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Similarly, if an issue is caused in his professional circle, it may once again become visible to a large number of people, thereby causing gossip and tension on large scale. This is why this energy is very troublesome as it may create problems, it may enhance the visibility of such problems and it may also make him not pay much attention to the damages caused by such problems. Hence he may not back out in time and therefore he may take unnecessary damage. It is only through proper guidance and astrological remedies that this energy may be rectified.

Coming to the last but not the least, the placement of Jupiter in the third house of this horoscope in the sign of Aries is a broadly positive placement, with about 80% of its energy being positive and about 20% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy, it can bless this native with good physical strength and stamina; faith in people he works with, an eye to detect the good and bad in a thing such as a piece of acting or writing, an expansive philosophy and the urge to preach it, good speech abilities and a number of other good qualities. As a result, this native may benefit through these qualities in his professional as well as in personal life.

The positive energy of Jupiter can bless this native with the ability to put faith in people he works with due to which he may have good relationships with a number of people from his professional sphere. For instance, if he’s working with a director, he may have this faith in him that he’s fully capable of making a good movie and hence he may support the director in his effort, with significant faith. It should be noted that due to the overall strong and intellectual horoscope of this native, he may offer his advice from time to time as and when he finds there’s something he can help the director with.

However, the primary purpose of such advice may not be to let the director know that he’s wiser than him and instead the purpose may be to help the director in making an even better movie. Similarly, he may have faith in his co-workers and he may believe that they are all good at their jobs and hence they may also be valuable towards making a good movie. This energy may also encourage him to be cordial, initiative as well as interactive on with his co-workers.

It means instead of choosing to stay aloof on the sets, he may engage in interactions with his teammates and he may help everyone relax as well as become cheerful in his company. It is interesting to note that a number of other energies may encourage this native to find some private time away from most people, so that he may engage in study, research, analysis or entertainment on his own. At the same time, the positive energy of Jupiter may encourage him to engage in the company of other people and have fun as well as develop relationships.

As a result of these contradicting energies, he may have both these habits with significant strengths though the first one may be relatively stronger due to a number of energies supporting that habit, which is the habit of finding private time. Hence whenever he’s not engaged in a project, he may choose to spend significant amount of time away from people and he may spend a part of this time in the company of his family and a part of this time to pursue his hobbies or interests. A number of such hobbies or interests may be the ones which are carried out in house like reading something, watching something, listening to something and other such hobbies.

This is because the overall horoscope of this native may give him strong attachment with home, family and relaxation which comes from staying back at home, away from the formalities of the world. On the other hand, due to the strong impact of Jupiter’s positive energy, he may become highly social as well as a well liked person whenever he’s working with a team of people on a professional project. Hence he may prefer to spend more time at home to relax, but at the same time, he may be fully capable of enjoying in the company of other people; and he may also be capable of making them enjoy his company.

Therefore, the mixture of these energies may give him the shades of these opposite types of personality traits and he may exhibit both of them from time to time. Accordingly, he may be good at interacting with people, making friends as and when he has the chance to do so; and at the same time; he may have a preference to spend some time alone, away from most people. At times when the first type of energies gain strength, he may become relatively more social and at times when the second type of energies become stronger, he may become relatively less social.

It is interesting to note that due to the mixture of these energies, this native may prefer to socialize at his house, more than any other place. It means the collective impact of a number of energies in his horoscope may give him great affinity to his house and he may feel the most relaxed as well as the most comfortable when he’s home. At the same time, the energies like that of Jupiter may encourage him to socialize with more and more people; and this is where these energies may clash as he may have to leave the comfort of his house in order to socialize.

These clashing energies may find a balancing point and this is how that balancing point may be reached. He may make friends when working with people or interacting with people and he may then prefer to socialize with them or keep in touch with them, by inviting them to his place. This may be his preferred way of socializing with friends as doing so may satisfy both the energies. It means he’s socializing and at the same time, he’s home. Therefore, he may develop a habit of inviting friends to his place and then enjoying in their company.

Whenever doing so is not possible due to any reasons, his second choice may be to go to a friend’s place, instead of going to a public party. Hence he may visit the places of his friends though he may wish to visit those friends only, who have houses which he likes and which give him a vibe of comfort. It should be noted that due to the overall energy of this native, the concepts like home, family, emotional comfort and privacy may carry utmost value to him. Hence he may not like socializing in public places a lot, though he may do so at times.

