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However, in case of a person who has a professional or less established relationship with you and he slaps you, he may essentially be a bad or a very bad person. This is because if you slap someone without having any right to do so or without a just reason; you’re certainly a bad person. The friend had stretched his rights but he had some rights. This person on the other hand, had no right to start with and hence it is injustice. Therefore, it is wise to punish him or disconnect from him after slapping him back; as he’s definitely going to trouble you a lot more in the future.

You see, how there is a fine line between tolerance and cowardice. You should be aware of this line and you should stay on the side of tolerance and not on the side of cowardice. Speaking about this native, she’s likely to be anything but a coward, owing to a strong horoscope. Hence she may possess the quality of emotional tolerance, which may help her a lot.

The positive energy of Saturn may also bless this native with good analytical abilities which may help her grab the finer details of a number of things related to many spheres of her life. This ability may help her in her acting profession as she may be able to understand the core elements of acting with the help of this ability and accordingly, she may be able to deliver some very good performances. This is why she may get recognition for her roles in some movies, which demand the artist to express very deep elements of acting or emotions.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it may create problems on physical, mental and emotional level. On physical level, it may cause problems like lack of physical energy at times; and some issues in the head or stomach region. The problem of lack of energy may at times make her unwilling to do certain things or engage in certain actions as it may create the effect of feeling tired. This energy may start gaining strength after her age of 34 and she may start having this effect after this age. This energy may also cause headaches or migraines at times and it may cause some problems related to digestive system also.

On mental level, the negative energy of Saturn can trouble this native by keeping negative energies trapped on her mental plane, for long or very long periods of time. It means that this energy may encourage her not to react to some situations or to some actions, and she may collect negative energy by doing so. The same energy may force her neither to forget the wrong done by someone to her, for a long period of time; nor to pay him back for a long period of time. Since these are the only two valid solutions if you wish to get rid of negative energy on your mental plane, not engaging in any one of them may keep disturbing her for a long period of time.

As a result, she may witness mental anxiety and restlessness, whenever this energy gains strength due to running times. It should be noted that the negative energy of Saturn is such in her case that it may force her, never to forget her revenge. At the same time, it may encourage her not to take such revenge in hurry and wait for the right time, which may be far away. Until that time comes and she gets rid of this negative energy by taking her revenge, it may keep disturbing her. Though there are positive energies in her horoscope, which may counteract a part of this energy, it may still remain significantly effective.

It should be noted that the overall horoscope of this native is highly positive and hence she may not hurt anyone without a just cause. Therefore, this negative trait given by Saturn should not be viewed as if it can make her a bad person who may wish to take revenge on other people for no just reasons. Such feeling of revenge may only get trapped on her mental plane; when someone has done significant injustice to her and she was not able to pay back at that time. The reason why this energy is negative is that it may encourage her not to act on the spot when such injustice happens, it may encourage her not to forget such injustice either; and it may encourage her to keep such wrong doing fresh on her mental plane. Hence this energy may trouble her a lot and it is one of the most troublesome energies in her horoscope.

Looking at the impact of this energy on her emotional plane, it may render her the state of emotional servitude as well as the state of emotional stagnancy. As a result of emotional servitude, she may keep serving some people in close or very close relationships, even when she may not be getting much in return; or even when these people may not even appreciate her efforts. This negative energy of Saturn indicates a long service without rewards or much recognition, to some people in close relationships.

Hence she may do a lot for these people from time to time, she may not receive much in return and at times, she may come to know that some of these people are not even appreciating her efforts or even speaking ill about her. These are the karmic settlements from past life due to which she may have to do a lot for some people close to her and she may not receive much good in return, though she may get bad in return, from time to time. The exact details of these people are a very personal affair of this native and I’ll skip them.

Looking at the trait of emotional stagnancy, this personality trait may make it difficult for her to act upon some very logical and just decisions made by her mental plane; where such decisions may be related to some people very close to her. For example, in case of a relationship, a stage may come when her logical reasoning may start telling her again and again that the other party is not doing their due part in this relationship and it may also tell her that he is not likely to do it in future also.

The same logical reasoning may tell her at times that the other party is taking undue advantage of her and he may keep doing so in future also. Hence her logical reasoning may tell her to walk out of this relationship as it may see no future for this relationship. Since her mental plane is very strong, most of these logical advices are likely to be correct.

However, the negative energy of Saturn may send her in a state of emotional stagnancy as it may encourage her to keep pursuing this relationship, under false and irrelevant hopes that the other party may one day realize his duty in the relationship and he may give her the due credit she deserves. Though there may be no relevant logic in support of these feelings and all the circumstances may be telling otherwise; this energy may be strong enough to convince her not to walk out of the relationship.

