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The positive energy of Sun can also add a regal touch to the overall personality of this native. This regal touch may be so obvious at times that he may not even have to speak a word and it may be conveyed through his body language, his face and especially through his eyes. The positive energy of Sun may also encourage this native to stand by the ones he cares for and to be always true to his friends. These qualities can help him gain advantage in personal as well as professional sphere and they may make him truly loved by many people around him.

Taking a look at the negative part of this energy though there is not much of it, this part may cause some health related problems. These problems may focus around his heart and they may start becoming significant after his age of 50. Apart from this, the negative energy of Sun may cause some disturbances in his marriage, though they are not likely to be significant ones.

Moving on to the next planet, the working of Mercury is broadly negative in this horoscope, with about 70% of its energy being negative and about 30% of its energy being positive. Looking at the positive effect of this energy first, it can render good acting abilities to this native and it may especially add a good sense of comedy to the acting skills of this native. It is due to this energy of Mercury that this native may perform very well in comic type of roles.

Since the energy of Sun is also centered in the same house and that energy adds a regal touch, the combination of these energies may bring out both these qualities in the acting of this native. It means he may especially do well in roles which demand him to be authoritative and at the same time, comic in a way. This is why you may see him delivering his best in the roles where he generates fear among other characters and at the same time, he’s comic. Though he may perform well in other types of roles also, this may come up as his best genre of acting as this is his natural tendency.

It means he may be naturally comfortable or so to say naturally designed to do this type of roles. Hence he may have to put conscious efforts in order to do some other types of roles and he may even then not be satisfied with his performances in those roles. However, when it comes to the genre of being authoritative and comic, he may not have to put in much effort. This type of acting may come out naturally and with minimum effort. Though it may require minimum effort, it may still be very good. This is what the meaning of the term natural tendency is. The quality or skill that you’ve developed in your past lives and that now comes natural to you without much effort, as you’ve already done all such effort in your past lives.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it can trouble him with issues related to his health. Though such issues may become visible only after his age of 47, they may start gaining strength and they may become significant after his age of 51. However, these health issues may still remain manageable and it is only after his age of 58 that they may start proving troublesome. The negative energy of Mercury may especially target his heart and the region around it. As a result, he may start developing health issues which may be directly or indirectly related to heart.

The negative part of this energy can also make him engage in the company of some not very good people from time to time; as it can reduce his sense of discriminating between right and wrong type of people. It is this energy of Mercury which can render him a negative type of naiveness which can make him fall for what people may say, instead of being able to capture their real intentions. This trait may especially remain strong till his age of 55 and it is only after this age that he may start trusting people, less on their face value.

It means after this age, he may gradually start developing a tendency to doubt or verify what people are telling him, instead of believing them blindly. Though this negative energy of Mercury may reduce after his age of 55, it may never go away completely as it is a strong energy in his horoscope. This negative naiveness which can be called emotional naiveness may land him into trouble, many times in his life. It is only through specifically guided astrological remedies that his negative trait can be reduced to a significant extent.

Moving on, the placement of Mars in the eleventh house of this horoscope in the sign of Leo is a broadly positive placement with about 75% of its energy being positive and about 25% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy first, this energy can render very good amount of courage as well as the spirit of a warrior to this native. It is primarily due to the support of this energy that he may be able to fight the biggest battles of his life and come out as a survivor.

The positive part of this energy may also bless him with a strong immune system as well as with a strong recovery pattern. Due to these abilities, he may be able to take less damage from some diseases or harmful substances, compared to the damage or impact experienced by an average person, in case of the same diseases or harmful substances. Hence this energy may provide a boost to his vitality and it may help him recover relatively faster from many types of physical problems.

This energy can also bless him with acting abilities and such abilities may come in the form of trademark signature of Mars. This energy can add to his acting, the ability to look imposing, fear generating, dangerous and deadly; whether he’s doing so by being a gangster or by being a police officer. This is why he may create the effect of a feared gangster or police officer very well. It is interesting to note that that same energy of Mars may encourage him to refuse the roles of gangsters, where he may be put in the second lead or in less authority.

