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This happens due to the presence of groups of conflicting energies in their horoscopes. For example, two or three planets may form a group of energies in the horoscope of a native and this group may bless him with good singing abilities. At the same time, another three to five planets in his horoscope may form a group of energies which may bend him towards medical profession. Since the second group is stronger than the first group, this native may become a doctor. However, as the first group is also significantly strong, his passion for singing may always remain present.

As a result, you may see a doctor who sings well. This doctor may still remain a good singer but he may not choose to become a professional singer. This happens due to a transition from your previous desire to your present desire. For example, a couple of lives ago, this native may have developed strong desire to be a doctor. This desire may have kept getting stronger and stronger with his passing age but he may not have become a doctor due to various reasons.

In his next life which means in his life before his present life, he may actually have become a doctor due to this strong desire from his past life. It should be noted that any strong desire that we develop is bound to be materialized in one life or the other, provided we have sufficient positive energy to fulfill that desire. This positive energy comes from our good karmas. It should be noted that if a desire includes other souls instead of things, it depends on their free will too.

This means if you want to become a doctor and you have sufficient positive energy to achieve this goal, towards the end of a life, you are very likely to be a doctor in your next life. This is because you have the desire and you have the positive energy to fulfill that desire, hence nothing is likely to stop you. On the other hand, if you want to marry a specific person, the scenario is different in this case.

No matter how strong a desire you may have for this person or soul and no matter how much positive energy you may have, this desire may still not be fulfilled for many of your lives to come. This is because, according to the law of karma; things and situations can be rewarded for exchange of positive energy; souls can’t be. In order to be blessed with the company of a soul you desire, the consent of that soul is a must fulfill condition.

Hence if you want to be a superstar and at the same time, you want to marry a specific person in a particular life, both these desires take different routes. As soon as you achieve sufficient karmic rewards or positive energy to become a superstar, you become one. However, when it comes to marry this soul, it has got nothing to do with your karmic rewards as the connection between two souls depends on their free will only, and on nothing else.

Therefore, two outcomes are possible in case of your desire for this soul. The soul in question may not want to be with you even though you may become a superstar. In this case, this desire may remain pending for the number of lives which are required by the other soul to develop the same desire for you. It may happen in the next life and it may take even twenty of your lives. The job of nature in this case is only to ensure that in each one of your lives, you have the privilege to interact with this soul. It means you two will be born during the same times and you will come in touch with each other.

The equation of interaction will resume from the same point as it was in your recent past life. This is because the journey of a soul is continuous and so are the desires as they are the attributes of your soul and not those of your physical body; though the latter may seem to enjoy them in some cases. Hence you may develop quick and strong attraction for this soul, like it was in your past life and the other soul may not take much interest in you, like it was in the past life.

This situation may continue for a number of lives until one of the two things happens. Either this soul should develop the same desire for you or in one of your lives, you should get fed up with this desire and you should start erasing it from your task list. Yes, it is very much possible. Each one of your desires is your own affair and you have complete authority to control them. Hence you may choose to have a desire for a number of lives and you may then choose not to have it any longer, in case it is not fulfilled and you get tired trying for it.

This is why the enlightened ones tell you to leave the desire element as it is in the root of a soul taking birth again and again. It may be the case that in order to be blessed with the company of a soul, you may have to take twenty or even thirty lives, and the wish may still not be fulfilled. As this whole practice works against the concept of liberation, it is advised to stay away from such desires in order to achieve liberation as early as it can be achieved. This concept has been dealt with in details, in my book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’. Interested people can read it there.

Coming back to the case of doctor, he may have become doctor in his past life and things start to change from here. The ultimate objective of the journey of each soul is evolution and spiritual growth. Hence each soul wishes for something, achieves it, enjoys it for some time and then starts desiring as well as working for another thing; and this process goes on. This doctor may enjoy his medical profession for many years and towards the end of his life, he may develop a desire for singing, though the desire of being a doctor has not been fully enjoyed yet.

As a result, this native brings two groups of conflicting energies in his present life. The first group indicates the final fulfillment of his desire of being a doctor and the second group represents the appearance of the next desire of being a singer. Hence this native may become a doctor with a passion for being a singer, and this passion may keep intensifying with his passing age. As you can understand, this native is done being a doctor and he’s going to be a singer in his next life.

