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Random luck will only take your side once in a while and that is why it is called random luck. Hence it is not wise to depend entirely on it and you must have something else to back on. When you’re 90% sure that you know the right answer or even 80% sure, you’re taking a calculated risk of 10 to 20% luck with 80 to 90% knowledge. This is a must have virtue if you wish to achieve the biggest things in your life. You may not win this particular game with this approach but if you keep taking such calculated risks, you may win 7 or 8 such games out of 10. Hence you gain a lot and you gain often, though you may lose at times. So taking calculated risk is good but taking blind risks is bad.

Coming back to the topic, the positive energy of Mars may render the ability to take calculated risks to this native and this ability may help her a lot in many spheres of her life, especially in her profession. She may keep taking calculated risks and though some of them may result in failures or even losses, many of them may result in successes or profits; and that’s what matter the most. It should be noted that the overall mental abilities of this native are very good as already explained.

Hence she may be well capable of assessing the percentage risk factor in any project she may undertake and she may also know up to what percentage of risk is healthy according to the benefits offered by a project. This is the job of your mental abilities and they may do this job very well for her.  Together, the abilities of assessing the risk versus reward factor and taking calculated risks may bring her success in her professional field as these are key factors playing behind anyone’s success.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it may create problems on physical, mental and emotional level. Physically, it may create some problems in her lower stomach and chest region from time to time, and these problems may become significant, whenever this energy gains strength due to running times.

On mental level, this energy can trouble her by giving her two difficult personality traits at the same time. The first trait is that she may not be able to forgive people who may have hurt her seriously at times; and she may wish to settle her score with them. The second trait which makes it complicated is that in many such cases, the same energy may stop her from engaging in direct offensive actions against such people, even if they duly deserve them.

As a result of these conflicting personality traits, she may not be able to take out her anger on the guilty ones at times; and all such anger may collect on her mental plane, in the form of negative energy. The same energy may also encourage her neither to forget her grudges against a person in question, nor to go and punish him directly. This is where the complication may start, as you must either take out your anger or forgive the one who caused this anger, in order to keep yourself free from negative energy.

Since she may not do any of these things in some cases, for long periods of time; the negative energies may collect on her mental plane and they may trouble her with various types of mental issues like restlessness, anxiety and mental stress. Though there are energies in her horoscope which may help her take this anger out on the ones who are guilty, the energy of Mars may delay such actions and she may be able to do so after suffering from this negative energy, for a significantly long period of time.

On emotional level, the negative energy of Mars may disturb her on account of emotional setbacks through her loved ones, from time to time. Though such setbacks may be manageable most of the time, they may become significant or difficult to manage, whenever this energy gains strength due to running times. These are the times when some people close to her may cheat her, use her for their selfish motives or betray her; thereby causing significant amount of emotional troubles to her.

Since they may be the people she cares for, she may choose not to hurt them, not at once at least, and she may try to deal with all this negative energy on her own. In trying to do so, she may absorb all such negative energy, she may not be able to digest it and it may start collecting on her emotional plane. As a result, issues like emotional insecurity may appear and they may trouble her. With the passage of time and by means of their repeated occurrences, these issues may start making it difficult for her to trust people, as she may have got hurt through a number of them.

Hence she may start keeping her distance from many people and she may start developing a feeling of insecurity. It should be noted that due to the strong positive energies in her horoscope, such distance or insecurity may not be visible to everyone as she may be very social on the outside. However, on the inside, she may start feeling alone and she may find it difficult to trust people. Hence she may not share many of her secrets with most people, though some of them may not even be big ones; as she may have this strong feeling that these people may hurt her or use her secrets against her.

As she may absorb more and more negative energy through emotional setbacks and as she may not release much of this energy by sharing her problems or by other means, she may start feeling emotional pressure. Whenever the running times support these negative energies, such emotional pressure may become significant and it may disturb her significantly, for as long as such energies remain strong.

