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The correct approach is to talk to her when she’s in a relatively good mood; and admit your mistake. A simple admission of mistake may do what an expensive diamond necklace may fail to do in her case. Most likely, she may not only forgive you, she may forget it also. After you see happiness on her face, you may present the same expensive diamond necklace to her, which may add even more value to your peacemaking effort now.

This is because if you present this necklace before saying sorry, she may take it as a gesture to purchase her respect and she may get offended. On the other hand, once she’s forgiven you and she looks happy, she may consider the same necklace of diamond as a gesture of your deep love and affection for her. This is because all she needed was an admission of mistake and it was enough for her to let go of your mistake. However, you’ve now gone one step ahead and you’ve invested time and effort in buying something for her. For her, it is like you have paid much more than your mistake deserved and hence she may be honored by your care and concern.

It is not about the necklace, it is about the fact that if you make a mistake, you’re willing to compensate for it in a way that surpasses the quantum of your mistake. In simple words, you’re a person who’s willing to pay higher prices to correct his mistakes, in order to keep the ones you love closer to you. This is the type of gesture that anyone would love and it may especially work well with this native. You see, how the timing of presenting an expensive diamond necklace can change the entire equation altogether in case of this native. Hence if you’re a close relative or friend of this native and you’ve done something to offend her, choose your methods of repairing the relationship carefully, as otherwise you may end up making the situation even worse.

The positive energy of Venus can also bless this native with significant amount of courage due to which she may be able to stand for what she believes, work for what she wants to achieve and fight for what she wants to protect. It is the energy of Venus in this horoscope along with Martian energy which is to be discussed later; which makes her a fighter. Some people interested in astrology may be surprised as to how can a planet of beauty like Venus make a native a fighter.

This is what I’ve been telling from time to time that each and every planet among navagraha can render you any good or bad quality, depending on its working in your horoscope as well as depending on the overall theme of the horoscope. The energy of Venus is such in this horoscope that it can render an all out approach to this native at times. It means that if she decides to go to war against someone, she may go to any extent and any length; neither surrendering nor compromising even after taking very big losses. It is the energy of a true warrior for whom self respect and pride means much more than anything else.

For natives like her, fighting the war is important, putting in all the effort they have is important, winning it is the aim and even a defeat is temporarily acceptable if they’ve put in all the effort. However, surrendering or compromising is not an option for them. Natives like her may be defeated when the times don’t favor them or they may even die in a war, but they don’t surrender. So you can defeat or kill them if you’re in war with them, you can’t expect them to surrender.

Even if you’re able to defeat them, it is temporary. As long as they’re alive, they’ll gather strength once again and they’ll wage one more war on you, this time being even stronger and fiercer. They may engage in as many battles against you as many it takes for them to win. This is what makes her a true warrior as her fighting spirit may simply refuse to accept the words like surrender in her dictionary. For her, there is effort, there is victory, there is defeat and there is more effort. There is no space for surrender. This is why while dealing with this native, the last thing you may want to do is go to war with her.

Kindly understand this fact that she’s simply not a good choice as an enemy, unless you’re willing to go to the heights of destruction. She can prove a deadly enemy and hence she should not be provoked to put you in the enemy zone. Once she puts you in that zone, no one else but she alone can get you out of this zone. On the other hand, she’s may prove a true gift as a friend. This is because once she gets attached to you, she may turn your battle into her own and as you know by this time; she’s very good at fighting battles and winning them. Therefore, try to make her your friend and not your enemy.

As Venus is making her a warrior, it may make her a graceful warrior. This is because Venus is a planet of beauty and grace. Hence even if it makes someone a warrior, it will almost always put its signature on that person. In practical language, it means that she may show grace on the enemy she has defeated, especially if he bows to her supremacy. It should be noted that if a planet like Mars makes you a warrior, you may not be willing to consider grace for the defeated enemy and you may simply want to kill him; just like he may have done had he won.

