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This native was born on 14 March 1965 in Mumbai, India. I won’t share his exact time of birth but I will still share the bigger details. As per my calculations, he was born with Aquarius as his ascendant rising, between 6 AM and 8 AM on the day of his birth, though his time of birth almost seemed to be around 10 PM at a time. It means a number of personality traits matched with the horoscope drawn according to 10 PM also, though most of them matched with time between 6 AM to 8 AM. Hence Aquarius came up as his true ascendant.

Looking at the placement of planets in his horoscope, a combination of Saturn, Sun and Venus is placed in the first house of this horoscope in the sign of Aquarius, debilitated Mercury is placed in the second house of this horoscope in the sign of Pisces, Jupiter is placed in the third house of this horoscope in the sign of Aries, Rahu is placed in the fourth house of this horoscope in the sign of Taurus, Moon is placed in the sixth house of his horoscope in the sign of Cancer, retrograde Mars is placed in the seventh house of this horoscope in the sign of Leo and Ketu is placed in the tenth house of this horoscope in the sign of Scorpio.

Let’s now analyze the nature as well as the working of each planet in his horoscope, one by one. Starting with the mighty Saturn, the placement of Saturn in this horoscope is a mixed placement, with about 70% of its energy being positive and about 30% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of its energy, it can bless him with personality traits like being reliable, trustworthy in a practical way, dutiful, lawful, hardworking; and a number of other qualities. The placement of Saturn may not be absolutely positive in this horoscope; it is still one of the most significant placements in this horoscope as this planet forms the core of his personality.

This energy may give him a strong sense of duty and this sense may apply in a number of spheres. It may start from his personal sphere and it may extend to the sphere of society or nation on a bigger level. As a result, he may not believe in doing whatever comes to his mind and he may instead believe in weighing the right and wrong in his decisions and then execute them on the basis of merit. For example, if he wishes to engage in an act of any type, which may genuinely disturb or negatively affect someone close to him, he may reconsider it and he may try to balance it out.

It should be noted that there are other energies in his horoscope which may counteract this personality trait and they may at times encourage him to take impulsive decisions without much consideration for the overall responsibility of his actions. As a result, he may exhibit responsible behavior patterns at times, whereas he may exhibit impulsive behavior patterns at times. As a general trend, impulsive actions are likely to rule till his age of 40 and responsible as well as controlled actions may start taking effect after his age of 40. We’ll discuss this topic in more details later on, as we look into the working of some planets which may make him engage in impulsive acts.

Continuing with the present trait, even though some planetary energies may try to make him engage in impulsive actions, especially during the first half of his life; the positive energy of Saturn may still do its job in a responsible manner. This energy may benefit this native in two ways. Saturn’s energy may fight with impulsive action generating energies and it may be able to control them at times, especially when the running times support this energy. As a result, this native may be able to control some or many of his impulsive actions in time, and he may instead engage in more responsible and controlled acts, under the influence of this energy.

Looking at the second way, even when he’s not able to control his impulsive actions and he engages in them, this energy may benefit him in a different way. Many such actions of this native may bring problems for him from time to time, as impulsive actions do to everyone in general. The energy of Saturn may help this native analyze the nature of his action and it may encourage him to repair his behavior pattern, so that the same mistakes may not be repeated.

As a result, this native may develop a healthy tendency to learn from his mistakes and he may start becoming wiser and wiser with age. It is this energy of Saturn which may bless him with the awareness of his mistakes as well as with the realization of the need to avoid them in future. By doing so, this energy may help him become more and more balanced in his approach, with the passage of time. This is because being balanced is being able to control your outgoing behavior or expression in a way that only the morally, socially or legally justified expressions are allowed whereas the other ones are blocked.  Hence this energy may help him grow as a human with the passage of time and it may help him become better and more responsible with passing age.

It should be noted that spiritual growth or evolution is achieved through four steps. In the first step, you become aware of a negative or a positive trait, depending on the matter in question. Considering the negative trait first, you become aware that a particular trait is a negative trait, like acting out on pure impulses is a negative trait. At this stage, you are only looking into the nature of this trait in general and you’re not concerned whether you have this trait or not.

A number of people are not able to reach even this stage and as a result, they fail to recognize whether a particular personality trait or habit is positive or negative. For example, someone may be impulsive enough and he may at the same time think that impulsive actions are good because they have brought him a number of good things in his life. This person has not achieved mastery over the first stage of evolution as he is not even aware whether a particular trait or habit is positive or negative. Hence the scope of reaching the next three stages is not there.

