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This native however has a good level of spiritual growth, as a number of planetary energies bless her with this virtue. When a spiritually grown person stands by his point of view and refuses to change it, it is not arrogance and it is faith or confidence. Let’s assume you’re a spiritually grown person and you possess an expensive diamond. Though a number of people around you may keep telling you that this diamond is useless and you should throw it away, you are not likely to do so. This is because you know the actual value of that diamond and merely because a large number of people don’t know its value; doesn’t make it worthless. Hence you may not throw it away due to your awareness. This is what is called confidence or faith.

It should be noted that truth is one thing and the knowledge of truth is quite another. Both these virtues are independent of each other and they work in their own ways. When Galileo suggested that the truth of our solar system is contrary to the prevailing belief, he was condemned. Till that point, it was believed that earth lies at the center of our solar system, rather than Sun. Galileo came forward with this theory that the Sun in reality lies at the center and other planets including the earth revolve around it. The theory as well as Galileo was condemned by the church and he had to retract it.

Later on, this theory went on to become absolutely true. The point here is that before this theory was proved, billions of people in this world thought that Sun revolves around the earth. However, even then the earth and other planets were revolving around Sun. It means when this theory was proved, only the knowledge about this truth was delivered and not the truth itself. This truth was present from the beginning of our solar system and even though we knew it about 400 years ago, it still remained the absolute truth before this period.

Coming back to the main discussion, a spiritually grown person knows that merely because a number of people around him or even the whole world around him is contradicting him, it doesn’t make him wrong. If he has valid reasons to believe that what he stands for is true or right, he shouldn’t care about how the rest of the world thinks or reacts. A person who can stand by his valid belief is confident and a person who fails to do so lacks confidence. On the other hand, a person who stands by his invalid belief is arrogant or stubborn. This is because even he may know that what he is advocating is wrong, but he still does so and this is what makes him arrogant.

The positive energy of Ketu is likely to give her faith and confidence and not arrogance. This faith may help her stand by her views even when there may be a strong opposition to those views. As long as she knows she’s right, she may almost never admit she’s wrong, though she may chose to walk out of the argument, if the situation so demands. It may especially happen when people in opposition to her are the ones she cares for. In such cases, she may choose to quit the argument in order to avoid hurting them by proving them wrong; however she may not admit that she’s wrong.

Let me mention this fact once again that this is a beautiful quality to have if you’re a spiritually grown person. One of the best things that spiritual growth gives you is faith, faith in whatever is true and whatever is worthy of being done. Hence when you know what you’re doing is right, there is no point in admitting it is wrong, though the whole world may stand in opposition to it.

Socrates, the famous philosopher was trialed for preaching his beliefs which were said to go against the regime of that time and he was found guilty. Offered a choice between publically confessing he was wrong and drinking a mixture of Hemlock poison, he happily chose to do the latter and he gladly died by consuming that poison. He was a person of high spiritual growth, he knew what he was saying was true and he was not willing to forsake it, even if it cost him his life. Doing so doesn’t make him arrogant; it makes him spiritually grown and confident to the core.  Hence if you don’t have the courage to stand by the truth you duly know, that truth is useless for you.

Looking at the negative part of Ketu’s energy, it may trouble this native physically, mentally as well as emotionally. Whenever this energy gains strength with the support of running times, it can cause serious problems on all these plains. Looking at the physical plane, this energy may disturb the health or functioning of her reproductive organs due to which she may face problems related to some of them, from time to time. It may also have an adverse impact on her heart though this impact is likely to be counteracted by other positive energies in her horoscope and hence it may not become significant till late in her life.

This negative energy can also render to her, mental as well as emotional disturbances from time to time and such disturbances may increase in quantum, whenever this energy gains strength. The impact of this energy can also encourage her to remain silent at times, often in situations where someone hurts her and she needs to reply back. This energy may do so under the pretext of ‘I don’t know why’. It means under the impact of this energy, she may choose not to react at times even when such reactions are duly deserved; and she may not even know why. This is because of the impact of this energy which may restrict her from speaking in some specific situations, even when she should.

