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Though you have all these options at your hand, which one you choose is dependent on your will which in terms may depend on the level of your spiritual growth. It should be noted that the highest form of truth is undoubtedly the moral truth and hence the best thing to do or the only thing worthy of doing in this situation is to start treating this person at the earliest. Hence if you’re a morally developed soul, you may choose to ignore the legal truth as well as the social truth and you may instead choose to embrace the moral truth; and hence you may start the treatment at the earliest.

However, doing so may offend the members of your society, thereby making you socially wrong. There is a chance that this society may cause problems for you in future. At the same time, you may also offend the legal system of your country by doing so, thereby making you legally wrong. There is a chance that the law enforcing agencies may initiate a legal action against you and you may face problems through them also. Hence the situation is very difficult to handle and a person with no conscience or low conscience may almost always choose to ignore the moral truth as it comes with losses.

However, a person of high spiritual growth or high conscience may almost always choose the moral truth, even if it comes at the cost of problems. This reminds me of a beautiful incident from history when the soldiers of an army lead by a highly respected guru complained to him that a person who’s been given the job of offering water to the wounded soldiers is giving water to the enemy soldiers. Those soldiers drink water, they gain strength and they start fighting once again, making it difficult for the army of the highly respected guru to win.

The accused was called and asked for an explanation about this act, which is socially as well as legally wrong. The answer given by him was very beautiful and only a true disciple of this highly respected guru as well as a person of high conscience may have given such answer, which is something like this. ‘My lord, you’d asked me to offer water to wounded soldiers and that is exactly what I’m doing. Whenever I see a soldier crying for water, I see your picture in him. At that time, I’m unable to see whether he belongs to us or to the enemy; and I only see you calling me. Hence I offer water’. The accused delivered the ultimate truth which is the moral truth and he was highly appreciated by this respected guru.

I guess the difference is now obvious and it is also obvious that choosing to go with the moral truth may come at a high price when social or legal truths are standing against it. This is where spiritual growth comes in picture as it gives you an aware conscience which helps you reach the actual truth. This reminds me of one more small story which may help.

An accused was brought before a king to judge his case. The laws of the time said he was guilty but the circumstances as well as the act itself was telling that the person had committed such act under the guidance of moral truth in order to help someone and not in order to hurt someone. The king deeply analyzed the entire case and found out that the person was morally right but legally wrong. As the king was a person of high conscience, he announced that the person should be acquitted and the present law should be modified. This is because laws should be there to implement what is morally right and they should not be formed to oppose what is morally right.

Hence you may face situations where your actions may be considered socially wrong or legally wrong but they may be morally right in a perfect way. When such is the case, whether you choose to go with the social truth, the legal truth or the moral truth depends on your conscience and this is what is going to decide the journey of your soul. If you wish for spiritual growth and true enlightenment, don’t even think for a second that by choosing to go with social or legal truth in such a case, you may achieve such spiritual growth. If you’re a traveler on the path to enlightenment, moral truth is the only option for you, even though it may come at a price.

This is why when Socrates was offered a choice between killing the truth by taking his words back and killing himself by drinking poison, he chose the latter. He was a traveler on the path to enlightenment and he understood well that killing the body is no price compared to killing the soul. I know it may sound like paying too high a price, but it all depends on what you want. If you want social happiness, go with the social truth. If you want to be a law abiding citizen, go with the legal truth. However, if you want to seek the higher enlightenment called spiritual growth, you have to go with the moral truth.

Coming back to Mars, the positive part of its energy may bless this native with the ability to see the moral truth and stick to it, in many cases. Though it may cause problems also at times, it may help this native achieve more and more spiritual growth or evolution of the soul. It should be noted that though the moral truth may sometimes result in problems in the short run, it always brings the highest type of rewards in the long run. It is like the preparations for a very difficult exam may really trouble you a lot, but the end results may reward you handsomely for such troubles.

Though there are other energies which may encourage this native to choose social truth or legal truth instead of choosing the moral truth; and they may counteract this energy of Mars; it may still remain significantly effective. As a result of these clashing energies, this native may choose to stick to social or legal truth when the energies supporting them are strong due to running times; and he may choose to go with the moral truth, when the positive energy of Mars gains strength due to running times. These conflicting energies may often challenge him to decide between the legal or social versus the moral truth and this is what may form the basis of his evolution. This is because you can evolve only if you face challenges on regular basis and not if you stay out of them.

