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Looking at the negative part of Sun’s energy, it can trouble her with problems related to friends, public relations, health, family and some other problems. Looking at problems related to friends, the negative energy of Sun can encourage this native to make friends only with those people who may be well established or well connected and it may discourage her from making friends with people who may not have much to offer in terms of materialistic benefits. In simple words, the negative energy of Sun may encourage this native to make friends who may prove assets and avoid the ones who may prove liabilities in terms of materialistic affairs.

Though it may not look like a negative quality to some people, it is a negative quality deep down. This is because rejecting people on material basis and not on the basis of their personalities can restrict your spiritual growth and as a result, you may have to come again and again to learn these important lessons. Another problems that this habit may cause is that no matter how cautious you may be not to let some people know that you’ve chosen not be friends with them because of their financial or social status; most of them will still know this fact sooner or later.

When that happens, a number of these people will start having negative opinion of you and through this negative opinion; they may send negative energy to you, even if such energy is sent subconsciously. This negative energy can be considered as the opposite of good wishes, it adds to your aura and as a result, it may land you in troubles, whenever the time is appropriate for it to find an outward expression. On astrological level, the more this native may choose to stay away from certain people based on their social or financial status, the more negative energy may be added to Saturn in her aura.

As a result, Saturn may become more negative in her horoscope and whenever it rules the running times, it may cause problems for her. These problems may include the balancing out of negative energy from past life as well as negative energy from this life, a part of which may have come from the people in question. It should be noted that the negative part of Sun’s energy may only show effect when it comes to make friends and it may not do anything negative in other spheres. It means this energy may not discourage her from doing charity works, mixing up and even working together with even the financially or socially most troubled people.

This energy may only encourage her to restrict her choices when it comes to make friends. Another thing worthy of being noted is that some of her well established friends made under the influence of this negative energy may cause her problems from time to time, though these problems may be caused in hidden ways and she may not even know which one of her friends has caused those problems. Hence she needs to take care of the company she keeps. Though there are other energies in her horoscope, which may partly counteract the negative impact of this energy, it may still remain effective and she may face losses through friends, whenever this energy gains strength through running times.

On physical level, the negative energy of Sun can at times make her speak in not very good manner and it can also make her use some not very good words. As a result, she may say things she may not like later on and she may even regret saying them. On mental level, the negative part of Sun’s energy can keep her mental plane extra active due to which she may find it difficult to relax at times. Whenever this energy gains strength, she may face issues like restlessness, anxiety and other issues of mental nature.

Apart from this, the negative energy of Sun may trouble her with some other types of problems also. For instance, it can cause problems between her and some of her children at times, primarily because she may be expecting a little too much from them or she may be pushing them a little too much at times, due to the influence of this negative energy.

The next plane to be discussed is Mercury. The working of this planet is mixed in this horoscope, with about 60% positive energy in it and about 40% negative energy in it. Looking at the positive part of this energy, it can bless her with analytical abilities, the desire to know more and more about the topics of her interest, quest for knowledge, good understanding of financial systems and the ways to earn money, good level of imagination, creative abilities, charisma, good understanding of media and corporate systems, the ability to assume and execute responsible roles whether social or personal; and a number of other good abilities.

As a result, she may achieve a number of good results in many spheres of her life by virtue of these abilities. It should be noted that the positive part of Mercury’s energy forms the financial backbone in this native’s horoscope. It means that the positive energy of this planet is the primary energy which gives her good sense of profit and loss; and it blesses her with the deep insight into how financial incomes can be generated in the quickest possible ways. Though there are other planets which support the generation of financial incomes, Mercury’s positive energy is the primary one and the rest of the energies are more of supportive type.

Hence she may be good at generating profits and she may especially witness easy incomes whenever this positive energy gains strength through running times. Though there are some energies which may counteract this part of Mercury’s energy to some extent, it may still remain significantly effective as it is strong and supported by other positive energies. The word easy incomes means that she may be good at judging financial profits in a project, whether that happens through conscious understanding or through subconscious intuition.

It should be noted that the subconscious intuition of this native may play a very important role when it comes to generate financial incomes through proper decisions. This is because the positive part of Mercury’s energy indicates a lot of financial benefits as a result of good karmas done in the past life. As this part of Mercury’s energy operates on psychic level, it may bless her with financial incomes through intuition or through pure luck. Accordingly, she may get into a project merely on the basis of intuition that it may turn out profitable and the same may come true.

