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The second possibility is that the person you’re dealing with may be grown enough to handle criticism. This is the person who may like this thing about you the most, as he may think of you as a friend who’ll always tell him bad things about him, so that he may work on improving them. Hence he may choose to engage in a relationship with you and this time, he’s choosing to engage in a relationship with the real you; instead of doing so with your perception which in reality is not valid.

As this relationship develops, you may keep being the same natural you and the other person may keep liking you in the same way or in an even better way. He’s getting exactly what he signed for and hence he’s happy. You’ve had the luxury of being the natural you, right from the beginning and hence you’re happy too. This is why being the natural you is your best choice in most cases as by doing so, you may attract those people only, who like the natural you and not the illusionary perception of you.

I know some of you may think that if the natural you is not something that most people like, it may limit your chances of having good friends as well as other relationships. However, it is not true and it is just a misconception or fear that you may hold in your mind. Whatever your true personality may be, there always are people who like that type of personality and hence they’ll be strongly attracted to you or so to say, to your personality. All you have to do is to choose the ones you really like among them and you’ve got something very good. You like this person, he likes the real you and hence you have a much better scope for future, with this person.

On the contrary, by trying to make people like the illusionary side of your personality, you’re creating serious problems for the future of your relationships with these people. This is because, illusions are illusions and they are bound to vanish one day. As they disappear, so does your relationship and hence you’re bound to start from the beginning, with strong feelings of frustration as the relationship didn’t work well for you. Therefore, it is always good to show your real side to people.

Coming back to the main topic, the positive energy of Jupiter may render this quality of being natural in her verbal communications and it may help her win those people only, who like the real her. The positive energy of Jupiter may also encourage her to put a lot of value to her family and as a result, she may care great deal about her family members. This care may bring care, respect and love in return and hence it may help her build a good image of her, in the hearts and minds of her family members. Apart from this, the positive part of this energy can also encourage her to learn new things, especially through reading.

Looking at the negative side of this energy, it can at times dissolve her verbal boundaries. As a result, she may cross the line of what she holds the moral right to say; and she may step into the domain of her own will. This is the domain where you tend to say things that you want to say, whether or not you’re morally entitled to say them. It should be noted that the positive part of Jupiter’s energy gives her the habit of being candid in her verbal communications and that habit should not be confused with this negative habit of saying things that one is not supposed to say.

The habit of being verbally candid deals with telling things to people who either want her opinion or people over whom she has some rights, where these rights may be due to family, friendship, love and other such things. Hence it may encourage her to express her opinions clearly to these people or about these people, which is justified in most cases and which may actually help them in most cases.

However, when the verbal boundaries of morality are dissolved due to this negative energy of Jupiter, she may say things about people she has no right to speak about, especially when such opinions are negative. If you tell a friend that he looks ugly due to becoming too fat and hence he should consider getting into shape, you’re doing him good. You’re saying so because you care for him and you want him to look at his best. In addition to that, you have the moral right to say so as your friendship gives you the right to express your opinion about anything that belongs to him. It may sound outspoken at the most, but it is justified.

On the other hand, when you’re saying the same thing to another person you hardly know or have a defined relationship with, it is translated as offensive and rightly so. This is because you have no moral right to call this person ugly or fat as it is his affair and it is none of your business. If your friend lands in the same situation, it is your business as you owe this much responsibility for the friendship. However, you don’t have any right to issue such statements about people you don’t know or you don’t have a defined relationship with; and hence it can make you look offensive.

The situation may become even worse in some cases, when the only verbal expressions coming out of you are negative ones, with nothing positive to support. For example, if you speak about five good qualities of a person and then point out one negative trait in a moderate way and you tell him a way to improve on such trait, this is once again morally acceptable. Though you may not be friends with the person in this case, you’re being friendly and your intention seems to be guiding him rather than hurting him. As you’re mentioning five good qualities and you’re also suggesting a way to improve on the bad one, it makes you genuine and acceptable, though outspoken.

For example, when speaking about a person you don’t have a defined relationship with; this line may be acceptable, ‘I think he’s a very intelligent, friendly and helpful type of person. However, he should consider reducing weight as doing so may add much more value to his already very good personality’. Though you’ve still mentioned he’s overweight, the overall vibe of your comment is friendly and you look like being genuinely concerned for him, instead of looking like mocking him. Sentences like this can be said about anyone in general and they are morally right, as the motive behind them is to benefit the person and not to hurt him.

Now consider this sentence in the same situation, ‘I don’t know how he manages with so much extra weight? I can’t even imagine myself being in this situation’. This is clearly an offensive sentence and you have no moral right to say it about someone you don’t have a defined relationship with. The overall vibe of this sentence is to hurt this person and not to motivate him to get rid of this extra weight, though he may be a positive person and he may draw motivation, even from this negative sentence. However, that doesn’t change the fact that you’ve crossed your moral boundaries and you’ve said something that you shouldn’t have said.

