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One thing you should understand before moving on with this chapter is that good karmas or positive energy is must if you want to achieve good things in life. Hence stop engaging in bad karmas or reduce them as much as you can and start engaging in more and more good karmas, helping more and more people and other species. This will add more and more positive energy to your aura, which is essential to achieve good things in various spheres of life.

Though engaging in more and more good karma and disengaging from bad karmas is the most important thing, it is not the only thing. There are other factors that are important and sometimes, one of them may become the most important. This happens especially if what you want to achieve is not just any thing, but a specific good thing and this is what all of us want most of the time. Knowing this much, let’s move on with the topic.

When it comes to improving yourself, many books will give you a generic formula and they will tell you to follow certain general guidelines. Though such guidelines work for some people, the speed and quantum of results may not be what it should have been. They work well for some people and don’t work at all for some others. Do you know why this happens? I am sure many of you don’t know, but most of you positively want to know.

Well the reason or the answer lies in the question itself. General guidelines are general whereas each person is specific and therefore, you don’t need general guidelines but you need specific ones. It is interesting to see that in this day and age, you choose a specific cream that suits your skin type, a specific soap, a specific style of clothes and shoes, a specific type of car that you like and all other specific types of things and even specific types of people that you like and which work best for you, but when it comes to a finding guidelines to improve yourself, you are not much bothered about finding the ones that suit and work for you and your personality type.

Isn’t it fair enough that out of all the guidelines for improving yourself and having better chances of success in various spheres of your life, you should only choose the ones that you need and the ones that suit you or work the best for you. Well the time has come that you should start working on such an approach and through this book; I will try to make you decide by yourself what good things or what specific guidelines for improvement are going to work for you in the best possible way so that you may spend your maximum time and effort on those guidelines. So if you read this book with great attention, time and time again until you have understood and followed it completely, the chances are very high that you will be in a strong position to treat and improve yourself.

Coming to the topic, as you all know that in order to cure a problem, the first step is to identify the problem as you can only think about the appropriate remedy when you know the problem. If you are not successful in profession, relations, education or any other spheres of your life after all your effort and all your desire, technically it means that your aura has some specific types of negative energies which prevent you from having success in such spheres of your life. If you want to improve your chances of achieving success and particularly a specific type of success, you will need to know how to deal with these specific types of negative energies and get rid of them.

I know I mentioned if you have sufficient positive energy or good karma, you can achieve as many good things in life as this positive energy can bring. But I also asserted the fact that in order to achieve specific success, you need strong desire and effort also. The factor of good karmas still remains at the top and it is the first thing you should consider if you are willing to achieve more and more. But, good karmas alone won’t decide what type of rewards or good things you will achieve, and since our wishes are very specific in most cases, hence there is more to do than just doing good karmas.

Though we consider the aura of a person as a net positive or negative aura, in most cases, it is actually a mixed aura with patches of both types of energies. For example, if a person’s aura has 55% positive energy gained through good karmas and 45% negative energy gained through bad karmas, his aura is still net positive but even with a net positive aura, he still has 45% negative energy. This is not a small percentage and accordingly, he will face resistance from this negative energy, from time to time.

Similarly different people have different ratios of positive and negative energies. Accordingly, they will see mixed results which are good and bad. A person with a highly positive aura will have a ratio of 80% to 90% positive energy and 10% to 20% negative energy. Though he has a big percentage of positive energy, there is still some negative energy in his aura and it can cause problems and suffering for him, at times. This is because such negative energy also tends to attract more negative energy as always is the case and hence even a person with a strong positive aura has some chances of gaining more negative energy and falling from the top which we have seen many times in history. This is why people who work to achieve divinity try to stay away from people and places with negative energy until they reach a stage where little or no negative energy is left in their aura, which means, there is almost no chance of gaining more negative energy or engaging in more negative karmas.

As many people have a good percentage of positive and negative energy, these energies keep doing their work simultaneously. Accordingly you will find people around you sometimes doing good and sometimes doing bad, sometimes behaving good and sometimes behaving bad as sometimes the positive energy in their aura controls them and sometimes the negative energy in their aura controls them and they start behaving accordingly. One of the most wonderful gifts we humans have is that with conscious and continuous effort and with specific practices, we can not only reduce this negative energy but we can also make sure that most of the time, the positive and not the negative energy in our auras, controls us.