Moving on to the next planet, the placement of Sun in the second house of this horoscope is broadly positive, with about 80% of its energy being positive and about 20% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of its energy, it may bless her with qualities like benevolence, kindness, hard work, polished speech manners and a number of other good qualities. All these qualities can help her a lot in many spheres of her life and they can also make her a very good person from the inside. It is this energy of Sun which may encourage her to do good and good only; and keep away from bad.

The positive energy of Sun can also act as a guardian angel for her and it may keep protecting her from bad things, especially in the sphere of her profession. This energy may try its best to ensure that she gets very good results from her profession and she is not harmed due to her professional association with some people who may not be very good ones. This energy can help her attract good professionals towards her and at the same time, repel the bad ones.

As a result, this energy may keep blessing her with professional success almost till the end of her professional career. Though there are other energies which may try to restrict her professional success and they may even succeed when the running times are favorable for them, this energy may still help her recover from difficult times and get back on the track.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it can create problems related to money matters, especially with the spending part. This energy may affect her spending habits due to which she may not be able to control them at times, and she may often spend a lot. It should be noted that this energy may not affect the income part and it may only affect the spending part. The negative energy of Sun may also affect her relationships due to which she may find it difficult to find or have very good relationships easily; and she may have to go through many experiments before finding the bliss of relationships.

The placement of Ketu in the seventh house of this horoscope in the sign of Sagittarius is a mixed placement with about 60% of its energy being positive and 40% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of its energy, it may help her a lot in her professional sphere. This energy may give her the ability to identify the right type of professional opportunities and she may benefit a lot due to this ability. The positive energy of this planet may also encourage her to put in her best effort, when engaging in a project, especially a professional project.

Hence this energy may help her build the reputation of being a dedicated professional who puts great importance to her work, and this image may help her a lot, in attracting new opportunities. This is because the positive energy of Ketu makes her dependable and almost every professional wants to work with a person they can depend on. This energy may encourage her to always honor her words or commitments, especially those related to her professional sphere. This virtue may once again help her a lot in making a good reputation for herself.

Ketu’s positive energy may also help her recover from setbacks, especially from the emotional setbacks which may be more in numbers and quantum; than an average person may judge from her appearance. Hence this energy may help her leave them behind and move on with her life, which is one of the best things for a person like her. This is because her emotional plane is the most troubled one and this plane also has a tendency to affect her mental plane. It means the emotional disturbances experienced from time to time may affect her mental health in an adverse way.

Since this energy helps her recover from some of these setbacks, it helps her keep better emotional and mental health. It should be noted that there are two ways to get rid of negative energy on any of your planes. The first way is to give this energy an outward expression and the second way is to divert this energy in another direction. In practical language, the first way is to take out your anger on the ones who caused it in the first place and the second way is to forgive them and at times; forget them too.

The positive energy may help her find both these expressions. It may help her take out her anger in some of these cases and it may help her forget if not forgive; and move on in some other cases. When it comes to take out her anger, there are other energies which restrict her from doing so and hence they may oppose this energy of Ketu. As a result of this conflict between energies, she may not initiate a direct action against the guilty ones in many such cases and she may rather take an indirect approach.

It means that instead of facing one such person head on and hitting him upfront; she may choose to hit him and make him suffer in an indirect and hidden way. She may cause this person a loss which may be equal to if not more, than the loss caused by this person to her; in a way that only a few people may understand she’s the one responsible for causing this loss. Though there are other energies in her horoscope which may encourage her not to cause losses even to the ones who make her suffer, this tendency may still remain significantly effective.

Coming to the forgive or forget, once again due to conflict in energies, she may be able to move on at the most in many cases; she may not be able to forgive or forget as there are a number of energies which encourage her not to do so. As a result, she may choose not to retaliate in some cases, especially the ones which involve people she may care for a lot; and she may instead choose to move on. However, due to the mixture of these energies, she may neither be able to forgive them, nor forget their wrong doings; and this is what may cause problems.