This is what the negative energy of Jupiter can do to this native. Though there are other planetary energies which may counteract this effect of Jupiter’s negative energy, it may still remain present and it may become significantly effective, as and when it gains additional strength from the running times. These are the times when she may cross the moral line of verbal communications and she may not only hurt people she doesn’t have defined relationships with, she may also hurt her family members and other loved ones. It is only with continuous conscious effort and with some astrological remedies that this negative energy can be kept under control.

The negative part of Jupiter’s energy may also encourage her to assign more than due importance to herself as well as to the collection of people in her closest circle, especially in her family circle. It means that this energy may make her consider herself or her group of people more important and superior to most other people or group of people. This may once again create problems as some people may not be comfortable with this personality trait of hers and they may conceive her as egoistic, which she may not be in reality.

It should be noted that assigning importance to you or to the collection of people you love the most is not a negative trait and on the contrary, it can turn out to be one of the most positive qualities someone can have. This is because if you yourself don’t consider yourself important, who else will? Hence if you want other people to consider you important, you have to first start considering yourself important. It is perfectly fine as long as it stays till here.

However, when you start drawing comparisons between you or your group of people and someone else or their group of people; and you tend to feel happy by considering that your side is more influential or important than their side, this is when it becomes negative. It is because in order to assign importance to yourself, you don’t need to compare yourself with others and degrade them or make them look small in the process. The greatness of the ocean lies in enjoying the fact that he’s the ocean, the largest body of water on earth. However, in order to feel great, he doesn’t have to feel or mention that the lakes or the rivers are not nearly as big or important as he is.

This comparison is what takes away his greatness and it makes him look like an ordinary entity, trying to satisfy himself through comparisons with the entities below him. You simply don’t have to compare yourself with anyone in order to feel important and this feeling should come from within as well as on merit. It means you have to find the good in you, you have to realize this good and you have to feel important on account of possessing this good. However, you don’t have to find the bad or less good in others during the same process, as that makes you have a negative trait, thereby reducing the good in you. It actually hurts you more in the long run, than it hurts other people in the short run.

Moving on to the next planet, the placement of Sun in the third house of this horoscope in the sign of Virgo is a broadly positive placement, with about 70% of its energy being positive and about 30% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of this energy first, this part can bless her with the confidence as well as with the courage required to carry out a number of important tasks in her life, from time to time. Accordingly, she may succeed in completing many missions that she undertakes and this may increase her percentage of success as well as number of successes in many spheres of her life.

This is because your net success is directly dependant on two factors. The first and the relatively smaller one is your percentage of success whereas the second and the more important is your number of successes. Some people may think that the percentage of success is more important than the number of successes, it is not so in reality. This reminds me of an incidence which may come handy in understanding this situation.

A person was announced the employee of the year whereas the runner up was complaining. The reason for his complaint was that he had achieved 90% success rate during the year whereas the winner had a success rate of 70%. The employer explained that you took 20 assignments during the year and succeeded in 18 of them. The winner took 50 assignments and succeeded in 35 of them. In terms of profits, you brought me 18 assignments and he brought me 35 assignments, double the number you have.

This is because while this employee was focusing more and more on choosing those assignments only, which come with high chances of success, the other employee focused more on grabbing more and more assignments, even if they came with relatively higher chances of failing at them. As a result, his percentage of success dropped but even then he was able to bring double the results than the other employee. You see, things may sometimes not be as simple as you want them to be and there may be other angles to every story, some of which may be better than your angle.

People who are too cautious while choosing to work on their projects may certainly have better success rates, however they may have fewer number of successes at the same time where the latter matters more. This is because by choosing to engage in more projects, you not only achieve more, you lose more too; which may prove even better than achieving more in some cases. This is because success can’t teach you much whereas it is your failures that teach you a lot. Hence you score more number of successes and you become wiser by learning important lessons from your failures. Therefore, you’re in a far better position than the one who chooses to avoid projects or mission which have relatively higher chances of ending in failures.

The positive energy of Sun can render both these qualities to this native, which means it may give her the ability to succeed more and it may give her the ability to venture more. Though there are other negative energies in her horoscope, which may counteract this energy and especially the venture part of this energy, it may still show significant impact. As a resultant of these clashing energies, she may be more concerned about the percentage of success than the number of successes, many times in her life.

This is because the combination of these energies may encourage her to put more emphasis on the security aspect in many spheres of her life; and venture as you know is the opposite of security. However, as and when the energy of Sun gains strength due to the support of running times, her spirit to venture may catch up and she may undertake some of the otherwise risky looking projects, whether professional or personal. As already mentioned, a horoscope is a mixture of a number of conflicting as well as complementing energies due to which, the personality of a human being can be very complex.

This happens as he comes under the strong influence of one type of energy at one point in his life whereas he comes under the influence of the opposite or different type of energy at another time in his life. This process keeps going and we see different shades in the personality of the same person. The whole point of this process is to put every human being under the impact of different types of energies and present him with the challenge to handle them equally well, so that the final objective called the evolution or spiritual growth may be achieved.