Venus on the other hand can encourage her to have mercy, even on her enemies. However it should be noted that such mercy is only likely to show after she has defeated the enemy or the enemy has surrendered. The objective of defeating the enemy or fighting the war is foremost for her and once this objective is achieved, only then she may consider showing grace. Hence if she’s your enemy, she may keep causing you losses unless you’re broken flat or you admit your mistake and ask for forgiveness. This is the time she may show grace and let you go, though she may not always forgive you. So if you have plans of messing with her, you better think twice.

Looking at the negative part of Venusian energy, this part of Venusian energy can especially prove bad for her physical and mental health along with some other problems. This energy can create tendencies of being impulsive and intense at times; and these tendencies may become stronger when the running times support them. As a result, she may take impulsive decisions, she may convert her thoughts into actions a little too soon at times; without giving them proper consideration and she may suffer because of this.

In practical terms, she may make some hasty, risky and impulsive decisions at different times in her life and whereas some of them may pay, some of them may backfire seriously. Whenever this energy becomes stronger, it may even create a subconscious self destructive tendency in this native. It means that though she may be logically aware that engaging in relationship with a particular person or engaging in a particular professional project has strong possibility of ending up in loss, she may do so. It may be done under the pretext of ‘I don’t care’, ‘we’ll see’ or under the pretext of ‘maybe it won’t be so in my case’.  In other words, the negative energy of Venus may introduce a tendency to take excessive risks at times and some of these risks may be even unrealistic. These are the ones which may hurt and deliver her some important lessons of her life.

The positive as well as negative energy of Venus is likely to gain strength from this native’s age of 23 and it may particularly remain strong till her age of 35. Though this energy may start decreasing in strength after her age of 35, she may still feel significant impact of this energy till her age of 48. After the age of 48, she may become a far more calculative person. This energy may especially gain strength during her 26th year, 27th year, 31st year, 37th year, 40th year, 42nd year, 45th year and 46th year.

These are the years during which she may witness significant positive or negative decisions, events, changes and transformations in her life. Since Venus is a mixed energy in her horoscope, these changes can be positive as well as negative, depending on the impact of other variables during these years. However, all these years are likely to bring significant changes to her life and these changes are likely to be sudden, intense and at the same time, transformative to a significant extent.

The next planet to be discussed is Rahu which is broadly positive in this horoscope; with about 70% of its energy being positive and about 30% of its energy being negative. The positive part of Rahu’s energy may bless this native with intelligence and good communication skills. These qualities may help her achieve better results in many spheres of her life. This energy may also bless her with a specific type of intelligence which may help her decide the usefulness of a thing or a person.

It means that she may be able to observe the transformative process of a thing or a person and she may be good at assessing the actual worth of such thing or person at different points in time. This quality may help her move away from things or people who start losing value and who may not be worthy in the coming times. Though an average person may see this change when it has happened, she may observe it or feel it just when it starts happening. This may put her in a position of advantage and it may give her enough time to get away from such thing, situation or person if she wants.

It should be noted that this is a positive quality and it should not be considered as a negative quality. Some people may think that moving away from things or people who are going to lose value in future is a negative quality, it may not be so in case of this native. This ability gives her a vision about the future status of a thing or a person and it doesn’t encourage her to move away on its own. Whether she may move away or she may stick and do something to improve the condition of such thing or person will be decided by her overall personality as well as by the thing or person in question.

For example, if she’s willing to enter into a business venture with someone who may be well established at that time, this quality may help her. She may see well in advance whenever such business venture starts turning bad and she may walk out of it in time, in order to save herself from bigger damages later on. Since she is in this venture for profits and nothing else, it is wise to move out in time, when you know it is going to face losses in future. Hence this quality is positive in this regard.

