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The next planet is Rahu which is once again a planet with a mixture of positive and negative energy. About 60% energy of this planet is negative and about 40% energy of this planet is positive. Looking at the positive part of this energy, it can bless him with good acting abilities and creative imagination. These abilities may help him achieve more success in his field of profession.

The positive energy of Rahu may also bless this native with a fair amount of materialistic tendencies, which may help balance out the overall personality of this native. It should be noted that a number of planetary energies in his horoscope tend to shift the balance of his personality towards detachment or spiritual aspect. Since this native is dealing in materialistic domains, the energies like Rahu serve as balancing energies as they keep the materialistic side of this native, alive and healthy.

In case the energies like this were not present in this horoscope, his ambition to achieve may have taken a hit and as a result, he may not have been willing to do much for materialistic success or achievements of most types. Some natives with spiritual mindsets may think that being all spiritual is even better, it is not always the case in reality; and this is how.

Kindly understand that the ultimate goal of your spiritual journey is to cross the domain of illusion and settle in the domain of liberation. In order to achieve liberation, you have to be free from each and every type of materialistic punishment, reward and desire; as already explained. Though the fruits of good and bad karmas can be faced as a spiritual person also, it may not be the same in case of desires; especially the desires or settlements related to other souls.

For instance, if you have unsettled karmic account with your wife from past life and both the parties are involved in this give and take; you can’t run away from it, even if you choose the path of spiritualism; and choose not to marry. This is because, you can suffer the punishment for bad karmas even if you choose to stay away from materialistic world, you can choose to enjoy or forsake the fruits of good karmas which you did with the desire for rewards and you can even choose to quit most of your desires; through the techniques of meditation and strong will.

Yes, you can do it. They are your desires and you can get rid of them either by fulfilling them or by deleting them; where the latter can be done through some specific techniques of meditation. However, it should be noted that only those desires can be deleted or forsaken, which involve you and you alone; and there is no one else. Though most of our desires revolve around us only; a few of them don’t do so. These are the cases where it becomes tricky, as these are the desires which include another soul as an equal part, in order to be fulfilled.

For example, you got married to a woman in your past life and you two developed a strong relationship. You did a lot for her and she did even more for you. Towards the end of that life, you both had strong desire of being man and wife in the next life. There are two things playing now. The first is your desire to be the man of this woman; and the second is the settlement of karmic account with this woman; which says you owe her certain things; as she did more for you.

Since the first part of this equation is dependent on your desire, though not entirely; it can still be changed to a great extent; as you may start deleting this desire with techniques of meditation. However, the second part of this equation deals with the settlement of karmic account shared by you and this woman; where you owe her certain things. This is similar to the concept of repayment of bad karmas. Hence you can’t choose not to make this payment and you have to pay it back.

This is because you’re the one who owes this karmic payment and she’s the one who deserves it as a result of her good karmas. Hence you don’t have the right to free yourself from this payment and only she has the right to free you from this payment; as a debt can’t be waived by the will of the borrower and only the lender has the right to waive a debt off. It means you’re bound to pay this debt or in other words, you’re bound to be the man of this woman in order to settle this debt.

If you choose to stay away from marriage and assume the way of spiritualism in this life; this is what may happen. Provided you engage in hard worship or meditation; you may achieve almost anything but liberation. This is because liberation means freedom from all conditions and you still have one condition pending on you; it is the condition to pay the debt of this woman; by being her husband and serving her.

Hence your final liberation may be denied and your lord whenever he blesses you may guide you to clear this Samskara, in order to be free from it. Since the time for marriage may have passed as you may receive this guidance late in your life; you may be subjected to another life. In the next life; you may be born with high spiritual tendencies from your birth, you may still get married, you may serve your wife for some years and you may then move to the path of liberation; the path to your final journey.

This is when you may reach liberation as the only pending condition or debt has been paid and you’re now free to achieve your freedom; provided you don’t develop new desire by this time. Have you ever wondered why a number of divine saints get married, have families and then turn absolutely spiritual? Well you know the reason now. This is perhaps their last life and they’re simply clearing the final karmic settlements with some specific souls, so that they may be freed from those conditions.