Looking at the negative part of Sun’s energy, this part can cause problems related to the physical, personal and mental plane of this native. On physical level, the negative energy of Sun can trouble her with health problems related to stomach region as well as those related to heart region. Though the problems in the stomach region are likely to be relatively less in strength, the problems in the heart region may be of significant strength, whenever they start appearing, which we’ll find out later in this chapter.

On personal level, it can cause some problems in her marriage due to which she may have arguments as well as differences of opinion with her husband from time to time. Though there are other energies which may partly counteract this effect, it may still show and it may become significant whenever the running times are favorable for this energy. These are the times when difficult to handle problems may appear in her marriage. Since the scope of these problems is very personal, I will skip further details on this topic and move on.

The negative energy of Sun can also trouble this native with problems on the mental plane due to which this native may suffer from anxiety and mental stress from time to time. These problems may start showing up after her age of 33 and they may remain present after that. Whenever the running times support this energy, these problems may aggravate. As a result, she may not only be troubled by mental stress or anxiety, she may also start having fears, apprehensions or doubts of various types.

Moving on to the next planet, the placement of Saturn in the third house of this horoscope is a broadly negative placement with about 70% of its energy being negative and 30% of its energy being positive. The positive part of Saturn’s energy can bless this native with good understanding of the hidden aspects of many things and this knowledge may help her a lot in many spheres of her life.

Saturn’s positive energy may also bless her with good writing abilities and it may also render her the strength and stamina to engage in long work routines, especially the ones which may demand the input of energy at a relatively relaxed and sustained pace. It means this native is likely to do better at physical activities or work routines which are relatively slower though longer. For example, instead of choosing to run 2 miles, she may choose to walk 5 miles under the effect of this energy. This ability may also help her in many spheres of her life.

The positive part of this energy may also bless this native with very good mental strength as well as with mental stamina. As a result, she may have the ability to think and plan for long durations of time and she may keep coming up with newer and newer ideas. Apart from this, the positive part of this energy may also render some other good qualities to this native, which may help her in many spheres of her life.

Coming to the negative part of this energy, it can cause problems on physical, personal, mental and psychic level though it is not likely to trouble her on emotional level. On physical level, it can cause problems related to heart as wells as problems related to throat region. As a result, this native may be prone to problems in the throat region as well as in the heart region. However, these problems may only start appearing significantly after her age of 33 and they may remain almost dormant before this age.

On personal level, this energy can cause problems related to some people, especially the ones having close equations with her. As a result, this native may have some problems or issues related to her father, her friends, her colleagues and even some problems related to her sister at times. These problems may come in the form of her disagreements or distances with some of these people at times; and they may come in the form of some of these people suffering a lot at times; thereby making her suffer due to their pain as she may register significant impact of their sufferings on her mental plane. It should be noted that the negative part of Saturn’s energy is not likely to cause any problems related to the mother and husband of this native.

Apart from this, the negative energy of Saturn can also keep adding fears, doubts and apprehensions to her mind from time to time. Though these tendencies may remain present from an early age, they may start becoming visible after her age of 33. As a result, this native may start witnessing significant impact of these tendencies on her mental plane after her age of 33, whenever the running times support this energy. These are the times when she may become restless, mentally troubled and she may even start developing negative thought patterns.

Coming to the psychic plane, the negative energy of Saturn can also cause problems on the psychic plane of this native. Psychic plane deals with past life experiences and it connects to the person through intuition. Hence this native may sometimes feel worried or fearful, on account of negative types of intuitions about some people, relationships or situations. In reality, these intuitions may be the reflections of unpleasant things happened in her recent past life. Whenever a similar looking situation appears in this life, the psychic plane may bring up those memories from past life and as those memories are negative, such intuitions may cause mental worries or mental insecurity at times.

The energy of Saturn in this horoscope can also make this native engage in some self destructive habits or practices at times, though such practices may not be big in quantum. It is one of the most troublesome energies in her horoscope and it can be controlled through specifically guided astrological remedies only. The psychic problems caused by this energy are likely to remain mild till her age of 35 and they may only start becoming significant from her 36th year onwards.

The next planet to be discussed is Mercury which is once again a mixed energy in this horoscope with about 70% positive part in it and about 30% negative part in it. The positive part of Mercury’s energy may bless this native with a number of artistic abilities which may include acting, writing, designing and singing. Depending on the rest of the horoscope, some of these abilities may find very good outward expression whereas some others may not come out significantly, though they are still likely to be present.

It should be noted that having a particular ability or talent is one thing and being able to find an outward expression for that talent is another. There are a number of people who have a number of different talents but they are not able to give outward expressions to those talents; which in simple words means they are not able to convert those talents to professional success. Hence these people keep having these talents and at the same time, they may keep engaging in professions which don’t require the application of their talents.

Himanshu Shangari