Since it is a negative energy, its agenda is to introduce more and more negative energies to her mental and emotional planes, especially on her mental plane. By restricting her from reacting, it forces her to keep such negative energies inside, which should have been let out. As this keeps happening over a period of time, such energies may gather in significant quantities, especially on her mental plane. This may trouble her on mental level and though she’s a strong person due to a number of positive planets in her horoscope, she may still feel the heat of such negative energies in the form of mental stress from time to time.

The negative energy of Ketu can also restrict her from making certain complaints against certain specific people who may have hurt her and this energy may encourage her to keep those complaints within her. This may once again result in the collection of more and more negative energy on her mental plane, which may disturb her. Though she may be able to keep these disturbances under control most of the time due to her overall strong horoscope, they may prove too much to handle whenever this energy gains strength through the running times.

These are the times when she may decide to let this energy out and punish someone. However, as her overall horoscope is such that she may not wish to punish anyone and especially the ones she cares for; such punishments may be directed towards her in many such cases, instead of going to the ones who deserve them. This is when she may feel restless, anxious and at the same time, unable to do things that she should do ideally. The negative energy of Ketu is the primary culprit when it comes to weaken even a strong person like this native at times, under the pretext of moral duties or simply under the pretext of ‘let it go’.

Looking at the last but not the least among her planets, the placement of Saturn in the ninth house of this horoscope in the sign of Gemini is an absolutely positive placement with almost 100% of its energy being positive. This energy gives a strong indication of the good karmas that she may have done in her recent past life and the rewards for those karmas are to be reaped in this life. Saturn’s energy in her horoscope gives an indication that she may have been a person who held a post of public authority like a top class officer or minister in her past life; and she served the public very well.

The blessings of those people seem to have appeared in the form of highly positive Saturn in her horoscope and it is supposed to do wonderful things to her. Saturn is the key planet in her horoscope and this planet alone has the ability; not only to bless her with many good qualities, but also to counteract a number of negative qualities rendered to her by the negative energies of other planets, as already discussed.

Hence this energy should be seen as the energy which tries to restore balance in her horoscope and the energy which does its best to keep the overall theme of her horoscope positive. The energy of Saturn in this horoscope can bless her with wonderful communication skills and it may also bless her with a great variety of such communication skills. It means when talking to a person who’s interested in day to day gossip or superficial topics, she may effectively do so due to the impact of this energy.

However, the same energy can enable her to effectively engage in conversations which hold higher essence, like some of the most intelligent or intellectual types of conversations. It should be noted that not many people may hold this ability to engage in a variety of conversations with almost equal ease; as most people tend to have expertise in one type of conversations or the other. There are people who may be very good at day to day chat or gossip and they may not find words when it comes to an intelligent or spiritual conversation.

Then there are people who may be skilled at intelligent conversations but they may not do well in day to day chat or gossip; as well as in spiritual type of conversations. There are also the types of people who are very good at spiritual conversations, and they possess expertise in no other types of conversations. The highly positive energy of Saturn may however bless this native with very good abilities for day to day chat or gossip, even better abilities for intelligent conversations and good abilities for spiritual or higher type of conversations; with intelligent type of conversations being her preferred ones. This is what may give her advantage over a number of other people who may possess the conversation skills; only for one or two types of conversations.

The positive energy of Saturn can also make her an adventurous person, it can make her willing to take necessary risks, it can make her prepared for changes when they are due and it can also bless her with the ability to leave the past behind at the earliest and move forward. All these abilities are wonderful abilities and they’re once again the mark of a spiritually grown person. This is because only a spiritually grown person can have the ability to leave the past behind and welcome the present as well as the future.

It is the time to know that people who are stuck in their past are not likely to achieve much in their present as well as in their future. The journey of life as well as the journey of soul is like the water of river; which passes through a point only once. The same water also keeps passing through different points from time to time; until it reaches its destination; the ocean itself. If the journey of this water is similar to the journey of the soul, the destination called the ocean is the final liberation or so to say, the realization of the final truth.

Therefore, a spiritually grown person will always choose to be the continuously flowing water of a river, instead of becoming the water of a lake or a well. Though the water of a lake or well has the luxury of staying at the same place and enjoying it to the fullest, it restricts its final journey by doing so. This is because this water may still remain present at the same place when the water of the river may have travelled hundreds of miles in the same time.

