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However, your psychic intelligence at any time is the sum total of your mental and emotional expertise, achieved during the entire journey of your soul, through thousands of lives. This is why psychic intelligence is far stronger than emotional or mental intelligence in most cases. In practical life, when you make decisions or you act on the basis of your emotional or mental intelligence, you have conscious reasons to do so. On the other hand, when you make decisions or you act by virtue of your psychic intelligence, you don’t have conscious reasons. However, an interesting thing about psychic intelligence is that most of the time, you make right decisions and you do right type of things, even when you don’t know why you chose to do them.

For example, if you’re an actor and you wish to sign a movie using your mental intelligence, you may go through script; you may use your knowledge about the producer, the director and other such things. You may logically try to reach a decision that this project may prove beneficial for you. If this project turns out to be beneficial, you know the reasons behind it from the beginning.

If psychic intelligence is to do this job for you, this is what may happen. Though you may not be convinced much by going through the script; the producer or the director may not have very good reputation for making successful movies or some other factors may not be indicating high probability of success, you may still sign this movie. This is because your psychic intelligence may tell you that though all the conscious and logical reasons may not be in favor of this movie, it will still achieve success. Hence the facts or intellect may not give you reasons to sign this movie, psychic intelligence may convince you to sign it. You sign this movie and defying all the facts and logics of the brain, the movie may achieve success.

When this movie achieves success, you still may not know why you signed this movie in the first place. This is because in the first case, the motivation came through mental plane and hence it was duly supported by facts and logics; since mental plane operates through conscious mind. It means you were aware of each and everything you did, from start till end. However, in second case, the decision is based merely on the basis of intuition as your psychic plane operates on the level of your subconscious mind and any messages given by your subconscious mind to you are received in the form of intuition.

It means you only hear an encouraging voice to sign this movie and no reason is supplied for doing so. You still chose to do what this inner voice says and the result is favorable. Even when success comes, you still may not be able to find out how. The reason why this happens is that your subconscious mind has dealt with similar situations in past lives and it has achieved success. Hence it can see much deeper than your conscious mind due to which, the decisions made by it may be more beneficial than the ones made by your conscious mind, if you have well grown psychic intelligence.

What I mean to say is that such intuition may only come to you if you’ve done something similar in your past lives and you’ve achieved success. If you’re dealing with a particular type of situation, first time during the journey of your soul, your psychic plane may not provide much help. This is because your psychic plane helps you based on the information stored through all your experiences in all your lives. Hence if something similar has been attempted once or more than once in your past lives, it has information and it may help.

However, if nothing similar has been done in any of your lives, the situation is as new to your psychic plane as it is to your mental plane because both of them are dealing with the situation for the first time. This is why I mentioned that only a few people have well grown psychic intelligence as a great number of experiences in different spheres, achieved through all your lives is the only way of having significant amount of psychic intelligence. As a general trend, the more you’ve worked in a particular sphere in your past lives, more is your psychic intelligence regarding that sphere. This is due to the reason that through repetition, your subconscious mind knows a number of ways to achieve success and avoid failure in that sphere.

This is why your intuition may be almost never wrong in this sphere and you may not know why it comes true every time. Such intuition comes from subconscious mind and there is no way you can know the reason for the actions of your subconscious mind. Coming back to the topic, the positive energy of Rahu may render good level of psychic intelligence to this native by virtue of experiences from past lives. As a result, she may benefit from this intelligence in many spheres.

An interesting thing is that when you impress a person through mental plane, he as well as you may know the reasons. When you impress a person through emotional plane, both of you or at least you may know the reason once again. However, when you impress someone through psychic plane, neither you nor that person knows the reason. This is why you’re deeply impressed by some people at times, even though you may not assign any conscious reasons. The psychic planes of these people cast impact on your subconscious mind which sends signals in form of intuition that these people are worthy of being paid attention to. Hence you start liking them for no obvious reasons. There are reasons but they’re known only to your subconscious mind.

As a result of psychic impact given by Rahu’s positive energy, this native may be able to influence a number of people she deals with and they may not even know why. It means a number of these people may be willing to trust her, they may do so and their trust may prove true, though they may not know the reason for such trust. This may obviously prove beneficial for her as she may find it relatively easy to attract opportunities as the ones providing those opportunities may get influenced by her psychic impact.

This impact may become relatively weak when running times are in opposition to the positive energy of Rahu and it may become significantly strong when running times are in favor of this energy. These are the times when she may work with many new people, they may put faith in her upfront and all the parties may benefit in many such cases.

