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On the other hand, if you’re not willing to say sorry or make compromises even when you duly owe them, you don’t really love the other party, though the other party as well as even you may be under this illusion that you love them. This is because true love will always put your lover above you, which means their company is more important than your own being and they are more important than your ego. Hence there should be no problem sacrificing your ego and doing the needful, when you truly love someone.

If on the contrary, you don’t make compromises and you don’t have the courage to say sorry even when you’re wrong; you have anything but love for the other party. This is because your ego is more important than the other person, which is a direct indication that you’re not in love. The first rule of love is to consider the one you love more important than you and accordingly; the first sign that you don’t really love someone is that you consider yourself more important than them. This is when you’re not willing to make the necessary compromises as the meaning of the world ‘Me’ is still much more important for you, than the meaning of the world ‘Us’.

It should be noted that while trying to love, whether such love is for a person or for the God almighty, everyone must travel three domains. This journey starts with the domain of ‘Me’ where all else comes after you. This is the point in your journey where you’re not capable of actually loving anyone though you may have the illusion of doing so at times. As long as ‘Me’ is the most important thing, there will never be the space for the other one and hence true love will never happen.

The first transition is that from the domain of ‘Me’ to the domain of ‘Us’. This is the journey through which you learn that in order to love; you must give at least equal importance to the other party also, if you really want to love them. This is because they can only be loved truly, if they are at least equal to you or so to say, your ego. When you make this transition, you learn to give due value to the others and hence you become worthy of loving and being loved. It should be noted that a person who can really love someone will only be loved in the long run as true love alone may bring true love in return. All other types of false or illusionary pretences of love will eventually fail.

The final transition is that from the domain of ‘Us’ to the domain of ‘You’. This is the journey through which you learn that in order to find the deepest expression of true love; you must lose ‘Me’ altogether. Only the lover is important now and you’re nowhere in the picture. There is no ‘Me’ and there is no ‘Us’ even, as there is a ‘Me’, even in the word ‘Us’. There is only ‘You’, where ‘You’ directly represents God now. This type of love always sees the lover as God and as you understand, you hold no importance compared to your God.

Hence you’re always willing to make all the compromises and you’re always happy to fulfill all the commands of your lover, without even bothering to think about the right or wrong in those commands. This is because as long as you discriminate about the right or wrong lying in a decision made by your lover, you get involved as ‘Me’. It means since you still have a tendency to inspect the right or wrong of a decision made by your lover, the faith is incomplete. A complete faith will always bring complete trust and complete trust prohibits you from cross checking the command of your lover. As long as you cross check the command of your lover, complete faith is not there. Hence you may have reached the domain of ‘Us’, but you’re still away from the domain of ‘You’.

It should be noted that for a materialistic person, reaching the domain of ‘Us’ and settling there is more than sufficient; for the domain of ‘You’ is meant for a person with spiritual goals. This is because it is almost impossible for you to dissolve ‘Me’ in favor of ‘You’, as long as you have a number of priorities or goals to achieve, other than achieving your lover. You can only land in the domain of ‘You’, when you’ve achieved everything else and you now don’t wish to achieve anything but your lover. Since love and love alone or so to say, lover and lover alone is the goal fit for a spiritual person, it is wise for a person with materialistic desires to reach and settle in the domain of ‘Us’.

Some people may mistake falling in love with a non caring person for falling in true love. It means that these people may keep making all the compromises under the pretext that only ‘You’ or the lover is important and they are not important. It means they may think they have reached the final stage of love, whereas they may not actually have reached that stage. If such is the case, here is how to identify whether you’ve truly reached that stage or you’re under a spell of illusion.

If your lover keeps doing wrongs to you and if you’re troubled even in the least by such wrongs, instead of enjoying them as you would enjoy the rights done by him, you’ve certainly not reached this stage. Once you reach the stage called ‘You’, all your entity becomes a part of your lover and there is nothing of your own. Hence when your lover makes you suffer, you don’t suffer and he suffers in reality as you’re now nothing but a part of him.

So he is making a part of himself suffer and not you. In this case, you should not even have a feeling of suffering, let alone the part where you complain about your sufferings. This is why I mentioned that this type of love is meant for a person with pure spiritual goals as this type of surrender and dissolution of ego can only be practiced when your lovers is the supreme soul himself.

Coming back to the original topic, if someone you care for is not willing to make the necessary compromises, it simply means he cares less or much less for you, than he cares for him. It further means that he is still stationed in the domain of ‘Me’ and he has not landed in the domain of ‘Us’ as in that case, he would consider you at least equal to him, if not greater than him. As long as this person doesn’t land in the domain of ‘Us’, you’re wasting your time loving him and expecting to be loved in return because he can only truly love himself and no one else.

The energy of Moon in her horoscope may give her this mark of wisdom that in order for a relationship between two people to be called love, both the parties should be at least equally important. Hence she may believe that the ones she loves and the ones who claim to love her should also make their compromises when so required. This energy may also motivate her to make her compromises when they are required, in order to obey the same principle of equality or so to say; the principle of ‘Us’. Since this energy is the energy of Moon, which is the softest among planets when it comes to execution of actions, she’s likely to put her opinions across in a civilized, diplomatic and friendly way, whenever she tries to do so, under the impact of this energy.