There may be specific types of negative energies in your aura which are preventing you from achieving what you want to achieve by introducing one or more than one flaws or bad habits in you which will hinder your progress towards the success that you wish to achieve, even though you may also have good amount of positive energy which gives you good habits also. Since most of us have both good and bad habits due to a mixed type of aura, sometimes our good habits will bring us good things whereas sometimes, our bad habits will bring us bad things or make us lose the good things we have already achieved. This is where we need to work the most and this can be best controlled with the help of certain specific and conscious activities that send specific signals to our subconscious mind through our conscious mind and this is where the game starts to change in our favor.

Before hitting the core topic, let me tell you that even though there are two types of energies we deal with where these energies are called positive and negative energy, both of these energies have various types also and depending on the type of positive or negative energy which covers a big part of your aura, specific good or bad habits and specific good or bad tastes will be rendered to you. Since the study of energies and auras is vast and this topic is not the primary motive of this book, as we want to see practical results, I will skip these details on the types of positive or negative energies and what specific good or bad habits they can give us. However, as and when it is required, I will give relevant explanations.

Specific types of negative energies create specific types of bad habits, tastes and flaws in us and we may suffer due to them. Since different people may have different types of negative energies, the reason for their failures may be different since these different types of negative energies will tend to create different types of bad habits among people who are suffering. Hence, even though the final result is the same in each case, i.e., failure or loss, the cause may be different in case of different individuals and this is where the need for specific identification and specific treatment of such bad habits comes into picture.

Hence now we know that to overcome hindrances caused by different types of negative energies, we need specific treatments for such specific types of negative energies. In order to do so, the first step is to identify the type of negative energy that we have as there is no sure treatment if we don’t know the exact problem. In practical terms, it means that different people have different types of bad habits which are making their contributions to prevent these people from achieving success. In order to treat these problems or bad habits, we first need to know exactly which ones we have and then start treating them. Let’s start with the most common types of negative habits that different types of negative energies can inflict on us.

  1. Too much Copying
  2. Bad Physical Shape
  3. Laziness
  4. Leaving things Incomplete
  5. Too many Vices
  6. Negative Attitude
  7. Too many Fears, Lack of Confidence
  8. Lack of Discipline
  9. Bad Company or Little Company
  10. Lack of Courage
  11. Too many Excuses and Justifications
  12. Too much Anger, To many Arguments
  13. Too little Learning
  14. Too much Dishonesty, Being too Selfish

This list may seem long but the good thing is that most of us will only have a few of these habits or negative traits and such people are comparatively fewer in number, who have many negative traits all at once. So don’t worry after looking at this list and get ready for the next step.

Now that you know about the common types of negative habits that may be blocking your way to success in profession, education or in a relationship, the next and most important thing you need to do is to identify which of these negative traits you have in your personality, because if you want to treat yourself, the first step is to identify your disease and then take appropriate remedies in the second step.

Though the identification of such negative traits may seem difficult at first, it is not as difficult as it seems and hence, let me help you identify your negative traits. There are two ways of identifying them: the first one works for you if you are aware as a person. You can start looking into yourself and finding out which of these negative traits you have in you. The second way is to ask people close to you, and your well wishers, to tell you about your negative traits. Such people may include your family and friends and whether they have told you or not, they may know more about your negative traits than you do.

Let’s say that you are now aware of all or most of your negative traits, the first part of this process of treating yourself is complete. You have identified the problems and diseases. Now all you need to do is to know the exact treatment and solution for these problems. Pay close attention to the fact I already mentioned at the beginning of this chapter that different negative traits are caused due to different types of negative energies. Accordingly, they have different types of treatments. This is why you may have found that general guidelines for improving your chances of success may not have worked. So don’t try anything and everything that is available. The correct way is to know the appropriate remedy for your problem and then try that specific remedy.

For example, let’s say that one of your negative traits is to argue too much. Even if you may be right, in many cases, people around you don’t like it. Due to this habit, you have faced problems and losses in life, in your profession and especially in relationships. In this case, the ideal thing to do is to deal with the negative habit of arguing too much. But, instead, you take up general guidelines and start practicing remedies like, going to a Gym for physical fitness, learn more and more, have more confidence in yourself and other such things. Though such advice is very good for some people, do you know what they will do in your case? They are likely to increase the intensity of your problem with the passage of time. Doesn’t it sound strange that good things can also aggravate your problems? It may sound so but it is true and let’s find out the logic behind this strange fact.

