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Deepest Secrets of Celebrities Part 2
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The next planet to be discussed is Ketu. The working of this planet is an equal mixture of positive and negative energy, with 50% of it being positive and 50% of it being negative. The positive part of this energy can bless her with many good qualities and the first one of them is that it may help her retain her simplicity, even when she may be a very big public figure. It means that this energy may not let her success affect her day to day routine and it may encourage her to be her natural self, when she’s home or in the company of her loved ones.

It should be noted that there are some natives who change their entire attitude, lifestyle and general behavior upon achieving success, though there may be nothing wrong in doing so and it may just be a matter of individual choice. On the other hand, there are natives like her, who may want to retain most of the things which are there with them from the start, even when allegedly better versions of such things may be available. For example, if this native loves a particular type of food item from her childhood, she may not be willing to forsake it, merely in order to look stylish, as this food item may be considered too simple for a celebrity.

Instead she may continue enjoying such food item, no matter what others may or may not think of it. This doesn’t mean that she may not let anything new enter her lifestyle; it only means she may not be willing to forsake old things in order to make place for the new ones, especially the old ones she loves. She may instead take an approach of embracing the new as well as keeping the old.

It should be noted that choosing to forsake the old for new and choosing to retain the old, if possible along with the new; they are two different lifestyles or choices and none of them may in particular be better than the other. Hence it should be seen as a matter of individual choice and none of these patterns should be considered negative as long as they remain healthy. For example, the habit of leaving old may prove bad when that old holds much more relevance than the new. Similarly, the habit of sticking to the old may prove bad when you’re so full of the old that you’re not willing to make space for the new. It is all relative and it may vary from case to case.

As this native may have the habit of keeping the old, especially the old she loves, this habit may help her in many ways. It can help her enjoy her life even in the simplest of the ways and it may also give her something even bigger than that, which is called satisfaction about the choices made by her in the past. Kindly understand this fact that the people who keep forsaking the old for the new are prone to develop a mindset that the choices made by them in the past were not good, which means they were themselves not good enough in the past as they made those choices.

This is because if you keep quitting one thing after the other in order to embrace the new ones and then you keep quitting those new ones also, as they become old ones with the passage of time, it may result in a negative mind pattern. Consciously or subconsciously; you start realizing that you keep making poor choices and that is why you have to keep replacing them with better choices from time to time. This takes a toll on your confidence as well as on your overall ability and hence it may hurt you in the long run.

On the other hand, if you’re happy keeping your old choices, though you may welcome the new ones also; you express so much faith in yourself. This is because what served right for you 20 years ago serves right for you even now. It means that you were capable of making right decisions, even 20 years back. This is the mark of a confident person and confidence is the key to many achievements as well as to a happy life. It should be noted that forsaking some old as well as irrelevant things or practices is healthy and it only becomes unhealthy when such old things are forsaken, even when they may be equally relevant or even more relevant than the new things.

Ketu operates on a psychic plane in this horoscope and accordingly it may bring her one of the most meaningful relationships of her life; through psychic energy or intuition. Yes, we’re talking about her life partner. The energy of Ketu gives strong indications that her first marriage may be an unfinished affair from her past life, which is supposed to be finished in this life. It means she and her husband may have desired each other in their past life also, but they may not have been able to fulfill this desire.

This is because one or both of them may have already been in the fulfillment of their desire for someone else in their past life, and hence this desire may have been put in the waiting list, lying on the top. This is called transition from one desire to another and I have already explained it earlier in this chapter. As both of them fulfill their earlier desires to the fullest, that desire is removed from the list and this desire may appear at the top. As this happens, they may find each other, get together and start fulfilling their desire of being in the company of each other; until this desire is fully consumed.

Since it is the positive energy of Ketu which may bring this man to her and it is the same energy which may let her know at the earliest after interacting with him, that he may be the man for her; Ketu also becomes a significant planet. This is because among all the affairs she may be supposed to attend to in this life; the affair of marriage is one of the most important among them. It means that a very important objective of her coming to this life may be to meet and marry this man. As the energy of Ketu may help her doing so, it becomes an important planet in her life as it helps her achieve an important goal for this life.

The positive energy of Ketu may also keep a check on her ego from time to time and it may try to ensure that she remains a relatively balanced person and that her success or achievements should not get to her head. Though there are other energies which counteract this energy and tend to heighten her ego, this energy may still remain significantly effective as it is strong. The positive energy of Ketu may also render a specific type of naiveness to this native, which may not match the otherwise intellectual, clever and aggressive overall vibe of this native.

This energy may bless her with a shade of ‘let go’. This shade may help her a lot in not paying attention to a number of small things in her life from time to time; and doing so may help her have a relatively relaxed life. It is this energy of Ketu, which may give her the courage to move on, even after being hit by very big things or situations. The same energy of Ketu can also bless her with a specific type of detachment related to some specific people and things which may be important to her.

