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This native was born with Libra as her ascendant rising. In practical terms, it means that she was born during 5:25 AM to 7:25 AM on the day of her birth. Debilitated Sun is placed in the house of ascendant, retrograde Mercury is placed in the second house in the sign of Scorpio; Venus, Rahu and Moon are placed in the third house in the sign of Sagittarius, debilitated Jupiter is placed in the fourth house of this horoscope in the sign of Capricorn, retrograde Mars is placed in the seventh house of this horoscope in the sign of Aries and a combination of retrograde Saturn and Ketu is placed in the ninth house of this horoscope in the sign of Gemini. We will now discuss each and every planet in her horoscope and we will find out which planet gives her which personality traits.

Starting with debilitated Sun in the first house of her horoscope in the sign of Libra, this is a very good placement of Sun in this horoscope. Many astrologers may think the Sun is negative in her horoscope as it is debilitated and a debilitated planet is considered as a negative planet by these astrologers. However, it is far away from the truth and Sun is one of the most benefic planets in this horoscope. As already explained in some of my books, exaltation or debilitation of a planet is more a measure of its physical strength and it should not be used to measure its positive or negative nature.

The energy of Sun is highly positive in this horoscope, with about 85% of it being positive and about 15% of it being negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy, this energy may bless this native with the spirit of a true fighter. This energy may render qualities like fighting spirit as well as patience to this native due to which, she may not only be willing to fight for what she believes in, she may be willing to give it as much time as it needs. Fighting spirit accompanied by the patience to keep fighting and waiting for the results is what may give an edge to this native over the others, many times in her life.

It means that there may be many such incidences in her life where the competitors may lose to her, despite them being fighters too. However, they may not be able to put in as sustained efforts as this native may be able to put in. Hence she may gain advantage in many spheres of her life due to this energy. The positive energy of Sun can also bless this native with a healthy level of acceptance due to which she may be willing to tolerate some mistakes or offences of the ones she cares for, though she may not be able to forgive them due to the impact of other negative energies to be discussed later.

The quality of acceptance can help this native a lot, not only in her personal sphere, but in her professional sphere also. This energy of Sun can make her understand that in order to keep the bigger shows running, one needs to make smaller compromises. As this quality is a very good quality and it is the mark of wisdom if not wisdom itself; this native may gain much respect due to this quality. Though she may suffer temporarily due to this quality, many times in her life; she may eventually be seen as a graceful woman due to this quality.

Looking at the negative part of Sun’s energy, this part may make this native a bit too accepting at times. This energy can dissolve the boundaries of a healthy level of acceptance or patience due to which this native may accept things beyond the point of wisdom. In practical language, she may sometimes tolerate so much nonsense or unacceptable behavior from some of her loved ones that it may start hurting her from inside. Though she may suffer a lot during such incidences, this energy may stop her from reacting or doing anything to stop such person. Sun’s negative energy may demand so much tolerance or acceptance from this native at times, that the sufferings may cast significant negative impressions on her mental and emotional plane.

This is the energy which may tell her that no matter how big a compromise is needed to make a relationship work, she should do it. As soon as these compromises cross a justified boundary, she may start hurting herself by taking in more and more negative energy. This negative energy may especially collect on her mental plane which is one of the most sensitive planes of her personality as we will discover later on. As a result, a pattern of self punishment may form where this native may choose to punish herself by not reacting to certain acts of her loved ones, which duly deserve reactions.

It should be understood that tolerance beyond healthy levels is a dangerous virtue. The negative energy that someone else has sent to you through a wrong action must be sent back to him as otherwise; this energy will enter your mental or emotional plane depending on the type of this energy. As more and more of this energy starts collecting on one of these planes, say mental plane; this plane becomes more energetic in a negative way. It means that a number of thoughts keep running across your mind and many of those thoughts are negative ones.

When negative energy is generated from an action, it has to hurt something or someone. If you don’t direct it back to where it comes from, it enters your aura and it starts hurting you from inside. This energy may start rising from this native’s age of 15 and it may remain strong till her age of 40. However, after the age of 40, another planetary energy may rise which may encourage this native to get rid of this negative energy due to which this negative energy may start decreasing in strength, progressively after this native’s age of 40. We will discuss this other planetary energy in due course.

Moving on to the next planet, the placement of retrograde Mercury in the second house of this horoscope in the sign of Scorpio is a broadly positive energy with about 80% positive part in it and about 20% negative part in it. The positive part of this energy can bless this native with sufficient physical strength and stamina to perform physically demanding jobs. Since Mercury is the planet primarily associated with speech, communication skills, intelligence and memory; the positive energy of Mercury can bless this native with all these qualities in good amounts.

