How do Navagraha Yantras Work

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How do Navagraha Yantras Work

A yantra typically contains some shapes, numbers and mantras. It absorbs, stores and emits specific energy radiations depending on the shapes, numbers and mantras that it contains. Yantras can be used for planets among navagraha, gods and goddesses; as well as for some other entities. Let’s look into the working of yantras for planets among navagraha.

Like a gemstone, a yantra absorbs energy from its corresponding planet and it transfers such energy to the body/aura of the native who has such yantra. Hence yantras may be used for duly benefic planets and they may also be used for partly benefic planets in many cases. However, they’re generally not used for highly malefic planets. An exception to this rule may be in case of converted negative planets. A converted negative planet is the one which is supposed to be benefic in a horoscope; based on all relevant factors. However, it is influenced by two or more malefic planets. Hence it may turn into a significantly or highly malefic planet. This concept has been explained in the revised editions of the books ‘Pitra Dosh – Ancestors are Calling’ and ‘Gemstones – Magic or Science?’.

Taking an example, suppose a combination of Mars, malefic Ketu, Moon and Saturn is placed in the third house of a horoscope in Libra. Leo rises in the ascendant and Mars is supposed to be benefic in the horoscope. However due to afflictions from three malefic planets; it may turn significantly or highly malefic in the horoscope. Hence Mars is a converted malefic planet in this case. It means if Mars alone is placed in the third house in Libra; it may produce benefic results. Compared to this, Saturn may produce malefic results even if it is placed alone in the third house in Libra. Hence Saturn is an independent malefic. In this case, Mars yantra may prove beneficial; just like Red Coral.

It seems that Mars yantra and Red Coral may deliver the same results. Hence there may be no need to establish Mars yantra and attend to it regularly; when the same job can be done by wearing Red Coral. Though the broader results provided by Mars yantra and Red Coral may be similar; there are differences.

The first one is the fact that yantras cost much less than gemstones in most cases. Hence it is an economical remedy. Secondly, you may have no control over how much energy a Red Coral may transfer into your body. It means if you are wearing Red Coral of a specific weight, it may almost always transfer similar amounts of energy to your body/aura.

In case of yantra; the amount of transfer of energy is dependent on how regularly and for how long you attend to the yantra. It means if you attend to Mars yantra on daily basis and you chant 108 Mars mantras; the results may be much different than if you chant 1080 mantra every day. In the second case, you may receive much more energy from Mars than in the first case. Likewise, if you chant 5000 or 10,000 mantras of Mars while focusing on Mars yantra; the amount of energy transferred may increase many times. Hence Mars yantra gives you the choice to receive as much energy as you want and/or you can handle.

Drawing a comparison; if you’re wearing a 7 carat Red Coral; it may transfer same or similar amount of energy to your body/aura; every day. Hence you may have no control over how much energy it may transfer and how much you need. Since your net energy equation keeps changing based on the running times and other factors; you may need more energy of Mars during certain specific periods whereas you may need less energy of Mars during certain specific periods. Though you can’t control the flow of energy through Red Coral, you can do so through Mars yantra.

Moving on, a gemstone doesn’t store energy within it for significant or long periods of time. Hence a Red Coral may capture the energy of Mars, it may hold it for a very short period of time and it may transfer such energy into your body. A Mars yantra works in a different way. It can store the energy of Mars for long or very long periods of time; like for months or years. Hence it is able to transfer such energy in a relatively slow and sustained manner.

Taking an example, if you chant 1000 Mars mantras on a morning while focusing on Mars yantra; the yantra may store the energy of Mars. It may then keep releasing it in a systematic way; for some days, weeks or more. It means if you remove Red Coral; the transfer of energy from Mars into your body/aura may stop at once. On the other hand, if you stop praying to Mars yantra; the energy of Mars may still keep coming to you for some days, weeks or even months; depending on how charged such yantra is.

Looking at another difference; a gemstone uses physical body to send energy to the subconscious mind as well as to aura. It means when you wear a Red Coral, the energy of Mars first reaches your physical plane (your body); since it is the point of first contact. From there; it reaches the mental plane; then emotional plane and then the subconscious mind (commonly known as unconscious mind). As this energy changes the net equation of subconscious mind; the net energy equation of your aura also changes. Your aura at any point in time is primarily the reflection of your subconscious mind.

