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It’s interesting how the social norms as well as our sets of beliefs work. Whereas this native may be absolutely correct in helping his cousin at the earliest, this may create problems within the family circle. This is because the real brother of this cousin or some other closer relatives may also be considering about helping him and before they arrange such help, this native may help him out. This action may put this thought in the mind of the cousin that only this native wanted to help him and no one else. As a result, it may become difficult for other relatives to convince this cousin that they also wanted to help but before they could arrange such help, this native helped him.

This is why such relatives may hold grudges against this native as according to them, the important members of the family should have been consulted first about this issue; and a common platform for help should have been reached. It means a family discussion should have been arranged and all the relatives who wanted to help this cousin should have contributed according to their wishes and resources. Doing so might have been a better option as the needed help may have been provided in this case also, plus the concept of family as a whole may have become even stronger.

Hence such relatives may see this action of help by this native as an effort to cause friction among family members and therefore they may not like it. Some of them may even think that this native has done so intentionally in order to insult them and they may start engaging in a cold war against this native. You see, how the intentions of this native in offering such help might have been absolutely pure without any wish to hurt anyone, he may still end up earning more disgrace than grace. This is merely one example of what the negative energy of Moon can do to him.

Another scenario in same situation may be that some closer relatives of this cousin may actually not want to help him and they may keep making excuses about their helplessness. When this native offers such help and the help serves its purpose, these relatives may once again hold grudges against this native, though for an entirely negative reason this time. Such relatives may once again see the action of this native as an act to insult them as his help exposes them to the cousin who may think that this native is far better than his real brothers or other closer relatives.

Though this native may not have any such thing on his mind while offering such help as he may not be competing in a family race when offering such help and his only intention may be to help his cousin out, he may once again fall victim to criticism, though a hidden type of criticism. The egos of closer relatives of this cousin may get hurt by such act of this native and they may once again see such help offered by this native as an act directed to insult them, rather than seeing it as an act to help their relative.

Here again, the native may offer such help in the purest sense, but he may once again be disliked by some relatives, due to their own negative reasons. The negative energy of Moon is a perfect example of ‘Do good and bad will come to you, at least in the short run’, in the horoscope of this native. Though he may definitely benefit in the long run but he may certainly have to suffer in the short run in many such cases. This energy may especially remain strong till his age of 45 and it may then take rest for some years. It may once again start rising from his age of 55 and he may witness similar types of problems once again.

The negative energy of Moon can make the desire to help others so strong inside this native that he may at times not even care to take some time in order to think about the social or moral right or wrong in such help. Accordingly, he may be willing to help the needy at the earliest and such urgency may dissolve his filters of balance. It means he may not duly consider the right and wrong in such help or he may not assess the response and especially the opposition generated by his action; and doing so can land him in trouble at times.

For instance, he may find a section of society in need of help or support and he may come ahead to support them, without looking at the bigger picture, at least in term of social norms. It means this native may either not be able to assess or he may choose to ignore the quantum of opposition such section of society may have. Hence he may start helping such section at the earliest and as a result, he may become a target to the group of people who are in opposition to the needy group of people. For example, he may choose to support an organization on a particular issue, considering it an issue of social, moral or national importance.

However, there may be a bigger or much bigger organization in opposition to such issue and this native may become the target of such organization. As a result, they may cause a number of problems for this native in order to make him change his stand as well as in order to take their revenge upon this native. Though this native may not care that much about his personal losses, he may still get emotionally hurt and he may actually suffer some losses in the process. It should be noted that suffering losses is one thing and whether you care for such losses or not is another. Even when you don’t bother about losses and problems, the fact that they still hit you remains true.

Hence this energy may make him fall victim to strong oppositions at times and such oppositions may cause him losses. It should be noted that whereas most people may get rewarded when they choose to help other people or suffering sections of society, this native may have to suffer in a number of such cases. This is because whenever he chooses to help other people or organizations, the negative energy of Moon may come to play. It may encourage this native to get interested in the types of problems or issues which may have one type of controversy or the other attached to them, instead of being clean.

Considering an example, suppose two organizations work towards helping a suffering section of society where one of them is absolutely independent and the second one may have the stamp of a political party on it. Whereas a number of other people may be willing to offer such help to the independent organization and they may avoid helping the organization stamped by a political party, this native may not do so. This is because he may not believe in biasing on any type of basis, be it political, religious or racial.