The placement of this energy is such that it may motivate this native to take a direct approach while engaging in communications, especially in verbal communications. It means this energy may encourage this native to mention her choices in a given situation in a straight forward manner, without much effort to hide them. As a result, she may develop this quality of saying things straight on the face of the listener, in a plain and simple way. It should be noted that the energy of Sun prohibits this behavior as the energy of Sun encourages her to avoid responding to situations or words which may require direct approach.

As a result, these two energies may clash and this native may exhibit both these tendencies at times; depending on which energy takes control of her at a particular time. It means whenever the energy of Sun is supported by running time, she may choose to keep quiet or speak diplomatically, thereby creating more negative energy on her mental plane. On the other hand, whenever the energy of Mercury is supported by running time, she may file a proper reply on the spot. Though the second choice may at times look like a not so good choice, it may help her a lot.

This native seems to have an intense mental as well as emotional plane, especially the emotional plane. Therefore, the addition of more and more negative energies to this plane may make it troubled, where such energies may be sent to this plane by the ones she cares for, from time to time. As this troubled emotional plane may cause a variety of problems as well as some personality disorders if not handled in time, it is necessary to release these energies from time to time. Since the positive energy of Mercury may help her give outward expressions to these energies on her emotional plane, it helps her.

Looking at the negative part of Mercury’s energy, this part may create some problems; especially the problems related to her verbal communication. The negative part of this energy may team up with negative part of Sun’s energy and together these two energies may create a shade in her personality, which may not be liked by some people around her. The negative energy of Sun may encourage her to tolerate more and more and gather more and more negative energy on her mental and emotional plane whereas the negative energy of Mercury may keep provoking her to throw this energy out; and that too with increased intensity.

As a result, she may sometimes say such things to people, which may be considered verbally very intense. It should be noted that she is likely to do so to the people close to her in most such cases. This is because she may keep tolerating some of their acts due to the negative energy of Sun and that may create a pressure zone on her mental and emotional plane. The negative energy of Mercury may keep provoking her to give intense outlet to this energy and when this energy finds such outlet, this is what may happen.

Suppose her husband says or does something to her, which is not appropriate according to her but she may tolerate it due to the negative energy of Sun. This may add negative energy to her mental and emotional planes. Suppose the husband keeps repeating such acts every now and then, though they may be small acts of not very good behavior. This native may keep tolerating them and the negative energy may keep gathering. One day, provoked by Mercury’s negative energy, she may choose to confront him and give him back what she thinks he deserves.

This is the day when she may confront him and deliver an aggressive and intense verbal attack which may not be justified compared to the mistake committed by him. It means she may take out her anger on her husband through her intense words, not only for his mistake of that day, but also for his past mistakes. The husband may find it too much to handle as he may not understand why she is reacting so much for a small mistake or wrong doing. In reality, she may be returning him today’s negative energy as well as the negative energies from the past, which were sent to her mental and emotional planes by him.

Though this act of verbal aggression may certainly release negative energy from her mental and emotional planes, it may cause problems as this is not the correct approach. The correct approach in this case is provided by the positive energy of Mercury which says such negative energies should not be allowed to enter her mental and emotional planes in the first place. Hence she should make people realize their mistakes or hurtful acts, as and when they commit them; instead of tolerating 100 such acts and then making the other person pay for all of them in one go.

The negative energy of Mercury can also affect the spending habits of this native and hence she may tend to spend a lot. This tendency may further intensify whenever Mercury gains strength due to the running time. It should be noted that this negative energy of Mercury may not be harmful for earning money and it may only cause problems when it comes to save money. When it comes to money, there are four aspects which constitute this equation. The first aspect is the money from your profession, the second aspect is money from other sources like gifts and inheritance; the third aspect is the spending part and the fourth aspect is the saving part.

The negative energy of Mercury is not likely to affect the first two aspects and it is only likely to affect the last two aspects; which are spending and saving. On a bigger level also, this native may not be the type who is interested in saving more and more money and who is willing to accumulate more and more wealth. The overall energy of her horoscope is such that she may not find much attraction for accumulating money or wealth as these things may not matter to her beyond a certain point.

It should be noted that having a lot of money and wealth is one thing and having a strong desire to have these things is another. You may have strong desire to gather money and wealth but you may not have it. Likewise, you may have a lot of money and wealth but you may not desire it that much. In her case, she may have a lot of money due to her favorable planets but due to the overall vibe of her horoscope, it may not be something that she wants the most. As long as she has enough to manage her lifestyle, she may not bother much about hoarding.