On the other hand, if she engages in a business venture with someone she cares for, like her husband; this quality may help her in a different manner. She may become aware in advance, whenever things start going wrong and she may prepare herself for making repairs in time, so that she may do her best to save it. Even if she finds that she may not be able to do much to save it despite her best efforts, she may prepare herself for hard times ahead, well in advance. As I said, whether she may walk out or help is a different matter; but this quality may help her in both these situations.

Natives like her are generally good at assessing the value of things and people, especially the materialistic value of them. Hence it may be profitable for people close to this native to ask for her advice when making such decisions or when assigning value to a thing or a person. As this quality is rendered by Rahu, the master of mysteries; even she may not consciously know about this quality till late in her life. In the earlier parts of her life, she may consider it some type of intuition which warns her about a future problem in advance and it gives her time to prepare accordingly.

However, in the later parts of her life she may recognize this quality of hers and she may actively start making use of it. This quality is a part of the bigger word called wisdom, which she has achieved in her past lives. It means that she had this quality in her past lives and it has been passed on to her in this life. Since it has been passed on to her by her subconscious mind, it operates on psychic plane, not letting her become aware of its presence. The concept of five important planes associated with humans called physical plane, emotional plane, mental plane, psychic plane and astral plane has been discussed in my book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’ and interested people may read it there.

Looking at the negative part of Rahu’s energy, this part may cause a number of problems for her, especially the problems related to her physical and mental plane. Talking about physical plane, this energy can trouble her with health issues which may pertain to chest region or those related to the well being or functioning of her reproductive organs. Hence she may witness health issues related to these body parts and she may have to seek medical attention, as and when this energy gains strength due to the running times. This energy may especially cast its negative impact on her reproductive organs.  Though these issues may remain under control during her early and mid life, they may start troubling her after this period, as we will discover later in this chapter.

On mental level, the negative energy of Rahu can render self hurting or even self torturing tendencies to this native. This is the energy which may encourage her to tolerate things which should not be tolerated, instead of knowing all aspects of such situation. It means that if a near one of this native, say her mother keeps troubling her from time to time; she may choose to tolerate it instead of stepping up and saying enough is enough. She may do so out of love and care for her mother, but it may have its own price.

Such practices may build a zone of negative energy on her mental and emotional plane and as these incidences keep happening with the passage of time, this energy may start hurting her from inside. As a result, she may witness anxiety, emotional insecurity or emotional stress and she may find ways to get out of them. Though the proper remedy is to give this negative energy back to the people who gave it to her, she may not do so many times as they are likely to be the people she values very much, in many such cases. It means she may get hurt by people close to her and instead of hurting them back, she may choose to tolerate. As this negative energy intensifies within her mental and emotional plane, she may suffer more and she may look for remedial measures.

As a result, sometimes these energies may come out in the form of bouts of frustration and they may sometimes come out in the form of intense actions which may be intended to hurt her more than anyone else. The overall energy of this native is such that she may not want to hurt the ones she cares for even if she suffers a lot due to them. Hence if she wants to release this negative energy and hurt someone, she may herself become a victim of this intense energy. As there are other positive and strong energies in her horoscope, they may counteract this personality trait to some extent and extreme type of results may only be seen when this energy gains maximum strength in her horoscope.

The positive as well as negative energy of Rahu is likely to gain strength after her age of 24 and she may start witnessing its impact after that age. Some physical impacts may start appearing relatively sooner whereas some of them may delay as there are a number of other balancing energies in her horoscope. However, the mental and emotional impact may start becoming visible soon after her age of 24 and she may especially find it strong during her age of 24 to 33 in general. After this age, this energy may take some rest and it may start gaining strength once again, after her age of 36.

The positive as well as negative energy of Rahu is not likely to go away almost throughout her life; unless some remedial measures are taken to get rid of its negative part. As a result, this energy may start hurting her more and more on her physical plane, after her age of 47 and it may cause significant health issues after her age of 50. Hence she is advised to take good care of her health.