This is because the natural tendency of this energy is to create comfort among friends and at the same time, create fear among enemies; even in his real life. Therefore, he may not find himself comfortable when it comes to play the role of a less fearsome or less authoritative character, if he’s playing a gangster or a police officer. Another interesting fact is that even many of the makers may not consider him fit for such less authoritative types of roles and they may offer him the fear generating or authority enforcing types of roles. This energy may especially remain strong till his age of 42 and it may start reducing after this age only.

Looking at the negative part of Martian energy, it may cause problems in some spheres of his life. For instance, this energy may have adverse effect on the health of his heart or it may create problems related to the blood in his body. This energy may also create disturbances in his marriage and such disturbances may often appear due to disagreements between the native and his wife. It is due to this energy of Mars that this native may witness his relationship with his wife, taking new shapes and forms over a period of years, and most such forms may not be good. Finally, a stage may reach where both of them may decide to take their separate paths.

There are some interesting facts related to the overall working of Mars in this horoscope. The positive part of this energy may help this native initiate his relationships with the women in his life from time to time, by creating a bond of mutual attraction between the two parties. Hence it may be the positive energy of Mars which may attract women towards this native. If such attraction develops into something meaningful and marriage happens, the negative energy of Mars may start showing effect.

The negative part of this energy may then start creating problems between this native and his partner and these problems may start driving them apart. It should be noted that most of the time; such problems are not likely to be the slow ones which may take many weeks or even months to build, before the final showdown may happen. On the contrary, the arguments caused by Martian energy may be impulsive, they may start from the heat of the moment and they may reach fever pitch, before anyone understands anything.

Even if the decision to walk out of a marriage is taken, it may be taken relatively faster, instead of keeping it pending for a long period of time. Hence this Martian energy may build strong attractions in a short time, it may create differences and heated arguments and it may then try to break the relationship at a relatively faster pace. Another interesting fact is that the negative part of this energy is only likely to have negative impact on the relationships of this native with his women, if the relationships have taken shape of marriage.

It means that this energy may not cause disturbances and problems when the relationship may be at the stage of a love affair; and it may only show its negative impact after marriage. The job of Martian energy in this horoscope is to bring such women in contact with this native, who have unsettled accounts with him from his past life. It brings them closer, helps build a relationship and then tries to separate them, once the relationship or the desire of both parties for each other is consumed. In a way, Martian energy is helping this native in settling his karmic accounts so that he may become more and more liberated from such bonds.

This is because a soul has to fulfill all its desires before being liberated and liberation is not possible, even if you have a single desire left to fulfill. The world liberated means Free, and accordingly a liberated soul must be free from each and everything. Let’s now look into this freedom and let’s try to understand what this everything is.

There are three reasons for which a soul is born again and again under compulsion, hence staying away from liberation. The first one is the bad karmas, the fruits of which you have to bear, whether or not you want them. The second reason is the good karmas, if you asked for their fruits while engaging in them. The third reason is the desire element; the desire to be a superstar, the desire to marry a particular soul, the desire to be a prime minister, the desire to have someone as your father, mother, brother, friend or son in next life; and a number of other desires.

Bad karmas bring you back for as long as they are not paid through punishment or through specifically guided good karmas in part. Good karmas bring you back to pay you the rewards that you wished for, when you committed those karmas. Desires bring you back as you want them to be fulfilled. This way, the punishment for bad karmas clears them, the rewards for good karmas clear them and the fulfillment of desires clears them. Hence all these procedures help a soul move towards liberation.

However, it is not so easy to get liberated as it looks from this reference. While a soul is clearing bad karmas through punishment, it may commit more bad karmas, to be paid in next life. Similarly, a soul may clear previous good karmas by enjoying the rewards and at the same time, it may engage in more good karmas, with the desire to receive rewards, which brings it back too. Likewise, upon completion of desires from past lives, we start developing fresh desires, and they bring us back too. This process keeps going on, life after life.

The solution to this problem or the path to liberation is also there, and this is what it is. Stop engaging in bad karmas and one of these chains is untied. Stop wishing for the rewards while engaging in good karmas and the second chain is untied. This is what is called Nishkaam Karma, which is a good karma with no desire for rewards. It should not be confused with bad karma as you don’t have the right to forsake the punishment of your bad karma, since it is a punishment and not a reward.

