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Looking at physical problems caused by this energy, it can hurt him with problems related to heart. Hence he may be prone to suffer from health issues which may relate to heart in one way or the other. These problems may start gaining strength after his age of 48, they may start surfacing after his age of 51 and they may strike between his age of 60 and 61. These are the years when he may feel serious impact of one of these problems. Hence he should take good care of himself.

The next planet to be discussed is exalted Moon, which is broadly positive in this horoscope. About 70% of its energy is positive and about 30% of its energy is negative in this horoscope. Looking at the positive part of this energy, it can render him a very good tendency to sense and work for material success. Hence the energy of Moon becomes very important in this horoscope as this energy tries to shift the balance of this native’s personality towards the pursuit of materialistic things. Though there are strong energies like those of Jupiter and Ketu, which may challenge this materialistic energy of Moon, this energy may still remain significantly strong.

As a result, this native may find both these tendencies within him, where one tendency encourages him to work for and achieve more and more materialistic success; and the second one motivates him not to get too attached to these things. Since these energies are strong and conflicting at the same time, they may both keep doing their jobs. Whenever the energy of Moon gains strength through running times, the desire to achieve, earn and save more may intensify. On the other hand, whenever the energies of Jupiter and Ketu gain strength, the desire to not bother much about earning and especially not bother much about saving may gain strength.

In general, this native may have a tendency to achieve more and at the same time, not care much about saving more or being too attached to the financial aspect of his projects. It means he may not trouble his producers much on account of his price, and he may have a tendency to settle things in a friendly way, putting more emphasis on relationship than money. It should be noted that there are some professionals who are very particular about the prices they charge for their services and they don’t compromise on those prices most of the time; even if the project is being offered by an old associate or someone who has a well established relationship with them.

On the other hand, there are some other professionals who don’t bother too much about the price aspect of their projects and they care more about some other aspects. For example, if such a person asks for 20 million and the other party tries to convince him for 15 million, he may agree without much trouble, if he has an already established relationship with the other party. This may be so in case of this native and he may put more importance to the kind of people he’s working with as well as to the kind of relationship he has with them, instead of focusing on price and price alone.

This is once again a good quality as by doing so, he may seem to take a loss, but may not be doing so in reality. The professionals who don’t compromise at all on their prices are likely to lose a number projects and at the same time, they are likely to project themselves as people who don’t care about associations or relationships. Whenever such people hit a rough patch, their problems may intensify even more. This is because they didn’t make compromises while they were in commanding position and likewise; others’ may not be willing to make compromises for them, when they lose their commanding position.

The world may have seemed to become unworthy of developing and maintaining relationships, it still survives on mutual bonds, favors and relationships. If you’re being flexible with other people, you’ll always gain their respect as well as their favors, though such favors may not show instantly in some cases. However, when you hit a bad patch, many of these people may be willing to take chances with you, as they may feel obliged to make compromises for you, just as you made for them. Another reason for such favors is that by being flexible and friendly, you’ve become their favorite person.

Therefore, they may certainly try their best to get you out of this patch, so that they may not have to invest a long period of time in order to find another favorite. Movie business in particular is team work. Hence the best output is always likely to be there when the stars and the makers have very good equations with one another. Everyone knows everyone else’s strengths as well as weaknesses and hence it becomes easy to complete the project without much trouble or discomfort.

On the other hand, trying to work with new people every time; comes with its disadvantages. No matter how friendly the stars and the makers may be, a significant amount of extra time may always be required to reach a common ground, which means delay in project in most cases and which can also compromise the quality of the project in some cases. This is why many makers have specific stars as their favorites and many stars have specific makers as their favorites. Since they are absolutely comfortable with each other, they are simply able to bring the best out of one another. For this reason also, being flexible on prices as well as on some other things may help; as you may become favorite of more and more makers; which gives you more options and having more options is always a good option to have.

The positive energy of Moon may also bless this native with good acting abilities, especially the ones related to intense type of roles where delivering high pitch action dialogues may be required. The positive energy of Moon can also make this native protective towards the ones he cares for due to which he may try to do his best for his loved ones. Apart from this, the positive energy of Moon can reduce the negative energies of some planets in this horoscope, thereby shifting the overall theme of this horoscope towards positivity.

Looking at the negative side of this energy, it can render emotional sensitivity to this native and at times, this emotional sensitivity may cross healthy limits. As a result, he may become vulnerable in emotional situations and he may not be able to control his emotional responses in such situations. Whenever this energy gains more strength due to running times, his emotional plane may become even more sensitive and hence he may start finding ways to comfort himself or to forget such emotional stress for the time being.

Such alternate ways may come in the form of some substances which may provide him relief for some time, but which may also be addictive and harmful for his health. Hence the negative energy of Moon may encourage him to find and engage in these methods, in order to feel relaxed or in order to go into a state of emotional oblivion.

The negative energy of Moon also indicates problems related to the overall well being of his mother. Hence he may not have the pleasure of his mother’s company for long and he may witness his mother’s physical absence at a relatively early time. It should be noted that her mother may only become physically absent and she may remain present with significant strength on his emotional plane, as she may carry great importance to him. This is because the energy of Moon indicates the absence of mother in physical form and her presence in emotional form, for a long period of time.

It should be noted that this negative energy of Moon may not be responsible for doing anything bad to his mother, as the popular belief may be. Some astrologers believe if a negative planet is indicating the early departure of a family member, it is responsible for their death. It is not the case in reality. Such negative planet only indicates that such relative of this native may have a shorter lifespan and the native may not have the pleasure of his company for a long period of time. Like many other important aspects in a person’s life, his death is also decided by his and his karmas alone; and it doesn’t depend much on his relative’s karmas; no matter how close such relatives may be.

This happens to ensure that the law of karma holds good. I mean if you can suffer from the biggest of the problems like an early death due to someone else’s negative energy which is present due to their negative karmas; then what is the relevance of your karmas? Hence this theory of a husband’s horoscope being fatal for a wife, a wife’s horoscope being fatal for a husband, a mother’s horoscope being fatal for a son or a son’s horoscope being fatal for mother is not true in this sense and it has been misinterpreted.

If a female’s horoscope shows strong chances of widowhood, it doesn’t mean her husband will die due to her negative energy, for this goes against the law of karmas. It means such female is very likely to get married to a person who has a short lifespan. Whereas the horoscope of this female may only provide indications about the short lifespan of her husband, the horoscope of the husband may feature the presence of strong negative energies indicating reduction in lifespan. This female is not causing the death of her husband; she’s getting married to a person with a short lifespan.

The appearance of smoke is taken as a sign that there is a fire closer to that smoke. However, we all understand that the smoke doesn’t cause such fire. Smoke is only an indicator that fire may be present nearby and that fire may have been caused due to various reasons. For instance, if a house has caught fire, the negative energies in the house are responsible for that fire; and not the smoke. Therefore, it is not wise to blame smoke for initiating the fire as it can’t. It should rather be taken as a sign that something else has caused a fire.

Taking another example, the bright light of Sun doesn’t say that the Sun has abundance of energy due to this light. It shouldn’t be considered so. In reality, it is the ability of the Sun to possess oceans of energy and then burn some of it continuously, which makes it have that bright shining light. Hence the appearance of light from a star doesn’t mean this light makes that star a lighthouse, it means that such star is powerful or energetic enough to emit this light. Hence the light emitted by a star is only an indicator of its energy and it is not the cause of its energy.

Similarly, the negative energy of Moon is only an indicator of the fact that this native may be born to a woman who possesses a relatively shorter lifespan; and this energy doesn’t do anything to reduce her lifespan. The reason I’ve explained this fact is that many times; people hold themselves guilty for the early deaths of their close relatives; as the same is indicated in their horoscopes. Some astrologers tell these natives that the negative energies in their horoscopes are responsible for such acts, which is anything but true. These energies only indicate that the relatives represented or influenced by them may have short lifespan.

The next planet on the list is the mighty Sun, the king among planets. The working of Sun is broadly positive in this horoscope, with about 85% of its energy being positive and about 15% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of its energy, it can bless this native with a father; who may be kind, caring, protective, loving; and a very good human being. Once again, the energy of Sun doesn’t give all these qualities to his father; it only indicates that his father may have these abilities.

