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It means he may take special interest to make sure that the house looks very good and beautiful, apart from being comfortable. Hence he may introduce different, unique and exotic type of furniture and furnishing in his house, which may elevate sensual pleasure at first sight. Another interesting fact is that he may keep making some changes to his house, particularly to the interior of his house and that also in places where people visit, like his living room or visitor room. Such changes may usually include introduction of new articles of furniture or pieces of art; or they may include change of theme of these rooms.

This is because the energy of Rahu may give him deep interest in making and keeping his house beautiful and at the same time, this energy may encourage him to keep changing the themes or keep making some changes, in order for this beauty to look new and fresh. Hence he may keep experimenting with the interior of his house, every now and then; and he may change any concept or thing which he may find outdated. This native may have the vision of a perfect house as the house which is beautiful, which keeps being beautiful, which is comfortable and which features activities or places where knowledge, pleasure and peace may be achieved, whichever of these he may wish to have at a particular time.

When it comes to purchase vehicles, he may once again have some preferences. The vehicles which are aesthetically beautiful or regal in an awful manner may draw his attention. At the same time, the vehicles which feature speed and strength may also attract his attention; as well as the vehicles which are strong enough to endure a lot of things. He may also be fascinated by the vehicles which introduce features which may be unique and not many other vehicles may have them. Coming to the type of vehicles he may not like, these are the ones which may not look beautiful, which may not give him a feeling of comfort when he gets inside or which may be boring type of vehicles with no special features in them.

The positive energy of Rahu can also bless this native with love for his country as well as that for his roots. As a result, he may be willing to participate in a number of activities which bring betterment to his country or to his family lineage. It is this energy of Rahu which may encourage him to engage in acts which he may consider in favor of his country or in favor of his family, even if such acts come at the cost of resistance from other people in his country or in his family, whichever may be the case. For example, if he wishes to do something good for his family or family lineage, he may engage in it and he may keep doing it, even though some of his family members may disapprove of his action.

Similarly, if he thinks saying or doing something for his country may bring good results, he may do so. On the way, he may face resistance or even criticism for his speeches or actions as the same may be perceived wrong by some other people, but he may continue to support his ideology, unless convinced with sufficient facts that there is a better ideology and he should adopt that ideology. The overall horoscope of this native is such that it may not be possible to make him surrender his beliefs by applying social pressure or through the wish of the majority.

It means he may not consider his actions or beliefs wrong, even if the entire word stands against him and asks him to surrender them; without providing relevant logic in support of such surrender. Though he may temporarily choose to withdraw from some of his actions in order to avoid clashes with a bigger section of people, he may not consider their point of view as a better one. The only way you can make him do so is to convince him logically, that the crowd has a better point of view and that he should modify his point of view. If you’re able to convince him through logic that there’s a space for improvement, he may welcome your suggestion, he may happily modify his belief and at the same time, he may also feel thankful to you.

The fact that this native may choose to stick to some of his actions even when there is a strong opposition to such actions may give an idea that this native is egoistic, but he may not be so in reality. He may stick to his actions because he may logically find them correct and he may not be willing to withdraw as he may be doing the right thing in his opinion; and hence there may not be much ego involved. Hence if you give him a better view and you make him understand it too, he may modify his view with this new one, without much hesitation.

The concept of right and wrong may be the most important concept for him and he may not replace right with wrong, under any circumstances or any type of pressure, though he may at times choose not to aggressively support the right, if the circumstances so demand. Therefore, the best way to deal with natives like him is to convince them that your point of view is better, if it is actually better, instead of forcing them to accept your point of view by means of some type of pressure or authority, as he may simply refuse to accept it in such cases.

The positive energy of Rahu can also contribute to his quest for knowledge as this energy may keep motivating him to raise one question after the other, related to one concept or the other. Since there are other energies also, which support this personality trait, it may come up as one of the strongest personality traits he may have. The positive energy of Rahu may especially make him interested in finding more and more about the working of human mind and secrets of human psychology, secrets of environment and its betterment, bodies of water and their preservation, technologies which feature safety and security of any type; and in a number of other things. As a result, he may spend a significant amount of his time in pursuit of these things and he may keep acquiring more and more knowledge about these topics.