As these two chains are untied, the third and the strongest one only remains. In order to get rid of it, stop developing more and more desires whether they are for things or people. Once you’ve accomplished this task also, there’s not much distance between you and the destination called liberation. Now you only have to settle your pending bad karmas, good karmas and desires; as you’re not creating any one of them any longer. Once they’re done, you’re liberated.

Look into it in a scientific way now. You don’t engage in bad karmas and hence you don’t have to pay for them. You don’t wish for the fruits of your good karmas and hence they can’t bind you too. You don’t have any desire, which is the root cause of this entire game of illusion; and hence the third reason is also gone. You don’t have to pay anything, you don’t want anything and you have no desire to be fulfilled. So what is there that can tie you now? Nothing is the answer and nothing it is. You’re liberated now. Free from good and bad karmas; as well as free from any desire. This is liberation. This topic has been discussed in details in the second part of my book, ‘Heaven and Hell Within’.

Coming back to the topic, as the Martian energy is trying to bring women in his life and it is also trying to show them separate paths once the desire is fulfilled; it is completing as well as deleting more and more desires of this native. Therefore, it may seem troublesome from materialistic point of view as this native may not be settling in a relationship for long, it may actually look good from spiritual point of view. In fact, there are many things in the life of this native which are very good, if understood from spiritual point of view.

More and more bad karmas are cleared through troubles and sufferings, resulting in a cleaner and freer soul. More and more desires are being fulfilled and deleted, resulting in an even freer soul. Hence the negative part of Martian energy may result in losses on materialistic front at times; it may actually help him become a better and freer soul. You see, how even your miseries may look like doing you favors, only by changing your point of view. This is what the ultimate game of a soul’s journey through illusions to liberation is about.

Moving on, the placement of Venus in the eleventh house of this horoscope in the sign of Leo is a mixed placement, with about 60% of its energy being positive and about 40% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part first, this is the energy which can bless him with acting abilities and at the same time, it can bless him with a charming type of charisma also. These virtues may help him achieve success through the field of acting.

The positive energy of Venus can also bless this native with the company of women from time to time and it can lead him to some of the most meaningful relationships of his life. It is this energy in his horoscope which can bless him with die hard type of fans, who may almost always wish well for him, no matter what he may do or go through. This energy has the ability to enhance his charisma and cast strong impressions on the minds of his fans.

The positive energy of Venus can also help this native earn very good amount of money through his profession. This energy may attract more and more work towards him and it may do even more. It is this energy of Venus, which may act as the Phoenix bird as far as the domain of his profession is concerned and it may have the same effect on his personal life also.

This means that no matter how many times this native may have to face professional failures due to various reasons, this energy may almost always revive his profession, almost till as long as he chooses to engage in profession. This is why you may see this native establishing himself at a fast pace, every time he lags behind due to various reasons. Whereas the negative energies may try to restrict his professional success by keeping him away from profession or by other means, this energy may almost always put him back on the track; and that too in a relatively short period of time.

The positive part of Venusian energy may create similar type of effect in his personal life also. It means no matter how many times he may have to lose the women in his life due to various reasons, this energy may almost always bring a replacement; and that too in a relatively short period of time. This replacement may come in the form of a lover or a wife, but it may almost always come quickly. This is why I compared this energy to the Phoenix bird, which regenerates itself again and again. Isn’t it wonderful to have one such energy in your horoscope? This energy is the direct result of very good karmas from past life.

Looking at the negative side of this energy, it may render to this native, the desire to engage in a number of substances which may be harmful for him in many ways. Hence he may suffer health loss and many other types of losses due to such unhealthy eating or drinking habits, from time to time. Though there are other planets which support good health, recovery and lifespan, this energy may still have significant impact on this native.

The negative energy of Venus can also have adverse effect on the heart of this native, due to which he may become prone to health issues related to heart, whether directly or indirectly. Since there are other negative energies also, which are affecting the heart of this native in a negative way; this part of his body may become most vulnerable one. It means when time is in favor of all these negative energies, a problem related to heart may claim his life.

Himanshu Shangari