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The positive energy of Sun may also bless this native with good amount of creativity and this quality may help him a lot in his acting career. This energy in particular may gift him the ability to understand the elements lying at the deepest core of things and people, in a way that he may temporarily be able to transform himself into those people, if he wishes to do so. In simple words, this energy may bless him with the ability to become a chameleon. Hence he may be able to change his personality, in order to blend himself perfectly with the demand of a situation or with the demand of a role. It is this energy of Sun which may bless him with the ability to exhibit great versatility in his acting, as this energy may enable him to turn himself into almost any character he wants to turn into.

An interesting thing is that such transformations may not only happen in his reel life; they may happen in his real life also. It means this native may have a strong ability as well as a liking to transform him into a better and better person, which may help him achieve more and more spiritual growth with the passage of time. This energy may encourage him to grow more as a person, and it may also motivate him not to stick to any set of narrow beliefs. It means this energy may render him the quality of being liberal.

On a general scale, this quality may help him respect the viewpoints of other people and on a bigger scale; this ability may turn him into a global citizen over a period of time. It means this energy may encourage him to rise beyond the barriers of colors and races; and it may help him connect to people from different walks of life. This energy may enable him to expand himself to the entire world first; and then to the entire universe.

It is due to the impact of this energy that he may be very much interested in matters of worldly or even cosmic affairs. This energy may give him liking for issues related to humanity, environment, astronomy, science; universe and other such phenomenon. As there are other energies also, which support the acquisition of more and more knowledge, the quest for more and more knowledge may be one of the biggest interests that this native may have. Under the influence of all these energies, he may simply wish to understand the core elements behind the working of most things, especially the ones that interest him.

He may wish to decode each and every magic, he may be able to do so in many cases and during the process, he may himself start turning into a magician. This is because when you understand the secret behind a magic, which in other words is the working mechanism of that magic; you gain the ability to recreate such magic at any time. Though his focus may only be on learning more and more, he may actually start doing more and more; as what you learn is what comes out.

A source of water can only give you water and only as much water, as much it has. A source of oil can give you oil, a source of milk can give you milk and all other sources can be explained on the basis of same theory. It should be understood that in order to give you water; the source must acquire water first. It doesn’t have to make much effort while giving you water and all the effort is needed while getting all that water.

A cloud works hard and patient while it absorbs all the water from the ocean and the rest is easy. Once it is filled with water, it is relatively easy for it to shower that water on you. Similarly, it is difficult to learn more and more; and it is relatively easy to bring out that knowledge. Therefore, this native may keep learning one magic after the other and in the process, he may start delivering more and more magic. In simple words, he may keep working hard towards becoming a better actor and human being; and in the process, he may keep delivering better performances as an actor; and better impact as a human being. People like this native love the journey more than a particular destination, as the destination means the end of journey. The mere fact that they’ll keep improving if they keep walking, thrills them more than anything.

Looking at the negative effects of the energy of Sun, this part may render him personality traits like being impulsive, especially while talking; being oblivious to the opinions of the others at times; changing his thought patterns and beliefs at times and some other negative personality traits. As a result, he may engage in impulsive actions and especially in impulsive speech practices and he may say things which he may regret later on. Though there are other energies which may partly correct this personality trait, it may still remain effective, almost throughout his life. It may reduce when the running times support positive energies and it may increase when the running times support negative energies.

The negative energy of Sun may also at times make him not pay attention to what others think and he may instead choose to stick to his opinion. It should be noted that this practice may not be carried out in order to intentionally hurt other people, as the overall horoscope of this native is friendship enhancing and not enmity enhancing. During these times, he may simply become oblivious to other people’s opinions or he may genuinely think his opinions are far superior to theirs; even when it may not be the case. Hence he may hurt some people, even when he may be least interested in doing so.

This energy may at times confuse his sense of right and wrong and may encourage him to see correct approach in what may actually be an incorrect approach; though it may only be partly incorrect at times. Hence he may choose to continue with his approach with the faith that it is the correct approach, not intending to hurt other people. The other people however may see his approach as incorrect, which it may be at times; and they may get hurt by the fact that he’s incorrect and he is still sticking to his approach. Hence the negative energy of Sun may get other people hurt through him, under the spell of confusion or oblivion, rather than doing so under the spell of ego.