The water of lake here represents a person who is materialistic to the deepest core; which means he wants all materialism with no spiritual growth. On the contrary, the water of river is a spiritual person who is aware that the journey must not be stopped in order to enjoy one place more than the other, during the course of this journey. Hence this person is willing to keep moving, enjoying each and everything that comes his way, however getting too attached to none of them. This is the biggest difference between a spiritual and materialistic person; where the former enjoys everything and keeps moving whereas the latter stops his journey in order to enjoy some specific things more than the others.

Most of the qualities rendered by Saturn to this native are those of a spiritually aware person and that is why this energy is the key energy in her horoscope as it gives her spiritual growth; and spiritual growth alone is better than all other virtues taken together. The energy of Saturn also indicates strong worship of Lord Shiva practiced by this native during many of her past lives due to which there is an obvious blessing of Lord Shiva on this native.

It is due to the strong influence of Lord Shiva on this native that she may be skilled at practicing both forms of Lord Shiva’s energy; whether or not she may consciously know it. This means when she’s under the impact of soft form of Lord Shiva, she may be willing to give you anything and she may be willing to make any sacrifice like the lord himself. However when she’s under the influence of Rudra energy of Lord Shiva, she may be willing to create destruction of significant quantum.

Since the second type of energy is counteracted by some other planets in her horoscope, it may not show as strongly as it should and she may herself become the target of this Rudra energy, instead of aiming it towards the people who provoked this energy in her. On a bigger level, this is the energy which may carry the blessings of Lord Shiva and it may ensure that her honor and dignity almost always remain intact. This native may strengthen this energy by engaging in the worship of Lord Shiva on regular basis as doing so can make this energy even more active and hence it may benefit her even more.

Apart from this, the positive energy of Saturn may give her many other qualities like liberal attitude, a tendency to stand for justice, a tendency to care for the suffering ones and a strong tendency to oppose injustice. Therefore, the energy of Saturn may turn this native into a rebel at times, though most such acts of rebellion may be practiced when she finds injustice being delivered in her presence. There are almost no negative effects of this energy of Saturn and all it may render to this native are positive qualities.

Looking at the overall vibe of this horoscope, the best way to deal with natives like her is to give them proper respect, space, trust and understanding. On the other hand, the worst way to deal with them is to disrespect them, restrict their freedom and distrust or criticize their opinions or actions. They may not need much else if you can only respect their independence as well as their point of view. On the other hand, nothing may keep them attached to you for long if keep trying to restrict their freedom, finding faults with their decisions and forcing your opinions on them.

Even among these things, the natives of this type may find it most difficult to stay connected to those people who try to disrespect them and force their opinions and decisions on them. They may not always expect you to understand their point of view; all they may be wishing is for you to respect their point of view. Remember, they are spiritually grown souls and hence they may very likely have better opinions than you, in many cases. So if you are their friends, try to listen to them and understand them; as you may learn a lot in the process, for these natives have much to offer, whether or not they may consciously know about such knowledge of theirs.

As we have now discussed the working of all the planets in her horoscope, it may be easy to understand why human personality is so complex. You may have noted during the analysis that one planet gives her a specific personality trait and another planet modifies or even counteracts that trait. Yet another planet may further complement, modify or counteract the same personality trait. This is why we behave differently at different points in time, depending on which type of energy is supported by the running times.

This is what makes human personality as well as astrology a complex study and this is why even an expert may sometimes fail to predict the exact behavior of a person or the exact outcome of a horoscope. It is not the limitation of a science like astrology; it is the limitation of the astrologer practicing in this science. There are billions of possible combinations and all of them should be read; and read carefully. Missing some of them or miscalculating some of them may result in less accurate readings.

Since it is natural for any astrologer to miss some of them, given the vastness of these combinations; such incompletion should not be held against the astrologer when you know he is doing his best. In fact, the sincere effort he’s putting in to do all those complex calculations for you; in order to guide you on your proper path should be appreciated.

During the analysis of her horoscope, I have intentionally not mentioned many things happening or the things to happen in some spheres of her life. I have done so to respect her privacy as all those spheres as well as the things happening or to happen in those spheres are of very personal nature and I don’t intend to make her feel uncomfortable by making such details public.

