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Coming back to the topic, the positive energy of Saturn may bless this native with a strong sense of practical realities. Though this energy may make her enjoy relatively less at times; it may help her a lot when it comes to achieve material success and then sustain it. The positive energy of Saturn is the primary energy in this horoscope, which may encourage her to learn from past and invest in future, thereby making her think well before acting in the present. This energy can make her realize that her acts of present are related to her past as well as to her future.

Hence this energy may make her remember lessons from the past, related to similar types of acts she may be planning to do in the present and this energy may also make her calculate the outcomes of such actions of present, where such results may appear in future. Accordingly, the positive part of Saturn’s energy may make her more calculative, analytical, practical and more focused on results. Though there are a number of energies which may give her a tendency to stay away from calculations based on past and future; and they may try to counteract this part of Saturn’s energy, it is still strong enough to show significant effects from time to time.

As a result, she may choose not to bother much about past or present when the other types of energies are supported by the running times whereas she may choose to take a calculative approach when the positive energy of Saturn becomes stronger. Looking at the general trend of her horoscope, she may choose to enjoy more till her age of 33 and after this age, she may choose to calculate more, gradually with each passing year. It means though she may still enjoy a lot after the age of 33 but she may calculate the cost she may have to pay for her enjoyment. Hence she may find ways to enjoy which may not cost much in future.

Owing to the kind of profession she has, low cost entertainment means the one which may not negatively affect her public image as the professional success in movie business depends much on public image. The positive part of Saturn’s energy can also bless her with good amount of discipline which may especially be practiced in the domain of her children and social service, though it may also be practiced in her profession. It means she may follow a disciplined approach when it comes to take care of her children and when it comes to attend to her social duties, which means the good works she may undertake for the benefit of weaker sections of society. Hence she may do these jobs with proper attention.

A part of this discipline may extend to her profession also, which may help her honor her professional commitments in a proper and timely manner, though there are other energies in her horoscope, which may counteract a part of this energy. Hence she may not display the same kind of discipline in her professional sphere as she may display in the sphere of her children and social services. Apart from this, the positive energy of Saturn can bless her with a number of other good results related to some other spheres of her life.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it can trouble her with a number of problems as this energy at times may make her feel sad, lonely, pessimistic, hopeless, desperate, anxious and even sleepless. It should be noted that the negative part of this energy may not affect her profession and it may rather focus on her personal life. The negative part of Saturn’s energy indicates sadness and loneliness which has been carried forward from past life, on account of losses and problems of emotional and mental type.

As this energy is strong, it may overflow to her present life also. Since the energies from our past lives operate through subconscious mind which is the hidden part of mind, we have no active memories of these energies. It means whatever good or bad is given to us by such energies, we don’t know the reason or source of such good or bad and it comes like intuition or gut feeling. For example, if a planetary energy indicates very good acting skills learnt in past lives; you may be a gifted actor in this life. It means acting may come natural to you and you may not have to work hard to learn it. This is because you’ve already mastered it in your past lives and the same information is released by your subconscious mind which stored it during those lives.

Therefore, you receive acting skills through your subconscious mind and you start acting very well; soon after you try to act. When you see other people working hard to learn how to act and you see all of it coming to you naturally; you’re amazed as you don’t know why you act so well without effort. At the most, you call it gifted and you stop thinking about it. The true reason is that you’ve done all this hard work in your past lives whereas other people are doing it in this life. It means you’ve already been where they are today.

It is the time to note that you need to master any type of knowledge, only once during the journey of your soul. Whenever you wish to use such knowledge in any of your next lives, your subconscious mind releases it to you, as it is stored on your subconscious mind. Since the working of this part of mind is hidden, you can’t find the source of this knowledge and hence you call it natural or gifted knowledge. The concept of transfer of knowledge and habits from past lives to this life through subconscious mind has been explained in my book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’.

Similarly, all strong and pending negative experiences are also stored on your subconscious mind and they are released in this life. Since you don’t know the reasons behind them, you call them intuition. In case of this native, the negative part of Saturn’s energy may fill her with sadness and loneliness, on account of negative experiences from her past life. It means she may have experienced some bad events in her past life as a result of her karmas and such karmas may not have fully materialized. Hence they may have been carried forward to this life, in order to settle the accounts.

As a result, she may feel sad, lonely and anxious whenever the negative energy of Saturn becomes strong due to running times. It should be noted that such sadness or loneliness may not have any obvious reason and it may just come from inside. For example, if she sees that the marriage of a friend has broken in a very bad way, like her husband may have betrayed her; this is what may happen. Though she’s not related to this event, she may start putting herself in this situation and she may start imagining what will she do if the same happens to her also.