There are some corrective energies but this energy may still show its effects whenever the running times support it. Hence if you get hurt by this native, you should understand that he may not have done so intentionally and he may have simply done what he may have found right. The overall horoscope of this native is very good for intellect and hence he may genuinely be more right than wrong, especially in matters which are related to things or concepts on deeper levels. Being a person like this, anyone may develop a tendency to think he’s right, when he may not be, at times.

This is because you’re right most of the time and hence you tend to think you’re right this time also, when you may be wrong or partly right. However, due to the impact of strong positive energies, he may be open to suggestions and discussions and if you’re able to convince him with logic that you’re more correct than him, he may not hesitate to accept it. It should be noted though, that the only way you may make him change his opinion or approach is by supplying facts and logic in support of your opinion or approach.

The negative energy of Sun may also make him doubt his already established faiths, beliefs or opinions at times. As a result, he may practice an approach for a significantly long period of time and when influenced by the circumstances of the opposite type, he may start doubting his approach. As there are corrective energies in his horoscope, this tendency may not show much practical impact, unless the running times are strongly in favor of this energy. When that happens, he may get ready for a new personality transformation, though it may not be required. The ability to transform is the one of the best abilities in his horoscope and the same ability may also trouble him at times, when such transformations are not required.

The placement of debilitated Mercury in the second house of this horoscope in the sign of Pisces is a mixed placement, without about 65% of its energy being positive and about 35% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy, it can bless him with good memory, good communication skills, faith in what he does or says, taste for acquiring more and more knowledge on the topics of higher order like universal themes or spiritual topics, good skills of negotiation which means reaching and maintaining agreements; and a number of other qualities.

It should however be noted that some of these qualities may not find their fullest expressions at times, as Mercury is debilitated in this horoscope and hence it lacks strength. As a general trend, whenever the running times are supportive for this positive energy of Mercury, he may be able to find good expressions for these qualities whereas the lack of support from running times may make it difficult for him to find such expressions and he may lack finishing touch in some of these expressions.

For example, if he wishes to convey an idea or concept across to someone, this is what may happen. Though he may have very good understanding of the concept and his understanding may even be the correct one, he may not be able to convince the other party; due to either one of these two reasons. He may either not be able to explain it fully or he may not be willing to explain it completely, for reasons not known even to him. His approach may instead be operating on faith, which means he may expect the other person to consider his concept true, as he knows it’s true.

As a result, some people may not be able to understand his point of view as they may need logical explanation and factual information about the concept he may be putting across. It is interesting to note that most of the time, the concept or idea put across by him may actually be the correct one and it may hold solid grounds, though he may not be able to explain such grounds or he may not be willing to explain such grounds. As there are other energies which may correct this aspect of Mercury, some of these traits may be rectified, though some of them may still remain effective.

In general, the qualities given by Mercury can help him a lot in many spheres of his life and by virtue of these qualities, he may be able to see, grab and maintain the bigger picture. It means he may become capable of rising above his ego and he may be able to make necessary compromises or adjustments, in order to accommodate people he finds important. Though he may try to compete in battles of words and win them, most of the time; he may be willing to lose or not to participate in many other such battles, in order to maintain harmony in relationships.

Even when he may try to win arguments, he may not get offensive and he may instead be friendly in his approach. To witness win in arguments or discussions may be considered by him as a way to assert the faith in his knowledge and this practice may not be carried out in order to enhance his ego. Hence he may be willing to accept defeat in a discussion, when he finds that the reasons or logics given by other people are better than his reasons or logics. He may not only accept that they are more correct than him, he may also choose to replace his present logics with their logics, in order to achieve evolution.

It should be noted that only a liberal person may be able to do so as it requires putting a check on your ego, which is one of the most difficult things to do. If you’re able to accept that someone else is more correct than you, you are able to admit it and you’re even able to adopt their reason or logic in order to have the best type of knowledge or logics, you’re certainly a far less egoistic person. This is because your focus is on finding right or wrong; instead of it being on proving yourself right every time, even though you may not be.

The overall personality of this native may be such that if he logically thinks he’s right, he may stick to his point of view, no matter what. However, if he finds that the other person has better logics or knowledge, he may be willing to accept it and acquire that knowledge in order to improve himself. This is what can help him evolve more and more as a person because accepting better and better things and replacing outdated concepts with updated ones is what helps you achieve growth.