Doing so may keep those negative energies collected on her mental and emotional planes and they may keep disturbing her from time to time. They may especially have negative impact on her peace of mind as each time she is free, she may start thinking about such incidences and how her loved ones hurt her. The stress so caused may keep increasing and it may trouble her significantly, whenever the running times support negative energies.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it may create problems in her love life. The negative part of this energy may affect her love relationships and that too in its own way. A part of this negative energy may make her have high expectations from the man in her life and sometimes these expectations may become too high to be met.

For instance, this energy may put this idea in her mind that the man in her life should be charismatic, intelligent, respected, established, civilized, witty and kind, apart from having some other qualities. As it can be understood, such people are difficult to find in reality, if not impossible, even for a person as high in value as this native. However, this is not the troublesome part as such people still exist. The trouble starts with another part of this negative energy.

This part of Ketu’s negative energy may make it difficult for her to find such men, though they may exist nearby; and even if she’s able to find one of them, he may not be willing to commit or he may be incapable of committing, due to circumstances in his personal life. This is where the problems may begin as she may either find the ones who are not worthy of her company as her standards may be very high, though justified according to her overall value; or she may not be able to get commitment when she finds one.

Another part of this energy may help her spot the shortcomings in a man she may be having a relationship with, at a relatively faster pace. Due to her overall strong mental abilities, it may become very difficult for a man to act before her as she may be very well capable of seeing the real intentions behind his acts. This may create even more problems. This is because for relationships to work, sometimes not knowing much can help a lot.

The more you keep finding out about the other person, the more difficult it may become for you to keep loving him; as most of us are full of flaws, which tend to become visible at later stages of relationships. People with enhanced mental abilities are very good at finding such flaws and this is what makes it more and more difficult to continue the relationship. They may find out that the perception of this person for which they signed, is a lot different from his real personality. Hence it may make it difficult for them to stay connected and they may walk out.

All these energies may make it difficult to get committed or to have commitment, when it comes to love life. At times, she may walk out as the other person may turn out to be much different than he appeared whereas sometimes, she may walk out as the other person may be almost everything she wants; but he may not be willing to commit due to his own reasons. This pattern may continue until the running times support one or more than one such benevolent energy which may be strong enough to bring one such man to her and make him commit too. This is when she may witness marriage. We’ll discuss about these time lines towards the end.

The next planet on the list is Jupiter, once again a broadly positive planet for her. The energy of Jupiter is about 75% positive in this horoscope and about 25% negative. The positive part of Jupiter’s energy can bless her with great deal of intelligence which can help her a lot in many spheres of her life. The same energy can bless her with good acting skills and it can also render to her a very good taste for things and people. All these qualities may make her more valuable as a professional as well as a person, which may help her in many spheres of her life.

The positive energy of Jupiter can also help her stay loyal to her loved ones and do whatever it may take to help them out when they need. This quality may earn her a lot of respect among her loved ones and it may also help her in professional sphere, as she may be willing to help out her producers or directors in case they are in need. This energy can also bless her with a thirst for knowledge due to which, she may keep gathering more and more knowledge with the passage of time.

The positive part of Jupiter’s energy may also help her attract men easily. This energy can bless her with a specific type of magnetism which many men may find difficult to resist. The fact that she may choose to explore only those men who seem to meet her criteria is a different aspect of this picture and it doesn’t have anything to do with her ability to attract more and more men.

It can be seen that Jupiter’s energy and Ketu’s energy are working in opposite directions here. The energy of Jupiter may keep bringing men to her; and the energy of Ketu may keep driving her away from them on account of the reasons already mentioned. This is what may make the love life of this native tricky. She may keep having more and more men interested in her and at the same time; most of them may simply not work out for her. This may result in a number of failed experiments in the domain of love, before the final success is achieved at a time which supports such success.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it may make her a little too good or naïve at times. As a result, she may become vulnerable and others may hurt her. It should be noted that due to enhanced mental abilities of this native, it may be very difficult to cheat her or hurt her as long as she’s using these abilities. Hence the only way to cheat her or hurt her is to make her switch off these abilities.