The positive part of Martian energy may also help him maintain good relationship with his wife and it may also help him build an overall good and friendly image. It is due to this energy of Mars that he may be willing to resolve differences with his loved ones, in a friendly and diplomatic way, instead of letting those differences build strong walls between him and his loved ones, on account of high ego. Hence he may have differences with his loved ones at times due to negative energies in his horoscope; this energy may encourage him to resolve such differences in time.

The positive part of this energy may especially motivate him to have friendly relationship with his wife. As a result, no matter how big an issue may rise between the two of them, he may always be willing to keep the channel of communication open and resolve the issue with mutual understanding. It is this energy of Mars which may encourage him that even if the decision of breakup is to be taken in case of a relationship; it should be taken in a friendly manner, instead of implementing it in a mud-slinging manner.

Hence he may engage in a table talk with the other person and he may try to convince him or her that just because they don’t do well with each other, doesn’t mean one of them has to be wrong. Hence he may suggest in a friendly way that they should respect each other’s path or life choices and they should separate as their paths are altogether different. He may also suggest that just because they are not going to walk on the same path, doesn’t mean they have to turn enemies. Hence he may try to convince that though the both of them may not travel on the same path any longer, they may still remain friendly towards each other, instead of turning enemies. It is a very good quality to have and it is what the positive energy of Mars may bless him with. This energy may also enhance his creative skills which may help him achieve more and more in his acting career.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it may create some problems in his marriage and it may also create some problems related to his health, though it may have almost no negative impact on his profession. In case of marriage, it may create differences of opinion between him and his wife and these differences may become intense at times. This energy may also create a mismatch between what both partners want from life at a time; thereby making them drift apart. Since the deeper analysis of these problems is a very private affair of this native, I’ll skip these details and move on.

The negative energy of Mars can trouble this native with some problems related to stomach and it may also put load on his heart, which may trouble him after his age of 56. This negative energy can also create some problems related to mental stress due to which this native may suffer from problems related to this field. Apart from this, the negative part of this energy may cause some other problems also.

The next planet to be discussed is Ketu. The placement of this planet in the tenth house of this horoscope in the sign of Scorpio is a mixed placement, with about 70% of its energy being positive and about 30% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy, it can bless this native with deep understanding of certain concepts, interest in the detailed working of things, physical energy, the ability to move on whenever something bad or unfavorable happens, confidence and faith in him and some other personality traits. All these personality traits may help him in personal as well as professional life, though some of these personality traits may be counteracted by the energies of other planets, which tend to give opposite types of personality traits.

The positive part of Ketu’s energy can bless this native with faith and confidence in him due to which he may be able to work for and achieve a number of good things in his personal and professional life. This energy can encourage him to have faith in him, even when he may be trying to achieve a difficult task and majority of people around him doubt that he may be able to achieve his goal. Even in circumstances like this, the positive energy of Ketu may keep motivating him from inside that the goal is achievable and that he should keep working towards it.

As a result, he may start working hard towards his goal and though it may seem in the beginning that he may not be able to achieve it this time, he may actually be able to achieve it in most such cases, provided the running times don’t support the opposite types of energies which may put doubt in his mind. It should be noted that you can do and achieve almost anything, as long as you have strong faith that you’ll do so. Faith is the first thing you need in order to achieve your goals, especially the bigger ones.

It is faith that encourages you to keep working towards your goals and hence you keep doing the same. As long as you keep moving towards your goal, the chances are really high that you’ll achieve it, though it may take less time in some cases and more time in some other cases. Hence you must have faith in yourself if you wish to achieve big things in your life as you may simply not be able to achieve anything big in your life without this virtue called faith.

This positive energy can bless this native with healthy amount of faith in him and in what he does, which may give him forward push towards his goals. Ketu’s energy may also make him an independent spirit due to which he may feel comfortable working for himself, instead of working for other people, like engaging in a job. It should be noted that this energy may only encourage him to work for himself and it may not stop him from working with others; as there is a marked difference between both these personality traits.

If you have a tendency to work for yourself, you prefer engaging in some type of business or practice, suitable according to your horoscope. On the other hand, if you have a tendency to work alone, which means not working with the others, typically in setups which are called team works, this is an altogether different personality trait. In the first case, you may wish to earn money through independent work instead of working for fixed salaries and hence you may engage in such activities.

