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Whenever they’re given the task of enacting a character which may be very different or even the opposite of their real life personality, they may not do well. This may happen because their attachment to their real life personality is strong and hence it becomes difficult for them to embrace the personality of the opposite type, even for the sake of acting and that too for a short period of time. Hence they are not able to connect to such role because their real personality is the opposite and so they feel repelled. If they choose to give it a try, they may end up delivering performances which may be far below their performances delivered in their favorite genres.

On the other hand, when these actors are given roles which demand them to be someone closer to their real life personalities, they may do very good at these roles. This is because they don’t have to do much effort to bring these performances out as they feel motivated from inside because the roles they’re playing are in tune with their real life personalities. Hence all they have to do is to enact their real life personality on screen, though there may be some alterations or expansions to such personality on screen. However, since the basic theme of such roles is the same as that of their real life personalities, they find it easy to deliver such performances.

Looking at the other type of artists who are called versatile, they can achieve this versatility due to two reasons. The first reason is that they may have the ability to detach themselves from their real life personalities and the second reason is that they may have the ability to attach equal amount of ego to the type of personality they’re enacting. Both types of natives may be able to display wide range of acting performances though they may do so due to different reasons. This difference may be subtle but may still be there and it may reflect in their performances also.

The natives who’re temporarily able to detach themselves from their egos and hence they’re ready to transform themselves into someone else for the time being, generally do so with ease and they may not bring extra intensity to their roles. This is because they have temporarily detached themselves from their ego but they have not attached their ego to the personality they’re enacting. Hence their performance may be very good but it may not be over done or more intense than usual because there is no attachment of ego to this character and hence there may be a balance in their act. This type of performance is difficult to achieve as this type of people are rare to find.

Coming to the second type, which is more in numbers; this is the type which is able to detach their ego from their real life personality and attach it to their reel life personality. These natives may also be very good at enacting a wide variety of roles but they may leave different type of signatures on such roles. Whereas the natives of the first type may appear almost natural in their performances of different types, the natives of this type may bring intensity to such roles. Hence they may appear very good and even more appealing than the natives of the first type at times; they may not be as natural as the character they’re enacting may be in real life.

This is because they attach ego to the character they’re playing and whenever you attach ego to something, you almost always end up overdoing it, even if it’s a little overdoing. The attachment of ego means asserting more and putting more in the act you’re engaging in. As you tend to go for more instead of going for what is normal, you end up adding more intensity to the act you’re engaging in.

Have you ever wondered why most people look very happy and energized when they talk about the good habits or achievements of their children. This is because your children are parts of you which means they’re your expansion and hence the attachment of your ego to your children is probably the maximum. Hence your ego gets involved when you talk about them or do something else that involves them. As already mentioned, the engagement of your ego to any act brings more intensity to it and hence you tend to overdo it. The same happens in many other spheres of our life and the things or people we are the most attached to are often dealt with in ways which are not natural and they’re intense.

Though it may not necessarily be a bad thing, it certainly keeps you away from balanced approach, which is undoubtedly the best approach. Coming to the main topic, this native may belong to the second category and she may have the ability to attach herself to the characters she may wish to play. Hence she may transform into a number of personalities which may give her versatility in her acting. At the same time, she may bring intensity to the characters she plays and hence those characters may appear more intense than natural. Since movie business is more about intensity these days, these performances may help her.

Taking a look at the actors of the second type which may be hard to find, these are the ones who may detach themselves from their real life personalities and not attach too much to the reel life personalities also. It means they may wish to enact the personalities given to them and they may even wish to live those personalities as long as they’re enacting them, they may not wish to fantasize about being those personalities in real life, as the natives of the other type may do.

It is only when you wish to be another type of personality in your real life that you’re able to attach your ego to it. When it happens, you become excited as you wish to complete this act as if you’re fulfilling a fantasy and hence you tend to overdo it by bringing more energy to this act. On the other hand, if you’re not much interested in living another type of personality and at the same time; you don’t have much attachment to your type of personality also; you may enact a personality in a natural way. This is because you feel like being another person and as your attachment to the real you is not much, it may not be much to the reel character also.