It means she may try to convince the other party in a friendly manner that they should also make their part of compromise in order to make the relationship work properly, and she alone should not make majority of compromises. It should be noted that she may still not say that she won’t make her compromises if the other party refuses to make their compromises. Though she may have grudges if the other party doesn’t make their compromises, she may still keep making her compromises and at the same time, she may keep convincing the other party to start making theirs.

If instead of Moon, this quality was rendered by a fierce planet like Mars; the same ideology may have been practiced in a different manner. In this case, she may have said to the other party that their relationship is a mutual responsibility and it is not her sole responsibility. She may have added that if the other party is not willing to make their compromises, she will stop making hers also. This is how different planets can give you the same quality in different ways and this is what makes human personality so complex, with almost no one matching no one exactly.

It is worthy of being mentioned here that the world compromise only means lowering your ego in this context and it doesn’t mean losing your self-respect. This is absolutely true as long as you’re in a materialistic domain or so to say; in the domain of ‘Us’. There is a fine line between ego and self-respect and you should be duly aware of that line. As long as you’re willing to admit to your mistakes and make your compromises, you’re keeping your ego in check and this is a positive quality.

However as soon as you start making the compromises that you shouldn’t be making or you start tolerating the nonsense you shouldn’t be tolerating, you lose self respect. This is certainly a strong negative quality as without self-respect; there is no point in living even if you’re the king or queen of the world. It should be noted that this condition of self-respect is applicable to materialistic people only or so to say, to the people in the domain of ‘Me’ or ‘Us’ and it is not applicable to spiritual people residing in the domain of ‘You’. Since they don’t have any part of ‘Me’ left in them, they don’t have a self and accordingly; there is no such word as self-respect for them. This is a very big concept and I will skip explaining it in details, as this is not the main topic of this discussion.

The energy of Moon may also add grace to her speech due to which she may be very gracious and refined in her speech, unless provoked by someone. This energy may also give her the ability to focus on her goals due to which she may be able to pay proper attention to the projects she undertakes, whether such projects are professional or personal. As it is easy to understand, this quality can help anyone achieve more success and build the image of a dependable person.

In fact, this comes up as a strong point in her horoscope. If she cares for you, you can really depend on her. She’s not the one who may run away on the sight of first problem that comes your way. On the contrary, she’s the one who may stand by you and face all the problems which come your way; sometimes even before you do so. It means she may stand between you and your problems and face them before you; so that they may not come to you and she may face all the impact.

This is what makes her a true asset as a friend as no sense of profit or loss may make her think twice about her friendship, and she may put relationship before everything. This may almost always hold true, as long as she’s really attached to you. The only possible way you can lose her as a friend is by hurting her self-respect as this is probably the only virtue she may not sacrifice for anyone at all. This is once again a great quality, as a person who’s willing to sacrifice his or her self-respect is actually worth nothing.

Taking a look at the next planet, the placement of debilitated Jupiter in the fourth house of her horoscope in the sign of Capricorn is a broadly negative placement with about 80% of its energy being negative and 20% of its energy being positive. This is one of the most troublesome placements in her horoscope and it can cause many types of problems throughout her life, ranging from physical problems to mental and emotional problems.

Looking at the positive part of this energy first, this energy may bless her with conviction and faith that she must do her best to continue doing things or maintaining relationships she believes in. Hence she may be willing to work hard to achieve things and she may be willing to make compromises in order to make such relationships work, which she really cares for. The positive part of this energy can also give her an eye for the weaker sections of society and hence she may work for their betterment from time to time.

Coming to the negative part of this energy, it may trouble her with physical problems and especially the problems around her chest region. These problems may keep under control till her age of 47, they may start gathering momentum after this age and they may become significantly effective after her age of 50. Hence she may witness visible health issues after this age and accordingly, she should take good care of herself.

On mental level, this negative energy can make her suffer a lot and it may render such sufferings to her, with her own consent. It means this energy may encourage her to tolerate even the wrong doings of the ones she cares for, beyond a healthy level. It is like a part of her tells her that she should keep making those compromises as someone has to make them in order to make the relationship work. If the other party is not making those compromises, she should make them.

A strange fact is that a part of her mind driven by this negative energy of Jupiter may keep encouraging her to make such compromises, on moral grounds. The reason I called it strange is that morality is considered as a very good virtue and so it is. However, the negative energy of Jupiter may at times stretch her definition of such moral compromises to unhealthy and troublesome levels. It means this energy may at times encourage her to make undue compromises, telling her that such compromises are her duty or they will make her great.

However in reality, this is the negative energy of Jupiter in play, which can make her suffer under moral pretences. Since Jupiter rules the domain of morality along with religion and spiritualism; the negative working of Jupiter in a horoscope can easily twist the moral, religious or spiritual definitions of the native, in order to make him or her suffer through these domains. This is what may happen in case of this native also and Jupiter may encourage her to take in more and more negative energy under the pretence of moral duties.