The positive part of Rahu’s energy can also give her a great sense of having a healthy body due to which she may attend to health issues in time and even before time, so that minor problems may not turn into major problems on account of negligence. It is this energy of Rahu which may bless her with the ability to sense when things start going wrong in her body and she may pay attention to them in time. It means when something bad starts within her body, she may get a psychic feeling at early stages and she may capture the problem and do the needful in time.

It should be noted that even when major problems are in early stages, they may reduce certain abilities of the body by 10 to 20%. However, many people don’t have developed psychic sense and hence they’re not able to notice this decrease in performance at these stages. It is only when the problem becomes significant and it casts visible impact on body’s performance that these issues are noticed. However, a person with grown psychic sense may be able to notice even if 10 to 20% of body’s ability is decreased.

As a result, he may start finding the reasons for this and in doing so, he may end up finding a health problem which may have just raised its head. Since this person may know it well in advance, he may be in a very good position to deal with it, with minimum damage. This is what may happen to this native as the energy of Rahu may give her the ability to notice health issues at early stages and hence she may deal with them in time. Apart from health issues, the positive energy of Rahu may also help her notice in advance, when certain things, situations or relationships start going wrong.

Once again, she may have a position of advantage and she may do repairs in time, if she wishes to. In case she’s not willing to do repairs, she may start looking for better options in time or even before time. Even if she does so, this energy may once again prove helpful as she may have already built a backup option before the present one fails. Apart from this, the positive energy of Rahu may help her in many other ways.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it can distort some of the virtues given by the positive part of this energy and as a result, this native may suffer from a number of problems from time to time. These problems may remain controllable when the running times are in favor of positive energies in her horoscope whereas they may become significant when the running times are in favor of negative energies.

The negative energy of Rahu can distort the sense of physical, emotional and psychic alarms at times, especially psychic alarms. When that happens, she may start imagining things or concepts which may not have anything to do with reality and they may in fact lead her away from reality. As a result, she may start doubting certain people with whom she may have professional or personal relationships as she may suspect some of their activities and based on those activities, she may calculate their future behaviors which may not be favorable for her, according to her opinion.

However, this alarm may be a false one and in reality, nothing much may be wrong with those people or their activities. It is only the impact of negative energy of Rahu which may make her see and believe things which may not be there. The energy of Rahu is one of the trickiest energies in this horoscope as it can affect her psychic judgments in positive as well as in negative ways. It means when the positive part of this energy gains strength through running times and this energy makes her doubt some people around her, these doubts may in fact be true and she may be able to reduce future damage through these people by acting in time.

However, when the negative energy of Rahu gains strength through running times, she may start receiving false alarms and as a result, she may move away from some people or projects which may not be bad or as bad as she may perceive them to be, under the influence of this energy. Whether positive or negative, the energy of Rahu may affect a number of her decisions related to almost every sphere of her life and hence this energy becomes a very important energy in her horoscope. It is due to the positive part of this energy that she may come across some of the most beautiful things and people in her life and it is due to the negative part of this energy that she may witness some of the most difficult types of situations or decisions in her life. The good thing is that this energy can be controlled through astrological remedies so that its positive part finds expression most of the time.

The negative part of Rahu’s energy can also disturb her peace of mind from time to time on account of various reasons, it can make her resort to extreme measures at times, when they may not be required and hence she may face problems later on. The negative part of Rahu’s energy may affect her relationships with men in her life as it may either create doubts or it may create too many expectations related to them. When supported by other negative energies, this energy can make her want her man to be so perfect that such man may actually not exist anywhere.

As a result, she may face relationship problems. This energy can make her notice the flaws and negative qualities of the men in her life due to which she may find it difficult to respect them in the same way. The negative energy of Rahu can also spoil her relationships under the pretext of feeling choked in some of them. It means this energy may heighten her urge for independence so much at times that she may start feeling restricted or even choked in relationships and hence she may choose to walk out. Apart from this, the negative energy of Rahu may cause a number of other problems also.

The next planet to be discussed is Jupiter. The placement of this planet is mixed in this horoscope with about 40% of its energy being positive and about 60% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of its energy first, Jupiter’s positive energy can bless this native with liberal attitude, faith in her beliefs as well as in herself, confidence, compassion, kindness, the ability to embrace what is inevitable, the ability to move on, love for humanity and a number of other abilities. As a result of these abilities, she may witness benefic outcomes in many spheres of her life.

