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It means if this energy gives her illusions about a particular person, she may not be able to see his real personality and she may only be able to see the side of his personality that he may be showing or even more than that, the side that this illusion may want her to see. As a result, she may start having a very good but illusionary image of this person and instead of developing a relationship with this person; she may develop a relationship with his illusionary image. Though some close people may warn her about this illusion, it may not make much difference and this state of affairs may continue until this negative energy fades away and a wise energy becomes stronger due to the running times.

This is the time she may be able to see the real image of this person, and she may not like this image. This relationship may fail and she may get upset as this person was not what he showed himself to be. In reality, this person was always the same and all this may have happened due to the fact that the negative energy of Rahu did not let her see the real side of his personality. For example, a person she develops a liking for may have a history of being selfish or ruthless and he may have hurt a number of people in the past; and this fact may be well known to her also.

However, as she interacts with this person; the negative energy of Rahu may cast this illusion in her mind that though this person has a history of being selfish or ruthless, he won’t be so with her. As obvious, this relationship may only end up in disappointment as the other person is not likely to change and you don’t like the real him. This is how the negative energy of Rahu may trouble her.

Considering another example, if she develops a relationship with someone, the negative energy of Rahu may start giving her a different type of illusion. She may start expecting this person to do things which he may not wish to do and which he may never commit to do even. However, this illusionary energy may keep assuring her that when the time comes and she asks him to do such things, he’ll do them gladly. As obvious, the time comes, she may ask for those things to be done and the other person may refuse to do them, once again resulting in a setback.

In reality, the other person may never have given her the impression that he’s willing to do those things for her or for anyone. It is the illusionary energy of Rahu which may have led her to believe that she doesn’t need to cross check and she should rest assured that the other person will do those things when she asks. Similarly, a number of other types of illusions may also be cast by this energy and it may result in setbacks, in all such cases. It should be noted that the word relationship in this context means any type of relationship like friend, colleague, business associate or a lover.

The real job of this negative energy is to distort or dissolve her logical reasoning about some things or people and then make her suffer in the end. Hence this energy may make her feel cheated many times in her life, by introducing her to some not very good people or to some people who may be good but who may not be willing to do what she may want them to do for her. It should be noted that the overall horoscope of this native is highly positive and she’s not likely to ask for any wrong things to be done for her, in most cases.

It is simply the fact that sometimes what one person wants is not what the other person wants. For example, she may tell a friend that she wants him to invest in her upcoming business project, but he may refuse. This may upset her as she may have high hopes of him doing so; for she may have done the same for him in the past. However, the friend may not see her project as a good one and he may refuse on merit; relying on his sense of profit and loss through business.

None of them may be wrong, but she may get hurt; as she may not have expected him to do so. Morally speaking, the friend should have done it. Practically speaking, he should only have done it if he saw benefit in it. Hence there may be no right or wrong in this situation and it may be the fact that one person may be operating on moral grounds and the other one on practical grounds. Similar problems may happen in other spheres also.

By creating a series of events like these over a period of many years, the negative energy of Rahu may put extra pressure on her mental and emotional planes. As a result, she may start doubting some things and people, and she may not give them the trust they may need in order to do their best for her. This may cause even more problems; thereby creating even more negative energy on her mental plane in particular. Whenever this energy becomes very strong due to running times, she may even start doubting some actions of hers.

It means she may do a thing and she may either start doubting whether she did right or wrong, she may start doubting whether she did it correctly or incorrectly or in the worst case, she may start doubting whether she’s done it or not in the first place. This behavior can cause problems on mental level and these problems may intensify whenever this energy gains strength through the running times. The negative part of Rahu’s energy is very troublesome in her horoscope and it is only through specifically guided astrological remedies that this energy may be controlled.

The next planet to be discussed is the mighty Saturn. The working of Saturn is mixed in this horoscope, with about 30% of its energy being positive and about 70% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of its energy first, it can bless her with very good amount of patience which can help a lot in many spheres of her life. As a result, she may be able keep working for her goals and she may not bother much, as long as she’s on the correct path and she’s moving.

Due to this quality, she may achieve some goals or missions in her life, which she may not have achieved otherwise. This is because such goals may have wanted her to keep working for long periods of time and they may have demanded sustained efforts, before producing results. A person without patience may simply not be able to do so, though he may be very good at making efforts.