She may go so far away in her imagination that she may virtually see her marriage breaking in future, on the level of subconscious mind or on the level of her imagination. As a result, she may feel sad, lonely or even depressed, when there may be no obvious reason to do so. This impact may not end here and this negative energy may in reality affect her marriage as her faith in her husband or in the institution of marriage may not be the same after this incident, which is not relevant to her marriage in any way.

The reason I’ve chosen the example of her marriage is that this is where the negative energy of Saturn may affect her a lot. As a result, she may start imagining negative things about her marriage, whenever the running times are favorable for this negative energy. Such thought pattern may not only make her suffer internally, it may also affect her marriage in practical. She may start believing that her marriage is going to fail and this belief may eventually be responsible for breaking her marriage. It should be noted that the fears or negative visions given be this part of Saturn’s energy may not have anything to do with reality and they may all be happening on purely imaginary planes.

It means she may start forming theories about how her husband may engage in some acts which may be destructive for marriage, though nothing of this type may be happening in reality. As a result, the marriage may break or get troubled, primarily on account of her imaginary fears and not on the basis of solid practical reasons. It should be noted that this may happen only when her marriage is troubled under the primary impact of Saturn’s negative energy and not when it fails due to the primary impact of other negative energies.

When her marriage faces problems due to other negative energies, the reasons may be very valid as well as real and not imaginary. As already mentioned, the running times play an important role as they’re the ones which decide as to which planetary energy will be effective at what time in your life. The negative energy of Saturn may trouble her a lot on mental and emotional level and it may also encourage her to use some substances which may help her get rid of these troubles on temporary basis.

However, such substances may come with their own problems and hence she may face such problems if she chooses to use such substances. Apart from this, the negative energy of Saturn may cause a number of other problems in many spheres of her life. It is only through guided astrological remedies that this energy of Saturn may be controlled or rectified.

The last planet to be discussed is Moon which is the most beneficial planet in her horoscope. The placement of this planet is highly positive, with about 95% of its energy being positive and about 5% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of Moon’s energy, it can bless her with abilities like creativity, intuition, kindness, faith in good deeds as well as faith in the concept of spiritualism, love for children, emotional affection for father, love for mother, good luck, ability to attract financial fortunes as well as good status and other good abilities. As a result, she may witness good results in many spheres of her life by virtue of these abilities.

There are no doubts that Moon is the best planet in this horoscope and it can not only bless her with good results through its working, it can also counteract some bad results indicated by negative planets and hence it may try to shift her overall horoscope towards positivity. For instance, the positive energy of Moon may make this native emotionally attached to her father and this attachment may help her connect to her father despite problems.

It should be noted that there are a number of negative energies in her horoscope which try to spoil her relationship with her father and the energy of Moon is probably the only significant energy which may try to bring positivity to this relationship. Another fact worth mentioning is that most energies which try to create differences between her and her father may do so through mental plane whereas the energy of Moon may try to repair this relationship through emotional plane.

This means that from time to time, negative energies in her horoscope may give her logical, practical and intellectual reasons to stay away from her father whereas the energy of Moon may still keep her emotionally attached to her father. Therefore, when it comes to reasons and logics, she may have a lot to complain against her father and hence she may be able to find and mention a number of valid reasons why she may be uncomfortable with her father. However, when it comes to explain the still present emotional attachment for her father deep down, she may have no reason or logic.

This is because reasons and logics are the domain of mental plane whereas emotional plane deals with feelings. Accordingly, when you like someone under the effect of mental plane, you may always be able to explain a number of reasons for such liking. For example, if you like a person through mental plane, you may have reasons for such liking. You may find this person healthy, wealthy, well behaved, polished or intellectual; or he may have other such qualities which you may be able to recognize and tell. This is the job of your mental plane; to find and assign reasons for your actions.

Your emotional plane on the other hand operates on different wavelengths and it generally has no conscious reasons for its actions, though they’re always present deep down. Therefore, if you like a person under the impact of your emotional plane, this is what may happen. Though this person may have a number of personality traits which you may not like, you may still develop liking for this person and you may not be able to explain why. When asked why you like this person, you may simply have this answer that you like him but you don’t know the reasons. It’s like being with this person makes you feel happy and filled.

The language of mental plane and emotional plane is different. Your intellect may almost always be able to explain the reasons for its actions whereas your heart may almost never explain the reasons for its actions. Your mental plane works on the basis of information and calculations whereas your heart works on the basis of feelings. This is why you love someone with your heart and not with your brain or intellect. Since your intellect always looks for profits and losses, it may encourage you to stop loving the other person; if you see loss in the relationship at any time.