The positive energy of Rahu can also give him good taste for foods due to which he may enjoy the concept of food as well as that of eating them. It is interesting to note that the working of this energy is such that it may encourage him to keep experimenting with his dietary routines. It means he may keep introducing new food items to his dietary routines and he may keep eliminating some old ones, as and when this energy gains strength through running times. Though there are other energies which may encourage him to put more emphasis on healthy food, this energy may encourage him to put more emphasis on tasty food.

As a result, his eating routines may contain many foods which offer great taste, along with the ones which offer nutrition benefits. It should be noted that though he may choose to have majority of healthy foods in his diet at times, due to the influence of some specific types of energies, he may still have strong liking for tasty foods and he may start having them once again, as and when he has the chance.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it can at times confuse him when it comes to make a decision about his houses, cars, thought patterns, dietary habits, family decisions and some other things. As a result, he may take longer or much longer time in order to purchase and customize his residential houses as he may like the finished house at a moment and he may find it incomplete the next moment. He may wish to go with one theme for a room at one time and he may wish to go for another theme, the next moment. Similarly, when it comes to family matters, he may choose to go ahead with one decision at a time and he may start doubting such decision at another time.

The same negative energy can also make him regret some of his decisions or it can make him regret the time he may have taken in order to reach such decisions or the way he may have implemented those decisions. This may add negative energy to his mental as well as emotional plane at times, and this negative energy may bother him in the form of anxiety, restlessness and other such things.

The negative energy of Rahu can also make him too attached to his family members as well as to his loved ones and that may also result in disappointment at times. This is because attachment beyond a healthy level almost always brings disappointment and the same may happen to his native also. This energy may also be the cause of arguments between this native and his wife or other family members and such arguments may especially take place in his own house.

The working of this energy can also encourage this native to consume some sensual pleasure enhancing substances like alcohol, which may have adverse impact on health, when consumed in heavy quantities. The same negative energy may also encourage him to consume such substances in significant quantities, which may promise better physical growth or stamina in the short run but which can have adverse impact on his health in the long run. It is interesting to note that the impact of alcohol on this native may bring out very romantic, emotional or intellectual side of his personality in most cases, instead of bringing out the violent shade of his personality, as may be the case with many natives consuming alcohol in significant quantities.

As a result, if you accompany him to consume alcohol, this is what may happen. If you’re an intellectual friend, he may start discussing a number of intellectual things with you; if you’re a loved one, he may start getting more and more emotional with the passage of time; and if you’re a lover or wife, he may start getting more and more romantic with the passage of time. In case you’re not so close to him and you don’t have as much knowledge as much he may have, he may start behaving like a guide or preacher and he may start sharing his knowledge on some particular topics of common interest with you.

However, when the running times introduce more negative energy, the consumption of alcohol may not only bring some health problems, it may bring some arguments also, especially the ones which happen between him and his family members. Further details of these arguments are personal and hence I’ll skip them. Apart from this, the negative energy of Rahu may create some other problems also.

The next planet to be discussed is Moon. The placement of Moon is broadly negative in this horoscope; with about 80% of its energy being negative and about 20% of its energy being positive. Moon is undoubtedly the most troublesome planet in this horoscope as it tends to create a number of problems for this native. It is only due to a number of strong and positive energies in this horoscope that this native may be able to manage the problems created by this planet and he may remain peaceful, at least on the outside; as otherwise, he may have suffered a lot, both on outside and inside.

It means that though this placement may still create a number of problems, the public life may remain dignified most of the time and these problems may become effective, only in private life. We’ll find out more about this when we discuss the negative part of this energy. However, let’s first start with the positive part of this energy.

The positive energy of Moon may render abilities like feeling the pain of the suffering ones, willingness to do something for the suffering or needy sections of society, care and protection for nears and dears, strong feelings of patriotism, strong belief in family system and family values, a keen eye for the needs of the others; and a number of other good qualities. Some readers may wonder if Moon renders so many good qualities to this native, how it can be highly negative. The answer to this question lies in the fact that the applications of most of these qualities may be over-practiced, misdirected or they may be misunderstood by the people who are supposed to benefit through them.

However, there are no doubts that this placement of Moon can bless this native with a number of very good humanitarian qualities. As a result, many people may benefit through this native and the ones in his family circle may benefit the most as he may be willing to do one thing or the other for them, most of the time. It is this energy of Moon which may make him behave more like a mother than a father at times. It means he may become so caring and emotionally attached to certain people, things or situations that his emotional responses may represent those of a typical female than those of a typical male.