Therefore, even if you want to have an absolute spiritual goal, materialistic energies may actually help you in some cases; more than they may hurt you. They may help you fulfill your pending desires, settle the remaining karmic accounts with other souls and then move on to your final path; with no chains tied to your soul, by other souls. All other chains can be untied by you; but the chains tied by other souls need their permission too. This permission either comes in the form of these souls setting you free from their debts, which rarely happens, or in the form of you paying all their debts and then becoming free as a right; which is usually the case.

Hence the positive energy of Rahu may help this native in many ways, by introducing the desire for materialistic achievements. Since Rahu is operating on psychic plane in this horoscope, it is likely to encourage this native towards achieving those desires only, which are already present from past lives. As that happens, he may keep fulfilling one desire after the other; thereby reducing the number of desires pending on his soul; as they keep getting deleted one after the other. Therefore, the positive energy of Rahu may help this native.

Looking at the negative part of this planet’s energy; it may create a number of problems for him. It may introduce to him, taste for consuming harmful substances from time to time; though it is not the only energy to do so and it is supported by Moon and Venus also. As a result, this native may consume some pleasure giving but unhealthy substances from time to time and this may have adverse effect on his health, career and personal life; along with some other spheres of his life.

It is interesting to note that since Rahu is operating on psychic plane, even the desires for consuming harmful substances may come from past life. It means the energy of this planet may remind him of his taste for these substances, he may get attracted towards them on natural basis and he may keep consuming them until this desire has reached the fulfillment point. Once it reaches the fulfillment point, this desire is deleted, and this native is free from one more desire.

You see, how even your desires for unhealthy things may help you move towards liberation. The desire element lies in the root of everything and even the seed of karma is planted due to desires in most cases. For example, you engage in a bad karma by cheating someone for money; as you have a desire to gain this money. Likewise if you make a donation with a desire to benefit from it, once again the desire element is there behind this act. Even if you make this donation with the only desire to help the needy ones and nothing for you in return; it is once again a desire; though this is the healthiest type of desire as it makes you engage in Nishkaam karma.

Therefore, the positive spiritual energies in your horoscope may help you by encouraging you to engage in more good karmas, stay away from bad karmas and at the same time; not develop more and more new desires. On the other hand, the negative energies indicating spiritual growth may help you by encouraging you to fulfill your pending materialistic desires at the earliest; so that your soul becomes freer. Hence these energies may look like the enemies of each other; sometimes they may actually be working as a team; to deliver the best types of results in the shortest possible time.

The negative energy of Rahu may also make him fall for the company of some harmful people who may bring troubles to him from time to time; directly or indirectly. These troubles are once again the settlements from past lives; as Rahu deals with past lives in this horoscope. Hence all these seemingly bad people may be settling past life accounts with this native and though they may make him suffer through such settlements, they also help him become a freer and cleaner soul. The working of Rahu’s energy is the most mysterious in this case and it is the trickiest energy in this horoscope. A majority of the results produced by this energy may be troublesome, but the objective of this energy behind creating those troubles is healthy.

Coming to the last planet on the list, the placement of Saturn in the third house of this horoscope in the sign of Sagittarius is a highly positive placement, with about 80% of its energy being positive and about 20% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy first, it may do some wonderful things for him; and among many other good abilities, it may give him the ability to be a true warrior and rise each time he falls.

The alliance of the energy of Saturn, Venus and Mars may produce wonderful results in this horoscope, as these energies may revive him almost every time he may be considered dead, in terms of materialistic success or achievements. Whereas the energy of Venus may bless him with the luck to become the Phoenix; the energies of Saturn and Mars may give him the courage to avail such luck. Hence each time this native is down, Venus may bring good or very good opportunities to him and the combination of Saturn and Mars may bless him with the strength to avail those opportunities. Therefore, these energies may guarantee a rise; almost each time he falls due to the impact of negative energies.