However, if your horoscope is supportive, you may choose to engage in independent professional activities which demand team work, though you’re still rewarded on individual basis. For example, you may become an actor and work with a team of other actors, you may become a cricket player and work with a team of other people or you may become a lawyer and join a law firm which has a number of lawyers in it. In all these professional formats, you work in teams but you’re rewarded individually.

On the other hand, if your horoscope gives you a tendency to work independently as well as work alone, it’s an altogether different matter. In this case, you tend to work for yourself and at the same time, by yourself. Hence if you’re a sportsman, you may become a wrestler or an athlete as they work on their own and not in teams. Similarly, if you’re a lawyer, you may choose to practice alone, instead of working for a law firm. Likewise, if you wish to become a part of movie industry, you may become someone like a song writer who doesn’t have much to do with teamwork and he works alone.

It should be noted that at times due to the influence of an overall strong horoscope, you may still choose to engage in professions that require team work. This may happen when strong energies of the opposite types are present in your horoscope and they both influence you significantly. If such is the case, you may engage in team work, you may even become successful but people around you may find you completely unwilling or unfit for such team work.

For example, if you become an actor due to an overall supportive horoscope and you have a significant tendency to work alone; this is what you may do. You may become an actor who may not believe in connecting to your co-actors on a personal level and you may simply see them as unwanted people. It doesn’t mean you may disrespect them, it simply means you may not be willing to connect with them on any levels, and you may simply choose to remain aloof, even when in the company of a number of people.

Hence you may keep achieving success after success as an actor, but your co-workers may see you as a person who’s least interested in developing personal bonds. It means you’re engaging in team work, but you don’t believe in the concept of a team. Hence you do it only for money and on temporary basis, without having much faith in this concept. Coming to the main topic, this native may be good at working independently and at the same time, he may enjoy working with other people, which means he may love being a part of the teams.

Hence he may love to connect to other people working on the same project and he may even wish to develop personal relationships with some of them. It should be noted that a person of the opposite type may not speak much on the sets and he may not be much interested in developing personal relationships with some of his team mates. This is because he may only be engaging in team work in order to earn money and he may not be doing so due to liking. Hence he may engage in team work and stay alone at the same time, not willing to develop relationships with most of his teammates.

This native on the other hand, may engage in team work and he may love interacting with his teammates as well as developing relationships with some of them; the ones he likes. This is because the overall theme of his horoscope may develop him into the kind of person who loves to interact with people and who loves to connect to a number of them on deeper levels; especially on mental and emotional levels; whatever may be the case in a given situation. Hence he may work in teams and he may love doing so. This is what can make him loved and respected by his teammates and in fact, he may build a number of valuable relationships of his life, while working on professional projects.

It means as the age of this native passes, he may start having more and more such people who may be dear to him and who at the same time, may have come to his life through his profession. For instance, he may have a number of his friends who may have met him through his profession and they may have developed very good relationships with him, over a period of time. The tendency to connect to other people is strong in the horoscope of this native and hence it he may not need much effort when it comes to interact with people, make them feel comfortable in his company and develop relationships with them, if he wishes to do so.

The overall vibe of this native may be such that you may start feeling relaxed, comfortable and safe in his company at the earliest. The word safe has been used in context of females. It means this native may be the type of person, who may be able to cast strong impact on his female co-stars or other females he interacts with that he’s a genuine and well mannered person and they may not find any reason to have any types of fears in his company. In fact, many of them may feel relaxed in his company at the earliest as his aura may convey the vibe of being a friend in a strong manner.

It should be noted that even if you’re a very successful professional, you may still radiate such vibes that most females may feel uncomfortable in your company, in a specific way. It means they may have this feeling that your intentions for them are not healthy and if given any chance, you may not hesitate in exploiting them. Hence they may almost never feel safe in your company, unless some of them actually want to get exploited.

This native on the other hand may give out very friendly and in a way, saintly type of vibes which may ensure the females in his company at the earliest that he’s a genuine guy, he respects females a lot and he may not have any intentions of exploiting them, even in the least. On the contrary, they may feel that he may be among the first ones to comfort them and help them, as and when they may need such comfort and help. Hence he may earn respect from female co-workers or females in general, due to this positive trait in his personality.

