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This native was born on 4th of June 1975 at 9:09 AM in Los Angeles, USA; with Cancer as her ascendant rising. Venus is placed in the first house of her horoscope in the sign of Cancer, Rahu is placed in the fifth house of her horoscope in the sign of Scorpio, a combination of Moon, Mars and Jupiter is placed in the ninth house of her horoscope in the sign of Pisces, a combination of Sun, retrograde Mercury and Ketu is placed in the eleventh house of her horoscope in the sign of Taurus and Saturn is placed in the twelfth house of her horoscope in the sign of Gemini.

Let’s now look into the working of these planets one by one and let’s see which positive and negative personality traits they render to her. Starting with Venus, the placement of this planet in the first house of this horoscope in the sign of Cancer is a mixed placement with about 75% of its energy being positive and about 25% of its energy being negative.

Looking at the positive part of its energy first, this part may give her the abilities of being kind, caring, protective, friendly, being sensitive to the needs of the others, artistic talents, charisma, charm and a number of other abilities. As a result of these abilities, she may benefit a lot in many spheres of her life from time to time. The benefits indicated by this energy may enhance as and when the running times are in favor of this energy and it gains strength through them.

The positive energy of Venus can render to her the abilities like care and protection to very good extents due to which she may be very caring and protective towards the ones she loves or the ones she feels responsible for. On a general level, this energy may make her feel responsible for the well being of her family and friends whereas on bigger level, this energy may enable her to feel the need to serve the suffering ones. It is this energy of Venus which along with other energies in her horoscope can give her a strong sense of doing something for the suffering ones so that they may become secured ad protected.

Though there are a number of planetary energies which may motivate her to engage in acts of kindness and hence she may keep doing so; each of one these energies may have its signature, as always is the case. It means each one of these planetary energies may bend her more towards some specific types of acts of kindness or charitable works and the same may also happen with the positive part of Venusian energy.

Venusian energy may encourage her to engage in acts of kindness, which have something to do with people who don’t have homes or who don’t have necessary resources, even to meet their day to day needs. The working of this energy is such that it may draw her attention to the ones who are homeless or who don’t have sufficient to eat and who at the same time; are not capable of arranging these things for the time being.

It means she may get attracted to the acts of kindness which may involve helping orphans, other types of needy children or people who are not in a position to help themselves due to some reasons. The situation is self explanatory in case of orphans or underprivileged children as they don’t have sufficient resources to live normal lives and at the same time, they are not able to work for these resources as they are children.

When it comes to help adults, she may get interested in the ones who don’t have food, home or basic security and at the same time, they are unable to achieve them. It should be noted that some people may genuinely suffer from these problems and there may be no way out whereas some people may have ways to get out of their problems but they may not be willing to do so and hence they may choose to suffer instead. This native is not likely to get attracted towards the natives of the second type and she may feel the need to help the natives of the first type who may be suffering and who at the same time, may not be able to resolve their problems on their own.

For instance, some adults may not have vital limbs and hence they may become incapable of working and earning. Some other adults may live in such countries or circumstances where the opportunities for livelihood may be very bad and hence they may not find ways to earn money, even if they’re ready to work hard. Similarly, some other people of this type may be dependent on other people’s help as they may be in other countries due to unfortunate reasons like being refugees, they may not have legal rights to work in such countries and hence they may not find ways to earn money and provide for themselves. These are the sections which may draw her attention.

Looking as some natives of the other type, these are the ones who may be suffering from lack of food or shelter but their suffering may primarily be due to their unwillingness to engage in profession and earn money to resolve their problems, though sufficient professional opportunities may be present around them. These are the natives who in reality don’t need outside help and they are themselves responsible for their lack of resources. Hence only those people are needy in real sense; who are suffering and who at the same time are not able to get out of their sufferings on their own, despite their best efforts. On the other hand, people who don’t want to engage in efforts to resolve their problems even when they can be resolved with efforts; are not helpless in real sense and their miseries are more like their choices instead of being their misfortunes.