The priorities for this native may not be the things like wealth and money, her priorities are likely to be the people she cares for and her overall image. She may be more concerned about professional success in order to make name for herself, than in order to earn more and more money. Similarly when it comes to the people she cares for, she may not give priority to money and she may be willing to let go of it in order to strengthen her relationships.

Though money may keep coming to her, it may not be something she wants the most. Emotional peace and mental activities are what may soothe her the most. It means a person who can provide her emotional comfort and a person who can engage in intelligent conversations with her may be the one she may like the most. We will discover the reasons for these priorities, as we move on with the analysis of her horoscope.

Moving on to the next planet, the placement of Venus in the third house of this horoscope is a mixed placement with about 50% of its energy being positive and about 50% of its energy being negative. It should be noted that Venus is one of the most important planets in this horoscope since it rules the ascendant of this native. She is born with Libra rising and Venus being the lord of Libra is the lord of ascendant. As the lord of ascendant is one of the most important planets in every horoscope, the nature as well as the working of Venus may form the core of her personality.

Looking at the positive part of Venusian energy, it may give her great courage as well as mental strength it may take to implement even very difficult to execute type of decisions. It is this energy of Venus, which can make her an Arjuna in a sense; who if once sets his eye on a target, puts in everything he has in order to achieve it. Once she is convinced that she wants to do something she may put a lot of energy and conviction behind her efforts. Since this energy is a sharp type of energy, it may encourage her to take one action after the other at a relatively fast pace, unless her objective is achieved.

Though this may form an impulsive pattern at times, it may result in great achievements many times. It should be noted that the positive energy of Venus partly counteracts that part of Sun’s energy, which encourages her to be patient while doing something and it may especially be true when she is trying for a professional goal. Venusian energy may encourage her to work towards her goals in a relatively faster and stronger manner so that they may be achieved at the earliest. This tendency may become even stronger whenever Venus rules the running times and accordingly she may put in even more intense efforts to achieve her objectives. Since this part of Venusian energy is positive, the objectives may be achieved most of the time, though her way of achieving them may be questioned by the others at times.

The positive part of Venusian energy may also give her intelligence and to a significant extent; wisdom. I have already explained in the horoscope analysis of Mr. Raj Kapoor; how important is this quality called wisdom. Achieving spiritual growth is the ultimate objective of each soul and wisdom is a direct practical indicator of measuring someone’s spiritual growth. It means that as you achieve more and more spiritual growth, you become wiser and wiser. For a common man who doesn’t know how to check someone’s spiritual growth, they should check it through their wisdom.

As already explained in the first part of this book, wisdom and cleverness are two different qualities and quite often, they bring the opposite results in the long run. If you’re clever, you try to win over everything and everyone that comes your way, through your cleverness. Though you may certainly achieve your objectives in the short run, you may start losing important people in the long run as every relationship becomes a game for you; the game you want to win. Due to the ability of cleverness, you are able to win most of the time; making others feel like losers every now and then. They feel belittled in your company and they start running away from you. Hence you may achieve seemingly important victories over people, but you may lose such people.

The quality of wisdom on the other hand gives you this sense that playing in harmony is more important than winning. As a result, a wise person may sometimes intentionally choose not to win or he may even choose to lose, in order to save other people from feeling small. This is the person who has the ability to win just like the clever person, but he decides not to win every time in order to keep other people interested in the game too. As other people are also winning every now and then, they remain interested in playing with you.

At the same time, all these people realize sooner or later that despite having the ability to win over them; you intentionally choose not to win at times. This is what earns you respect, as a person who is capable of winning and he still chooses to ignore victory for bigger causes; is certainly a winner in the biggest sense. This person may pass on some victories and he may gain people and relationships in return; as everyone wants to be in the company of this wise person who has the grace to let them win too.

Spiritual growth is the growth of your soul and as your soul grows, it starts making you aware of the true theme of universe and it motivates you to play your part in this theme. The true evolution of every soul and harmony as well as balance in nature is the true theme of universe and a spiritually grown person contributes his part in this theme. Spiritual growth of the higher order tells you that the ability to win may be a good quality to have; the urge to win every time is certainly a bad quality; even if you’re capable of winning. This is because by doing so; you keep making other people feel small in front of you, which may create friction. Hence you should focus on playing the game and on keeping everyone interested in the game; rather than trying to win it every time.

It is a simple fact that the more you win over people, the more you tend to lose them. On the other hand, the more you’re willing to play with them even at the cost of losing when you have the ability to win; the more you win them. Spiritual growth tells you that people or souls are much more important than materialistic things like victories, and the former should never be sacrificed in order to achieve the latter. In fact, you should sacrifice the latter as and when possible in order to achieve the former. In other words, in order to develop and maintain healthy relationships, you should be prepared to take some calculated losses or to forsake some profits.