We will take the correct approach; we will identify the root of your problem and then look at the treatment. Since you have a problem of engaging in excessive arguments, it means that some of your other qualities which are otherwise good may aggravate your problem by supplying more and more energy to it and let’s see what are these positive traits which are aggravating your problem. If you argue too much, it means that you have good amount of energy to keep arguing for a long time. If you can engage in long arguments, it is likely that you have enough knowledge to sustain long arguments. It also means that you are already having a good amount of confidence or probably a bit too much of it, for the reason that the people who don’t have confidence in themselves or who are low in confidence, generally don’t not argue too much and in fact they don’t like to argue at all, in most cases. This is because they are themselves not sure whether what they are saying is right or wrong. So you are having a good amount of confidence if you argue too much.

Now that we have gone through factors that secretly provide more strength to your arguments, you will need to do two things in order to get rid of this habit. The first thing is to start controlling this habit with the help of specific conscious activities. The second thing you should do is to avoid promoting habits or traits, which even though may be otherwise positive, but supply energy to this habit of yours as that will make your first task very difficult. This is because on one hand you are trying to control a problem and on the other hand, and at the same time, you are doing things which will worsen that problem, and the result which you already know by now is either no result or too little of it and here is how it all happens.

Starting with the learning, there is no end to learning. Even though learning is one of the best habits you can develop, it can cause problems also in some cases. This is because, the more you learn, the more you tend to argue if you have a tendency to argue. Since you have a habit of arguing too much, more learning is going to leave you with more facts, which means that you are going to argue even more and you are going to win more in your arguments. When this happens, you will naturally tend to engage in more arguments since most of us like to play games we win the most. Accordingly, your failures are going to increase, since the primary reason for your failures was arguing too much and you have increased this problem. Many of you may be wondering now as how even learning can be very bad in some cases, but this is how it works and this is why I asserted that specific problems need specific solutions and general solutions can sometimes make your problems even worse than they already are.

Taking the good habit of building more confidence, as you start building more and more confidence, using any available technique, every time you get into an argument, you are more confident that you will win this argument, which you may win in most cases as you now have more knowledge and more confidence than before. But winning is not good in all cases and particularly in this case, as with each win, you will want to argue more and more. Even though you win 9 out of 10 arguments, you only increase the intensity of your problem. Hence, even confidence can increase your problems in some cases. The theory of specific remedies for specific problems holds good in this case also.

You may wonder how building more muscle can increase the problem of arguing too much, but it certainly does so and here is how. Any physical exercises we do to build more muscle in our body involve aggression and that is why you will find most people engaging in such exercises, making aggressive sounds. These exercises increase the amount of aggression in us through two ways. The first one is more obvious and easy to understand and it is the fact that the more muscle means the more strength, the more energy and accordingly the more aggression as increase in strength and energy is very likely to increase the aggression also, in most cases.

The second way which is more subtle in comparison and it works on the level of subconscious mind, is that through regular practice of indulging in acts of aggression like in gym training, your conscious activities keep sending messages to your subconscious mind, to the effect that you need more aggression. Accordingly, your subconscious mind starts making you more aggressive. This is why many of you may have found that people with more and more muscle or people engaging in various sports or activities which demand much aggression, are generally aggressive in many other spheres of their life also, unless some of them have consciously learned to tame their aggression which means that they can control when to be aggressive and when not to be.

Back to the topic, as the aggression increases, your tendency to engage in more and more arguments increases and you may even start engaging in physical fights also as all that muscle pumping in your body is now giving you more reasons to argue and fight. Hence like the other two good qualities, this quality is also likely to increase your problem.

Remember that even the best things can be unsuitable for some of us. For example, an injection of insulin that can save a patient from hyperglycemia, can kill a person who suffers from hypoglycemia. Insulin is both, a life saver and a killer, so we need to be careful how we use it. Specific negative problems are caused because of specific types of negative energies and accordingly, we need specific solutions to treat and cure them. Doing anything and everything that comes your way can worsen your problem. Hence learn to identify the specific problem and then find a specific solution to it.

In the coming chapters, I will share specific and relatively simple and doable things for all types of problems. This will help you treat specific negative habits caused by specific negative energies. This is where we start doing practical things, this is where we start seeing results and this is where it gets as serious and meaningful as it can be. So fasten your seat belts and get ready for the flight of your life.
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To be Continued

Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari