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This native was born on 29 July 1959 in Mumbai, India. As far as his time of birth is concerned, it circulates as 2:45 or even 3 PM, around various internet and media sources. According to what I’ve learned from sources, he himself believes his time of birth to be after 2 PM on the day of his birth, which gives him Scorpio as his ascendant rising.

However, through astrological calculations based on his life events, I’ve found that all these times are incorrect and there’s been some misunderstanding or mistake while noting his time of birth. As per my calculations, his correct time of birth is 13:56 hours or 1:56 PM on the day of his birth. Hence he is born with Libra as his ascendant rising and not with Scorpio.

This is because many of his major life events don’t match with times after 2 PM whereas they match perfectly with his time of birth as 1:56 PM. This is why the concept of birth time rectification is there in Vedic astrology, as it can help people know their correct times of birth, in case they don’t have them due to various reasons. An incorrect time of birth can lead to an incorrect horoscope and an incorrect horoscope can lead to incorrect predictions as well as incorrect remedies, where such incorrect remedies may further result in losses instead of profits.

It should be noted that if the science of astrology is true which it is, a person’s life should match his horoscope and vice versa. If there is a clash between what the horoscope is telling and what is happening in life; one of them must be incorrect or partly correct only. As life is happening in the most practical ways in front of our eyes, it can’t be incorrect. It means that the horoscope in such a case is incorrect. Hence the method of birth time rectification should be applied in such cases and correct time of birth should be calculated so that the horoscope and life are in harmony.

The same method of birth time rectification says that this native is born around 1:56 PM on the day of his birth. Hence he should have faith in me as well as in this knowledge and he should note this correction, if he already doesn’t have his correct time of birth. If he’s engaging in some remedies suggested according to his horoscope drawn with birth time after 2 PM, he may be at a risk of facing losses and problems; as those remedies may bring him negative results instead of bringing him positive results. For this reason also, having your correct time of birth is important.

Moving on to his horoscope analysis, Jupiter is present in the first house of this horoscope in the sign of Libra, retrograde Saturn is placed in the third house of this horoscope in the sign of Sagittarius, Ketu is placed in the sixth house of this horoscope in the sign of Pisces, exalted Moon is placed in the eighth house of this horoscope in the sign of Taurus, a combination of Sun and retrograde Mercury is placed in the tenth house of this horoscope in the sign of Cancer, a combination of Venus and Mars is placed in the eleventh house of this horoscope in the sign of Leo and Rahu is placed in the twelfth house of this horoscope in the sign of Virgo.

Starting with Jupiter, the working of this planet is mixed in this horoscope, with about 50% of its energy being positive and 50% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy, it can bless him with qualities like being kind, considerate and caring. Hence he may have a kind heart and he may help people around him, as and when it is possible.

Though some people may think that these qualities result in problems and losses in this day and age, it is not so. By engaging in good karmas, you’re creating positive energy and this positive energy is bound to benefit you many times more than your karmas, as per the laws of nature. Hence don’t consider being benefitted only if the other party has done a favor for you; in return for your good karma. Even if they don’t do anything, you still deserve the result of that karma and nature will give you that reward in that case.

Therefore, qualities like being kind, considerate and caring pay more than most other qualities and they are the marks of a spiritually grown person. The quality of being kind alone has no match when it comes to draw a comparison between many qualities or virtues considered as the indicators of spiritual growth. For example, meditation or worship and the powers gained through them alone can’t equal the quality of being kind where the latter is obviously much superior to the former ones.

This is because the powers achieved through meditation or worship may be used for good as well as for bad purposes and hence these powers don’t give you something essentially good on their own. They simply make you more capable and whether you use these powers for the acts of kindness or for the acts of satisfying your ego; is dependent on your conscience.

Always remember, there is no curse bigger than power without conscience. This is because such power starts controlling you and it can make you engage in the worst types of acts which can disgrace the entire humanity; thereby making you suffer serious losses on spiritual front. On the other hand, when you have power with conscience, you conscience controls your power and not the other way. Since your conscience is in charge now, this power will be used for constructive purposes, thus enhancing your spiritual growth even further.