Accordingly, you may be able to deliver a more natural performance which may resemble to how such character may have behaved in real life; rather than pointing at a character found only in the work of fiction. The natives of this type have higher levels of spiritual growth which allows them to enjoy everything and every type of personality but get attached to none of them. Hence they may be able to see and live the character they’re playing in a natural way; because they may not attach ego to it and hence they may not overdo it.

The positive energy of Ketu may also bless this native with deep understanding of a number of things, especially those related to the matters of finance. As a result, she may have a developed ability to see profit or loss in a venture, which may help her achieve financial success. It should be noted that this ability means she may be able to see if someone tries to trick her into doing something which may have less profit for her, than they may be projecting. This ability may not help when it comes to visualize the long term financial benefits of a project, which is a different type of ability. Hence this ability should be understood more of a short term ability. Apart from this, there are a number of other benefits that the positive part of this energy may bring to her.

Looking at the negative part of Ketu’s energy, it can trouble her with problems related to physical sphere, professional sphere, mental sphere as well as those related to emotional sphere. Accordingly, she may suffer from a number of problems related to these spheres from time to time, where the quantum of these problems may vary, depending on the type and strength of running times.

On physical level, the negative energy of Ketu can trouble her with problems related to her reproductive organs or their working. Hence she may face health issues which may belong to her reproductive organs and these health issues may aggravate whenever this energy gains strength due to running times. The negative impact of this energy may also affect her physical drive due to which it may become less than average at times and more than average at times, depending on the running times.

On professional level, the negative energy of Ketu may restrict her profits by introducing in her, the habit of lack of proper attachment to financial profits. It means she may not be able to follow a uniform pattern when it comes to professional incomes and she may rather follow a random or distracted pattern which may affect her financial growth. In simple words, she may at times put all her focus on financial incomes and when she does so, she may earn a lot, owing to her overall benefic horoscope.

However, whenever the negative energy of Ketu gains strength due to running times, she may not feel much inclined towards earning money and her focus may shift to other things, especially things related to her personal life and things happening on emotional plane. As a result, she may take some time away from profession or she may not be able to deliver her best due to not being fully willing to carry on with professional ventures. This may affect her professional incomes and interrupt the continuity of her financial growth.

It is this energy of Ketu which may encourage her to move away from profession at times, under the context of different reasons at different times. For example, she may take some time away from profession as she may feel the need to develop some skill or talent and then get back. She may do so as she may feel the need to relax and take some time away due to not very good things happening in her personal life.

She may also decide to take some time away in order to attend to her personal life for positive reasons, like giving more attention to her family for some time. In all such cases, the continuity of her financial incomes may get affected. Hence she may choose to work for some time, she may take a break for some time, she may work again and she may once again take a break. This may keep happening almost throughout her life. Whether such breaks are short ones or long ones will be decided by the running times in question.

On mental level, the negative energy of Ketu may make it difficult for her to properly decide between her friends and enemies. This tendency may become significant whenever this energy gains strength through running times. When that happens, she may consider some people as her will wishers or very good friends who may in reality be in touch with her for their own selfish benefits or in order to convince her to do certain things that they may want to see her doing.

As a result, the major decisions in her life during these times may be controlled by her friends and a number of these decisions may go wrong in the long run; as they may be initiated due to impact of this negative energy. Though there are other energies in her horoscope which promote gains through friends, the negative energy of Ketu is significantly strong and hence it may make her suffer losses and problems through friends from time to time. Therefore, she should take care when her friends offer her pieces of advice from time to time as she may face losses in the long run.

It should be noted that this effect of negative energy of Ketu may only be seen in case of friends and colleagues and it may not affect other people in her circle, though it may have some impact on her father. It means she may not receive selfish advice from her mother, husband or other close relatives and such selfish advice may very likely come from her friends and colleagues though sometimes, it may come through her father also. When it comes to her father, the advice may not be selfish but it may rather be directed at making her feel bad, even if unintentionally. Hence she should think twice when advice is offered through her friends.

On emotional level, the negative energy of Ketu can trouble her by sending negative energy on her emotional plane from time to time. Some of this negative energy may come through her father, some of it may come through her children, some of it may come through her lovers and some of it may come through her friends, colleagues or business associates. However, it should be noted that the negative energy of Ketu doesn’t indicate negative energy through mother or husband, though some other planetary energies may do so.