Hence spiritual growth gives you wisdom and as this native seems to have a significant amount of wisdom; it simply means that she’s a spiritually grown person. Another thing about spiritually grown people is that it is difficult to hurt them a lot, through materialistic things and they are hurt more on higher grounds like emotional or personal ground. A highly developed spiritual person may not get hurt even on emotional or person grounds and he may be willing to forget and forgive everything. However, this native’s horoscope doesn’t show a spiritual growth of the highest order though it shows significant spiritual growth.

As a result, she may have grown enough to detach herself from materialistic setbacks but she may not yet have grown enough to detach herself from personal type of setbacks. In practical language, if you take a couple of millions from her and you don’t return this amount for a long time despite promising to do so; she may not bother much about it as long as you don’t lose grace. It means if you keep telling her from time to time that you’re doing your best to arrange her money, she may not care much about it though it may already be a couple of years since you borrowed this money. Even if you don’t return money, she may be grown enough to move on, not crying over her lost money.

This is the first important stage of spiritual growth, when you learn not to put too much importance to non living things. Hence she may not put much importance on issues like in the family, who owns the house, who has the biggest bank balance, who can give her more money and other such things. She may instead put more emphasis on who is more intelligent, wise and pays more respect to her. Of all the things she may desire, respect and emotional comfort may be the foremost. It means if you can’t respect her duly and if you keep disturbing her emotional peace; she may not be willing to be in your company; no matter how rich you may be and no matter how many expensive gifts you may keep showering her with.

Since she’s a spiritually grown soul, things like respect and emotional comfort may hold much more importance than things like expensive gifts or financial favors. Therefore, you may not be able to win her heart if you disrespect her and hurt her emotional peace; no matter how many materialistic gifts or assets you’re willing to put on her feet. It may simply not work with a spiritually grown soul like her. She may almost never accept riches which come at the cost of disrespect and destruction of peace of mind. So be watchful when you’re dealing with her as the things she may demand the most are respect and emotional as well as mental comfort.

Another great stage of spiritual growth is detachment from personal affairs also. A person who has achieved this stage may not be affected by any type of personal setback also. It means he may not be affected even by an emotional or personal betrayal and he may keep moving on, forgetting such setbacks and forgiving the ones who caused such setbacks from time to time. This is the advanced stage of spiritualism and it is but natural not to expect most people have this stage.

As this native has reached the first stage and she’s on her journey towards the second stage of detaching herself from personal type of setbacks also, you may not hurt her through materialistic setbacks and you may only hurt her through personal type of setbacks. This is where her strength lies and this is where her weakness lies too. It means that unlike a number of people who place much importance to materialistic things and they are willing to face even disrespect if they are offered valuables from time to time; this native may be strong enough not to fall into this trap. Hence she may not fall for your expensive gifts and accordingly, it may become very difficult to corrupt her through materialistic bribes. This is how this quality may give her strength.

Talking about the weakness rendered by this quality to this native; if she gets upset with you for her own valid reasons; your choices may be very limited. Majority of people who are spiritually not grown till the point she is; may forget their complaints when you present financially high valued gifts to them and hence it becomes relatively easy to make peace with them. However, this route is closed in case of this native as the last thing you want to do is try to win her over with an expensive gift; after upsetting her deeply on a personal level. She may not care much about the cost of gift and for her; the point may be the admission of your wrong doing.

Hence in case you upset her, your best remedy or the only remedy may be to admit your mistake and say you’re sorry. This approach can work wonders with her and she may strike peace with you at a much faster pace, especially if you’re the one she cares for. However, you should be aware that while admitting your mistake; you should actually feel it and it should reflect in your body language or it may bring the opposite results. Remember, she’s an intelligent and spiritually grown person. Hence she may be very good at separating a genuine apology from an unwilling or fake apology. A genuine apology may encourage her to forgive your mistake whereas an unwilling or unfelt sorry may aggravate the matters even more.

Hence if you’re a close relative of this native, let’s say her husband; this is what you should do and not do. If you’ve done something to hurt her, whether intentionally or unintentionally, this is what you should do to make real peace with her. Don’t offer her an expensive gift straight away without the admission of your mistake as she may take it as insult over injury. For a spiritually grown person like her, you’re trying to pay for her insult with money; which may be the worst thing you may do to her. With this approach, you have made a mistake by upsetting her and then you’ve made a crime by offering to pay for your mistake, instead of admitting to it.

Himanshu Shangari