The best thing that the positive energy of Jupiter can do to this native is that it may keep encouraging her to engage in more and more good karmas and stay away from bad karmas. This way, she may keep gathering increasing amount of positive energy and she may stay away from collecting much negative energy through bad karmas. Though there are other energies which may partly counteract this effect of Jupiter’s energy, it may still show significant effect and it may become prominent whenever Jupiter gains strength through running times.

When that happens, she may feel strong urge to engage in charity works or other acts of kindness and hence she may do so. It should be noted that when this native engages in acts of kindness under the impact of Jupiter’s energy, the primary objective behind this practice may not be to build an image or achieve some rewards for these good karmas. She may engage in such acts of kindness as she may feel a strong urge to do so and engaging in such acts may give her pleasure and joy which may be heart deep or soul deep.

As already explained, some people engage in acts of kindness to negate their negative karmas, some of them do so to build an image, yet some others do so to have better future through good karmas and some of them do so merely in order to feel good. The acts of kindness initiated under the impact of Jupiter’s positive energy may belong to the last category and hence the primary motive of this native behind such acts may be to feel good and satisfied that she’s been able to help some needy people.

When we engage in good karmas, happiness is almost always bound to follow. However, different people may receive this happiness in different ways as well as in different quantities, even through the same acts of kindness, depending on their motive behind engaging in such acts. A person who wishes for happiness as a reward of his good karmas may receive it relatively late and in relatively less quantity. On the other hand, a person who wishes to draw happiness from the act of kindness itself, starts getting happiness right away and he benefits more. It should be noted that the happiness of the first type of person is dependent on results and hence he may have to wait in order to feel happy. However, the happiness of the second type of person is dependent more on the act of kindness and less on its result.

Since we have control over what we can do and we usually don’t have control over the outcome of what we do, the people of the second type are able to draw much more happiness from what they do. This is because instead of depending on the results, they draw happiness from the actions themselves. Since the actions can be controlled by them, happiness can also be controlled by them. It means whenever they want to feel happy, they may start engaging in such acts and they may start getting happiness right away.

On the other hand, the people who are dependent on results of their acts of kindness in order to feel happy are likely to miss out a lot. This is because their happiness is now dependent on the result of their karmas and such result may take a long time to materialize at times. If that happens, they may start feeling anxious instead of feeling happy and this anxiety may start rising with time. This way, they may suffer in the short run by engaging in good karmas, instead of benefitting from them right away.

Taking a practical example, if you engage in acts of kindness with the ambition of becoming a billionaire when you may already be a millionaire, this is what may happen. You are doing charities and with each act of charity, your hope for breaking the barrier of billions at the earliest may become stronger and your patience may become weaker. This is because in your mind you may think that you’ve done another good karma and hence your objective should be even closer. Though you may be right in thinking so, it can make you anxious.

As your primary focus is on becoming a billionaire and the acts of kindness for you are only the media through which you may achieve your objective, you may not be able to draw much pleasure from such acts. While engaging in all these acts, you’re focused on results and not on these acts. Hence your happiness depends on result and if this result is delayed which may happen due to a number of reasons, you may start feeling anxious, restless, impatient and even unhappy with the passage of time. It is possible that after some time or after a long period of time, you may stop engaging in acts of kindness.

This is because you may think that such acts may not be capable of bringing the result desired by you as much time has already passed without the result coming to you. Hence you may lose faith in acts of kindness and you may quit doing them altogether. If that happens, you may also start having regrets and negative feelings as you may think that you’ve lost a big amount of money towards the acts of kindness and you start considering such money as lost money. Hence you end up being sad instead of being happy. You see, how your own mindset can bring you sadness even from the best type of acts.

On the other hand, if you’re a spiritually grown person and your primary objective behind all such acts of kindness is to help the needy ones and feel happy in the process, you’re blessed right from the first moment. This is because you start helping the needy ones, your help brings smiles on their faces and that smile fills your face as well as your heart with smile too. Hence you start getting your happiness right from the first moment and you don’t have to wait at all. This is because your happiness is dependent on your karmas and not on their results. Since you can almost always control your karmas and you can almost never control their results, you’ve learnt the art of being happy.

Consciously or subconsciously, you’ve developed a tendency of drawing happiness from the karma itself, instead of waiting for such happiness to come through results. Hence no one can stop you from being happy as you’ve now discovered the biggest secret of happiness. Another good thing is that since you’re drawing happiness from your karmas, you don’t focus much on their results. As that happens, you’re not anxious about the quantum of rewards or their timing and hence you don’t feel impatient. This way, you keep engaging in more and more acts of kindness and you don’t expect results. This is what is called Nishkaam Karma; a good karma without the desire for result and this is what you’ve achieved now.