As a result of negative energy on mental and emotional plane, she may feel disturbed at times and when these energies increase in quantum due to running times, she may engage in behavior patterns which may not be called balanced and some of which may even be self destructive. For example, she may choose to shut her down for the time being, she may choose to consume substances which may not be healthy and she may not be able to follow her dietary patterns as well as lifestyle in a normal way. Apart from this, the negative energy of Ketu may cause a number of other problems related to different spheres of her life. This negative energy is undoubtedly one of the most troublesome energies in her horoscope and it can only be rectified through specifically guided astrological remedies.

Moving on to the next planet, the placement of Sun in the eleventh house of this horoscope is a mixed placement, with about 70% of its energy being positive and about 30% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of Sun’s energy, it can bless her with good communication skills, sensuality in voice and body language, the ability to generate charisma, good understanding of financial profits and losses, well established and well connected friends, creative abilities, intelligence and a number of other good personality traits. As a result of these abilities, she may achieve good results in many spheres of her life from time to time.

The positive energy of Sun can bless her with the ability to generate charisma and she may generate it on various levels, depending on the need of the time. It means she may generate charisma through her voice, through her body language, through her intelligence or through her communication skills, depending on the demand of the situation. For example, when she’s dealing with a professional situation, the positive energy of Sun may help her generate charisma through her intelligence and communication skills. Hence she may be able to impress other people by virtue of her intelligent communication, supported by valuable information related to the financial profits which the other parties may gain access to, if they choose to work with her on certain projects in question.

It means she may be good at explaining the future scope of profits and growth in the projects proposed by her, which may help her convince other people that they should join such projects. When it comes to personal sphere, the positive energy of Sun may bless her with a charming type of sensuality in her voice, which on its own may be sufficient to convey her interest to the other person. Hence this sensuality may help her convey her feelings to the other party with ease, even when she may not express much through words.

It should be noted that this part of Sun’s energy may only come to play when she may be looking to develop a personal type of relationship with someone, especially a love relationship. When it happens to be so, her voice may carry a special type of sensuality which may be enough to make the other person interested, even if not many words are said. Once a relationship is formed, the same energy may also enable her to fill her partner with pleasure by virtue of her sensual and energized way of speaking.

The positive energy of Sun may also help her convey strong and intense emotions through her face, as and when she wishes to do so. This ability can help her in her professional as well as in her personal sphere. Looking at professional sphere, this energy may especially prove helpful when it comes to express sensual type of emotions through her face and it may also help her add energy as well as intensity to such emotions. As a result, her face may become the center of sensuality in such scenes which may demand the display of sensuality. It means though she may also use her body to express such sensuality, most of it may be conveyed through her face.

This is because the positive energy of Sun has the ability to draw sensual energy from her entire body and bring it to her face. As a result, intense sensual emotions may be displayed by her whenever she chooses to engage in scenes which demand the expression of such emotions. Such expressions may help her create some wonderful intimate scenes filled with sensuality and it may also help her produce some scenes where she may generate sensuality, merely through her face and voice. It means she may be able to portray the role of a seductress very well, even in situations which may not be intimate. For example, she may express intense sensual energy through her face and voice in order to seduce a co-actor even in a setup which may be a non-private type of setup.

On personal level, the same energy can help her convey a lot of sensuality to her partners through her face and voice, as and when she’s willing to do so. During these situations, the positive energy of Sun may bring most of her energy to her face and voice. As a result, she may be able to convey strong sensuality without even using her body; and merely by using her face and voice. The positive part of Sun’s energy may also bless her with a selection of suitable words for such situations, which may make her job even easier.

Since this part of Sun’s energy is strong and supported by other energies, she may be an intense and sensual type of lover on physical level, which is obviously an advantage for love relationships. This is because the physical part of love relationships is also an important part and better results from this part reduce the pressure of performance from other parts. It should be noted that there are a number of factors which affect the relationship between two lovers or that between husband and wife.

