Horoscope Analysis 12

Deepest Secrets of Celebrities Part 3
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Her life so far has been quite a journey, a journey full of events. It’s not an ordinary life and it’s not an ordinary journey either. Though a number of people may consider her beauty or acting skills to be her best virtues, it may not be so in reality. The person named Angelina Jolie is much more than these virtues and since her sensual beauty and acting is very good, it’s difficult to imagine how good the other virtues of her personality may be, which are even better than these commonly known and appreciated virtues.

One of these virtues is her love for humanity, which is so deep and so profound that her heart pours out whenever she sees people suffering, especially the ones who are not able to help themselves. She’s done so much for the weaker sections of society that most other people enjoying such status and luxuries may not even consider doing.

As her horoscope tells, this urge to help other people may not be there in order to earn good name and neither may it be there to earn awards or prove a point. No, this feeling may be a divine one and the root cause of these actions may be that whenever she sees helpless and suffering people, a part of her may feel those sufferings and she may have a strong need to help those people.

For her, helping them and getting them out of their problems may be like getting herself out of such problems and leaving them there to suffer may be like choosing to surrender to sufferings imposed on her. A number of planetary energies give her so strong humanitarian tendencies that choosing to help the needy may seem like the only option to her; and there may not be any other option. People like her may simply find it impossible to turn their back towards the suffering ones and they may have to feel their pain, even if they don’t want to, at times.

This is because the people with this type of humanitarian tendencies don’t see the sufferings of the needy ones with their eyes and instead; their hearts and souls do this job for them. The one who looks at the suffering ones with eyes has an option to turn away and ignore their sufferings. However, the one who does so with her heart and soul; has virtually no option left but to observe and feel the pain of the suffering ones.

Your eyes may have the need to be in line with something or someone in order to see them; it is not the case with your heart and soul. Your heart and soul operate on emotional and psychic level; and hence they’re able to catch the vibrations they want to capture; even when you’re not facing the ones generating those vibrations or even when you’re thousands of miles away from such people or places which may be the sources of such vibrations.

Hence a person who sees the pains of the suffering ones through eyes has a choice of not seeing such pains by turning his eyes away. However, a person whose heart and soul do this job for her has simply no other option but to observe and feel such pain; as there’s no mechanism of turning your heart or soul away from something; especially when they want to feel it. Your heart and soul are the highest entities in your body and hence their expressions are also the highest type of expressions. Therefore, they can’t be controlled by choosing to turn away your eyes or even through intentional thought patterns; as your eyes and brain may simply not be able to control your heart and soul; after you’ve achieved a certain amount of spiritual growth.

As her horoscope shows significant spiritual growth from past lives; she may have a well grown conscience. As a result, majority of her life’s decisions may be controlled by her heart and soul; and she may not believe much in putting her brain to work at certain places or for certain decisions. This is what may happen when she sees the suffering ones; as the call to help them may initiate from her heart and soul instead of rising from her brain or intellect.

Looking at some categories of people, there are people who relish causing problems to other people and hence they lie at the base category because they are the ones who create suffering people. Then there are people who may not cause problems for the others in general but who may also not want to look at the sufferings of other people and they may instead wish to be busy with their own well being or with their own affairs.

Moving up, there are people who want to help the needy ones but the call may initiate partially from heart and partially from brain. It means these people may wish to engage in such helpful deeds in order to earn good karmas or in order to pay for some of their negative karmas and they may at the same time want to claim the name for such helpful acts.

Then there are people who feel like helping the suffering ones and this need may rise from their heart and soul. It means these native may not wish to help other people in order to make name, in order to cancel some negative karmas or for any other such reason. Instead, these people may want to help other people because they feel like helping them. Helping the needy ones gives them happiness and at the same time, their inability to help the needy ones may make them sad.

There are energies in Angelina’s horoscope, which may render her tendencies of the last type. Hence she may feel the urge to help the needy ones and this urge may rise directly from her heart and soul. Therefore, she may not look at the benefits like name or fame and she may not even do so to counteract bad karmas done in the past. She may help them because she may feel the need to do so, doing so may make her happy and not doing so may make her sad.

This is a high level of spiritual growth when the need to help other people comes from heart and soul, instead of coming from other places. It’s not like you want to make some donations to claim name or fame; or in order to pay for bad karmas you think you may have done; or even for social reasons. The donations or helpful acts initiating due to these reasons are not entirely positive ones and they are made more from your brain than from your heart and soul.

However, when you reach a high level of spiritual growth, you help people simply because you want to help and simply because doing this gives you happiness. There’s no other reason involved and there are no calculations of profit or loss behind such acts. Remember, whenever the call for doing anything comes from your brain, a strong sense of profit or loss will always be involved. Hence you may help the needy ones as you may consider it good for your image, you may have an eye for a humanitarian award or you may want to negate your bad karmas. All the time, a strong feeling is there that engaging in such acts will bring you benefits in one way or the other. Since calculations are involved behind such acts, they are not of the highest type as your primary motive behind doing them is your own benefit; though they’re still good as they’re helping other people also.

On the contrary, when you reach a high level of spiritual growth; you engage in acts of kindness without thinking about any benefits for yourself. The call comes directly from your heart and as you may know, heart doesn’t know the art of calculation. You simply want to help the suffering ones and you don’t want anything in return; as such act of help in itself is your reward now. For instance, if you offer help to a colleague like giving him money in time of need, you may expect this money to come back and hence your brain is engaged in this help as an expectation for return is there.

However, when you give same money to your son, the feeling is altogether different. You don’t expect any returns at all and the act of giving him money in itself is your reward. It means you don’t expect any pleasure to come back to you at a later stage and you draw all the pleasure while giving him money. It feels like you’re blessed to have a chance to give money to your son and doing so is itself a reward. Hence you enjoy the act and the act itself becomes the reward in this case.

This is what happens in general, when you achieve high level of spiritual growth. The urge to help the needy ones rises from your heart, just like the urge to help your son. Hence the act of engaging in such help itself is sufficient for you to feel highly rewarded and you don’t wish for any rewards later on. The good karma has itself become the reward now and you draw all the pleasure while executing this karma.

This is what is called high level of spiritual growth and this is what this native may have. She may help the needy ones as she may feel a strong urge to do so and doing so may make her feel happy. Such is the power of your heart that the act itself becomes the reward. This is what is called Nishkaam karma in its true sense. Do good karmas and don’t expect anything in return. Instead, enjoy all the rewards from the act itself.

This way you do good karmas, you enjoy doing so a lot and you don’t want any rewards in future as you have already had your rewards. Hence you are engaging in Nishkaam karma and it helps liberate you by untying one chain out of the three. The other two chains tied to your soul are bad karmas and desires. These concepts have been explained in my book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’.

There are other virtues in her personality, which make her a special human being and we’ll find about these virtues as we analyze her horoscope. So without further delay, let’s start the analysis. For the sake of convenience, I’ll refer to Angelina Jolie as this native during the analysis of her horoscope.

Himanshu Shangari