True morality teaches us to make compromises where they are due and required. However, it doesn’t tell us to accept nonsense in the name of compromises. Doing so in fact is another type of immorality. Just like it is immoral to inflict pain on others when they don’t deserve it, it is equally immoral to inflict pain on yourself when you don’t deserve it. The energy of Jupiter may trouble her through undue compromises or even sacrifices at times and doing so may keep sending more and more negative energy to her mental as well as emotional plane.

As a result, both these planes may become sensitive and they may start hurting her from inside. As already mentioned in the first part of this book, if undue negative energies collect on your mental or emotional plane in alarming quantities, they may start hitting the walls of these planes with more and more strength, with the passage of time. The resultant is often mental and emotional disturbances. Depending on which type of planetary energies are ruling the running time, your near ones or you may yourself become the target of these mental and emotional outbursts, whenever it becomes difficult to contain them within the walls of these planes.

Though there are some positive energies in her horoscope, which may partly counteract this negative energy of Jupiter, but it may still have significant impact on her and this impact may increase in quantum; whenever this energy receives support through running times. It should be noted that this energy is likely to hurt her through people she is attached to and they may be some of her relatives or friends. I will skip the exact details of these people as this is her personal affair. This energy of Jupiter may start taking effect at her age of 12 and it may remain present throughout her life. It may become relatively weaker at times and stronger at times; depending on the running times.

The next planet on the list is Mars. The placement of retrograde Mars in the seventh house of this horoscope in the sign of Aries is a mixed placement, with about 50% of its energy being positive and 50% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy, it may give her a straight forward approach, especially when it comes to deal with someone or confront someone. It means if she chooses to confront someone, this energy may encourage her to hit them head on head, instead of hitting them below the belt.

Hence if she has problems with you, this energy may tell her to take everything out on you, until she’s done with you. The same energy may tell her not to hit you behind your back as that would be a foul practice. This can make her straight forward and graceful as an enemy. This is because she may not hide her enmity and she may confront you upfront. This makes her difficult as an enemy but at the same time, she may be graceful enough not to hit you behind your back.

It means that this energy of Mars may give her a relatively easy to judge personality when it comes to asses her status of being friend or enemy with you. If for some reason, she is annoyed or mad at you, she may not be able to hide it and she may not speak to you sweetly, even under the pretence of diplomacy. Her way of handling you may be not to speak to you or give you a piece of her mind, whatever may be the demand of the situation. Therefore, if she’s talking with you in a friendly manner, it means she is friendly.

As a personal choice, I consider people of this type better than the ones who will talk sweetly even to their enemies and then stab them in their backs. If this native chooses to stab you for your wrong doings, she may stab you right in your heart; so that you may duly see her coming. Natives under the impact of this type of energy generally consider it an insult for themselves, to hit someone from their back and they almost always chose to slap them on their face or stab them in their heart. As I already mentioned, she’s a true warrior and a true warrior will always hit you from the front.

The positive energy of Mars may also render her good physical strength as well as the ability to recover from health issues at a fast pace. However, this energy may only help her in recovering from physical type of health issues and it may remain neutral when mental or emotional issues appear from time to time.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it may cause some problems related to her marriage, including a delay in marriage as well as disturbances in marriage. Since this is a personal domain of this native, I will skip the details and quantum of these problems, in order to respect her privacy. The negative part of this energy may also make it difficult for her to forget and forgive the wrong doings of people towards her. Hence under the influence of some of the earlier mentioned energies, she may choose not to punish you if you hurt her, she may not be able to forgive you for a long period of time.

The duration of such time depends on the kind of problem you have caused her. For example, if you have cheated her for money and then asked for forgiveness, she may choose not to punish you and she may even forgive and forget this mistake of yours after some time. This is because for a native like her, money may not matter that much and hence she may be able to forget a financial setback caused by you.

However, if you have hurt her on a personal level and that too on the level of her self-respect, it is an altogether different case. She may at the most choose not to punish you but she may never actually forgive you or forget such act of yours. Self respect may be a very important virtue for this native and she may never be able to forgive or forget anyone who hurts her self-respect. Though this is not a very negative quality, it is still negative. This is because holding any type of negative energy within you may only cause problems in the future. Therefore, a better approach is to punish or truly forgive as your negative energy is released in both these cases.

The next planet to be discussed is Ketu and it is once again a troublesome planet for her. The energy of this planet is broadly negative, with about 80% of it being negative and about 20% of it being positive. The positive part of this planet’s energy can give her courage and especially mental courage to stand by her beliefs and to fight for them if needed. However, this energy may not give her any type of religious or other rigidness and it may not restrict her from respecting the beliefs of the others.

Due to the influence of this energy, she may put everything behind what she believes in and once she makes up her mind about doing or not doing a thing, it may become difficult to make her change her decision. Some people may consider this quality as arrogance but it is not. Arrogance rises when you don’t have a grown conscience, which means you are not spiritually grown enough and you stick to something you say or believe, though it may very likely be wrong. In simple words, arrogance is the virtue of a less grown spiritual person who may be willing to do anything to prove his point, though such point may be wrong in most cases.

Himanshu Shangari