This may happen if someone is able to connect to her on an emotional level, instead of connecting to her on a mental level. Her mental plane may be the strongest one but her emotional plane is very sensitive, as well as vulnerable and the negative energy of Jupiter may add more vulnerability to this plane. Hence if someone engages with her in an emotional relationship and she also gets emotionally attached to this person where such person may be a friend, a relative or a lover; she may switch off her mental plane while dealing with this person.

As your mental abilities are the ones which give you the skill of separating right from the wrong, you may not be able to do so, when you don’t have these abilities or you don’t want to use them. Hence she may choose to trust instead of discriminating and this is what may bring her problems. Though her mental plane may keep warning her that something is fishy about this person, she may choose not to avail the services of this plane. She may instead stick to her emotional plane which may tell her that everything is going to work out perfectly; even though circumstances are telling otherwise.

This obviously may bring her setbacks and these setbacks may keep disturbing her from time to time. It should be noted that she may choose to switch off her mental plane, only when she’s emotionally attached to someone and not before that. It means you may not betray her or fool her at the beginning of a relationship as she may be using all her mental abilities. However, once you get through this initial phase and she gets emotionally attached to you, she may start using her emotional plane much more than her mental plane and this is what can make her become vulnerable.

The personality of this native is very different from many others in a way. The energies are such in her horoscope that if she chooses to keep her eyes open or so to say, her mental plane open, you may almost never be able to outsmart her. However, if she chooses to use her emotional plane instead of her mental plane while having a relationship with you, it may be easy to hurt her any time. It means though she may find other people hurt her from time to time; it is in fact she who lowered her guard of protection and let them hurt her. Hence she may only be exploited when she has the wish of being exploited, though such wish may be a subconscious one and it may come in the form of emotional vulnerability.

Coming to the last but a very beautiful planet, the placement of Moon in the twelfth house of this horoscope in the sign of Taurus which is its sign of exaltation is a broadly positive placement. About 80% energy of this planet is positive and about 20% energy of this planet is negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy, it may bless her with charm, charisma, magnetism, kindness, elegance, adventurous spirit, an ability to enjoy life to the fullest, the love for music, great attachment to her parents and especially to her father; and many other good abilities.

This makes Moon one of the most benefic as well as one of the most important planets in her horoscope as it may shower her with a number of good qualities which may not only help her gain more in professional sphere and achieve more in personal sphere; it may also help her enjoy life to the fullest and leave the setbacks behind. Though there are other energies which may not allow her to forget emotional setbacks, this energy may still soothe her significantly and it may enable her to sleep well, even when she’s under immense emotional pressure. The positive energy of this planet may help her almost in every sphere of her life and above all, it may keep making her more and more evolved as a soul, with the passage of time.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it may increase her emotional vulnerability, in its own way. This energy may encourage her to believe that the other person in a relationship may also be a good person, just like she is; and she should trust him. It should be noted that the overall personality of this native lies in the category of spiritually advanced souls; and hence she may be a very good person at heart; with no intentions to hurt or even wish bad for anyone; unless she has just reasons to do so.

Though she may look all calculated and smart on the outside, she may actually be a very caring, loving and kind type of person on the inside; in a naive way. Since she may be well aware of this soft side of hers; that is why she may put up a strong exterior so that no one may be able to judge her soft side and take undue advantage. It is only when she gets attached to someone that she may lower this external guard and that is when you may see the real her.

The inner side of this native may be filled with love, kindness and compassion for everyone, especially for the ones she loves and for the weaker or suffering sections of society. However, you may not be able to judge most of these qualities as she may cover them with her cleverness and smartness; to give you more an impression of being a calculated and logical type of person. This may only be her defense mechanism to avoid people see the real her; as she may not want most people to see this side of hers.