Looking at the luck generated by this energy, a project or business proposal may come to her by virtue of this energy through a trustworthy person, she may not understand much about it but she may get into it, as the other person may be sure of profits in it. This may happen to her a number of times and whenever the running times are supportive, such ventures may turn profitable, when all she may have done is to accept the good luck that came her way.

The positive energy of Mercury can also bless this native with a desire to achieve knowledge and at the same time, it can bless her with good analytical abilities. As a result, she may wish to learn more about certain things or topics, she may try to do so and by virtue of her analytical abilities as well as her overall supportive horoscope, she may be able to acquire such knowledge. The working of Mercury’s energy is such in this horoscope that it may especially encourage her to know more about the topics related to finances, networking, love relationships as well as lovers, media management and some other topics.

As a result, she may be able to know more about these topics and she may be able to use this knowledge to gain advantages, as and when she may wish to do so. The positive energy of Mercury may help her with the skill of media management and she may almost always know how to keep her image intact, by generating specific types of media responses. The positive part of this energy may prove very good when it comes to manage media as well as manage an overall good public image.

It should be noted that being an overall good person is one thing and being able to manage the image of an overall good person is another. Some people may be good but they may not be able to reflect the same public image whereas some people may not be so good but they may be skilled at projecting the image of being very good. In case of this native, she may have an overall good personality and at the same time, she may also have the ability to project the image of a good person. The term overall good personality means that the positive qualities in her personality may be much higher in percentage, compared to negative qualities, though she may still have some of them like of most of us do.

For example, if the constitution of your personality is such that about 70% of your habits are good and about 30% of your habits are bad or troublesome for other people as well as for you; you’re an overall good person with some defects. However, if your personality has 30% positive habits and 70% negative habits, you’re an overall bad person with some good qualities. As most of us are a mixture of good and bad qualities which may be different in percentages in different cases, we may not have absolute good or absolute bad personalities.

Hence we may have high percentage of good qualities and low percentage of bad qualities and vice versa, in extreme cases. The whole concept of spiritual growth revolves around your personality and its aim is to bless you with more and more evolution of your soul. This evolution means you learn to forsake bad personality traits and you learn to develop increasing number of good habits. As you keep doing so, your overall personality starts becoming more and more positive. The stage when all the bad personality traits go away and only the good ones remain is called the state of liberation.

This is because you only do good deeds and so you keep gaining more positive energy. You stop engaging in negative karmas and hence you don’t gain any negative energy. At the same time, you stop wishing for the fruits of your good karmas as you understand that wishing for fruits is also a negative habit in a deep sense and the positive counterpart of this habit is to enjoy the reward in the karma itself. Hence you stop doing bad karmas, you only do good karmas and you focus on getting your rewards through the act of those good karmas rather than expecting some type of results.

It means when you help someone, you have the mindset to enjoy all the rewards through this act of kindness. Therefore, you enjoy a lot while serving others and this enjoyment doesn’t leave space for anything to be expected later on. As you’ve already received your reward through the karma itself, you don’t wish for the result of this karma at a later stage since the karma itself has become the result. Similarly, you stop developing more desires as you understand that it is primarily the desire element which encourages you to engage in bad karmas.

For example, you have a strong desire to achieve a goal and you start working towards it. After two years of hard work, you get close to it but you face a challenge. The challenge is that you have to do some bad things in order to get your hands to this target or you may lose it forever. As you have strong desire for this goal and you’ve worked hard for two years, the chances are high that you’ll commit those negative karmas. These negative karmas may be called the necessary compromises by you, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re negative and they’re bound to bring bad results sooner or later. Since it is the desire which encouraged you to engage in negative karmas, it lies at the root of such negative karmas.

Spiritual growth makes you aware that desires are the root causes behind all your sufferings. When that happens, you’re liberated because only three things keep you away from liberation. They are; bad karmas, good karmas with the wish of getting rewards and desires. As you keep moving away from all these things with increasing positivity in your aura or personality, a stage reaches when you get rid of them and this is when you’re liberated. There’s no reason to bring sorrow to you any longer and only joy is left. This is why spiritual growth comes highly recommended as it makes you aware of the prices you may pay for the things you may be doing or wishing for. This topic has been dealt in details in my book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’.

Apart from this, the positive part of Mercury’s energy may bless this native in many other ways and these blessings may increase in quantum, whenever this energy gains strength through running times. Looking at the negative part of this energy, it may cause a number of problems in many spheres of her life and these problems may intensify when this negative energy is supported by running times.

