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This native was born on 21 September 1980 in Mumbai, India. Though her exact time of birth has never been shared anywhere, I have calculated the same through astrology. I won’t share her exact time of birth but I will still share the bigger details. As per my calculations, she was born with Cancer as her ascendant rising, between 2 AM and 4 AM on the day of her birth, though her time of birth almost looked to be around 9:30 AM at a time. It means a number of personality traits matched with Libra ascendant also, though most of them matched with Cancer ascendant. Hence Cancer came up as her true ascendant.

Venus and Rahu are placed in the first house of her horoscope in the sign of Cancer, Jupiter is placed in the second house of her horoscope in the sign of Leo; a combination of Sun, exalted Mercury and Saturn is placed in the third house of her horoscope in the sign of Virgo, Mars is placed in the fourth house of her horoscope in the sign of Libra and a combination of Moon and Ketu is placed in the seventh house of her horoscope in the sign of Capricorn.

We shall now look at all these planets one by one and we’ll see what positive or negative characteristics they render to this native. Starting with Venus in the first house in the sign of Cancer, the placement of this planet is broadly positive with about 70% positive energy in it and about 30% negative energy in it. Looking at the positive part of this energy first, this energy can bless her with good strength on the emotional level though it can increase the energy of her emotional plane a little more than usual at the same time.

As a result, she may be good at caring for people she loves and she may be willing to do a lot for them. As this energy can energize her emotional plane a little more than usual, she may at times become possessive for the ones she loves or the ones she cares for. She may also become protective and sometimes overprotective for her loved ones. All these qualities may give her good results in relationships and hence she may enjoy good relationships with many of her near ones.

It should be noted that emotional communication may be the strength of this native when it comes to relationships. There are some people who maintain good relationships by virtue of their communication skills, there are some people who maintain good relationships by virtue of their diplomacy and then there are some people who maintain their relationships with their emotional strength. This native may belong to the third category.

The people who build and maintain their relationships with the help of their emotional strength are very good at generating strong emotions of care and affections for their loved ones. As a result, their loved ones may feel emotional comfort in their company, though these natives may not assure them or comfort them much with their words. Emotional communications take place on emotional plane and they are much stronger then verbal as well as mental communications.

Hence she may simply say a dialogue to her loved ones like, ‘take care and keep me informed’; and this dialogue alone may do what many words may fail to do. This is because the emotional intensity behind her dialogue may be so strong that the other party may feel the vibrations of this intensity very well. Her small dialogues or even her facial expressions of ‘I care’ may be enough to let her loved ones know that she cares and she cares deeply. This is what may put her in a position of advantage as when people know you truly care for them, they care for you too.

It should however be noted that she’s likely to be this much loving and caring; only for the ones who are close to her and other people may not see this side of her in its true sense, though some of them may see some shades of her emotional strength. The emotional plane of this native is likely to be the most active one, followed by her mental plane, then followed by her psychic plane and then followed by her physical plane, as we will discover in the due course of time.

The positive energy of Venus can also bless her with a keen sense of profit and loss, which may help her a lot, especially in the sphere of her profession. As a result, she may be very good at looking at her profits when entering into a professional project and she may not be willing to engage in any professional venture which doesn’t promise good financial results on the outset.

This quality may especially be helpful for her in terms of financial equation as it may render her very good sense of the value that money and wealth hold in today’s world. Hence it may become difficult to fool her with dreams of profits in future, if she doesn’t see any profit in the present. It may make her look a little too materialistic at times; it may actually benefit her a lot.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, it can make her a little too possessive at times. As a result, some people in close relationships with her may feel that some unjustified conditions are being imposed on them by her. Though this energy may be partly rectified by other energies in her horoscope, it may still show its impact at times and this impact may become significant whenever the running times support this energy. The negative part of this energy can also trouble her with extra emotional pressure as well as with emotional disturbances from time to time.

The next planet to be discussed is Rahu which is a mixed planet in her horoscope, with about 60% of its energy being positive and about 40% of its energy being negative. The positive energy of Rahu may bless this native with a healthy level of ambition, which is a must have quality in order to achieve big things in life. It is this energy of Rahu which may keep telling her through her subconscious mind that life is not worthy without being noticed, and being noticed for good reasons.

It means that the positive energy of Rahu may make her cautious about her image and it may keep motivating her to build as well as keep a good image of her. This energy may also keep suggesting her ways to do so and hence, she may be good at building an image as well as keeping it. The positive part of this energy may also add a special type of charm and charisma to her overall personality due to which it may become easy for her to impress and influence others without much effort; once again helping her in building a good image.

The positive energy of Rahu can also add a taste for mysteries to the overall personality of this native. Hence this native may be much more interested in mysteries, than she may appear to be in general. She may especially be interested in mysteries which may belong to the domains of human body, human mentality and human emotions. It can give her good understanding of emotional strength of her near ones in particular.