This native may be interested in helping out people who lack basic things like food, home and security and who at the same time are not able to achieve them on their own, despite their best efforts. Among these groups also, she may be especially interested in kids who may not have home, food or security. This is because there are other planetary energies which bend her towards helping kids more than helping anyone else. Hence she may develop a special affinity for kids and the sufferings of kids on any level may draw her attention at the earliest.

The working of Venusian energy is such in her horoscope that it may strongly encourage her to play the role of a mother. On a general level, she may be fond of kids, she may want to have a number of them and she may devote a lot of time and attention in making sure that she’s able to take very good care of their needs. On a bigger level, whenever she may find any kid suffering and especially the ones who don’t have food or home; the mother in her may overpower her and she may want to do her best to provide for such kid. At times when she may not be able to do so due to circumstances not being favorable, she may feel bad inside.

Venusian energy can enhance her motherly energy a lot and as a result, people who’re connected to her as children in any sense may benefit the most from her as they may be the ones who may draw her maximum as well as undivided attention. The word children here includes her own children as well as the children she may decide to take care of, like virtually adopting them or being a permanent supporter to help fulfill their needs.

As Venus is the planet of beauty and pleasure, it may leave its signature whenever she helps people under its influence; especially when she deals with children. It means whenever she chooses to provide for the needy ones, the energy of Venus may encourage her to go beyond what is required or what is sufficient and deliver what is called joy or pleasure.

Hence if she finds some starving children who are in need of food and she’s capable of helping them, this is what she may do. She may not be willing to simply provide them with basic or average type of food so that their hunger is taken care of. Instead, she may wish to give them a treat which means she may provide them with foods which are not considered normal ones and which are considered as party type or luxury type of foods. Therefore, instead of offering a loaf of bread and some other basic foods, she may offer foods like pizza or burger or other such foods which may be considered as luxurious foods according to the time and circumstances of the place where such help is being offered.

It should be noted that the mother element in her may be so strong that providing sufficient may not be sufficient for her and providing the best she can, may only be able to satisfy her. Though she may still feel good when she’s able to offer basic and required things to children, she may only feel joyous when she’s able to provide more than basic and she’s able to bring joy on their faces; the joy which doesn’t rise from fulfillment of basic needs but which rises from having been treated with much more than required. Venusian energy is one of the most humanitarian energies in her horoscope and it can make her engage in a number of acts of kindness throughout her life.

The positive part of this energy may also bless her with good acting abilities and it may especially help her deliver very good results when it comes to intense and emotional types of roles. Hence she may be good at conveying emotions and whenever this energy gains strength due to the running times, she may bring out some of her best emotional, dramatic, deep and touching performances. The best part about this energy is that she may not have to work hard to bring out these expressions and they may come out with little effort.

This is because the positive part of Venusian energy indicates a carry forward of these abilities from past life. Hence she may already have acquired these skills in her past life and as a result, they may come to her easily through her subconscious mind, as and when she needs them. The working of subconscious mind and the concept of past life habits or skills being transferred to this life has been explained in my book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’.

The positive part of Venusian energy may also make her sensitive towards the needs of the others due to which she may take care that the ones in her personal circle are attended to in a proper manner. It means she may try to ensure that she does her due for her colleagues, friends, husband, children, mother and other relatives. This energy may give her a sense of her duties and it may also encourage her to dispense them in timely and proper manner.

The positive part of Venusian energy may also bless her with great affinity and attachment to her mother and in fact, her bond with her mother may be the strongest bond she may ever have with anyone in her life though her bonding with her children may also be very strong. However, even her bonding with children may become second to her bond with her mother, at times.

The overall vibe of her horoscope is such that she may strongly believe in being independent and arranging the required resources on her own; and she may not like the idea of being dependent on anyone. Hence she may provide more support to her loved ones, compared to the quantum of support she receives from them. However, her mother may be an exception to this rule and she may find much support from her mother, throughout her life; even when her mother may physically not be present with her.