Instead, his preferred mode of entertainment, relaxation or socializing may be in private type of settings; like his house or a friend’s house; where no outsiders or unwanted people are present and only those people are there, who are known and who can be trusted. Speaking about trust, this virtue may also have significant importance for this native and hence he may avoid socializing in places where a number of unknown people are present; as they can’t be trusted with the kind of information he may be sharing with his friends.

It should be noted that he may not be sharing unhealthy type of information with friends and it may be good and healthy most of the time, owing to the overall positive horoscope of this native. However, he may put significant importance to keep private things private and hence he may not want everyone to know about his personal feelings or other personal things. Therefore, he may not like the concept of socializing in the company of unknown people and he may prefer to socialize in private type of settings, with his own house being the most preferable venue for such social interactions.

The positive energy of Jupiter can also encourage this native to help other people with his knowledge, especially the people he may be working with. As a result, he may go up to his co-workers from time to time whenever he finds there’s an idea or concept he may help them with; and he may offer help. For example, if he finds that a co-actor is not able to bring out a particular type of expression and he knows how to bring it out, he may go to such co-star and tell him or her as to how may he or she do so. It is interesting to note that in order to offer such help, he may not wait for his co-actor to approach him for help and instead, he may approach him or her and offer help.

It should be noted that while offering such help, his intentions may not be to interfere unnecessarily or make his co-actor feel small, as his overall horoscope is positive and he may not wish to trouble people in any way. His intentions may instead be to genuinely help such co-actor so that he or she may improve his or her performance. This quality may earn him respect among his teammates with the passage of time and people may like working with him again and again. Working with this native may come with multiple benefits; you enjoy his company, you learn a lot from him, he helps you out as and when you need such help; and above all, you may have the chance to make friends with a person as good as he is.

The positive energy of Jupiter may also give him deep insight to concepts or things that interest him. As a result, he may be very good at analyzing a piece of work and he may be especially good at finding flaws in such piece of work. It should be noted that he may not find flaws with things under negative pretexts like in order to make other people feel small. He may do so as he may genuinely wish most pieces of work or concepts to be as good as they can be. Hence if he finds that something is good but it can be better, he may offer his opinion, not in order to offend the person who’s created this thing; but to let him know that he can make it better.

This energy can also help him learn a lot, especially on his own. It means that instead of seeking the company of some gurus and teachers who may be experts on some topics of his interest, he may wish to engage in self study and learn what comes through such self study. The overall horoscope of this native is such that he may feel more comfortable with gaining knowledge through his own efforts as well as through his own experiences. Hence he may not relish much, the idea of gaining most of his knowledge through the experiences of other people and he may wish to do his own experiments to gain such knowledge. As a result, he may become his own teacher most of the time, though he may still remain open to receive valuable knowledge through other people also.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, this part may at times make him a little too straight forward and outspoken while voicing his opinion about something, like a piece of art or acting created by someone. Though his intentions may purely be to let other person know that he can do better and he may even tell him how to achieve such better result; he may at times offend other people. This is because some people may not like his outspoken approach and instead of looking at the bottom of his advice or review, they may get stuck to his words which may not be very diplomatic at times.

It means the bottom of his advice or review may be filled with valuable knowledge about how a piece of art may be improved; but it may at times appear outspoken or even offensive on the surface. Hence some people may get offended though he may not wish to offend them even in the least and he may instead wish to help them genuinely. This problem may aggravate in case of people he’s really attached to and the ones he cares for; as in such cases, he may not even wait for them to ask him about his opinion and he may let them know what he thinks about their piece of work.

If his opinion is all positive, it may be welcome as this is what most people want today; only positive reviews even though they may be saying they welcome the negative ones also. On the other hand, if his opinion is not positive as the piece of work may actually not be good and he may only be behaving honestly about it; some of these people may get offended. They may take it as an insult and on top of that, this fact may offend them even more that they haven’t even asked for his advice but he’s still offering it.

The reason it may happen in case of his loved ones is the fact that in case of these people, the negative energy of Moon may also team up with the negative energy of Jupiter. As already explained earlier during the analysis, the energy of Moon may put much pressure on this native to help the people he cares for, as much as he can, even at the cost of offending some of them. Hence the combined effect of these energies may give him emotional anxiety, the anxiety to let his loved ones know how to improve their work, if he finds flaws in such work.