The natives on the opposite side of this spectrum may almost never accept someone else is better than them, due to high emphasis on their egos. For such natives, finding right or wrong doesn’t matter and proving themselves right only matters, even if they’re wrong.  Such natives may simply choose to stick to their opinions and they may not wish to substitute them with someone else’s opinion, even if such opinions are better. This is because in order to do so, they will first have to accept that they are wrong or less right than the other person. This acceptance may be too big for them due to their high egos and hence they may choose to stick to their side of the story, thereby missing the chances to evolve.

Unless these natives learn to put their egos under check, self learning is the only way for these people to evolve, as they may simply find it too difficult to accept the opinions of other people. This is why they may not gain much through their teachers, this is why they may not gain much through their guides or gurus and this is why they may not gain almost anything through their friends and relatives. In order to gain something from someone, you have to lower yourself for the time being as the other person is giving and you’re taking. Since such people are not willing to lower themselves, even for the noblest causes, they may simply refuse to accept knowledge through anyone. Hence the only way to knowledge is through the practice of self learning.

This native on the other hand may grab knowledge through self learning and he may also get it from where ever it comes. He may be willing to learn more through friends, associates and even through strangers; as the acquisition of more and more knowledge may be primary for him and all else may be secondary. This is why he may prove a very good student or a very good follower, provided his teacher or guru is fully worthy of deserving and satisfying him. As a student, he may keep coming up with more and more questions and most of these questions may be very intelligent and they may demand explanations based on deep knowledge. Hence an ordinary guru or teacher may simply not be able to handle him; as the student himself may have more knowledge than such guru or teacher.

The positive energy of Mercury may also make him interested in research and analysis and as a result, he may grow into an analytical type of person. It means he may wish to get to the bottom of things, especially the things related to some type of knowledge or higher wisdom. For example, while reading about the solar system, he may not feel content with how our solar system operates. Instead, he may get interested in the body greater than the solar system, which includes the solar system, our galaxy, so to say. Hence he may start acquiring knowledge about the galaxy and once he acquires as much as he can about this topic, he may feel the need to know about an even higher body, the universe which contains many galaxies like our galaxy, Milky Way.

Hence he may start acquiring knowledge about the working and even about the appearance of our universe. He may go as deep as it gets and he may try to acquire all the knowledge about this topic; and it doesn’t even end here. Even when he learns that our universe is said to have formed from an explosion of energy called Big Bang, he may start wondering as to what may be the source of this energy, though there may be no answer available for this question.

The thirst for deep and detailed knowledge may be so intense in this native that he may wish to know each and everything about his topic of interest. You can’t satisfy him with surface knowledge in most cases, and you have to supply him with the core knowledge, with the working of things on the deepest levels. His quest for knowledge may be so intense that even if he finds God himself, he may still have this question in his mind, ‘who made God’?

Looking at the negative part of Mercury’s energy, it may render to him, personality traits like being verbally impulsive at times, being impatient at times, taking not so rational decisions at times, having confused thought patterns or beliefs at times, not finding the right words at times and ending up in using not so right words and some other problems. This negative energy may also make him prone to some problems related to stomach as well as some problems related to his nervous system. The negative part of Mercury’s energy may especially remain strong till his age of 37 and it may start reducing in strength after this age. The positive part of this energy on the other hand, may remain relatively less strong before 37 and it may start gaining strength after 37 years of his age.

Looking at the problems caused by this negative energy on his mental plane, it may fill him with so many thoughts and ideas at times; that he may find it difficult to relax. One thought after the other may keep crossing his mind and a number of these thoughts may be negative, especially when this energy gains strength through running times. The focus of such negative thoughts may be fixed on matters related to family, marriage and kids in particular, though it may sometimes be fixed on financial matters also. As a result, he may witness much more than healthy amount of energy running on his mental plane and he may wish to keep it under control.

Unless some corrective approach patterns or astrological remedies are applied, the only way to keep this energy under control on temporary basis; may be through the use of some substances which may lighten his mental plane, by helping him relax. As a result, he may start using such things like alcohol, every now and then. Though he may start using such a substance without knowing the exact cause and he may simply think he likes it, the reason may be the fact that such substance may help him relax as it may reduce the amount of energy on his mental as well as on his emotional plane on temporary basis. The emotional plane of this native may also be very sensitive, as we’ll discover later on, during the analysis of his horoscope.