Once you achieve awareness about whether a particular trait is positive or negative, the first step is completed and you’re ready for the second step which is called realization. Through the process of realization, you try to analyze whether you have this negative trait in you or not. It should be noted that the first step is the mere awareness of the positive or negative nature of a trait and you don’t consider specific cases or people in that step. For example, you only become aware that killing another human being is a very bad act and you don’t consider people who have engaged in such acts.

In this second step, you start analyzing yourself and you try to find out if you have such negative trait in you, say engaging in impulsive actions. If during this analysis, you find that you have this negative trait, half the job for this step is done. The remaining half is achieved when you start developing a stronger and stronger need to get rid of this habit. In other words, you start realizing that you have this negative habit and in order to become a better human or a more grown soul, you must get rid of it. As this urge to get rid of this habit reaches its peak, the second step called realization is complete and you’re ready for the third step called effort.

As obvious from its name, you start engaging in conscious acts of controlling this negative trait and you try to ensure that you control this habit as much as you can. Though your subconscious mind has a pattern of impulsive behavior registered on it, due to your acts so far in this life as well as in past lives; you and only you have the luxury to change this pattern. It means you have created this subconscious pattern of being impulsive through your repeated conscious acts during this life as well as during your past lives.

Once this pattern is formed properly, you don’t need to engage in conscious efforts any longer, in order to use this pattern and it starts executing on its own, through your subconscious mind. It should be noted that the actions of the conscious mind are well thought and well meditated actions whereas the actions of the subconscious mind are more like reflexive actions. The nature of these actions is decided based on your conscious behaviors over a long period of time, during many of your lives.

For example, when you select a fruit of your choice from a fruit market for the first time, you need conscious effort. You need to choose a particular fruit based on your conscious abilities to discriminate. This is the point till which you don’t have the taste of any fruit registered on your subconscious mind. Hence your subconscious mind is of no help and all the effort needs to be done by your conscious mind. You decide one or two fruits on the basis of your conscious abilities or let’s say; you select five fruits.

You eat these fruits and you consciously decide which one of them you like the most and which one of them you like the least. The word consciously here means that you put significant amount of concentration while eating this fruit, in order to know whether you like it or not. This is what all of us do when we eat a fruit for the first time. We consciously try to analyze its taste in order to find out whether we like it or not. Since it is the first time and there is no memory or record of its taste on your subconscious mind, the entire job needs to be done by conscious mind and hence you need detailed effort.

Now that you’ve reached a decision about this fruit and let’s say you like it, this result gets registered on your subconscious mind as a memory, to help you in future. You do the same in case of all five fruits and let’s say, you like two of them and you don’t like three of them. All these findings have been recorded on your subconscious mind through your conscious acts.

Next time you go to a fruit market and you want to select a fruit or a couple of fruits among those five fruits, this is what may happen. You may find that your conscious mind is not doing much work now as your subconscious mind has given you signals about which fruits should be selected and which ones should be avoided. Hence you need less time or so to say less conscious effort in selecting the fruits. You select those two fruits, you eat them later on and their taste is once again confirmed as good taste, by your conscious mind, to your subconscious mind.

It means one more layer of recommendation has been formed on your subconscious mind, about these fruits. It keeps happening and through this process, you tend to like this fruit more and more with the passage of time; and you tend to take even less time while selecting this fruit when going to a fruit market. When this tendency reaches its peak, you may not even have to look at the fruits and you may simply say, ‘I need apples’, if apple is the fruit you like the most. This is because there is a very strong script of ‘I like apples’ on your subconscious mind and this script helps you make this decision, by saving your time needed to engage in conscious effort.

This is how your subconscious mind works and this is how it helps you make decisions in no time, based on your preferences from the past. However, the same ability of your subconscious mind can be used in a negative way also. Suppose, you consciously mock someone for the first time and you consciously enjoy doing so. This choice registers with your subconscious mind and as a result, it may encourage you to mock someone else so that you may feel good again.

It should be noted that when you try to mock someone for the first time, you may have a number of things going on your mind as to whether you should do it or not. It means your conscious mind alone is operating as there is no memory or experience regarding this event on your subconscious mind and so it can’t help you. However, if you choose to do so and you find pleasure in this act, you convey this whole event as well as your preference to your subconscious mind.

As a result, your subconscious mind may do a part of your work, next time you feel like mocking someone. Your conscious mind may still encourage you to think about the right or wrong in this act, whereas your subconscious mind may encourage you to engage in this act, on the basis of the preference registered on it, by you through your previous experience of the same kind. As a result, you’re likely to do less thinking this time and you may choose to mock someone, in a relatively less amount of time.