Hence he may look like a perfect male on the outside; he may have significantly developed feminine qualities inside. These qualities may enable him to act like a mother and look after people in close relations and these qualities may also make him deeply attached to people he may care for. By virtue of these qualities, this native may prove a very valuable gift for his relatives and for his loved ones. The energy of Moon is such in this horoscope that it may only believe in giving and not in taking, at least on physical level.

This means the energy of Moon may introduce a strong ability to this native due to which, he may love doing things to help or serve his loved ones and he may not wish much in return, except for their emotional acknowledgment of such service. Hence if he offers financial help to a loved one in need, he may not want to get his money back and he may not even wish for his loved one to acknowledge such help publically and praise him; he may only wish him to feel and acknowledge on an emotional level that they have a close bond with each other.

It is interesting to note that if this native helps one of his relatives out, the best response from such relative may not come when he says, ‘I’ll return this money soon’ or when such relative tells everyone in the family circle that he has helped him in time of need. Though these things may certainly help but this is not what this native may be looking for. He may feel the happiest if such relative conveys his emotions to this native, either through words or through silence; that this native has done what a true relative should do and he feels happy to have him in his life.

The positive energy of Moon supported by other positive energies in this horoscope may form the personality of this native in such a way that he may be willing to help people and at the same time, he may not be willing to receive great acknowledgments of the services offered by him, at least in case of his loved ones. He may instead be happier with one on one admission by the person he helps, that his help has served him right and he has done what a true friend or relative should do. Looking deep into it, this native may not want to boost his ego by receiving acknowledgements for the help he offers, he may instead want to be sure that the help offered by him was pointed in the right direction and he’s dispensing his duties as a relative or as a loved one, in a proper way.

Hence the acknowledgment from the other party may not be needed to feel proud; it may be needed to feel validated and correct. The working of Moon’s energy is such in this horoscope that even after doing his best for a loved one and even when that best is more than what such loved one may need to come out of his problem at that time, he may still keep thinking whether the help provided by him is sufficient as well as the correct type of help. This may keep him emotionally anxious and this anxiety may only go away when such loved one or another equally trustworthy loved one tells him that his help has served its purpose.

He may not want gratitude; he may only wish to confirm that the service offered by him complements the intention with which it was offered. Isn’t that a wonderful quality to have in this time and age? I mean, when majority of people are helping others for social recognitions and some of them even tend to inflate the quantum of help or service offered by them to the others, without even bothering to know whether such help has served its purpose or not; this native wants something altogether different. He may have this mindset that offering help is not sufficient on its own and he must ensure that such help has served its purpose. What a lovely quality to have.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it may not render negative qualities to this native on its own; it may rather twist and distort the positive qualities rendered by it in a way that they may bring negative results for this native. As a result, whenever this native tries to help someone, something may go wrong and he may receive criticism rather than receiving praise for it, in many such cases. This may especially be true when the ruling periods support this negative energy of Moon. In order to look into the real cause of this problem, let’s try to understand the working of Moon in this horoscope, in a detailed manner.

Though it goes back to his past lives, we’ll start with this life. During his childhood, this native may have seen some issues between his parents which may have affected his mind. He may also have witnessed his mother suffering at times and such sufferings may be more of emotional nature and the sufferings of his mother may also have affected his mind. This native may also have witnessed the willingness of his mother to do very good things for him but at the same time, he may have observed her inability to do so many times. Similarly, there may be many such things related to his mother, which may have created a lasting impact on his mind, an impact which must be balanced with outgoing efforts or so to say, outgoing energy.

Certain things may have happened in regard to his father also and similar types of emotional patterns may have formed once again. For instance, the parents in general might not have been able to provide at times, what they thought they should have been able to provide. Hence they may have felt helpless at times and the mother in particular may have conveyed this emotion to this native, much stronger than the father. This emotion may have created two impressions on the mind of this native and these impressions may be long lasting or even permanent in nature.