Mercury’s negative energy may affect her relationship with her father and as a result, she may not have normal relationship with him. This energy may create an impact due to which she may feel it very difficult to attach to her father on emotional as well as on intellectual level, even if he tries to work hard to convince her. The negative part of this energy indicates a relationship of spiritual repulsion with her father and this relationship may come from past life. It should be noted that there are other energies in her horoscope which give her affection for her father though they are much weaker than the energies of the first type.

As a result of these conflicting energies, a smaller part of her may encourage her to try and build a relationship with her father and hence she may try to do so when the running times are supportive for such energies. However, as the opposing energies are stronger, such efforts may not succeed in the long run and they may die out eventually. This is because the relationship between these two souls may already have seen its highest point in past life and it may now be on the path to decline. As a result, the distance between these two souls may keep increasing unless both of them develop conscious and fresh attraction for each other.

Kindly understand that when two souls build a relationship over a number of lives, this is what happens. Both these souls build attraction for each other, based on whichever type of relationship they may want, like the relationship of a father and daughter. They start coming closer, the relationship reaches the highest point and two things may happen here. If the souls in question are basically of the same type, this highest point may sustain and if they’re of different or opposite types, they may start repelling each other, as soon as the desire is fulfilled.

There are two forces working on this relationship in this case. The first force is their desire to come as close to each other as possible and the second is the force which is the force of general attraction or repulsion, based on the nature of both the souls in question. In cases where both the souls are of the same type, the force of desire and the force of general attraction work in harmony and hence the relationship stays at the highest point for many lives to follow. This relationship may continue until one of these souls changes its type over a long period of time or one of them gets liberated. Hence the physical relationships may keep changing in each birth but the souls may stay in close connection with each other.

In the second case, desire element and general compatibility are working in opposition. As a result, these natives try hard to fulfill the desire for a close relationship in the first phase, as desires have the ability to supersede other factors in most cases, particularly till the point you’ve not achieved high amount of spiritual growth which enables you to keep check on troublesome desires. As the desire to be in close relationship is fulfilled, it goes to background and the general repulsion comes to foreground. Hence these souls start repelling each other after the fulfillment of desire and so, distance starts building between them.

As there may be a number of pending karmic accounts to be settled between these souls on account of their long relationship, it may still take a life or two for these souls to completely disconnect from each other. Hence they may still have a defined relationship like a brother-sister or father-daughter, to settle these accounts. This is when the relationship is said to be on the path to decline. It means these souls are almost done with each other and only some pending accounts are being settled. Whenever these accounts are settled, the relationship is dissolved, unless one of these souls changes its general type and it becomes compatible with the type of the other soul. This is when fresh attraction may develop, based on the general attraction between souls as the souls of the same type attract each other and the souls of the opposite type repel each other.

Coming back to the topic, the horoscope of this native indicates that her relationship with her father may be a declining relationship from past life and it may hang only till the time, when all karmic accounts are settled between these two souls. Hence she may have a troublesome relationship with her father. The negative part of Mercury’s energy may also intensify some of her health issues though it may not cause any of them on its own and it may only support other negative energies which may cause them from time to time.

This support may increase whenever the running times are favorable for this negative energy and hence she may face significant health issues. In specific, the negative energy of Mercury may prove difficult for health issues related to mental type of problems and hence it may enhance effects like being restless, anxious or suffering from negative attitude, whenever the running times are supportive. When supported by running times, this energy can encourage her to use harmful substances to get rid of mental tension or in order to achieve sensual pleasures. Doing so may have its own disadvantages and hence she may suffer due to the consumption of such substances.

Though these negative effects may reflect in many spheres of her life including her profession, her mental health and some relationships may be affected the most due to them. Apart from this, the negative energy of Mercury may cause a number of other problems for this native and it may at times make her question the whole point of her existence. It means she may see no essence in her being or living and she may either think of getting lost in fantasy worlds or she may even think of getting rid of her life. As her overall horoscope is strong, she may not remain affected by this negative energy for long and she may move on with her life once again. However, the negative energy of Mercury may still hinder her life path from time to time, on account of serious and deeper types of problems which may hit her on mental and emotional level.