The word saintly in this context means that this native may not have any intentions of causing harm to the others or even wishing harm for the others. He may instead be interested in doing good things for the others and wishing well for the others, unless provoked to do the opposite. Humanitarian tendencies are high in this horoscope due to which, he may have high respect for each human being and he may not wish to exploit anyone for selfish motives. It should however be noted that being saintly towards women in this context only means that he may not be willing to exploit them against their wishes; and this tendency may not restrict the possibility of a relationship between him and another female.

It means he may not be interested in forcing a relationship or any other thing on a female co-worker and he may visualize the concept of a relationship on the basis of mutual liking and attraction. Hence unless a female native shows interest in initiating a relationship with him and unless he wants the same too, he may keep being friendly towards such female and he may have no intentions to force his will on her, in any way possible. However, if the female gives such signs and he likes her too, he may then move forward in the direction of developing a relationship. Respecting females only means you don’t force your will on them against their wishes; and it doesn’t restrict you from building relationships with them, if they as well as you are interested in doing so.

Apart from this, there are a number of good things that the positive energy of Ketu may do to this native. Looking at the negative part of this energy, it may give him some negative personality traits which may trouble him in many spheres of his life, especially when the running times are in favor of this negative energy. The negative part of Ketu’s energy may at times confuse him between right and wrong or between correct and incorrect and if this energy is strong, this native may choose to engage in actions or speeches which may not be right or correct, though he may have engaged in them while considering them right or correct.

It means this negative energy may not encourage him to willingly engage in wrong actions and hence it may not wish to make him a negative person. Instead, the negative part of this energy may distort the sense of this native at times, the sense which separates right from wrong and correct from incorrect. When that happens, this native may engage in actions or speeches which may not be right or correct but he may presume them to be. As a result, he may initiate an action in a situation and he may consider that action right, though it may not be so and hence he may face opposition or even criticism for such action.

An interesting fact is that the working of this negative energy is such in this horoscope that it may not only make him engage in not so right type of actions at times; it may also keep him convinced throughout such an incidence that he is right and it may also encourage him to pay little attention to criticism or opposition; and keep doing what he may be doing. This may aggravate the matters in some cases as he may do something not very right, he may keep considering it right no matter how many people may tell him it is not so and he should change his stand; and he may not bother much about public criticism or disapproval.

As a result, whenever this energy does so to this native, he may not be able to get out with minimum possible damage and he may instead take significant damages, where such damages may be professional or personal in nature. Though there are a number of other energies in his horoscope which may try to protect him and they may eventually get him out of all such situations, this energy may still have caused significant damage by that time, especially if it is strong due to running times during one such incidence.

It should be noted that there are people who may engage in not so right type of actions, they may face problems, resistance or criticism for their actions and they may back out at the earliest; hence suffering in the least as they correct their actions in time. However, the negative energy of Ketu may make it difficult for this native to back out once he’s taken a step forward and hence he may face more damage, especially the damage to his reputation and some financial damage also. This energy may keep him convinced that he’s right as it may make him see his side of the picture only, instead of looking at the overall and bigger picture.

At the same time, this energy may temporarily make him oblivious to words of advice and he may see them as efforts to discourage him from doing what is right. Another thing that this energy may do is to make him immune to criticism or any type of losses and he may be willing to go all the way with his actions, no matter how much damage or how much resentment may be caused on the way. This is why the rise of this energy may almost always come with significant losses. The worst part about the working of this energy is that this native may almost never realize that what he did was not so right and he may keep thinking that he did the right thing; and the losses suffered were the prices to pay for the truth and hence he may feel satisfied instead of feeling the need to correct such behavior in future.

This is what can make it difficult for him to correct this behavior pattern as in order to correct any type of habit, you first have to become aware of it and realize the need to correct it. However, this energy of Ketu may not let him become aware of such mistakes and hence the question of correcting them doesn’t rise in the first place. The negative part of this energy is one of the most difficult to handle energies in his horoscope, as it can make him face professional losses, criticism from public as well as from loved ones at times; and some other problems also.

This energy may especially remain strong till his age of 51 years and it is only after this age that this energy may start reducing, though it may never go away completely. Hence this native may face problems due to this energy from time to time and a number of such problems may become visible, making it even more difficult. It means if there’s an issue between him and one of his friends or family members due to this energy at a time, instead of being resolved mutually between the two of them, the issue may become visible to a bigger section of family or friend circle, thereby causing more gossip and tension.

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