In deepest sense, Nishkaam karma means learning the art of drawing all the pleasure from the karma itself, rather than depending on its result for such pleasure. When you learn and master this art, you know the secret to everlasting happiness and joy; as all you have to do is to start doing what you enjoy doing, provided it’s not destructive. For example, if you’re a very good dancer, there’re two ways you may try to get pleasure through the art of dancing.

In the first case, you dance and you expect praise from other people who may be watching you perform. It should be noted that your happiness is now dependent on the reaction of other people and hence it becomes dependent on the fruit of your karma of dancing. If majority of people praise you, you may feel happy and if not, you may feel sad though you may have given your best to this piece of dancing. Hence you depend on the result of your karma to feel happy and this is what can bring problems. If you don’t receive praise for a long period of time, you may disengage from dancing as you lose patience and you see no benefit in it.

In the second case, you like dancing and you dance only in order to feel happy. Your happiness comes from the dance itself and it is not dependent on the results. It means you get all absorbed while dancing and the more you dance, the more you enjoy. By the time you’re finished with a piece of dance, you’re filled with pleasure and you don’t want anything else now, like the reaction of people who may be watching you. Your happiness in this case is dependent on your act instead of being dependent on the result. Hence you can almost always control your happiness in this case as you can start dancing whenever you feel like.

An interesting thing is that in case of people of second type, since the focus is on the acts and not on the results; the results are better or much better than those witnessed by the people of the first type. This is because these natives don’t get impatient or restless to get happiness as they’re getting it right from the start. Hence they keep getting more and more happiness from their acts and as they do so, their acts start getting better and better. It’s a simple fact that the more you enjoy doing a thing, the more you keep doing it and the better you become at it.

Hence these natives keep enjoying their acts, they keep engaging in them in order to enjoy even more and they also keep improving as all their focus is targeted at their acts, which brings improvements. If one such native is a dancer who enjoys dancing, his dance may keep becoming better and better; attracting more appreciation from people who watch his performances. As a result, rewards are earned earlier and at the same time, in higher quanta. Isn’t it interesting that the more you run after results, the more distant they become; and the more you focus on the path to results than results themselves, the closer they get.

This is why while setting on a journey, you should develop affinity with the path and not with the destination. By doing so, you start loving the journey itself more than the destination. Hence you start enjoying your journey instead of looking at it like a boring medium which leads to your destination. Hence your journey becomes a happy one and your destination reaches earlier because the more you’re focused on your journey, the faster it is covered. Kindly understand that all your energy is undivided and focused on the journey; and so it is covered at the earliest. As soon as your focus shifts to destination, you start facing problems in your journey as you’re not giving it your undivided attention which is now divided between journey and destination.

As this native may enjoy her acts of kindness, the focus may shift away from rewards and hence the rewards may come closer and they may become bigger too. This is because in order to feel happy, she may engage in increasing number of kind acts and she may become better at doing them, which can make the rewards come closer and become bigger. For example, if you wish to help a group of hungry kids, you may do so in many ways. Let’s take a look at a couple of them.

You may have a mindset that helping people will bring you happiness and hence you’re willing to donate. You see these hungry kids; you give them some money which may be sufficient to buy food and you walk away. You may not enjoy this act much because your focus is on the reward for this act and not on the act itself. Hence you may not get the most out of this act.

Let’s consider the same act when you’re a person who draws pleasure from such acts of kindness, instead of waiting for results. In this case, you may take these kids with you to a nearby place which offers good food or you may bring such food to them, you may accompany them and you may all enjoy this food together. All your focus in this case is on making the kids feel happy, observe their happiness and feel happy on the basis of that happiness. Hence you enjoy this food with them or you simply accompany them while they eat food, you see them become happy and you get an instant reward in the form of satisfaction and happiness.

As your happiness is now dependant on the act itself, you may do it in the best possible way as you know that the better this act is performed, the happier you’ll feel. Hence you may try to create the best possible atmosphere for this entire act so that the kids may become very happy and their true happiness may pass on to you also. This way, you end up feeling happy in the act itself and you don’t depend on the reward. But this is not all you get and there’s more. Kindly note that in order to obtain maximum happiness from this act, you’ve done a lot more than you did in the first case where you merely donated money to hungry kids.

Himanshu Shangari