It should be noted that this support doesn’t necessarily mean the physical or financial type of support and this support may be much deeper than such things in her case. This means that the mere thought of the being of her mother may soothe her and comfort her. She may not expect benefits from her mother on physical plane and a number of benefits may be transferred through emotional and psychic planes, from her mother to her.

It means her mother may also be kind and caring by nature and these qualities may transfer to her. The conscious as well as subconscious attachment of this native to her mother may be so strong that there may be a lot of emotional and psychic communication between the two of them, where this native may be at the receiving end and her mother may be at the delivering end. It should be noted that for communication to take place on emotional level between two people, their physical presence with each other is not required and they may engage in such communications even if they are thousands of miles away from each other.

Moving to psychic as well as astral communication, these are possible even when one of the parties engaged in communication doesn’t have a physical body at all. It means psychic and astral communications are possible when one person is alive and one is not; or even when both of them are not alive on physical plane. It is funny how we use the words like alive and dead in day to day language as there is no such thing called birth and there is no such thing called death when it comes to the domain of souls. A soul is neither born, nor does it die. It was, it is and it will be there.

Since psychic and astral communications take place on the level of souls or so to say, on the level of subconscious minds, physical bodies are not required for these communications. The emotional and especially the psychic bond of this native with her mother may be strong and this bond may help her a lot in feeling relaxed and in feeling complete in a sense. This is because her relationship with her mother seems to come from a strong bond in past life and at the same time, her horoscope gives indications of a strong bond between these two souls in the next life also.

Therefore, when it comes to her relationship with her mother, it may not be about getting material benefits through her and it may not be about any other physical phenomenon as the bond is active on emotional and psychic level. The mere fact of having her mother in her life may give her a sense of deep comfort, a sense of feeling completed and a sense of feeling validated as a person. Even when her mother may not remain physically alive, the mere thought of her may provide her with the same benefits through psychic plane as her mother’s soul may still operate through psychic plane even if she doesn’t have a physical body.

Hence whenever she remembers her mother, she may initiate psychic communication with her mother though she may have no conscious knowledge of the same. As and when her mother’s soul is interested, she may also respond to such psychic communication and as a result, this native may receive the same comfort and validity, as she used to receive when her mother was physically alive. Though a sense of her physical loss may always be there, the comfort received may still be significant. This is because her mother may send her this comfort in form of psychic energy from time to time; provided the psychic communication initiated by this native is strong enough to reach the aura of her mother.

To summarize, the being of her mother may be a reason for her own being on a very deep level. It means the mere thought or memories of her mother may fill her with pleasure, they may provide validity to her entity and they may give her reasons to be alive and working. Due to the strength and importance of this bond, this native may feel emotional disturbances once her mother dies and she may have this feeling for some years to follow after her death; that she’s not as complete as a person as she was. She may also feel that she’s not as strong and active as she used to be. Strong and active in this context means her willingness to engage in fresh relationships of strong type may diminish for some years after her mother’s death. This may happen due to subconscious fear of eventually losing everyone she loves a lot.

Apart from this, the positive energy of Venus can bless her with a number of other abilities as well as good things in many spheres of her life. Looking at the negative part of this energy, this part may make her extra sensitive and emotionally vulnerable or intense at times. Hence she may face problems due to these personality traits and these problems may become significant whenever the running times support the negative energy of Venus.

When that happens, she may start doubting some of her loved ones and especially the ones who are not dependant on her. It means she may not doubt her children or other people who are dependent on her and instead she may doubt the ones who may not be dependent on her or the ones she may depend on in one way or the other. The overall horoscope of this native is such that depending on other people to fulfill her needs may be something she may not like and this personality trait may give rise to problems when the running times are in support of this negative energy.

During one such time, she may face some personal or professional problems due to which she may not be able to take care of herself as efficiently as she may do in general. Hence she may start feeling dependant on some of her loved ones and this feeling in itself may trouble her. At the same time, if the person she depends on engages in some behavior patterns which she doesn’t like, the problem may aggravate. This is because she may think that just because she’s dependant on this person, she may have to tolerate things which are not worthy of being tolerated. She may also at times get this feeling that the other person is trying to take some undue advantages because he knows she’s dependant on him.