The negative energy of Mercury may also make him impulsive in his speech at times and this energy may leave its signature, whenever it does so. Whereas a person may say many types of things under the impulse, the negative energy of Mercury may encourage him to reveal the secrets or findings about a person or concept. It means under the influence of this energy, he may reveal the secrets of some people without giving it much thought or he may reveal the deep truth about a concept, without paying much attention to social norms.

In simple words, the negative energy of Mercury may remove or weaken the filters that one puts while using his words and as a result, his words may come without filtering or with little filtering. For example, if you ask him about how he likes the new color of your house, he may quickly say he doesn’t like it, if he finds it not worthy of praise. The negative energy of Mercury may give him a childlike approach in his speech manners, and he may innocently speak what comes to his mind, without an actual intention to hurt anyone, though he may end up upsetting some people at times.

On a bigger level, this quality may not essentially be negative and it only reflects the purity in your speech as well as an honest opinion. However, the social norms are such that most of the time; people want you to say what sounds good and not what is true. Hence this energy may make him blurt out some truths which other people may find difficult to digest. It is only through guided astrological remedies and corrective approach that this energy may be controlled.

Moving to the next planet, the placement of Rahu in the fourth house of this horoscope in the sign of Taurus is a mixed placement, with about 75% of its energy being positive and about 25% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy, it can give him personality traits like being a patriot, respecting the law of the land in most cases, loving his family as well as loving his roots, a fascination for luxurious vehicles and houses, a deep interest in decorating and customizing residential houses and also his vehicles at times; and many other personality traits.

The energy of Rahu is an important energy in this horoscope as it tends to act as a balancing point by trying to introduce materialistic personality traits to this native. The working of other major energies is such that this native may not have been interested in achieving materialistic success and he may have been content with being some type of researcher or artist with more and more focus on development of his research or art; and less focus on materialistic profits from such research or art.

However, the introduction of Rahu’s energy may ensure that he has desires for acquiring luxury vehicles, luxury houses and many other types of sensual pleasures. The same energy can also encourage him to acquire a number of things falling in this category, which means he may have more than one house and he may keep purchasing them one after the other, as and when he has the chance. The number of houses or pieces of lands he has may keep making him happier and happier as well as safer and securer.

It should be noted that this native may not be a greedy person who wants to acquire houses and cars at any cost and by any means, as his overall horoscope is strongly positive. He may simply have deep affinity with houses, cars and things of sensual pleasure due to which he may spend a considerable part of his honestly earned money to acquire more and more of these things. Hence his love for houses and cars should be seen as deep interest and not as greed of some type.

When it comes to purchase a house, the energy of Rahu may make him have some specific types of preferences. One of these preferences may be that he may wish to purchase landed properties which belong to his parental places or which belong to his roots, like purchasing properties where his ancestors or family lived. Such property may be purchased because this native may want to ensure that his ancestry and roots are secured; and he as well as the coming generations of his family may remain aware of their roots.

Another preference while purchasing a property may be that he may take great interest in the customization aspect of such property as well as in the comfort aspect of such property. It means when he purchases a house for living in it, he may simply not be satisfied with the way such house has already been made and he may almost always make some changes to it. These changes may be a few changes or they may be a number of changes depending on the influence of the running times.

Through these changes, this native may be focusing mainly on two aspects. He may try to customize the house in a way that it perfectly reflects his comfort zone in each and every sense. It means he may make such changes to the house that almost each and everything is built and placed in a way which provides him with comfort and convenience. Hence if he doesn’t like a particular room as it may make him uncomfortable or if he wants something extra to be built in his residential house, he may make changes to such room or he may get such extra things introduced to his house at the earliest, in order to achieve his comfort.

It should be noted that of all the things that may bring deep satisfaction and happiness to this native, the quest for more and more knowledge, the overall evolution of his soul, the love and bonds of the family and his residential houses may be among the front runners. Hence his residential house may not be just one of the things for him; it may be one of the most important things for him. Due to his deep interest in his family as well as in his house, he may choose to spend a significant part of his free time enjoying and relaxing in his own house, instead of wandering here and there.

It doesn’t mean this native may not like to go outside, it simply means when given a choice, he may choose to spend more time in his house and less time outside. The house and the family may be the things which may nourish him and relax him at the earliest and hence he may enjoy them a lot. Coming to the second preference, he may be deeply interested in the aesthetic part of his houses, especially the interior part.

Himanshu Shangari