The first one of them may be the impression that one must be able to help or serve his loved ones in a proper way. The second impression may be that unless you help your loved ones in a proper way, you tend to suffer emotionally. These impressions may introduce a lot of energy to his emotional plane and this energy may leave almost permanent marks on this plane. As a result, he may feel a strong emotional need to help his loved ones and at the same time, the need to know that such help has served its purpose.

Since the root of this energy lies in the childhood and even in his past lives, the feeling of satisfaction may not be all for him; and it may be partly meant for other people also. For example, when he helps a loved one, such help serves it purpose and the loved one acknowledges this fact, the feeling of satisfaction may not be self oriented and it may have other recipients also, though such recipients may exist on emotional and subconscious planes only. To this native, it may feel that he alone has not been able to help this loved one, his parents and especially his mother has also been able to help him or other people.

It means on emotional level and subconsciously, this act may relate to his past and he may feel like his mother or father was able to provide help in times of need; and that can give him a strong feeling of satisfaction as he has subconsciously relieved his parents from the guilt of not being able to help or serve properly. This is because the root cause of this feeling lies in his childhood and hence the heeling may also occur long back in time, in his childhood, through his subconscious plane.

As the matters of subconscious mind are not actively known to us, this native himself may not realize the conscious reason for the need to help others as well as to know that such help has served its purpose. It is like some intuition guiding him to help others and feel validated that he’s proved his worth. Deep down, this validation is not earned for him alone; it is earned for him as well as for his parents, who may not have been able to do so. All the souls in this universe are interlinked and our loved ones in particular may have spiritual ties with us from a number of our past lives.

Hence they may be able to partially receive the good or bad results of our good or bad actions, through this bond of love and soul. This fact can be understood by considering how the child benefits or suffers when he’s feeding on his mother’s milk, through the dietary choices of his mother. It means if his mother chooses to eat some unhealthy substances, the health of the child may also suffer, as there is a connection between him and his mother, the connection which helps energy to flow from one part to the other.

Though such physical connections may be terminated with the passage of time, emotional and psychic connections always remain present and they may even keep getting stronger and stronger with the passage of time, in some cases. Hence the need to help others and the need to know that such help has served its purpose may arise partly from his inabilities from past lives; and partly from his parent’s and especially his mother’s emotional responses that she was not able to help or serve properly.

As a result of these repeated impressions, the emotional pattern of his mother may have been conveyed to this native and his own emotional pattern or plane may have formed in a way much similar to that of his mother. Hence when he tries to help someone, especially a loved one, he may be trying to mirror the effect that his mother is trying to help that person, though all of it may happen on subconscious level. If he’s able to help that person and the person validates this fact, it is like his mother has helped that person and she’s felt satisfied. Hence the need to help and validate may partly be for him and it may partly be for his mother. The working of subconscious mind and other relevant concepts have been explained in my book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’.

Now that we’ve understood the working of Moon in this horoscope in a proper way, it should be easier to understand the reasons why this energy may cause a number of problems for this native. The energy of Moon may make this native sensitive when it has normal strength, extra sensitive when it has enhanced strength and super sensitive when it has great strength, due to the impact of running times. Accordingly the emotional patterns of this native may keep changing, rarely becoming balanced.

As a result of this emotional sensitivity, he may feel strong urge to care for people he loves and in order to do so, he may at times cross the socially defined boundaries or he may take some actions under impulse, not giving them proper consideration. Such pattern of behavior may bring a number of problems and though his intentions may be absolutely right, his actions may either be considered not correct or they may actually be not correct at times.

For example, if he finds his cousin in financial problem, he may offer financial help without much delay, so that the cousin may get out of his problem at the earliest. Doing so may provide relief to this native as he may not want to see his loved ones suffering due to any reason. At the same time, the real brother of his cousin or another closer relative may consider such action of this native as an impulsive action, which may have been taken to insult him. The same relative say the real brother, may also be thinking about helping his brother and before he may be able to do so, the same help may be offered by this native and the affected party may not need help any longer.

Though it may provide the much needed relief to the affected cousin at the earliest; which is how it should be, it may cause conflict between the native and the real brother of this cousin. The real brother may think that this native has offered such help in order to make him feel small and he may take it as an insult. He may or may not say it on the face of this native but he may start carrying negative energy against this native. This brother may be of the view that even if this native wanted to help his brother, he should have consulted him as well some other important members of the family first, so that a proper and balanced solution might have been found.

Himanshu Shangari