Conscience alone without power is even better than power. It’s your conscience which motivates you to engage in more and more act of kindness, thereby bringing more and more positive energy to you. Hence kindness is a direct measure of the growth of your conscience and the growth of your conscience is a direct measure of the spiritual advancement of your soul. Therefore, only a spiritually grown person can be kind in most cases, whether he knows it or not.

As this native may be kind, considerate and caring, it means he’s spiritually grown too. In fact, the horoscope of this native is a mixture of two great streams of energies, prevailing from his past lives. The first one among them is the stream of Rajyoga and the second one is the stream of Bhakti Yoga. It means that the horoscope of this native tells that he’s engaged in practices like long worship in his recent past lives and he’s also desired materialistic results while doing so.

This is why the present life of this native may be a mixture of both these tendencies. One group of energies may attract him more and more towards materialistic success whereas the second group of energies may draw him away from these things. As a result, he may have witnessed a number of materialistic achievements under the influence of the first group of energies, but the second group may give him the mindset which says, ‘they’re not worth much as they’re not the real things’.

It may keep coming to his mind through intuition that the good along with the bad keeps coming and going, and nothing remains permanently. This is what may give him the strength to make his way through some of the most troublesome journeys of his life; as this intuition may keep telling him that all this is a part of the plan and these sufferings will go away at their own time too, just like the pleasures do. This may give him a sense of surrender in a positive way. It means he may surrender himself to face the fruits of karmas so that he may get through them with least mental agony.

This is the mark of a spiritually grown soul. An average person can’t even smile properly even when things are going good for him; as he may be afraid of losing such good things. A spiritually grown person on the other hand, can smile through his miseries also; as he understands that these miseries are only burning out his bad karmas, thus making him cleaner and cleaner as a soul. On a bigger level, the role of Jupiter in this horoscope is to make this native suffer a lot from time to time, and burn out his bad karmas, making him cleaner and cleaner as a soul.

Though there is no planet as bad as Jupiter in this horoscope when it comes to trouble this native with many types of problems from time to time, this planet is only doing so to clean his soul, as well as to detach him from materialistic things by showing their futility to him, so that he may engage in his journey of spiritualism. Hence Jupiter is working as a spiritual master in this horoscope, training him through troubles and problems, in order to make him stronger and more accepting.

Looking at the negative energy of Jupiter, the task of Jupiter in this horoscope already explains the working of this part of Jupiter’s energy. This negative energy can bring him a number of problems from time to time where these problems may come due to his engagement in the company of people who may not be very good, legal litigations, addiction to some not very healthy substances and other such things. This energy can trouble him a lot with various types of problems from time to time, and it is indeed the most troublesome energy in his horoscope.

Moving on to the next planet, the working of Ketu in the sixth house of this horoscope in the sign of Pisces is a mixed placement, with about 50% of its energy being positive and 50% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy first, it can bless this native with a heart which is touched when someone’s in pain. The positive energy of Ketu can render a very pure type of kindness to this native, the kindness which may encourage him to help even the strangest of the people when he can, with absolutely no hope or desire for return.

As a result, he may be even more helpful, kind and caring than his public image may be. The positive energy of Ketu can also encourage him to help a number of people secretly so that no one else knows about his acts. It is not the kind of energy which believes in donating a small or even a big amount and then claiming it publically in order to feel proud. In fact, it is the kind of energy which can bend him towards the type of charitable acts which only a spiritually advanced person can engage in. Hence under the impact of this energy, he may offer small, big of very big help to needy people or needy organizations many times in his life; and he may intentionally keep such acts secret as he may not want to claim name or fame for it.

If you can do good karmas and you can keep doing them, you’re certainly a spiritually grown person. However, if you can keep doing noble deeds and at the same time, you don’t want to claim them even, you’re a spiritually advanced as well as a great soul. The positive energy of Ketu can render that quality of Lord Shiva to this native where he chooses to consume the poison and let’s other enjoy the nectar. The fact that makes it even better is that he’s not complaining about this poison and he’s content on the contrary. This is what makes such people great.

It is this energy of Ketu which can make him remain detached even from the biggest of the materialistic things, though he may enjoy them a lot at times. It should be noted that enjoying materialistic pleasures of many types and getting attached to them are two different virtues. The former only indicates the pleasure aspect of life and it may not have anything to do with hindrance of your spiritual growth, though many people may think it does.