Though his only intention behind this act may be to help his loved ones so that they may do better next time; he may be misunderstood at times. The fact that he may be a little too straight forward in his opinions due to the negative energy of Jupiter may add insult to injury. It means the other person may not like his unasked opinion when it is negative and he may get even more offended by the fact that such opinion has been delivered through non-diplomatic words; and in a little too straight forward manner. I should be noted that negative opinion in this  context means he may genuinely find something negative about a piece of work and this term should not be considered as if he may intentionally want to hurt his loved ones, even if there’s nothing wrong with their piece of work.

Whenever he may offend people through his words or actions, it is not because he wants to offend them intentionally and in order to do so; he may say hurtful things even though they may not be true. His overall horoscope is positive as well as honest and hence he may not wish bad for his loved ones. Hence dishonesty may not cause problems for him and on the contrary, it is his unadulterated honesty of speech and actions, which may land him in trouble most of the time.

This is because in an honest urge to help people around him, he may often cross the boundaries of social diplomacy and hence he may end up offending people at times, even though he wishes to help them out. As the tendency to speak out his mind without putting much filter on his speech is strong in his horoscope, he’s likely to do better with people who can handle constructive criticism. It means if you’re close or very close to this native, you should be prepared for his truly honest as wells as non-diplomatic advice or opinion about something you may have done; even if you don’t ask for such advice or opinion.

The overall horoscope of this native may give him this mindset that if he’s capable of helping a loved one, he should not wait for them to ask for such help and he may offer it before they ask for it. Hence when he finds something wrong with your piece of work, he may not wait for you to approach him and he may himself approach you to let you know what’s wrong with your piece work so that you may improve. His intention may be purely to help you and not to offend you. However, whether you feel helped or offended; depends on what type of a person you are.

Hence if you’re a loved one of this native, be prepared for unasked help and at the same time; be prepared for unadulterated honest approach. On a personal note, I like this quality a lot and in fact, this is how your loved ones should be. This is because if they’re honest about you and your works; only then they are helping you; though they may not sound pleasing at times when such honesty seems to go against you. On the other hand, if they’re diplomatic with you; which means they only want to please you even if that requires them to be dishonest, they’re not your true well wishers.

Therefore, the natives like him are actually the best type of people when you’re looking for friends as they truly have what a friend must have, unlike the natives who in reality are your enemies in guise of friends. However, the world seems to have come to such a place where a number of people want to hear only good things about them, even if they’re dishonest and even if they may keep aggravating the problems they may have. This native is pure in many senses, especially when it comes to offer opinion, advice or help and he may only offer what according to him is best for you, in the most honest way. Hence you should make friends with him, only if you’re strong enough to handle and digest such pure honesty.

Coming to the end, it can be seen that a number of different planetary energies give him different types of personality traits and that is what may make him have a complex personality. At times when a particular type of energy becomes stronger due to support from running times, the personality traits given by that energy may become more visible. Similarly, when another type of energy becomes stronger, the personality traits given by that energy may become more visible.

Different types of planetary energy become stronger at different times, so that you’re offered a chance to deal with every type of situation and you may have the chance to evolve, by being exposed to different situations and personality traits. The true motive of these changing planetary energies is to make you grow more and more as a soul, by presenting you with different types of challenges and situations at times. Hence the energies which trouble you a lot are equally or even more helpful towards your spiritual growth; compared to the energies which reward you with good things from time to time.

Looking at the coming times, the time period till September 2019 looks overall good, though the period between August 2017 and September 2018 may bring some upsets. These upsets may include the occurrence of some not so very good events related to his parents and especially his father; some upsets in profession though they may not be big ones, some issues in the family and increased emotional or mental sensitivity at times.

The time starting from October 2019 is the time which may mark the start of significant problems related to some spheres of his life. This time may create problems related to his health, family and overall well being and these problems may at times become high in quantum. The time period between February 2021 and June 2026 may intensify some of these issues, and especially the issues related to family matters and health. Here also, year 2023 and the earlier part of 2024 may prove very difficult.

This is the time when significant problems or events related to health, family and other spheres of his life may happen. Hence he should take care. It should be noted that these predictions are based on his birth chart, which means they are based on his karmas from past life. Guided astrological remedies can change some of these predictions. Good or bad karmas done in this life may also affect these predictions in positive or negative manner and hence, some deviations from these predictions may be observed. However, the overall trend of these predictions may still prevail due to the pending karmas from past life waiting to be paid.

Himanshu Shangari