Looking at these factors, these relationships demand satisfaction on physical, mental and emotional levels. When it comes to physical level, it includes results like financial stability, healthy body and the ability to perform well in sexual acts, especially during the building phase of such relationships. On mental level, issues like mental compatibility, conversation skills as well as comfort are taken into consideration. Looking at emotional level, the ability of the other party to make you feel safe, secure, cared and loved are the ones which are the important ones for most people.

The overall evaluation of a relationship for most people is done by calculating positives and negatives in all these domains, where some of them may be consciously aware of this evaluation and some of them may do so subconsciously. It means some natives may know the exact good and bad abilities of their lovers, related to physical, mental and emotional domains whereas some of them may simply be able to feel satisfied or dissatisfied, without knowing the details. For example, a grown person may notice exactly what is good or missing in a sexual act, exactly what makes the conversations good or bad and exactly what provides emotional comfort; when he or she analyzes the personality of his her lover.

A less grown native on the other hand may not know the details and he may simply feel that something is good or bad about sexual acts, something is good or bad about conversations; and emotional comfort or discomfort is there, when he tries to analyze his relationship with his lover. Though the measures taken by both types of natives are different, results are more or less the same, which means they both know that something is good or bad.

The overall evaluation of this type of relationship is the resultant of addition of values assigned to performances of the lover in different domains, and higher positive resultant means a better relationship. It means you rate your lover for physical performance, for mental compatibility as well as for emotional compatibility and your final evaluation of your lover is the sum total of all these performances, whether you do so consciously or subconsciously. When you do so consciously, you know exactly what you’re looking for and whether you’re getting that or not. When you do so subconsciously, you may not know these facts in details and you may simply feel that something is good or bad related to the performance of your lover in these domains.

Since the overall rating of your lover is based on the collective values drawn from his or her performance in all these spheres, higher values in any sphere lower the pressure of performance in other spheres. For example, if your lover performs very well in physical as well as in emotional sphere, you may be willing to adjust even if he doesn’t perform well in mental sphere, according to you. This means your lover earns well, he’s good at physical acts, he takes good care of you and you feel he loves you, though you may not have much mental compatibility with him; leading to arguments between the two of you.

However, you may still be happy in this relationship as the collective value is still higher or much higher than the average, which means you know you’re getting much more out of this relationship, than most other people get from relationships of this type. At the same time, you may feel like enjoying most aspects of this relationship and making fewer compromises in comparison. Hence you may be happy with this relationship and you may wish to continue it.

On the other hand, if the performance of your lover is far below average in two or even all three of these spheres, you see little benefit in this relationship as you may not be getting much in return for the compromises you may be making. Hence you may choose to walk out of this relationship. This way, better performance in any of these domains helps relieve the pressure of performance in other domains. It should be noted that these three domains are not equally valuable to everyone and different people may assign different values to them.

For example, someone may put high value to emotional comfort and less value to other factors like physical and mental comfort. As a result, this native may feel happy in a relationship if he receives good level of emotional comfort, even if mental and physical comfort is below average. The same native may choose to walk out of a relationship if emotional comfort is missing, even if mental and physical comfort is present. The priority of another native may be fixed on physical things and hence he may feel happy in a relationship if things which provide physical comfort are good in the relationship, even if mental and emotional comfort is below average. Yet another native may have a preference for mental comfort and he may choose to compromise on other types of comforts, if he receives mental comfort in a relationship.

Coming to the main topic, the positive energy of Sun may bless this native with the ability to perform physical acts in a good way and that may reduce pressure of performances, expected from other spheres. Apart from this, the positive energy of Sun can help this native in many other ways. It should be noted that some abilities given by the positive energy of Sun may be partly counteracted by other energies in the horoscope of this native. In such cases, running times may become decisive factor. For example, the energy of Ketu reduces her ability to bother about financial incomes whereas the energy of Sun enhances her ability to generate financial profits.

Since these energies are located in the same house and they are conflicting with each other, running times may play important role in this case. Whenever the running times are in favor of Ketu’s negative energy, this native may not be able to properly focus on financial profits and hence such profits may come down. On the other hand, whenever the running times are in favor of Sun’s positive energy, her sense of generating financial profits may enhance and she may witness significant amount of financial profits. Another way of controlling the results in such cases of conflict is through remedies which may try to ensure that a particular type of energy remains more effective, most of the time.

Himanshu Shangari