The quality of patience rendered by Saturn may reflect on her mental and emotional planes also. On mental level, it may enable her to plan for long periods of time. It means this energy may bless her with the ability to keep thinking newer and newer ideas, thereby modifying her plans. Hence she may start working on a mission with a plan and on the way to her goal; she may change or modify such plan many times, in order to make it even better. This energy can give her the ability to adapt, which may help her a lot. In fact, this quality may help anyone a lot.

For example, if she’s working on a project with a movie maker, she’s likely to work towards building a relationship with this maker, so that she may benefit in future also, provided she likes this maker. Over the course of her relationship with this maker, if at any time, she finds that a competition is entering the scene and she may need to change her current plan of maintaining this relationship, she may do so quickly. For instance, she may offer something of more value than before or she may become more flexible or she may do some other such thing, which may convince the maker to ignore her competition and keep working with her.

Similarly, if she’s working on a project and the maker finds some difficulties during the project, where such difficulties may be of any type like financial or technical ones; this ability may once again come handy. If the makers wants her to make some adjustments like he wants her to work for extra hours, or reduce the budgets of outdoor facilities, she may agree to do so without much trouble, provided she wishes to work with this maker in future.

Doing so may once again give her a unique advantage, as the maker may build a high opinion of her. During his next project, even if he finds someone else willing to do the role for less money, he may offer such role to this native only, if both the actors are fit for the role. It means if she and the other actor may both be able to do justice to this role and the other actor may offer to work for a lower price, the maker may still choose to work with this native. One reason for this is that he may have been obliged by her and the second reason is that she’s a tested and certified teammate. The maker knows that if difficult situations come during this project, she may very likely make adjustments.

It should be noted that not all the actors may be willing to make such adjustments and some of them may refuse to make any. For instance, one actor may not compromise on price at all whereas the other one may do so. Similarly, one actor may not compromise on the class of outdoor facilities like hotel room; if the shooting is outdoors; whereas another one may make such adjustments. Though none of them may be more right than the other as it is a matter of choice, professionals who are flexible and who make adjustments without much trouble, are always likely to be the first choice of the makers in the long run.

Though the ones who don’t make such adjustments may also get their share of work and that too on their own terms, such work may only come as long as they are high in demand. As soon as they hit difficult patches, most makers may turn their backs on them. This is because these makers may not have been comfortable working with them in past also, and they may have done so, only due to their high demand among audience. As this demand drops, the makers may not go to them and on the contrary, some of them may feel relaxed that they won’t have to tolerate their non-adjusting attitude.

On the other hand, actors who are good at making adjustments may benefit the most when they hit difficult patches. This is because most makers may still want to work with them and bring them back to success, as these makers feel comfortable working with them. It should be noted that as long as we’re living in society, be it any type of society, being social is the first thing that pays. Being social here means making adjustments as and when they’re required, in order to oblige or help the others, who are important for you.

By choosing to live on your own terms and by not making any adjustments for anyone, you’re playing a high stake game. This is because sooner or later, you’ll also need those people. It may sound irrelevant if you’re at the top of your success and everyone needs you whereas you don’t need any one; but believe me it will change. Time has almost never been the same for any one and it may not do so for you too. It means a bad time will hit you today or tomorrow, and that is the time when the fastest way to get out of the trouble is the support of people, in fact a lot of people.

As a rule, the higher is the number of people who support you, the higher are the chances that you may either not enter a bad patch or you may get out of it at the earliest. This is because in a group of people, you’re the only one who’s going down and the chances are very high that the rest of the group will pull you up. On the other hand, if you don’t have those supportive people because you didn’t make adjustments for anyone, once you start going down, you may go all the way down and hit the bottom; as there is no one to offer you a hand, in order to pull you up.

It is the time to learn this lesson that no matter how strong, no man is an island. We’re living in society and we’ll need it more often than we may think. The word society doesn’t indicate all the people in a racial or cultural society; it simply means a group of people around you, which may serve as a society to you. These are the people whom you choose to be a part of your society, you make compromises for them and when the time demands, they do the same for you. This is your team, your group or your society; and almost no one may afford to ignore it.