Your heart on the other hand operates on faith and it doesn’t care for profits and losses; as it doesn’t believe in calculations. Instead, it believes in living, feeling and experiencing the finer things without assigning reasons to them. This is why only your heart is capable of loving and not your intellect as the latter may keep changing the status of love based on profits and losses at different times. You love your children with all your heart and this is why you continue to love them even if they keep bringing material losses to you. Your heart simply doesn’t know how to calculate and it only knows how to enjoy and feel blessed.

Your intellect on the contrary doesn’t know how to enjoy and it only knows how to calculate. Therefore, in order to grow an apple tree, you may need intellect but in order to enjoy its fruits; you need heart as your intellect is not capable of doing so. It should be noted that neither your heart nor your intellect may be better than the other and they may both have their own utility at proper time and place. For example, when you engage in profession and you want to earn money, this job may need all your intellect and not much of your heart.

However, if you want to love someone; this job may need all your heart and not much of your intellect. A wise person learns to use his intellect as well as his heart in a balanced way and he benefits from both of them. At the same time, he will not let either one of them interfere when the other one is fit for doing a particular job. Hence he may choose not to listen much to his heart when engaging in logical type of work and he may choose not to listen much to his intellect when loving someone.

Coming back to the main topic, the positive energy of Moon may develop emotional attachment for father in the heart of this native. Hence she may have many reasons for not liking him due to the impact of negative energies; but a part of her may still want to connect to him due to the positive energy of Moon. It is like all her intellect telling her to stay away from him and a significant part of her heart telling her to stay in touch with him.

Due to the influence of these conflicting energies, she may have a difficult as well as vulnerable relationship with her father. The negative energies may convince her to move away from him and she may do so. However, when the positive energy of Moon finds support through running times, it may encourage her to reconsider this relationship and she may do so, for no obvious reasons and merely on the basis of feelings. The negative energies may once again give her reasons to move away and this trend may continue. This is why this relationship may prove troublesome as she may neither be able to attach to her father nor fully detach from him.

The positive part of Moon’s energy can bless her with love for her mother as well as with love for her children. As a result, she may feel attached to them and these relationships may become very important to her, especially on emotional level. This energy may also bless her with good level of intuition which may help her do right things in many situations. Hence she may make benefic moves in most situations and she may not even know the exact reasons behind these moves. It’s like something telling her from inside that she should engage in something and she may do so.

The intuitive energy of Moon is a direct result of good karmas done in past life and the job of this energy in this life is to attract good luck in every shape and form, especially through intuition. Accordingly, she may land in the right places, do the right things and meet the right type of people, almost throughout her life and her intuition may have a big role to play behind all these actions. It should be noted that there are other energies in her horoscope, which may help her make right type of moves in different situations, on the basis of reasons and logics.

Hence she may use both her intellect as well as intuition to decide what is right or wrong. The positive energy of Moon is also good for her overall image and status as it may help her build and maintain good status. It is this energy of Moon which may bring her out of problems as if by magic and the same energy may bless her with very good results at times, as if by magic. The energy of Moon may be considered as her guardian angel which may have the job to protect her in times of trouble and bless her with many types of good results from time to time. The scope of benefits given by this energy is vast and the ones mentioned by me are only a few of them.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it may only have one negative effect which may be rather called a side effect and which is that it may at times increase her emotional sensitivity. When that happens, she may use her heart where intellect should be used and hence she may face problems later on. However, it should be noted that the positive part of Moon’s energy is strong enough to get her out of such problems, by means of magic. For instance, she may trust a professional without sufficient logic and she may face loss. However, the positive part of Moon’s energy may bring her unexpected profits from somewhere else, soon after such loss. Hence she may face some problems due to the negative part of Moon’s energy but the positive part may almost always compensate for such problems at the earliest.

As always, it can be seen that the horoscope of every person is a mixture of a number of complementing as well as conflicting energies. This is why the personality of every human is so complex as different types of energies encourage him to do different things at all times. The horoscope of this native also follows this trend and hence she may be influenced by a number of different types of energies. The whole point of subjecting a human to such contradicting energies is to give him the opportunity to achieve spiritual growth. These conflicting energies present us with challenges from time to time and as we work hard to overcome such challenges, we become better.

Looking at the coming times, the period between October 2017 and December 2018 indicates the presence of a man in her life. Hence she may witness love during this period of time. The period from October 2017 also indicates the beginning of some health issues and hence she should take care. Starting from this period, her health may remain sensitive till September 2020. Professional scope for the coming times is good whereas the sphere of love life, children and health may see significant changes till September 2020 and some of these changes may be difficult to deal with. Proper astrological remedies can help in reducing the intensity of difficulties as well as in increasing the intensity of good things.

Himanshu Shangari