Coming back to the topic, the positive energy of Moon may bless her with even more goodness and the negative part of this energy may make her suffer due to his goodness. The negative energy of Moon may make her emotionally vulnerable and at the same time, it may keep introducing her to people or situations which may result in emotional setbacks. This is why I mentioned that the emotional plane of this native may be the most vulnerable one as this plane is affected by a number of negative energies in her horoscope. It is only through specifically guided astrological remedies that balance may be restored on her emotional plane.

The negative energy of Moon may also cause financial losses at times; though such losses may not be big ones in most such cases due to a big part of Moon’s energy being positive. This energy may also push her into a zone of emotional detachment or emotional oblivion at times, where she may not want to share her things; even with the people closest to her. This energy may at times encourage her to start trusting people less than she does, under the pretext of already witnessed emotional setbacks and even betrayals by that time. Hence she may feel like being alone at times; even when she may have an ocean of people around her, due to the negative impact of this energy.

All these different types of planetary energies may give her a complex personality, like most of us have. The best performing plane in her case is the mental plane, followed by physical plane and emotional plane comes last in this race; as it may be the most vulnerable plane she has. Though she may witness health issues related to her mental plane at times, these issues may be created by the emotional plane and they may be transferred to mental plane to deal with. The best approach for this native is to find more and more ways to find emotional peace and strength. This can be done through her conscious efforts and with the help of specifically guided astrological remedies.

Looking at the coming times, significant changes are heading her way very soon. These changes may start with July 2017 and they may remain effective till January 2020. These are the times which may need her attention away from work and towards the issues related to her personal life. It includes her mother, brother, family, home, personal relations and some other spheres. A lot may happen in these spheres and hence she should be prepared.

Her equation with her mother and her brother may be redefined during these times and the new definitions may be achieved, after a period of disturbances and problems. This time may also test her emotional plane and in fact, it is the plane which may feel the maximum heat of this time. This is because this time may bring challenges related to the people as well as things to which she may be emotionally attached the most.

Just to give her an idea, the intensity of these issues may be similar to or even more than the ones which may have hit her during 2011 and 2013, on emotional level. The only difference is that she may have been able to show much courage back then; compared to the courage she may be able to show during this phase. It means she may not be able to face these issues with the same strength, thereby taking more damage as well as more time to recover.

Knowing this may help her prepare instead of being caught by surprise; and this is why I have mentioned this fact. On professional level, though there is no direct threat to it, the issues in her personal life may affect the professional sphere also, though indirectly. Hence she should take care and if she is comfortable, she should start doing appropriate astrological remedies in time; to reduce the strength of the coming times.

As far as her marriage is concerned, the period between July 2017 and August 2018 supports it and after that, the period between February 2020 and March 2021 supports it. The first period indicates a marriage which may need her to make more compromises than the one that may happen during the second period. It should be noted that relevant period may bring opportunities of marriage and getting married or not may still be the choice of an individual, due to the free will given by nature to everyone.

Hence it may be more beneficial to consider getting married during the second period mentioned by me, than during the first period. Choosing to get married during the first period may not only need more compromises from her side, it may also result in disturbances in marriage. The second period is a relatively better period and the marriage if it happens during this period, may do much better in the long run; apart from requiring fewer compromises from her.

On professional level, she may witness problems or even losses during the period between July 2017 and January 2020. However, these problems may be temporary and the scope of her profession in long run is promising. Hence she shouldn’t worry much about her professional sphere, if problems appear during these times as they are likely to be short lasted.

Looking at the remedial part, Hessonite, Diamond or Blue Sapphire may be recommended to her but they may cause problems, if worn. At this time, wearing an Emerald may benefit her in many spheres of her life. Other suitable gemstones may only be recommended after a detailed discussion with this native.

Apart from wearing suitable gemstones, she should also consider getting relevant planetary poojas performed for her as they may help her a lot, even more than the gemstones. The suitability of Poojas is dependent on the running time as well as on the goal in question. Hence relevant Poojas may be recommended from time to time, only after a one on one discussion with this native.

Himanshu Shangari