This can start creating repulsion as well as insecurity in her mind and as a result, negativity may start building in the relationship. The best possible solution according to her in one such situation may be to walk out of the relationship or to create significant distance, either temporarily or permanently. Accordingly, she may do so and hence she may walk out of some relationships or she may choose to increase the distance between her and the other party, at least until the time she feels ready to cover this distance.

This horoscope has high quantum of emotional energy due to which her emotional plane may be sensitive and conflicted at the same time. Hence she may face problems of emotional nature more often than she faces problems of other types. Conflicted emotional plane in this context means that her emotional needs may keep changing and at times, they may be in conflict with each other. In practical terms, she may truly want a person or thing at a time and she may absolutely not want such person or thing at another time. This is the state of emotional conflict where different or contrary types of emotions influence you from time to time. Hence you may feel comfortable with one thing at a time and you may feel uncomfortable with the same thing at another time.

This personality trait may prove especially difficult for relationships and hence she may suffer in this domain. Though there are other energies which may counteract this negative effect of Venusian energy in part, it may still remain effective and it may cause significant problems whenever it gains strength due to running times. This is when she may witness problems in personal life and as a result, some of her relationships may be redefined, often in a not very good way. Apart from this, the negative energy of Venus may cause some other types of problems also.

The next planet to be discussed is Rahu. The placement of Rahu in the fifth house of this horoscope is a mixed placement with about 70% of its energy being positive and about 30% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy, it can bless this native with abilities like courage, confidence, intelligence, quick calculations, good sense of health, good sense of profits, acting abilities, deep and penetrating emotional and psychic sense and a number of other abilities. Rahu is a very important planet in this horoscope and its working forms the core of the personality of this native, along with some other planets.

Rahu’s energy can bless this native with significant amount of intelligence and it is not a simple type of intelligence. It means her intelligence may not be limited only to understanding day to day issues, professional issues or learning new things. Instead, this intelligent may grow to her emotional as well as her psychic plane, along with capturing her mental plane. Whereas a number of intelligent people may only have mental intelligence, this native may also have significant amount of emotional and psychic intelligence as a result of Rahu’s positive energy.

Let’s try to look into the difference between mental, emotional and psychic intelligence in order to understand this concept in the best possible manner. Your mental intelligence is the one which helps you acquire logical information and it then enables you to use that information when it comes to decide a number of things related to different spheres of life. For example, if you’re mentally intelligent, you may be able to assess the advantages as well as disadvantages attached to a professional project, in a relatively easy manner.

As a result, you’re in a better position to calculate the risk versus reward ratio in such project and therefore you can reach a better decision, whether to engage in such project or not. Similarly, when someone who’s not a loved one tries to fool you into doing things which may bring you problems or losses, your mental intelligence may help you see through his trick through a series of targeted questions that you may ask from him. Your mental intelligence can also help you assess probable profits or losses involved in different projects, by helping you with information and experiences from similar types of projects dealt by you in the past. In summary, if you have mental intelligence, you’re generally called intelligent and in fact, this is what most people mean when they call you intelligent.

Moving on to emotional intelligence, it’s quite different from mental intelligence. Though emotional intelligence also gives you a good sense of profits and losses, these profits and losses are not earned through logical information or discretion, they are earned through emotional expertise. Hence a person who’s blessed with emotional intelligence may be able to emotionally dominate as well as manipulate other people who are emotionally attached to him or her. Whether a person having emotional intelligence uses it for positive reasons or for negative reasons is decided by his free will which is dependent on the level of his spiritual growth at any point in time. This is why spiritual growth is a must have virtue as it can guide you to do the right thing almost in every situation.