As a result, there may be a direct clash between her mental plane and emotional plane, where the first one may tell her to walk out of the relationship or at least confront the other person and deliver everything on his face; and the second one may convince her to do none of these things and keep waiting, for things to change on their own, as if by magic. Since the negative energy of Saturn is strong and it receives support from other planets also, her emotional plane may keep controlling her mental plane for long periods of time in such situations and she may keep suffering because of that.

The period of time taken by her mental plane to finally win this battle depends on two factors. The first one is the appearance of the running times which support mental energies instead of emotional energies and the second one is the quantum of emotional attachment she has with the person in question. It means stronger is her emotional attachment with this person, the longer may be the period of emotional stagnancy and accordingly, she may suffer much more. Even when she may finally be able to walk out of some of these relationships which she may find very precious for her, due to the impact of strong mental energies, such acts may come with long lasting regrets.

It means if she parts with someone she really doesn’t want to part with due to strong emotional attachment; she may not get over this person easily as well as quickly. Though the person may have done much wrong to her or the person may have avoided giving her what she deserved, for a long period of time; she may still not be able to disconnect her from this person. There’s an obvious battle between her mental and emotional plane according to her horoscope; and this battle may trouble her a lot at times.

The emotional plane may become sensitive, troubled and even withdrawn at times; due to the setbacks it may receive. The mental plane on the other hand may trap more and more negative energy from time to time; as its decisions may not be implemented due to the supremacy of emotional plane. This may result in problems like stress, anxiety and other such problems on mental level. It is only trough specifically guided astrological remedies that this negative energy of Saturn may be taken care of.

The working of Mars is mixed in this horoscope, with about 60% of its energy being positive and about 40% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy first, it can bless this native with strength and this strength may show its impact on her physical, mental and emotional plane. Looking at physical plane, it may bless her with sufficient physical energy to achieve important goals in her life and it may help her stay active most of the time.

The impact of this positive energy on her mental plane can make her mentally strong due to which she may possess the ability to take bold decisions and then implement them. It is this energy of Mars which may encourage her to take calculated risks for time to time and a number of such risks may reward her in the end. It should be noted that in order to achieve big things in any sphere of life and in order to maintain those big things, you must have the ability to take risk.

This is because none of the biggest achievements or rewards may be achieved without taking risks or without raising your stakes. Remember those game shows which say if you answer the last question correctly, you get the biggest reward but if you answer it incorrectly, a significant part of your already won money may be taken back? This is where the ability to take calculated risk comes to play. If you’re 90% sure that you know the right answer but you don’t have the courage to take calculated risk, you may choose to quit with what you’ve already won.

Though you may still end up with a good amount of money, you may feel upset upon knowing that your answer was the right one. It is not due to lack of knowledge or lack of effort that you lost this reward; it is due to lack of courage or the ability to take calculated risk that you lost this reward. If you can’t risk on something you’re 90% sure of, what can you risk on then? The answer is you won’t risk on anything big and you want to play absolutely safe.

There’s nothing wrong with playing safe but then you should understand that the biggest of the things are not meant for you and accordingly, you should not even dream of achieving them. This is because being safe means not taking risks and not taking risks means not participating in the biggest of the missions, as they all include significant amount of risk. Hence they’re not meant for you and you should acknowledge this fact at the earliest.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you want to play safe and you’re willing to stay away from the biggest type of things, as you’ve made your choice wisely. Similarly, there’s nothing wrong if you want to achieve the biggest things and you’re willing to lose many times on the way, as this is once again a wise choice. This is because these biggest things will always come with risks and you’re likely to lose at times. The wrong approach is that you want to achieve the biggest things and at the same time, you want to play safe too. These two attributes simply don’t go with each other and hence you may only find disappointment with this approach.

So play safe and quit thinking about the biggest things while enjoying what you have; or be adventurous and try to achieve the biggest things while being prepared for the risks or losses on the way. However, don’t expect to achieve the biggest things while playing safe. A calculated amount of risk must be taken in order to achieve the biggest things and you may have to pay the price also, in some cases. However, this is what makes it beautiful and desirable.

For instance, one of the biggest dreams that a woman may have is to become a mother. However, it comes with risk, and this risk was much bigger in the past than it is today; as there was almost no medical help available. The women back then knew that they may even die while trying to deliver their babies, they still did it. If they all chose to play safe, none of them had taken the risk to get pregnant and the world would have come to an end.

There are many other examples but I guess, the point is made. It should be noted that there is big difference in taking calculated risk and taking blind risk where the former is a must have quality and the latter is a must avoid trait. For example, if in the same game, you have no idea about the right answer and you still choose to opt for one answer, you take blind risk. You don’t know what you’re doing in the first place and you’re only testing your random luck; that too at the cost of high stakes. This may make you adventurous or daring, it makes you foolish too.

Himanshu Shangari