The next planet to be discussed is Saturn. The working of this planet is mixed in this horoscope, with about 50% of its energy being positive and about 50% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of Saturn’s energy, it can bless her with spiritual growth, love for humanity, creativity, the ability to transform when required whether it is physical or mental transformation, the ability to be practical and hard working, discipline related to her social responsibilities though it may extend to professional and moral responsibilities also; and a number of other abilities. As a result, she may witness benefits in many spheres of her life by virtue of these abilities from time to time.

The positive energy of Saturn may bless her with good sense of practical realities of this world and this ability may bring balance to her otherwise imaginative, intuitive, liberal and live in the moment type of personality. It is due to this energy of Saturn that she may be able to keep in mind; the practical truths and needs of life as otherwise she may not have paid much attention to them. This is because a number of energies in her horoscope are such that they may encourage her to live in the moment, enjoy the present and not worry about future or past.

Though having this ability can certainly make you enjoy more than an average person, it is only fit for a person whose goals are all spiritual, and not many material results are desired. This is due to the reason that if you can live in the present while not bothering about the past or future, you may become able to enjoy much more than other people who keep thinking about past or future. Thinking about past or future can divide your attention which means you’re not able to focus on your present with all your energy as some of it goes to your past and some it goes to your future.

Hence all your energy is not available and so you’re not able to enjoy your present to the maximum. It should be noted that the maximum output can only be delivered if you’re able to put all your available energy in a specific task. When it comes to enjoy, you have to put all your heart and mind in the thing or moment you’re trying to enjoy. The more your heart or mind tries to travel to past or future, the less it is present in the moment and hence, you may not enjoy the moment to the fullest. This is why enjoying the moment to the fullest is fit for a spiritual person as he has no need to worry about the past as well as about the future.

The same thing may however become difficult to practice for a person with materialistic goals. This is because he may have to attach himself to past or future, in order to achieve more or in order to maintain what he has already achieved. For example, if you’re a traveler on the path to pure happiness, you may not want to stick to any materialistic results in particular and you may wish to enjoy each and every thing that comes your way; for this is the best way to pure happiness. Hence if you feel like dancing in a public place in order to feel happy when this desire may rise on account of a favorable music playing in such public place, you may start doing so at once, even if no one else is dancing.

It means you may start dancing and enjoying, not worrying at all about your image or what other people may think about you. All you care for is happiness and as long as you’re getting it, you may not want anything else. On the other hand, if your goals are primarily materialistic, the situation may change. If you’ve already achieved a status and you already have an image, you may avoid dancing in public if that goes against your image.

Though you may also feel like dancing in the same way; you may visit your past and future before doing so. By visiting your path, you may look into how much conscious effort you may have done in order to achieve the type of success that you have. By visiting your future, you may look into how this act of dancing in public when no else may be doing so can create problems for your future as doing so may go against the image you’ve built through your efforts so far, which means your efforts from the past.

Hence your present wants you to enjoy by dancing, but your past and future vote against it by projecting fears of losses in future and waste of efforts from the past. As you’re a materialistic person, future results based on the efforts from the past become the first priority for you and hence you can’t afford to lose this priority. As a result, you may choose not to dance in order to stay focused on your first priority, though all your heart may want is to dance and enjoy.

This is the basic difference between a highly evolved spiritual person and a typical materialistic person. The former may almost always act from his heart whereas the latter may almost always act from his brain or intellect. As heart only attaches value to happiness and nothing else, the first type of person may choose to do whatever makes him happy. On the contrary, the brain primarily attaches value to profits and losses through calculations based on past and present, the second type of person may choose not to dance as these calculations may not be in favor of dancing alone in a public place.

It is the time to understand that the path of happiness is the path of heart and the path of material success is primarily the path of intellect. Hence if you have intellect, you can achieve success in many forms. However, it should be noted that in order to enjoy those successes, you need heart and not your intellect or brain. Your brain simply doesn’t know the language of enjoyment and it only knows the language of calculations and analyses. Therefore, you need an activated heart if you wish to enjoy.

This is why you may find that people who are the simplest ones enjoy the most though they may not be very successful in terms of money. On the contrary, the people with charged mental planes are the ones who may achieve significant material success, but they may often find it hard to truly enjoy what they’ve achieved. They keep moving from one achievement to another, not bothering to take breaks in between and enjoy what they’ve already achieved. Their intellect keeps encouraging them to achieve more and so they keep working. It is only a spiritually enhanced person who may be able to strike a balance between his intellect and heart. He’s the one who may use all his intellect to achieve success and then use all his heart to enjoy that success, before moving on to achieve next goal.

Himanshu Shangari