The positive part of this energy can also counteract the negative impact of some energies; especially the ones working towards giving him bad health. This energy may try its best to ensure quick recovery, even in the worst types of health issues; once again giving him the ability of Phoenix. Saturn’s positive energy may also bless him with good communication skills and an overall liberal attitude.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it can give him destructive thought patterns at times. It means this energy may encourage him to engage in intense or even extreme types of actions at times. Though these acts are likely to cause harm to him more than the others in most cases, they may harm other people also at times. It is this energy of Saturn which may render him the trait of wishing for the extremes, whether they are good or bad extremes.

Hence when the running times are supportive for positive extremes, he may intensively engage in acts of charity or other benefic acts. On the other hand, when the running times are supportive for negative extremes, he may engage in intensive acts of self destruction; and sometimes even in the acts of hurting other people; though such people may have provoked him or offended him to do so, in most such cases. This is why the energy of Saturn forms a very important part of his personality.

It is this energy of Saturn which may encourage him to stand for his loved ones and especially for his friends and siblings; and take as much damage as it needs to protect them. However, when supported by negative running times; the same energy may land him into troubles, as he may choose to accompany friends who may be engaging in some not very healthy acts. The energy of Saturn may tune the mindset of this native in such a way that he may see the concept of friendship like this, ‘Friends are friends and whether they’re right or wrong, I must stand by them’. Though this is certainly the mark of a very good friend, it may land him into troubles, many times in his life, as he may choose to help his friends, even when they may be on the wrong side of certain things or situations.

All these planetary energies working together can render him a personality; which may be a complex mixture of spiritual and materialistic tendencies. This is what makes the personality of every human being different from the other as there are billions of possible combinations of planetary energies and they result in different personalities.

Looking at the coming times, in my opinion, ‘The Phoenix will rise again’, as far as the domain of profession is concerned. It means you may see him achieve good professional results once again in the coming times as the running as well as the coming time is good for his profession. Hence he may witness commercial success, and he may especially receive an award or formal recognition related to his field of profession.

The coming 2-4 years are also likely to be good on the front of family as well as on many other fronts. Hence overall good results may be witnessed in these spheres, though occasional setbacks may be there. The sphere of his life where the coming times may have negative impact is his health, as it may be hit by these times, in a negative way.

The period starting from August 2017 may start increasing the intensity of any health issues which may be related to heart or blood. As a result, he may have to undergo some issues and he may also have to avail medical treatment, though these issues are not likely to be intense types of issues till August 2018. However, the period enclosed between August 2018 and March 2021 may prove troublesome for health; and significant health issues may appear during this time.

Even among these time periods, the period ranging from August 2018 till October 2019 may especially prove troublesome. Significant or even intensive type of health issues may appear during this period and they may be related to heart or blood. Hence this native should take good care of himself during these times and if any health issue related to heart or blood appears during these times, he should pay great attention, in order to deal with it properly, in good time.

If this native has his time of birth wrong, a Yellow Sapphire and a Pearl may be recommended to him. However these gemstones may harm him more than they may benefit him, especially the Yellow Sapphire. Due to partial negative working of Jupiter, a Yellow Sapphire may trouble him through legal problems, health issues, disturbances in marriage and it may also distort his ability to separate right from wrong; though it may help him in acting profession to some extent. This gemstone can make him fall prey to bad people at times, as he may not be able to judge their intentions. A Pearl can make him more sensitive and it can bend him more towards sensual pleasures, hence causing negative impact on his health and other spheres.

The gemstones as well as other remedies are technical in case of this native, since his horoscope is complex. Hence they may only be suggested after a detailed discussion with this native as doing so may help understand the exact working of each and every planet at this time. It should be noted that the energies of the planets explained here are the ones at the time of his birth. Some of these energies may have changed significantly by now, as he’s been engaging in various types of karmas, continuously during the 57 years of his life. This is why a personal interaction is the best way in such cases, as that gives you the update equation of planetary energies.

Himanshu Shangari