Looking at what future may hold for her, she is about to enter a change around April 2017 and it will remain effective till April 2020. This change may bless her with better professional results and it may also boost her image as an icon of beauty. As a result, you may see her engaging in relatively more glamorous or sensual type of roles as well as in relatively more intense type of roles. This tendency may especially gain strength between November 2017 and July 2019 and hence relatively stronger results of this type may be seen here.

The same time period may also encourage her to engage in more and more acts of self improvement as well as self development, especially on the physical level. As a result, she may choose to engage in more physical activities to attain an even better physical form and she may be able to do so successfully. Hence her fans should be prepared to see an even better Avatar of her during these times.

The same energy however may cause problems in some other spheres of her life. Some of these problems may be related to her marriage and they may become significantly strong at times, some of these problems may be related to the health and overall well being of her mother and some of these problems may be related to her own health. The time between November 2017 and June 2018 may bring issues related to the overall well being of her mother, though this aspect depends on the horoscope of her mother to a great extent.

Taking a look at her health, this time may introduce or aggravate some already present but passive health issues. This time period may cause problems related to mental stress and it may also cause some problems related to or near her reproductive organs. Hence she should take good care of herself and if something happens around this region, she should attend to it in time. As a general indication, if the health of her mother goes bad during this period, her own health may be spared. However if her mother stays healthy, she may suffer from the health issues mentioned by me. This time indicates that at least one of them or even both of them should have these problems while it is in effect.

She may also face some health issues in her stomach region though such issues are dependent on her health in the past. It means if she has faced some significant health issues in her stomach region during the years 1998, 2001, 2004, 2005 or 2008, only then she is likely to face these issues in the coming times. If she has faced such health issues during these times, the future timing and intensity of these issues can only be calculated after knowing the details of these occurrences in the past. This time period may also test the strength of her marriage, by introducing significant challenges.

Then there are some health issues which may be of significant quantum and which may appear after 2020. These issues may pertain to chest region or reproductive organs and they may start showing visible effects after March 2021. However, things may still be under control until September 2023 and bigger problems may appear only after this time. Though this time may hit more than one sphere of her life in a negative way, her health may become the primary target.

For about 5 years to follow after September 2023, she may face health issues of significant intensity and hence she should take good care of herself during these years. However, it should be noted that none of these health issues may have the intensity required to prove fatal and hence she should not worry about any such thing during these years. It means that though these years may trouble her a lot at times, they are not likely to do anything more. Hence if she faces these problems during those years, she should always have faith that, ‘it will pass’.

It is now time to look at some remedies which may help her getting more from many spheres of her life as well as help her reduce the quantum of some problems in the future. For gemstones, she should wear a 5 to 6 carat Blue Sapphire on the middle finger of her right hand and she should also wear an 8 to 10 carat Pearl on the index finger of her right hand. Though she may hear it from some people that Pearl is worn on little finger or ring finger, she shouldn’t worry. This is because Pearl is more suitable for her when worn on index finger and hence she should choose to do so.

Looking at some gemstones which she should not wear but which may be recommended to her from time to time; she should avoid wearing Diamond, White Sapphire, Opel and Hessonite. All these gemstones may seem suitable for her to some astrologers, it is not so in reality. If worn, these gemstones may cause many types of problems and hence they should be avoided. For example, wearing an Opel or a Diamond can make her restless, impulsive, impatient and willing to take drastic measures.

As a result, she may take and execute some decisions under impulse and she may later regret them. These gemstones may also shift her overall mental pattern to the negative zone due to which she may start feeling more and more insecure about her future, if she keeps wearing them for long time. These gemstones may also affect her physical health in a negative manner and they should be avoided for this reason also. Only a Blue Sapphire and a Pearl are suitable as well as required at this time and hence she should wear them.

Apart from wearing these gemstones, she should also consider getting relevant planetary poojas performed for her as they may help her a lot, even more than the gemstones. The suitability of Poojas is dependent on the running time as well as on the goal in question. Hence relevant Poojas may be recommended from time to time, only after a one on one discussion with this native.

Himanshu Shangari