Looking into the effect of patience on emotional level, it may enable her to be patient and wait for long periods of time, in order to make a relationship work. It means if she’s in a relationship whether it’s friendship or love, and she likes the other person, she may not quit such relationship, on the first sight of problems or change in behavior of the other person. Instead, she may be willing to convince the other person as well as wait for a reasonable amount of time so that the other person may become aware of his or her responsibility in the relationship and he or she may start doing his or her part.

This quality may help her maintain her relationships as it is the key to successful relationships, where they may be any type of relationships. All of us hit bad patches and get disturbed at times. When it happens, we tend to behave with our near ones, not in a very healthy ways, which may upset them. This is because many of us may not be able to convert their frustration or anger into work force or take it out on the ones who deserve them, due to various reasons.

Hence negative energies get collected on our mental or emotional planes and the easiest targets of these negative energies are the people close to us. If you’re angry at your boss or a superior, it is not likely that you’ll take this anger out on him. This anger may collect on your mental plane in form of negative energy and this energy may choose people close to you as its target. For instance, the day this happens, you may go home and upon a small mistake of your wife; you may take this anger out on her. The mistake committed by your wife is not nearly as big as your anger; and it is the anger which should have been taken out on your boss or you should have learnt not to let it build.

Looking at this equation from your wife’s angle, let’s discuss two possibilities. She may understand that you’re taking out someone else’s anger on her and she doesn’t deserve this anger. Hence she may retaliate and things may start getting worse in this case. As a second option, she may choose not to react and she may even choose to comfort you by asking if something bad has happened in the office. Though you may not instantly feel bad for taking your anger out on her, you may very likely do so after some time, when you’re relaxed.

This is the time when you may say sorry to your wife either directly or you may convey it through gestures of helping her out, by appreciating her for something where the praise may be more than she           deserves or by presenting her with a gift. The wife in this example has the quality of emotional patience and though she may seem to suffer due to this quality in the short run, she may gain much more in the long run.

The husband may not only admit to his mistake either directly or indirectly, he may start respecting her more. This is because the people who can handle you and tolerate you when you’re at your worst; are definitely the ones who care deeply for you. As it is easy to understand, almost no one wants to lose such people. Hence this act of emotional patience may strengthen the relationship and it may put the wife in a position of advantage. You see, the act of retaliation by wife may be justified but the act of tolerance in this case may be much wiser.

However, only some situations and people deserve this tolerance and not everyone is worthy of this virtue. It means that in most cases, such tolerance is justified only when you’re dealing with someone you have a close relationship with; and the relationship is valuable enough not to let small things spoil it. Therefore, if a wife does it for her husband and vice versa, a brother does it for his sister and vice versa or a friend does it for her friend; this tolerance is justified and it may be called wisdom.

On the other hand, if such tolerance is practiced in case of strangers or in case of people who don’t have a defined relationship with you and at the same time, they’re trying to do injustice to you by actually harming you; instead of just simply saying some bad words; this tolerance may be called cowardice in such cases. This is because there’s a fine line between someone taking their anger out on you and someone doing injustice to you. If latter is the case, the quantum of injustice allowed to the other person varies according to your relationship with him and practicing more tolerance than that may qualify as cowardice.

For example, if for any reason, you mother slaps you, it may be worthy of being tolerated owing to the relationship between you two. If it is your friend doing the same to you, it may be justified to slap him back and then settle things between the two of you. The reason you should slap back is to let him know that this is not the luxury he can afford in friendship and hence he should keep away from slapping you again. The reason you should make up with him if he’s a very good friend is that a wise person won’t let a small incident spoil a valuable relationship. Hence slapping him back and then settling things is a wise option here. It gives your friend the message that you’re strong enough not to be bullied and at the same time, wise enough not to lose a friend like him over such small issues.

Now consider a colleague, an associate or someone new to your circle of friends slaps you. If such is the case, it is wise not only to slap him back, but to sue him or permanently disconnect from him, whatever may be the demand of the situation. This is because in the first two cases, your mother and your friend may have done so under the right of your love. Though their actions may not be justified but it doesn’t make them very bad as persons as they have some right on you, to start with. Hence they may have stretched that right a little too much but they still have this right.

Himanshu Shangari