As this native may have significant amount of emotional intelligence and she may also have an overall spiritually grown horoscope, she may tend to use such intelligence for positive reasons, majority of the time. Looking at some practical applications of emotional intelligence, you may be able to feel quickly that your mother wants you to do a particular thing in a particular situation, though she may not say it or she may not even admit to it when you ask. However, through your emotional intelligence, you’re able to see clearly what she wants and hence you’re in a position of advantage now.

If you want to use this virtue for positive reasons, you may keep doing what gives your mother emotional comfort in most situations, and she may not even have to ask you to do so. This is because you’re good at understanding emotional communication and hence you may be good at seeing the hidden wishes behind words or even behind silence. On the other hand, if you want to use this virtue for negative reasons, you may exploit the emotions of your mother in order to get what you want through her or in order for her to behave like you want her to behave.

For example, you know what makes her emotionally uncomfortable in most situations and hence you may manipulate her. If she does what you say or if she agrees to what you do, you may provide her with emotional comfort by doing what she likes. On the other hand, if she disagrees with you or does what you don’t want, you may do or say things which can make her emotionally uncomfortable so that she may reconsider what she’s doing or not doing.

It should be noted that all these things are happening on emotional plane and hence there is no place for words. This means your mother does certain things that you don’t like and you make her emotionally uncomfortable by doing or saying certain things which are not bad in general but which may be specifically bad for her. Though your mother may not be emotionally intelligent but over a period of time and through a number of experiences, she may understand well that you dominate her emotionally and hence she may choose to surrender to your emotional dominance.

Taking a practical example, if your mother is emotionally uncomfortable with one of your relatives; you may start interacting with that relative more and more, if your mother chooses to disagree with you. Similarly, you may do many other things until she understands that disagreeing with you may cost her dear and so she may succumb to your emotional dominance. Since everything is happening on emotional plane, no direct or physical confrontations may be witnessed before your mother silently surrenders to your emotional dominance.

This is just one application of emotional intelligence and it can be used in all other relationships, where people are connected to you on emotional level, instead of being connected to you on physical, professional or intellectual level. For instance, if you wish to use your emotional intelligence to dominate your lover, you’ll almost always know quickly what makes her happy, what makes her sad and what makes her feel emotionally insecure and uncomfortable.

Accordingly, you may change your behavior to convey to her, the emotional signals that you wish to convey. For example, you know she may feel emotionally insecure when you talk to other girls whom she may see as threats. It should be noted that in this case, you’re intelligent enough to notice quickly, which girls make her feel insecure and which ones don’t. Hence you may intentionally choose to talk to the problematic ones in her presence and you may make it look like you’re not doing it on purpose.

Once again, all this is happening on emotional plane and you’re not using physical or verbal expressions to dominate her. Instead you’re using emotional intelligence to disturb her. Taking a look at the positive application of this quality in the same case, you once again know which girls in a get together make her feel insecure. Hence you intentionally avoid talking much to those girls even if they try to do so, in order to make your lover feel emotionally secure. When you do so, she finds that though the problematic girls may be interested in you; you’re not interested in them at all.

This gives her emotional security and she becomes happier as a result. Everything is happening without anyone of you saying anything to the other party and the communication is taking place through emotional plane. It should be noted that though majority of people may think mental plane or brain is more controlling than emotional plane, it is not so. Emotional plane is far more effective and whether positive or negative, the impact generated by it can reach you much deeper than the one generated by mental plane or intellect.

Men generally prefer to operate on mental plane and hence they’re good at controlling professional spheres where emotions are not much required. Women on the other hand, generally have expertise in emotional domain and hence they have the ability to control even those men, who may control great number of people through their mental plane. This is why it is said that men control the world and women control men. It is because relationships operate on emotional planes and women in general have more expertise related to emotional plane. Therefore, men may find it difficult to compete with them on emotional level.

Coming to the next type of intelligence called psychic intelligence, it is the most difficult type of intelligence to grow and most people don’t have it. This is because your mental or emotional intelligence at any time is the peak of your mental and emotional expertise achieved during this life. It means mental or emotional intelligence operates on the basis of knowledge and experiences gained in this life.

Himanshu Shangari