Hence it may happen that this organization may need help or support, the ruling government may belong to the opposite party and they may not want influential people to come in support of this organization. Majority of resourceful people may understand the sensitivity of this matter and they may instead offer their help to the other organization of the same type or they may choose to stay away, in order to avoid getting in conflict with the ruling party.

This native on the other hand, may find that such organization genuinely needs help and he may not bother much about considering the social or political equation behind this scenario. Hence he may offer help to such organization which may offend the ruling political party. They may try to convince or even warn this native to stay out of his issue as they may see it more as a political issue and less as a neutral type of issue, which may be so in reality also. However, this native may not step back and he may continue to support or help such organization as he may only have one set of beliefs which says; the organization needs help, I want to help them, I’m capable of helping them and nothing else matters.

As a result, he may choose to continue his support and doing so may bring him unwanted problems. He may face strong opposition to his actions and he may even suffer professional or personal losses. The fact that he may not care much for such losses and he may only consider doing what he finds right doesn’t change the reality that he may face losses and problems due to this attitude. The energy of Moon may turn him into a rebel who may wish to stand with the suffering ones; which is a good thing. However, the same energy may blur his vision to assess the opposition and make proper arrangements before he comes out in the field, thereby creating problems for him.

It means if the same energy is positive in his horoscope and he wishes to help the same needy organization, he may do so in different ways. In the first case, he may assess the opposition before helping such organization and he may ensure that he has equal amount of political and social support in his favor, so that he may not suffer much on the hands of ruling party. In the second case, he may first become friendly with ruling party, help another organization supported by them and then help this organization while taking the ruling party in confidence that his help only means genuine help based on merit and it is not politically motivated.

Hence the ruling party may see him as a neutral as well as a kind person who simply wishes to help the needy ones, and they may not see a political move of this native behind such help. The fact that he has helped them also and he’s taken personal initiative to make it clear to them that he is only helping the other organization as it needs help and there is no politics behind it, may convince the other party not to act in opposition to him. Hence he may offer help in this case also, but he may not face opposition as well as problems or losses.

Similarly, in case of helping his cousin, he may first have a discussion with other prominent members of family and he may ensure that they support him or they don’t oppose him, as and when he chooses to help the cousin. The egos of most people are satisfied when you consult them before engaging in an action which they think involves them directly or indirectly. You don’t have to actually seek advice from them, you simply have to tell them that you wish to do so and you want to have their stamp of approval first. The same relative may feel happy, he may tell you to go ahead and before you actually offer help to your cousin, he may tell your cousin that he convinced you to help him.

By doing so, he may ensure that he’s been given due importance and at the same time, he’s also contributing. Whether the cousin believes him or not is immaterial to this relative and the fact that his ego is satisfied is more than enough for him. He now has the social reason to tell everyone in the family circle that you consulted him before offering such help and it was he who advised you to go ahead. In this way, he feels like he has also helped, though he may not have done anything at all in reality. I know it all sounds illusionary and unnecessary at the same time, but this is how our societies run. You simply can’t afford to offend important or influential people and you have to find ways to avoid doing so, while engaging in good acts of your choice.

As the energy of Moon is negative, it may encourage this native to impulsively engage in acts of help, without looking at the bigger social or political picture, resulting in problems at times. Though I’ve only mentioned a couple of examples from different fields, this energy is very troublesome and it may create problems for him in most spheres of his life. One thing is common among all these problems and that is the fact that such problems may come to him whenever he tries to help someone, as he may not consider the cons and pros of his actions. The negative energy of Moon is so tricky that it may often encourage him to offer help in the scenarios which are contentious, thereby resulting in conflicts and problems.

The extra sensitivity caused by this negative energy may also make him suffer from issues related to women in his life, especially his wives. This energy may convince him at times that his wife is not able to do enough to properly raise his children or it may convince him that she’s not able to manage the household affairs in the best possible manner and she needs help. Hence he may offer his help and though he may have pure intentions behind this offer, he may be misunderstood in these cases also. His wife may see him as being an intruder who is trying to enter her domains again and again, and she may not like it at times.

