many things or people in most cases and you don’t want to pay complete and undivided attention to most things, jobs or people who you come across. Since your subconscious mind has this script written on it, it puts resistance and tries to deviate you to other things or people whenever you try to devote your complete attention or focus, to a single thing or person.

You may be wondering how this script was written on your subconscious mind and what did you do to write this script? Well, you only wrote this script through specifically targeted conscious acts which you have not only been doing in the past but also in the present, and that is why this script was written on your subconscious mind and it is still sticking there. Let’s now find out what conscious acts people engage in due to which a script of lack of concentration is written on their subconscious minds, so that we may get to the root of this problem and find a solution to this problem.

Looking at some of the most commonly done conscious acts promoting the habit of lack of concentration, most people suffering from this problem have a habit of watching TV or something else when they are eating or drinking anything. It may sound strange how watching TV, watching something else, listening to something or talking to someone while eating or drinking can contribute in giving birth to this habit and then promoting it; but in reality it is one of the root causes of this habit of lack of concentration and here is how.

Each time you watch television or keep yourself occupied with something else while eating your meals, this conscious act sends a signal to your subconscious mind that you don’t want to engage in one job at a time and instead you want to engage in more than one job at a time. This is the time you should know that you may not consider eating your meals a job, but it is a job for your subconscious mind and in fact it is one of the most important jobs that you do, when seen through the eyes of your subconscious mind. Keeping you alive and keeping your body hale and hearty is the top priority of your subconscious mind and in doing so, the intake of calories and important nutrients is a very important step as without eating sufficient calories and nutrients, you will risk your health and eventually your life too.

Hence when you sit for eating and especially for eating a major meal in the day, your subconscious mind considers it one of the most important jobs that you do in your day to day routine and accordingly it watches you with great attention when you start doing this task. This is because of the reason that your subconscious mind wants to observe and learn how you wish to attend to the most important tasks of your life. Hence the message you convey to your subconscious mind while performing this conscious act of eating a major meal is very important in making your subconscious mind decide, how you want to attend to the most important tasks of your life.

As you start eating and you start watching television at the same time, this conscious act sends a signal to your subconscious mind, which says that you want to engage in other things when you eat or when you attend to an important task and you don’t want to focus completely on your meal. As you keep engaging in this practice of doing something else while eating your major meals, you keep sending more and more signals to your subconscious mind that you don’t want to focus completely on your primary task and instead you wish to engage in other things also, particularly things related to entertainment which are the things you engage in through most such media like watching TV, listening to something and other such activities.

As these messages keep reaching your subconscious mind again and again, by virtue of your repeated conscious acts of the type already described; slowly but surely, these messages start taking the form a script which says that you wish to engage in many other activities while eating your meal and you don’t wish to focus on your meals completely. As this habit of watching television while eating your meals gets stronger and stronger, you tend to treat watching television as your primary activity and eating meals as your secondary activity and this is where your problem starts becoming worse because you have now started sending one more signal to your subconscious mind with each one of your conscious acts of this type.

As you become addicted to watching television while eating your meals, you start concentrating more and more on TV programs and you tend to focus less and less on your food. I have personally witnessed many people who watch TV while eating their major meals and they watch TV with so much interest and concentration that they can hardly concentrate on eating and enjoying their food. Their faces are up and directed towards TV sets and while they are watching the programs with great interest, their hands are subconsciously picking up the food items from the plates and are then putting them into their mouths.

Once this food goes into their mouths, they are still not conscious enough to forget TV and enjoy the taste of each and everything included in this food and instead they treat chewing the food as a secondary activity, with their primary activity being watching TV. Hence most of their food travels from their plates into their mouths and then into their stomachs without them having much feeling of the exact taste or essence of the food items or in other words; eating and enjoying the food becomes a secondary activity which takes place in the background while they are busy watching TV. Eating meals is your primary activity when you sit for eating, but you don’t pay required attention to it and on the contrary, you make it look like an unimportant activity for you which can be compromised for watching TV.

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