The positive energy of Rahu can also render a spirit for adventures to this native due to which she may be willing to take on new things in her life, with relative ease. During childhood, this quality may make her naughty; as a child or a teenager who tends to adventure a lot comes out as a naughty kid. However with growing age, the same quality may bless her with the ability to undertake a number of challenging missions and projects with relative ease.

Since the energy of Rahu is operating on the psychic plane in this case, all the motivation as well as many qualities rendered by it to this native may come in the form of inner motivation generated through her subconscious mind. The fact that Rahu operates on the psychic plane of this native means that it may encourage her to do things from time to time, which she may think she is trying anew but which in reality may have been accomplished by her in her past lives.

Since our psychic energy is the sum total of all our mental energy, it is the sum total of all our experiences during our past lives. It means our psychic plane has all the knowledge that we gained during our past lives, through conscious efforts with the help of our mental energy. As Rahu knows she has done a particular thing in her past life and she can do it again, it may encourage her from inside, she may take on this job under this bout of encouragement and she may succeed. In reality, she may have succeeded at this job, many times in her past lives. Hence as she starts doing it, it may not remain as difficult as it looked in the beginning.

Looking at the negative part of Rahu’s energy, it may render her some unhealthy eating habits, as well as with the desire to eat more and more. Though this energy is partly counteracted by other energies in her horoscope, it may still remain significantly effective as it is a strong type of energy. As a result, she may not be able to stay away from lots of food with ease and she may have to control herself a lot in order to do so.

It should be noted that some people are generally not fond of eating much and hence it may not be difficult for them to stay away from eating more. On the other hand, there are some people who are simply fond of eating, even if such foods contain lots and lots of calories. These guys are food lovers and it is difficult for them to stay away from foods. The negative energy of Rahu can render this habit to this native beyond a healthy point and hence she may tend to eat a lot.

Even when due to the intervention of other planetary energies, she decides to stay away from eating more; she may find it difficult to resist and she may almost always have to put in conscious effort to abstain from certain specific foods that she may love. This is because her natural tendency may be to eat a lot and by choosing to eat less, she’s fighting with her natural tendency, which may require conscious effort from her side.

Your natural tendency is the habit of your subconscious mind which has been formed as a result of your likes and dislikes in this life as well as in past lives, especially in the recent two or three past lives. Hence the energy of Rahu indicates that this native may have been fond of eating during his recent past life and that habit continued in this life also, as the journey of a soul is continuous. It means whatever habits as well as personality traits we carry at the end of our previous life, the exact same habits as well as personality traits are rendered to us at the start of this life.

Since these habits are recorded by the subconscious mind and they are conveyed to us through psychic plane, we don’t have any rational explanations for them in most cases. It means if your subconscious mind tells you to eat more and more, you may not tell the reason why you like to eat more and you may simply tell that you like doing so. This is your natural tendency. Whenever you wish to go against any one of your natural tendencies, you have to put in a lot of conscious effort. This is because you’ve been following a habit for many lives and now you suddenly want to change it.

Accordingly, it is not going to happen soon and it may take long or very long time. In case of this native, the love for food may come as a natural tendency and hence she may not be able to control it without much conscious effort. Since the energy of Rahu is strong in this case, she may not be able to permanently control it, almost for her entire life. This means that she may always have to fight with the urge to eat some specific types of food and she may not develop a natural unwillingness towards them, at least till late in her life.

The negative energy of Rahu can also make her skeptical at times and this habit may gain strength whenever this energy is supported by running times. As a result, she may start having less faith in some people as well as in some situations; and she may start doubting them. Though this skepticism is not likely to affect her loved ones as they may be protected from it most of the time, due to the positive energy of Venus as well as other positive energies in her horoscope; some of them may still feel the heat of this habit at times.

These are the times when she may doubt some of her loved ones also and she may even start making some theories in her mind, as to how may they be hiding something from her. This can have negative impact on her relationships and though there are other planetary energies to counteract the negative effect of this energy, it may still leave its marks at times. Hence it may not only hurt people close to her, it may also fill her own mind with negativity at times.

Moving on to the next planet, the placement of Jupiter in the second house of this horoscope is a mixed placement with about 40% of its energy being positive and about 60% of its energy being negative. Looking at the positive part of its energy first, this part can bless her with good verbal abilities. Hence she may be able to carry on verbal conversations for long durations of time, which may serve as added bonus in the fields where such abilities are valued. This energy is working in such a way that it may subconsciously make her tone as well as the things said by her regal, emphatic and straight forward at times.

This energy can bless her with no nonsense approach while engaging in conversations, which means she may not be willing to waste time to say or express what she wants. Since this energy is strong, she may not be able to hold certain things back during conversations, even if she wants to do so. This is because this energy represents a strong subconscious tendency to take a straight forward approach while talking and as you know, subconscious tendencies are carried forward from past lives. Such tendencies are the habits formed during many of your past lives and they’re likely to dominate you in this life, whether or not you want them to.