As it keeps happening and as you keep mocking other people as well as enjoying those acts, the script on your subconscious mind gets stronger and it reaches the highest level at a point in time. This is the time when you don’t even have to think for a split second in order to mock someone, and you avail each and every opportunity to do so, as and when such opportunity comes your way. This is when this operation has been taken over by your subconscious mind or so to say, a habit has been formed. As this is a negative habit, you’ve created a problem for yourself, by engaging in a series of conscious acts of negative nature.

The difference between the working of your conscious mind and subconscious mind is that the former operates on the basis of facts, logics, morals, laws and all other such things whereas the latter works on the basis of preferences registered on it, regarding the same or similar types of actions executed by you in the past. Hence all the right and wrong is decided by your conscious mind and your subconscious mind is only a facilitator, which helps you save time and effort, by taking over the operations which need patterns, already registered on it.

This is why you tend to make the important decisions of your life, by taking due time and by thinking about the right or wrong in them. This is because your subconscious mind works on the basis of preferences and it doesn’t primarily operate on the basis of right or wrong. Hence there is a need to engage your conscious mind when you want to make decisions based on facts and logics, instead of making them on the basis of preferences from the past, as it is the job of your conscious mind. That is why you don’t take time when buying your favorite shaving cream but you do take time when you want to invest a significant amount of money in a business.

You do so because you simply want to continue with your preference for a particular shaving cream and hence you don’t engage your conscious mind, which means you don’t take time as time is consumed by your conscious mind alone and your subconscious mind doesn’t need time. However, when it comes to make a business investment, you don’t want to rely on your preferences in the past and you want to make a logical decision based on facts and circumstances. This is when you need your conscious mind and this is when you need time. The working of conscious mind and subconscious mind has been explained in my book, ‘Heaven and Hell Within’.

Coming back to the original topic, as you realize that you have this negative habit of engaging in impulsive actions and as the desire to get rid of it reaches its peak, you move to the third step called effort. Through this step, you start engaging in conscious acts of controlling your impulsive actions so that the script of being impulsive, written on your subconscious mind may be replaced with a new script. This new script says you want to take time while making your decisions, especially the ones which are important or the ones which include other people also.

As a result, you put in great effort to ensure that you take due time in making important decisions and you’re not impulsive, for a period of time to follow. I’ve used the word ‘great effort’ because when you choose to do so, you’re trying to get rid of a strongly formed habit or so to say, you’re trying to replace a previously written script with a new one. When you try to do so, there are two forces in action, one of which works in your favor and the other one works against you.

Next time you need to take a decision, your subconscious mind is the first one to offer its services so that your time may be saved. Based on your preferences from the past, it encourages you to take an impulsive action and this is what you may do, if you have not mastered the second step of realization. Since you’ve already mastered that step, your conscious mind also comes to the scene and it discourages you to engage in an impulsive action. There is a battle between your conscious and subconscious mind, and you may win this battle if you’re a strong soul, though it may take much effort while doing so for the first time.

It is like you’re fighting your own urges or your favorite things and you want to change them now. In simple words, Pizza is your favorite food and you feel like having it each time you see it. However, you’ve recently discovered that it is not good for your health and you now want to avoid having it. A strong conflict may rise between your conscious and subconscious mind as the former may warn you to stay away from Pizza, based on logical information whereas the latter may encourage you a lot to eat it, based on the script written on it, through thousands of acts of eating Pizza and enjoying it.

As a result, you may find it very hard to resist it for the first time or for the first few times. However, as you keep avoiding it with all your conscious efforts, the old script written on your subconscious mind starts getting erased and the new script of ‘I don’t want to have Pizza’ starts taking its place. This is why you find that after a series of repeated conscious efforts to avoid Pizza over a long period of time, your urge to have it has reduced a lot. You may not feel much attracted to this food any longer and in fact, you may even start developing repulsion for this food, as the new script says it is harmful and hence you should stay away.

Similarly, you may have to put in strong fight when choosing to disengage from impulsive actions in the beginning as your subconscious mind is in strong opposition. However, with the passage of time and with your dedicated conscious efforts, you’re able to control and erase the old script on your subconscious mind and you are able to replace it with new script which says ‘no impulsive actions’ or ‘deliberate actions only’.