This is called the transition from one desire to another, where one is being fulfilled and the other one is becoming stronger, waiting to be fulfilled next. Whether this native becomes a very successful singer or he becomes a singer on a small scale, depends on the amount of positive energy he has or the number of karmic rewards he has. In whichever of his lives, he has sufficient karmic rewards to become a top class singer, this task will be accomplished and this native may start working towards fulfilling his next desire. The element of desire lies in the root of being born again and again, where the other two elements are bad karmas and good karmas with desire for rewards. This topic has also been explained in my book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’.

Coming back to the topic, the positive energy of Mercury may bless this native with a number of creative talents and some of them may help her achieve professional success in her life. This positive energy can also bless her with very good communication skills and hence she may have a way with words. Though a couple of other energies may dilute or even pollute her verbal abilities at times, they may still remain strong in general, as this energy is very strong in her horoscope.

As a result, she may remain verbally effective in general, with two exceptional situations at times. In the first case, she may say things which may be hurtful and which may bring her unwanted and otherwise avoidable competitors or even enemies. In the second case, she may choose to remain silent at times when she should speak. Both these tendencies are caused by planetary pollutions as well as dilutions, where the first one is strong and the second one is weak. It means the chances of saying hurtful things are much more than the chance of choosing to remain silent in some situations.

The first tendency may activate from her age of 6 and it may remain present throughout her life. The second tendency may start showing significantly after her age of 34 and it may remain strong till her age of 40. This is the time she may choose to remain silent in some situations, which may go against her basic nature and which may cause problems on the mental plane. We’ll discuss these problems when we discuss the effects of negative part of Mercury’s energy.

The positive energy of Mercury can also bless this native with good analytical abilities which may help her get to the bottom of a number of things, especially to the bottom of things related to creative fields. This energy can also bless her with the ability to hide her own secrets, though the negative part of this energy can give her the ability to reveal other people’s secrets, which may land her in trouble at times.

Hence she may be good at hiding her own secrets and as she may also be good at digging out secrets, some of her works may also have the signatures of this quality. It means if she chooses to write, she may write on topics which are informative and which may include the revelations of various types of secrets. Similarly, if she chooses to write fiction, it may belong to the category of mystery and suspense. The same energy of Mercury can also make her interested in reading books which deal with secrets, mysteries, investigations, hidden or secretive types of love affairs and other such genres.

In general, the energy of Mercury may introduce to this native, a strong desire to dive into the domain of secrets. Hence the word secret in any aspect may fascinate her. Accordingly, she may be interested in knowing the secrets of people, the secrets of things happening around her, secrets of her own health and well being, secrets of making certain things work in better ways or any other types of secrets. The energy of Mercury is a very important energy in this horoscope and it may render such abilities to this native, which may form the core of her personality.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, this energy may trouble her on physical, personal and mental plane. On physical level, it may cause some problems related to stomach, like the ones belonging to the digestive tract. Though these problems may be balanced by other planetary energies, they may still appear. However, these problems are not likely to be troublesome for most of her life, except for the period marked by her age of 33 to 40, where they may show significant impact, especially towards the latter half of this period.

On mental level, this energy may sometimes encourage her not to speak and keep some things within her, when she should actually speak. This may especially be true when it comes to confront some loved ones with things which should be said but which at the same time may be hurtful for them. Hence she may choose to remain silent and doing so may have negative impact on her mental health. The negative energy which is supposed to be released through words may trap in her mental plane and as this energy increases in quantum, it may start causing mental stress. This negative trait may become significantly strong during her age of 33 to 40 and it may have adverse impact on her health. Whenever this energy gains strength through running times, it may put a lot of mental pressure on her.

On a personal level, this energy may create problems in her marriage and it may also make her challenge her very existence at times. It means this energy may make her question the relevance of her life in the first place and she may start weighing her achievements against her compromises or even against her sacrifices. Such strong tendency may only appear when the running times are supportive for this energy and they are otherwise not likely to bother her, due to the influence of strong positive energies on her.