Taking an example, suppose the inner core of a star is the subconscious mind. The outer core which seems to be shining is its aura. It means that a star may emit energy/light based on how much and what type of fuel it contains inside. If a star has no fuel to burn; it may not emit any energy/aura. If it has fuel which gives yellow light upon burning; the star may produce yellow light. Hence it may appear yellow. Likewise, if a star contains fuel which produces red light upon burning; the star may produce red light and it may appear red.

Hence the subconscious mind is the core which contains the fuel or the energy equation and the aura is what gives out the equation of such energy at any given point in time. It means that the amount and type of energy equation emitted by aura is directly dependent on the energy equation contained by the subconscious mind. As Red Coral sends energy to the subconscious mind after passing through various planes; net energy equation contained by the subconscious mind may be changed. Accordingly; the net equation of energy given out by subconscious mind in the form of aura may change. The resultant change may be positive or negative; depending on functional nature of Mars in the horoscope of a native wearing Red Coral.

When the energy of Mars passes through physical, mental and emotional plane; some of the energy may be dissipated before it finally reaches the subconscious mind. Depending on a native’s overall horoscope; one or more than one of these planes may offer resistance and they may not let such energy pass through them easily. Hence some energy may be lost in the process.

A yantra as well as a mantra works in a different way. The energy raised by a mantra takes the exact opposite root. The primary point of contact for such energy is the subconscious mind. Hence it may directly make changes to the subconscious mind and no energy may be lost due to resistance offered by physical, mental or emotional plane. For this reason; mantras may prove much more useful than gemstones in most cases. This is why Vedic Poojas are considered as the most effective remedies in Vedic astrology; since they deal in mantras only. This topic is vast and it is beyond the scope of present discussion. Hence let’s move on.

Coming back to the main topic, there may be other finer differences between the ways a Red Coral and Mars yantra make changes to energy of Mars. Hence yantras have their own relevance though gemstones are preferred over them in most cases. This is because a gemstone is a one way device and it doesn’t need any contribution from the native in order to transfer the energy of its corresponding planet into his body; apart from the fact that the native needs to keep wearing it.

On the other hand, a yantra is an interactive device and it may respond only if it is prayed to. For this reason; yantras are purified and then charged with mantras of their corresponding planets, before a native establishes them. These procedures activate yantras so that they are better capable of capturing, storing and transferring the energies of their corresponding planets.

In order for a yantra to render proper benefits to a native; it should first be purified, energized and programmed for the native through Vedic procedures. Looking at the process; the yantra is purified in the first step. Through Vedic procedures; any type of negative energy attached to the yantra is removed during this step. Since many people may have left their energy/aura imprints on a yantra before you buy it; these imprints need to be removed.

In the second step; the yantra is energized and programmed for you. For this; your as well as your father’s name may be used. Hence the yantra is prepared and energized specifically for you; with the chant of mantras for the planet corresponding to it. In general; 11,000 Veda mantras or Beej mantras of such planet are used to energize the yantra and they are more than sufficient to energize it. If the number of mantras is reduced a lot; the process of energization may not be carried out properly and the native may not benefit from the yantra in the best possible way.

Once you receive your purified, energized and programmed yantra; the next step is to establish it in your house, office, wallet or pocket; depending on the size of yantra you have chosen. The most commonly used size of yantras is fit for establishing in your house or office. For best results, you should establish a yantra on the day corresponding to its planet and you should establish it in the place of worship in your house or office; in case you have chosen a bigger size. If you’ve chosen a smaller size, you can keep it in your pocket or wallet if you wish. Taking an example, suppose you have received a Mars Yantra. Hence you need to establish it on Tuesday morning.

During the time your yantra reaches you and you establish it; you can keep it at any clean place, like in a cupboard. After taking bath on a Tuesday morning (7 AM to 11 AM), take your yantra and go the place you want to establish it. Place the yantra there, sprinkle some holy water or unboiled milk on your yantra, chant 108 mantras of Mars, pray to Mars and ask for the best possible results. Your yantra has been established. In case you need to keep it in your pocket; place it somewhere clean after taking bath; complete the aforementioned steps and then put it in your pocket.

In order to receive sufficient energy through a yantra, you need to attend to it on daily basis. Every day after taking bath or preparing yourself for the day, go to the place where your yantra has been placed. Focus on it, chant 108 or more mantras of its corresponding planet and then request your specific wishes from the yantra. In case you are carrying the yantra in your pocket, simply hold it in your hands after taking bath, focus on it, chant 108 or more mantras of its corresponding planet and request your wishes from the yantra. Attending to your yantra on regular basis establishes proper connection between you and the yantra; which helps you get optimum benefits through it.


Himanshu Shangari