This is the fourth and final step of this process, which is called result. Hence the four steps involved in this process are called awareness, realization, effort and result, respectively. The same steps are needed in case of positive habits also and this is how. You become aware that a particular habit like being kind is a good habit; you realize that you don’t have this habit and you start developing the need for this habit; you start achieving this habit through your conscious actions and finally, you have this habit. This is the time when you don’t have to think in order to be kind and kindness comes natural to you. This is because the script of being kind has been written on your subconscious mind and as you know; your subconscious mind doesn’t need time to make decisions.

This is why it is natural and this is why the tendencies shown by your subconscious mind are natural tendencies. It means if you tend to think while engage in acts of kindness, you’ve still not achieved the stage of being naturally kind as your conscious mind is still making these decisions for you. As soon as your subconscious mind starts making these decisions for you, you become naturally kind as you take no time when it comes to engage in acts of kindness.

The positive energy of Saturn may help this native complete all these four steps and hence it can help him achieve more and more spiritual growth and evolution with the passage of time. The energy of Saturn may also bless this native with a good sense of respect for the laws of his country as well as with good moral values. As a result, he may prove a good citizen as well as a good person to have in any society. It should be noted that his moral beliefs or ideology may be altered by some negative planetary energies at times. We will discuss them later in this chapter.

Looking at the negative part of Saturn’s energy, this part may introduce negative traits like being pessimistic, skeptical, vulnerable and even scared at times. The negative part of this energy may remain significantly strong at least till his age of 40 and hence he may observe these negative traits affecting him significantly before this age. Though there are other energies which may counteract a part of this negative energy, it may still cause potential problems whenever it gains strength due to running times.

These are the times when this native may undergo a number of negative phenomena at different times in his life. For example, this energy may create problems in his marriage at times, it may cause emotional as well as mental pessimism at times, it may encourage him to withdraw from most things and people at times and it may cause many other types of problems at times. When strongly supported by other negative energies as well as by running times, this energy can temporarily take one of the best things away from him, which is his ability to see the bigger picture.

When such a time reaches, this energy may restrict his vision and it may not allow him to see the bigger picture, based on facts and logics present before him. Instead, this energy may encourage him to make some not so good decisions, based on his fears and insecurities. As it is easy to understand that any decision based on fear or insecurity may almost always end up in creating problems, he may suffer on many levels, by virtue of these decisions. Though there are other energies in his horoscope, which may cover his losses, the impact of this energy may still waste his time and have negative impact on some precious years of his life.

This is because this energy may make him suffer from various types of problems and negative changes in personality for periods of time at different stages, other energies may replace this energy and they may remove such negative personality changes and they may then bring him back to his natural path of spiritual growth. However, this entire process may limit his spiritual growth, by wasting his time. For example, this energy may affect him for a year at a time in his life and he may not be able to achieve more spiritual growth during this year. On the contrary, he may witness some of his negative traits becoming stronger during this year.

When this energy is replaced by positive energies after this period of one year, such positive energies may clean up the negative impacts caused by this energy in a period of three months to six months and he may then start moving on the same path, the natural path of his spiritual growth. However, during this process, about fifteen to eighteen months may be wasted in terms of spiritual growth as he may not achieve much spiritual progress during this period of time. It is like going back from a point in your journey, then coming back to the same point and continuing your journey. As already mentioned, these impacts may remain significantly strong before his age of 40 and they may start reducing after this age.

Moving on to the next planet, the placement of Venus in the first house of this horoscope in the sign of Aquarius is a broadly positive placement, with about 85% positive energy and about 15% negative energy in it. Looking at the positive part of this energy, it can bless him with qualities like, preference for social agreements and harmony, polished social behavior, accommodating as well as adjusting nature, care for his loved ones and this energy can also put a check on his ego, from time to time.

As a result, he may benefit from all these qualities in many spheres of his life and he may witness better and better results with passing years of his life. This energy is likely to gain strength after his age of 26 and it may remain effective for his entire life, after this age. It means this native may not benefit much from this energy before this age and he may start benefitting from it more and more, with the passage of time, especially after his age of 40.

This energy can bless him with the ability to believe in social harmony which may have many applications in professional and personal life. For example, this quality may encourage him to listen to the viewpoints of other people and then consider them on merit. It means even though he may have strong opinion on a subject; he may still be graceful enough to listen to even the exact opposite viewpoints on the same subject.

This energy may also help him become a good listener while engaging in this practice. It means that he may not listen to other people, simply in order to complete a formality. Instead, he may listen to them broad mindedly and if he finds during one such discussion that the views of the other person are better than his views, he may apply corrections to his views and he may agree to the views of that person. He may even acknowledge it and tell the other person that he finds their views better than his views. As obvious, this single quality can bless him with a number of good things in his life.

Himanshu Shangari