Lord Rama enjoys all the luxuries of being a prince but he never gets attached to them. On the first news that his father’s honor is at stake, he quits everything, goes to the forests and feels content, even in those environments. He once again comes back after many years, becomes a king, enjoys everything but still remains detached. Hence there’s nothing wrong in enjoying various aspects of life as god has created all this beauty, only to enjoy.

However, getting too attached to any of these beautiful things can hinder your spiritual journey and it can make you turn into the stationary water of a lake, instead of being the dynamic and adventurous water of a river, which keeps enjoying everything on the way, but never stops for anything. The spiritual journey of a soul should be like the water of the river, continuously moving towards its final destination; the ocean itself; and enjoying everything on the way.

The positive energy of Ketu can bless this native with similar type of detachment, especially towards materialistic things. As a result, he may enjoy many of them or all of them but he may get addicted to none of them. He may welcome them while he has them and he may not feel like dying, when he doesn’t have them. Spiritually advanced souls like this native understand that good and bad, it’s all part of life and nothing remains forever.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it can create problems related to his marriage and health. The negative energy of Ketu can prove bad for his marriage till fifty years of his age and it can then prove bad for his health, after this age. As a result, it may spoil his marriage or even more than one marriage, by causing a variety of problems between him and his wives. This energy may especially get him attracted to women who may be ambitious, demanding, image cautious and a little too materialistic also. It means these women may put more emphasis on materialistic achievements and they may put relatively less emphasis on qualities like spiritual growth.

As a result, differences may start appearing after marriage as this native may not care that much about reaching the top of materialistic achievements and he may feel content if he has sufficient. On the other hand, the women in his life may not be happy with this approach. They may consider it careless attitude and they may demand more focused approach from him. Slowly but surely, differences may start rising as two people in a relationship have different goals and hence they may start moving along different paths; the ones leading to their goals. Whenever this difference becomes too long to manage, the relationship or the marriage may break.

It should be noted that neither the mindset of the women in the life of this native may be wrong nor his own mindset. All of us are at different stages of spiritual evolution and accordingly our goals as well as our lessons to be learnt are different. A person going through materialistic lessons is but natural to get inclined more towards materialistic things whereas a person more inclined towards spiritual growth may naturally get more interested in acts which soothe his mind, though they may result in less materialistic growth.

As two people in a relationship understand at a time that they are simply meant to do different things and their paths are different, there is no point in trying to drag the other one along your path. You should simply have faith in your path and at the same time, you should have respect for your partner’s path. If a relationship doesn’t work, one of the two partners doesn’t have to be necessarily wrong. Both of them may be right in their own ways and it may simply be the fact that they may not fit into the scheme of life of their partners.

Hence instead of trying desperately to fit into someone else’s scheme and going against your basic nature in order to do so, it is wise to move out. Similarly, instead of trying to force the other person to fit into your scheme of life and ask him to forsake his natural course of life; it is once again wise to respect each other’s scheme of life and take separate routes.

A number of very good oils don’t mix well with milk. Does it make any of the two wrong? No, the oil as well as the milk is very good at its own place, it’s simply the fact that they’re not meant for each other. The lemon is very healthy and so is the milk. Their combination however is disastrous, resulting in neither tasty milk, nor healthy lemon. The same lemon works perfectly with water and the same milk works perfectly with tea or coffee. Once again, all of them are good at their own places; some of them simply don’t go well with some of them.

Hence neither the women in his life nor he should be viewed in a negative shade. It’s simply the versatility of nature which allows some combinations to work whereas it makes some other combinations fail. As this native and his women may have different priorities, they may part with each other, which is the wisest thing to do. The reasons may be many, like one of them may not be content with his material growth, another one may get afraid of his public image at a time as she may be a little too concerned about her own image; one of them may be a little too demanding and yet another one may not like his content approach which may come as being careless to her.

Hence the marriages or the relationships may fail, giving him some very important lessons in his life. It is only when he meets a woman who’s caring, who has a kind heart and who doesn’t expect much from him, except his care and attention; that he may settle. This is because this woman and this native may now have similar paths; if not the same and hence they may both make small adjustments in their relative paths, to cover this journey as companions.

Himanshu Shangari