Through this detachment, the psychic energy of Ketu may be trying to tell her that such thing or person is not going to be a part of her future for long; and hence she may prepare herself to live without that thing or person. This is what the job of psychic energy is. This energy may keep warning you for future events, especially the events to come in near future. Whether you’re able to read those warning signals or not depends on the evolutionary status of your soul.

Hence she should be thankful to this psychic energy of Ketu as it may keep giving her signs about future events, especially the unfortunate ones; so that she may prepare for them in time. As this energy is placed in the seventh house, which rules the affairs of marriage, the maximum impact of this psychic energy may be seen on her marriage. It means if ever something wrong is going to happen in her marriage, this energy may start giving her signals of significant strength, well in advance. Hence she should pay close attention to such intuitive signals as they may bring meaningful messages for her.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it may introduce some negative traits to her personality. The first one of these traits is to not have faith in certain things or projects; on account of being not sure about how they may turn out to be. It means she may choose not to engage in an important professional project as she may not be able to decide clearly, whether this project is good for her or not. Since this is a negative energy, the answer in many such cases may be negative. As a result, she may lose on some important things, projects or even some people due to being in this state of indecisiveness, at times.

Though there are other planetary energies which may counteract this effect to some extent, it may still remain present and it may become troublesome whenever this energy is supported by the running times. It is this energy of Ketu which may keep her hung between ‘to do or not to do’ and the same energy may encourage her to choose the second alternative in most cases. Hence she may lose some opportunities under the attack of this energy.

It should be noted that the overall vibe of this horoscope is otherwise intelligent, confident and emphatic. However, as and when this energy gains strength; it may affect her ability to take risk, it may affect her ability to discriminate and it may encourage her to play absolutely safe or choose not to play. This energy can cast projections of future losses or failures and it may scare her by virtue of those projections. As it is a psychic energy, it may be very good at casting such projections. As a result, it may make her stay away from some important things, situations or people; she should be engaging in.

The negative energy of Ketu can also create some fears and apprehensions in her mind and it may inflate them to big scales, as and when it gains strength through running times. These are the times when her emotional security and strength may test new lows; though her horoscope has very strong and emphatic emotional energies. Since there are opposite types of energies playing on her emotional ground, they may all take their turns.

As the first group of energies is stronger in comparison, she’s likely to be emotionally aggressive and emphatic, most of the time. During these times, she may also be able to cast strong emotional projections on the others and majority of them may surrender to her emotional authority. However there may be times; when the negative energy of Ketu may gain strength and she may start having an altogether different emotional state for as long as these time periods last. These are the times when she may start feeling emotionally insecure and weak, instead of feeling emotionally authoritative, where the latter may be more of her natural emotional state. It is only through specifically guided astrological remedies that this psychic energy of Ketu can be altered and its working may be changed into higher and higher percentage of positivity.

Coming to the last but not the least, the placement of Moon in the seventh house of this horoscope in the sign of Capricorn is absolutely positive. It means that this energy is about 100% positive and it doesn’t have any trace of negativity in it. Looking at the working of this energy, the energy of Moon is so beneficial in this horoscope that it can partly cancel out the effect of the negative energies of all the other planets in her horoscope. The influence of Moon is so strong that it is able to influence each and every planet in this horoscope and since it is absolutely positive, this influence is also positive.

This makes Moon the best planet in this horoscope and it also makes this planet the central force which may control the entire horoscope, as long as it remains effective. Some natives may think at this point that such super positivity of Moon is due to it being the lord of the ascendant. This theory is wrong and even the lord of ascendant can be partly or even completely negative in many cases, as we have already seen in some horoscopes; discussed during the journey of this series of book. There are many criteria through which the percentage positivity of a planet is checked and the house lordship is only one of them, but not the sole criterion.

The most beautiful thing is that Moon is the only planet in this horoscope, which passes all these criteria and this is what makes it the most positive planet in this horoscope. Add to that the fact that the energy of this planet is spread in such a way throughout the horoscope, that it can influence the energy of each and every planet in this horoscope. This is what makes it the central planet and this is why we are discussing it in the end, as I’m a positive person and I prefer discussing a highly positive planet in the end. As there was no planet better than Moon, I saved it for last.

Looking at the practical working of this planet, it may try to keep a check on the verbal dilution or verbal pollution and it can reduce them. At the same time, this energy may add a specific type of sweetness as well as authority to the voice of this native. These attributes may especially be visible when this native is trying to convince someone, especially her loved ones. Her voice may be so sweet and the same time so authoritative in an emotional way, that the other person may find it very hard to refuse her, and hence she may get her job done.