As a result, he may be seen as a possessive or even as an imposing type of person at times, though all he may want is to help. The negative energy of Moon may make him emotionally impulsive as well as possessive to some extent due to which he may suffer from a number of emotional issues. It is his desire to help his loved ones at the earliest, which may at times land him in troubles. This is because the other party may not see it as much trouble and he may not want his help as he may think he’ll deal with the issue on his own. This native may still wish to help and this may be seen as an act of intrusion by the other party.

Therefore, the intentions of this native may be as pure as those of a mother; his actions may be considered as imposing at times. It’s like your mother convincing you to have milk twice or thrice a day when you’re kid, so that you may develop into a stronger and healthier individual. Though her intentions are the purest ones, you may at times get offended by the way she forces such milk upon you; especially if you don’t like milk and as you get older. From her point of view, she’s only trying to help you whereas from your point of view, she may be trying to restrict your freedom and impose her will on you; especially as you grow older and you don’t like milk.

It should be understood that the fact that you want do something good for your loved ones is one thing and whether they want that good or not is another. One more thing worthy of being considered is that at times, what may be good for someone according to you may not be as good for them according to them. Hence the best approach in such cases is only to advice once or offer help once, instead of offering help or advice again and again until the other party either accepts it or bluntly refuses it. Even if the other party accepts it, it is not because he really wants it, it is due to your continuous pressure and that also generates negative energy.

The negative energy of Moon may at times make this native too pure to care for the independent wish of the others and he may want them to do what is good for them, at least according to him. This is what may cause problems as the others may not be comfortable with this at times and the same may especially hold true in case of his wife. Therefore, the negative energy of Moon may create some problems between this native and his wife. Though such problems may be counteracted in part by other positive energies, they may still remain present at times.

The negative energy of Moon may also trouble him with some health related issues which may be physical, mental and emotional in nature. On physical level, this energy may cause some problems related to stomach and chest due to which he may feel some problems with his digestive tract or some problems in his chest area. On mental and emotional level, this energy can create a lot of negative energy on these planes due to which he may feel anxiety, restlessness, sleeping disorders and other such problems related to mental and emotional stress.

It should be noted that the overall energy of Moon may make him interested in self medication which means he may develop a habit of finding and sticking to medicines for some specific types of health issues which may bother him from time to time. For example, he may have a collection of medicines, which may include medicines for most health issues which he or his family members may suffer from at times, though such health issues may be small ones like allergies, stomach problems and chest infections. Hence whenever he feels like having one of these problems, he may start using these medicines and he may not wish to consult the doctor unless he finds that his collection of medicines is not helping him in a particular case.

Hence this energy may encourage him to become his own doctor in many cases and doing so may come with its advantages as well as disadvantages. Whereas the positive part of this energy can help him detect and treat a number of his problems from time to time with the help of his medical bag; the negative part of this energy may introduce him to some medicines which may serve the purpose in the short run but which may have significant side effects in the long run. Since most of these side effects may become visible after this native’s age of 54, he may not be aware of this aspect of Moon’s negative energy.

Apart from these problems, the negative energy of Moon may cause a number of other problems in many spheres of his life. As the chapter has already become very long and some of these problems are very personal in nature, I’ll skip the rest of the problems. However, one thing is sure that the energy of Moon is undoubtedly the most troublesome energy in this horoscope. Though there are positive energies in this horoscope which may try to counteract this energy in part, it may still remain strong and it may especially start becoming stronger and stronger after this native’s age of 54, causing more and more problems for him.

Moving on to the next planet, the placement of Mars in the seventh house of this horoscope is a mixed placement, with about 70% of its energy being positive and about 30% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy first, it may bless this native with good creative abilities, a good sense of right and wrong, friendly nature, tendency to help the needy ones as well as the ability to help them, the ability to enjoy life, the ability to respect his life partner, the ability to look at the bigger picture and make more friends than enemies; and a number of other abilities. All these abilities may help him achieve good things in his professional as well as in personal life.

This energy may give him the sense to separate right from wrong, especially when it comes to moral right or wrong. It should be noted that there are other positive energies in his horoscope which may help him decide between social or legal right and wrong, though they may not help him much when it comes to decide between moral right and wrong. However, the energy of Mars may not bother much about social or legal right or wrong and it may instead focus on moral right or wrong, which is the highest expression among all these.