It is only with continuous and hard conscious efforts that these tendencies can be put under check. However, this habit can help her a lot in many spheres of her life and the people dealing with her may know what she thinks of them or something they do; and it may become easy for them to decide whether or not they want to be in touch with her. It should be noted that saying what you think or want is a good virtue to have in most cases, as it helps other people look at the real you, instead of looking at the side of your personality, which is only a virtual projection of you and not the real you.

This way, this quality can help making those people interested in you who like this quality and it also helps those people quit in time, who don’t like this thing about you. Even when it comes to the people who are not interested in developing a relationship with you due to this quality, it is a blessing for them as well as for you. This is because almost no one can hurt you by choosing not to be in touch with you until they have a defined relationship with you. Since this native may give them a piece of her mind in the very beginning when they may not have any defined relationships with her, their disinterest in pursing any type of relationship may not bother her as they may not hold much value for her at those times.

On the other hand, if a person gets in touch with you and you’re under the impact of opposite type of energy which encourages you not to say a number of things that you really want to say; under the pretext of hesitancy, diplomacy, fear or any other such thing, the situation may become different. Since you may not say a number of things that you don’t like about them or about something they do, many such people may be willing to pursue relationships with you, where these relationships may be any types of relationships like being friends with you.

This is because they may find you saying good things only, most of the time, and this is what many people may want to hear. However, this is not the real you and in fact, this is not the real side of most of us. Almost all of us want to voice our opinions about things we like as well as about things we don’t like. However, under the effect of different types of planetary energies, some of us are able to do so whereas some of us are not able to do so.

The ones who are not able to do so; project an image of themselves on the others, which is not their actual image and which in fact is only the perception of the other party, based on their behaviors or reactions which are not natural. Hence you may be perceived as a person who you are not. Two scenarios are possible from here. The first one is that the other person in equation may not like this quality of you being diplomatic or hesitant all the time and he may choose not to engage in a relationship with you.

It should be noted that there are people though fewer in numbers, who don’t enjoy the company of diplomatic people a lot, as they believe that these people are not showing the true shades of their personalities and they are hiding things which may be important for them to know. Hence they choose to keep their distance from these people as they think they may come up with some of those things at a later stage during their relationships and it may then become difficult for them to handle those things at those stages. Hence they may choose to stay away from such people, as they may not find them honest enough.

Then there are the second type of people who enjoy hearing good things about them and they don’t like hearing negative things about them, even if such negative things are true. They enjoy the company of diplomatic people a lot and hence they may find people with this quality of not voicing their opinions in an honest way; very good. These are the ones who may choose to engage in relationships with you, if you’re diplomatic.

However, it should be noted that most people who don’t voice their true opinions about people or about certain things they do; engage in this practice as they don’t want to project an offensive picture of themselves. Though doing so may certainly project a more friendly and softer image of them, this is a virtual image and this is not the real them. Hence the other party falls for the virtual image and not for the real person.

As the relationship continues and as the initial inhibitions are gone, you start behaving in a more and more natural way, as each one of us tends to do. It should be noted that our natural tendencies are the resultants of the habits formed during many of our past lives and it is not possible to suppress them for long periods of time, in most cases. Therefore, you start showing the real side of you when you become comfortable with this person; and this real side may be quite different from the side which initially got him interested in you.

It can make this person think twice about his relationship with you because things are not the same now. He signed for friendship with a person who only talked good about him and now he’s dealing with a person who also tells him bad things on his face. For him, you’ve changed and he doesn’t like this changed person. For you, he’s not grown enough to handle the real you and hence a conflict may rise between the two of you. The resultant in most such cases is a split, happening after a series of disagreements between the two of you.

This person was in fact never able to handle the real you and he only fell for the virtual you. As valid does the fact hold that he is not grown enough to handle the real you, equally good does the fact that you didn’t show him the real you. Therefore, it may seem to you that he’s incapable of accepting the truth as well as dealing with it, whereas for him, you were a good person in the beginning and you’ve turned into an offensive person with the passage of time. The truth is that you may not be offensive at all, and you may only be honest. However, the other person may see anything said against him as an offensive approach, even if that thing is absolutely true.

Hence you’ve created a big problem for you as well as for the other person. You’ve got the both of you into a relationship which had its foundations on the perceptions which were not real. This makes you partly guilty for the not so good ending of this relationship. You see, how being diplomatic or hesitant when it comes to voice your true opinions about someone or something they do can land you into trouble in the long run.

Looking at the opposite scenario, as is likely to be the case with this native, you say things that you don’t like about someone, on their faces as well as in the very beginning of your interactions. Two things may happen here. The other person may not be grown enough to handle criticism about him, even though it may be constructive criticism. Hence he may choose not to engage in a relationship with you and he may start maintaining his distance. Since nothing serious has developed between the two of you till this point, none of you may bother and you may both move on with life to find choices that suit you. Hence a relationship has ended before being established, which in fact is a blessing as it would have ended at a later stage also, with a number of conflicts and confrontations.

Himanshu Shangari