Moving on to the next planet, the placement of Moon in the third house of this horoscope in the sign of Sagittarius is a positive placement, with almost 100% of its energy being positive. There is no doubt that Moon is one of the most benefic planets in her horoscope and it is the planet which may bring a number of good things to her, related to many spheres of her life.

Whereas some intense energies in her horoscope may trouble her at times on mental and emotional plane; the energy of Moon may try to counteract these energies and it may even succeed to an extent. This is the energy which may keep giving her this motivation from inside that despite all the challenges, difficulties and problems, life is beautiful and worthy of being enjoyed. The energy of Moon may fill her with love for life and it may also bless her with the ability to enjoy life to its fullest. This ability may be seen performing at its best, whenever it becomes stronger due to the support of running times.

The energy of Moon may try to render her an ideology of maintaining social harmony, even if it comes at the cost of some problems. It should be noted that this aspect of Moon’s energy is contrary to some other energies which have already been discussed in this horoscope and which encourage her to take actions whenever something wrong is done to her. The energy of Moon is in a way similar to the energy of Sun which says compromises should be made in order to maintain harmony in relationships. However unlike the energy of Sun, this energy is neither weak nor partly negative and hence it may work in more refined way.

Whereas the energy of Sun may encourage this native to make compromises in order to maintain harmony in relationships, even if such compromises are beyond healthy limits; the energy of Moon may do more. This energy may encourage her to convey this message to the other parties also, that there is a need for them to make compromises too. It means that Sun’s energy may tell her to make all the compromises by herself, thereby making her suffer at times; whereas Moon’s energy may ensure that she makes her compromises and the others also make their ones.

Hence the biggest difference between the energy of Sun and Moon in her horoscope is that whereas the energy of Sun may define the concept of social harmony as making compromises all by herself, even if they result in problems on mental and emotional plane, the energy of Moon may not do so. This energy is a balanced energy and it may define the concept of social harmony as making her compromises and asking other people to make their compromises. This energy may tell her that people who are always willing to make you make compromises are not worthy of suffering for, as they may not be the ones who care for you in the real sense.

This energy may give her one more mark of wisdom which says that in order to maintain good relationships, necessary compromises have to be made by both the parties involved. If only one party is making most of the compromises, it is not a balanced relationship and it is more like this party is serving the other party; under the illusion of having a relationship with that party. A healthy relationship has to be balanced from both sides as otherwise it is not a relationship of equality and it is more like a relationship between an employer and employee where the latter is supposed to obey the commands of the former, even if they are not justified and they hurt him or her.

It should be noted that this energy of Moon may not only give her this insight that the other party should also make their compromises; it may also encourage her to make her compromises. This is why I mentioned that this energy may give her one more mark of wisdom. The virtue called wisdom is not a single quality and it is collection of a number of positive and valuable qualities. A proper sense of everyone making their compromises in a relationship is one of these qualities.

Some people may think that even if the other party doesn’t make any compromises even when they must, you should make all the compromises in order to make the relationship work. There is no wisdom in this thought and it is a misleading concept. This is because when you really love someone like your mother, father, brother, friend, husband or anyone else; you put them at least equal to you, if not above you. It means you’re willing to sacrifice your ego and make compromises as well as admit your mistakes in order to make this relationship work.

It happens so because the one you love is now an equal part of you and you can’t afford to let this part go away, merely on account of your ego. Hence you are likely to step down from the top of your ego, say sorry or make compromises whichever is the case, as this person is more important to you than your ego. It should be understood that when you really love someone, you’re always willing to sacrifice your ego for their sake. This is because your ego represents you and your true love represents the other party.

Since the other party is also equal to or greater than you in value, it means they’re equal to or greater than your ego too; as your ego is nothing but a great expansion of ‘You’. This is why you will always make the necessary compromises with the ones you really love as no one wants to let someone go away, who carries equal or more value than them. Therefore, true love makes you admit your mistakes and make compromises where needed.

Himanshu Shangari