For readers who may not understand the difference between social, legal and moral right or wrong, let me explain it for the sake of convenience. If something is socially right, it means people in your family, people in the society or people on the whole find this thing right, though it may be absolutely wrong at times. It is only the opinion of the majority or in some cases, it is the trend followed by the majority and it may have nothing to do with actual facts or logics. Hence it may be right or wrong in reality, but it is socially right.

In order to maintain healthy relationships with other family members and other members of society, you may at times have to consider what is socially right and you may even have to accept it, though you may not wish to do so. This is because if you choose to go against it, the majority turns against you and you become prone to face heavy resistance and even problems through the friction caused by such majority. Hence you may have to engage in what is socially right, from time to time.

Coming to what is legally right, it is what the law of your country considers right, which may once again be right or wrong in reality. It may sound strange to some people as to how the law of a country can be wrong, but it can be so in some cases. Kindly understand that people of each country don’t follow some divine law and their laws are made by a set of people who may certainly be very intelligent but who are still likely to make some not so right types of laws, due to a number of factors.

For example, when a particular law is being formed, the body of people forming that law may not have very good understanding of what may be right or wrong in that case and they may end up forming a law which may not be right or which may only be partly right. Similarly, a majority of people in the law forming body may either be biased or they may be influenced in favor of a particular set of beliefs and hence they may form laws which favor such belief, not bothering much whether such law is right or wrong. This may once again result in a law which in sense may be partly or completely wrong. However, since it is a law now, respecting it is considered legally right.

Another reason may be that at a time when a particular law is formed, all the people in the law forming body may form it without any bias and they may also be wise enough to form it in the deepest sense and hence it may be right. However, with the passage of time and over many years, the circumstances may change a lot and the same law which made sense about hundred years ago may now become nonsense. However, since it is still a law, respecting or following it is legally right.

Then comes the term called morally right, which has got nothing to do with socially or legally right and it is all about the absolutely right, in its is purest sense. This is what may be called the divine truth and this is what may help you decide between right and wrong in the best possible way, without being biased in any way. This is what majority of Holy Scriptures have been guiding us to develop and follow, for moral truth is the ultimate truth. It is because moral truth comes from conscience and the truth given by your conscience is the ultimate truth, though the whole world may stand against it at times.

Hence moral truth is the purest form of truth, without even the minimum amount of adulteration in it. On the other hand, social truth or legal truth tends to have adulterations and at times, the percentage of these adulterations may be so high that it may altogether kill the moral truth. Social norms are formed with the primary objective of running the societies in the best possible manner, even if it comes at the cost of killing moral truth at times. Similarly, legal norms are formed in order to run a country or a region in a specific manner, even if it comes at the cost of killing the moral truth.

Moral truth on the other hand, is formed only on the basis of the purest type of truth and on the basis of the purest sense of justice. Accordingly, it becomes the highest type of truth, though it may become difficult to practice in this time and age, when social and legal truths prevail. Let’s now take a practical example to understand this concept in the easiest manner.

Consider you’re a doctor and let’s say a surgeon. A badly injured person is brought to your hospital and the people accompanying him tell you to treat him at the earliest. Now consider that this person belongs to a society or faith which is contradictory to your society or faith; and he has received these injuries in an act of violence which involved the members of your society or faith on the opposite side. It may however be the case that the members of your society or faith may have been the ones to initiate this act of violence and he may only have responded with violence in return.

As this injured person comes to you, you may face three situations at the same time. The first one may be the law of your country which says that in case of injuries of this quantum, the police must be informed first, a case must be registered and only then you should treat this person. This is what is called legally right. The second situation may be that the members of your society or faith may also approach you and they may pressurize you not to treat this person and let him die. This is because he is their opponent and if he lives, he may give a statement against the members of your society or faith and they may face legal problems.

Hence the members of your society expect you to act in favor of them as you are a part of this society and you are not supposed to act against the interest of this society. This is what is called socially right. The third situation is created by your conscience which tells you that you’re a doctor, a person is severely injured, you are in a position to treat him and this is all that matters. It means your conscience motivates you to treat this person at the earliest as this is the only thing worth doing. This is what is called morally right or the moral truth.

Himanshu Shangari