Hence this native may get a father who has all these abilities and more; and this relationship may be one of the most meaningful as well as one of the closest relationships in this native’s life. The importance of father is also enhanced in this horoscope due to the fact that many of the good qualities especially the humanitarian qualities that this native may possess, may be passed on to him by his father; though some of them may come from his mother also.

It is the father you can depend on, it is the father you can turn to in any difficult situation and above all, it is the father who may be willing to ignore all the negative things in you and who’s interested in you and you alone. It means such father may be a spiritually advanced soul and he may know this fact well that all people have good and bad qualities; and they should not be judged or loved on the basis of those qualities. Love rises from the attraction of one soul for the other; and it doesn’t have anything to do with that soul’s good or bad qualities.

As the father may engage in nothing but true love with this native, no good or bad may matter to him; more than this native himself. The energy of father in this horoscope is the strongest among all the relatives and this native should understand an important fact about this energy. His father may have been closely related to him in his recent past life and he’ll most likely be closely related to him in his next life also. This is because the desire element of this relationship is on the rising trend in this life and it is not on the declining trend.

It means that the attraction between these souls is increasing and not decreasing. This further means that these souls may not only be related to each other in their next lives; it also means such relationship may be even stronger than this life. The concept of the rise of desires; them reaching the top and then declining has been explained in Kareena Kapoor Khan’s horoscope analysis. Hence I’ll avoid mentioning it here.

Therefore, if this native is grieved due to the loss of his father; he should know that this disconnection is merely a temporary disconnection between them and a new physical connection has already been planned for the future life. It is the time to understand that as one of the two souls engaged in this type of strong soul connection leaves, the next occurrence of their relationship in physical form is revealed to such soul. The soul which still possesses physical body remains ignorant to this fact and it mourns. Hence this native should not bother much as he’s very likely to be blessed with the company of the same soul; and that too an in even better way.

If some of you are thinking what better way could be there than the relationship of a father and son, let me help you out. Though the relationship of a father and son is one of the most beautiful relationships between two souls, there are two relationships which have an advantage over this relationship. The first one is that of a brother and the second one of is that of true friend. These are the two relationships which can bless two souls with each other’s company, for a time period much longer than the period covered by a father-son relationship.

It should be noted that the stronger is the mutual attraction between two souls, the longer is their physical relationship with each other. This is because they want to consume their desire for this relationship with great intensity as well as for a very long period of time. When it comes to fulfill these two wishes, the only relationships that can do it in the best possible way are being brothers or friends. Hence this native is very likely to be born in his next life; with his present life’s father as his brother; especially his elder brother.

The reason why he may be the elder brother is established in this life only. The type of relationship two souls may have in their next lives is indicated clearly in this life, in most cases. The attributes of the mind and soul are permanent as well as spontaneous and hence they don’t change or take a break. It means whatever type of love, care and attraction the two souls have for each other in this life; the same attributes are likely to be forwarded to the next life. Similarly, whatever type of hatred and repulsion the two souls have for each other in this life; the same attributes are likely to be forwarded to the next life.

Since this native’s relationship with his father may demand more time and at the same time; it has been a relationship where the father has engaged in the role of a protector and the native has engaged more in the role of a follower; the father may assume the role of an elder brother in next life as that solves the equation perfectly. The elder brother has the same luxury as the father has; and the relationship may have more time than the relationship of a father-son. This is why I mentioned that his father may assume the role of an elder brother in next life.

As and when that happens, the world witnesses a perfect bond between two brothers. The elder one loves the younger one like a father and is willing to go to any lengths for him and at the same time; the younger one loves and respects the elder one like a father. The younger brother in this case may almost never disobey or disrespect his elder brother and he may even publically claim him as being like his father. The relationship starts solidly during the childhood and it remains strong till the very end.

This is why you see some beautiful examples of this type, where the wish of the elder brother may be even more important than the wish of the father for the younger brother; and the happiness of the younger brother may be even more important than the happiness of his own sons, for the elder brother. The world as well as these souls may not know the conscious reason for this great bond of love; their subconscious minds and their souls know; and that is the only thing that matters.

Himanshu Shangari