Moving to the next planet, the placement of Mars in the fourth house of this horoscope in the sign Libra is a highly positive placement, with about 90% of its energy being positive and about 10% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy, it can bless her with great qualities like ambition and strong will. The ambition factor may help her set higher goals in her life, which is the first step towards achieving higher things as without this aspect, there may be no higher goals. It means if you don’t have a strong desire to achieve something, you’re not likely to achieve it.

Strong will rendered by this energy may help her finish many tasks in her life, some of which may be difficult or very difficult to accomplish. This energy can especially energize her mind due to which her mind may keep pushing her to work towards achieving the goals she may have set for herself. This is once again a very good quality and it may help her a lot in achieving what she wants, in her professional as well as in her personal life. It is this energy which can give her enough strength as well as boldness to open herself up and express herself clearly, either through words or through obvious signs, whenever she likes someone.

This tendency may become even stronger in case she’s interested in a male and she’s willing to pursue relationship with him. When it comes to initiate a relationship, she may not be the one to act all shy and let the guy do all the work. On the contrary, the positive energy of Mars may encourage her to do her part at the earliest and as a result, she may let the other person know that she’s interested too, either through words or through obvious signs, whatever may be the demand of the situation.

It should be noted that this quality is a very good one as it keeps you away from killing time in playing the waiting game, and it instead let’s you enjoy the fruits of a relationship at the earliest. The opposite ability of taking too long to express your intentions to the one who’s interested in you and you too are interested in him is not a very good thing to have, as you may take losses in two ways. In the first case, you may waste one or two years in taking a decision and conveying it to the other party, whereas you may have enjoyed that year or two in the company of this person, had you conveyed your will at the earliest.

The second case is even worse as it may happen that the other person may get impatient and he may choose to engage with someone else, who may have the ability to express herself at the earliest. Hence the quick to express quality rendered by Mars to this native may help her a lot, in letting her wish known to the others at the earliest. It saves time and it keeps you clear.

The positive energy of Mars may also bless this native with acting talent as well as with the ability to create and generate charisma. When it comes to charisma, this energy may bless her with the ability to look charismatic, even through the simplest of the acts. It is this energy of Mars which can make her achieve popularity, even through some very simple looking acts or dialogues. It means these acts or dialogues may otherwise not have anything special in them and the mere fact that she’s delivering them may make them look special. The energy of Mars is undoubtedly one of the most benefic energies in her horoscope.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it may show only one negative effect, which is to create disturbances through arguments, especially between her and her partner. Though this energy is not capable of causing significant disturbances on its own, in the sphere of her marriage, it may join other such energies and it may add strength to them. The root causes of such arguments may be different for different energies and this energy may also have its signature when it creates argumentative effect.

The negative energy of Mars is likely to show its maximum impact during the arguments between this native and her partner, when the root of such arguments is either the profession of this native or her children. It means whenever her partner may ask her to compromise or sacrifice her profession for any reasons, this energy may show its impact and it may encourage this native to go to high extents in order to defend her exclusive right to make her professional decisions. It should be noted that if she herself chooses to stay away from profession for some time, this energy may not bother her.

However, if her partner asks her to do the same, which means under some type of compulsion though such compulsion may be covered under the guise of the demand of the situation, this energy may raise its head. It may encourage her more and more, not to make such compromise, as this energy may feel it like a restriction and it may try its best, not to be restricted in any sense. Though it is not a bad quality on its own, it may cause conflicts in her case, at times when this energy gains strength with the support of running times.

Hence this energy may bend her more towards profession, when it comes to make a choice between profession and the will of the partner. As the will of the partner may be ignored, it may cause negativity between the two. It should be noted that this native may not at all be wrong in doing so whenever she does so; and it may simply be the fact that she may not want to have restrictions on herself, especially the ones put on her professional sphere.

The other time when this energy may cause trouble is when a matter pertaining to her children is being discussed. This native is likely to have strong attachment with her children and she’s also likely to have big as well as ambitious plans for her children. If anyone tries to come between her and her children or he tries to alter those plans, this energy may once again become effective and it may encourage her to engage in an argument, in favor of her children or in favor of the plans made by her for her children. Since this energy is only mildly negative, it is not capable of causing significant problems through both these types of arguments, unless it is supported by other negative energies.

Himanshu Shangari