Emotional authority here means that her voice may have great authority showing the right of the relationship that she may have with someone. For example, she may ask her partner for something in such a way which may be sweet but more than that, it may include the elements of authority given by the love of the partner. The partner may perceive it like, she’s my partner and what she’s asking is her valid right; and hence it can’t be denied. It should be noted that though everyone may have such rights in relationships, not everyone is blessed enough to claim those rights in an emotionally authoritative way, even with the simplest of the words which may actually look like a request.

Such is the quality rendered by this planet to her; that even her requests may look authoritative to her loved ones and they may find them difficult to reject, merely on the basis of her emotional strength. This is why I used earlier in this chapter that she’s capable of casting strong emotional projections over people. There are only a few people like this native, who are able to evoke and control the emotions of the others in a powerful way.

The positive energy of Moon can also add qualities like naughtiness as well as authority to her overall personality. This may make her playful when she needs to be; and authoritative when she needs to be. Though the energy of Moon is spread throughout the horoscope, it is centered in the seventh house of this horoscope which represents the affair of marriage. As a result, her partner may be the direct target of her emotional authority and she may get almost anything done through him or by him; as long as the relationship is healthy. The energy of Moon may also get her very much attached to her partner, though this attachment may become a little too much at times.

However, this energy may still help her strengthen the bond of her marriage as much as she can, from her side. Though this effect of Moon may be partly cancelled by other planetary energies, it may still remain present in significant strength. This energy may encourage her to keep the bigger picture in mind whenever an argument or issue appears between her and her partner due to the negative energies of other planets. Hence she may chose to ignore things which may look relatively smaller, compared to the bigger concept of marriage. In short, the energy of Moon is a blessing for her marriage.

This energy can also help her on physical level and it can help her keep good health. It may partly cancel the negative energies working in her stomach region and it may also reduce the quantum of negative energies working on her heart, though the latter energies may still remain significant. Apart from this, the positive energy of Moon may help her in her profession as well as in many other spheres of her life.

As it can be seen once again that there are a number of energies which tend to influence the same area in a horoscope and these energies may have different natures as well as different strengths. This is what makes the personality of a person very complex as he may come under the influence of different types of energies during different periods of times.

Whenever the running times strengthen positive energies, this native may witness very good results in many spheres of her life. On the other hand, as and when negative energies gain strength due to running times, she may witness problems in many spheres of her life.

Looking at the coming times, this native may face challenges and difficulties in short term and midterm future, as a set of negative energies is about to hit her, just as I’m writing this chapter. This period may stay for about three years which are from 2017 to 2019. Due the impact of these negative energies, she may face challenges in her personal life as well as on physical and mental planes.

The strength of her marriage may be tested during these times and the period covered by September 2017 to December 2019 may especially prove difficult for her marriage. This is the time when significant problems may appear in her marriage and though her birth chart is strong; she may still feel the heat of these problems. Hence she should take care during these times.

On the physical level, this time period may have adverse impact on the health of her heart and it may affect it adversely. Such impacts may especially enhance between April 2018 and December 2019 and hence she should take care of her. This three year period may also weaken her overall immunity and problems rising due to this factor, though small ones, may appear from time to time during this phase. The time period enclosed between September 2017 and December 2019 may bring some issues related to throat or stomach, especially the problems related to digestive organs or digestive system.

On the mental level, this phase may introduce stress and anxiety which may become difficult to handle at times. Such stress and anxiety may start taking effect from January 2017 and it may gain significant strength between September 2017 and December 2019. Hence she should be watchful during this period. Some medicines may also cause side effects during this phase and these side effects may especially show on her mental plane.

Looking at the remedy part, wearing a Pearl can help a lot, almost in every sphere of her life. A Red Coral may be selectively worn, but only under the supervision of an expert astrologer, as it may tend to have some side effects. She may also be advised to wear Yellow Sapphire from time to time, but she should not wear this gemstone.

The working of Jupiter is not clean positive in her horoscope and hence this gemstone can cause problems if worn. This gemstone can cause create inner conflict, arguments, health problems and relationship problems, if worn. It can make her doubt her own decisions, it can make her engage in unnecessary arguments, it can affect her health in a bad way and it can create problems in some relationships.

Apart from wearing these gemstones, she should also consider getting relevant planetary poojas performed for her as they may help her a lot, even more than the gemstones. The suitability of Poojas is dependent on the running time as well as on the goal in question. Hence relevant Poojas may be recommended from time to time, only after a one on one discussion with this native.

Though the coming few years may be challenging, her overall horoscope is strong. Hence she is advised to be strong as well as do the required astrological remedies, so that she may get through these times.

Himanshu Shangari