Horoscope Analysis 10

Deepest Secrets of Celebrities Part 2
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The name Sanjay Dutt is not merely a name and it is a story in itself. This story is not an ordinary story and it is a saga. Whether it’s his journey through his movies, whether it’s his journey through his personal life or it is his journey through life itself, it’s all been epic. He’s one of the rarest stars in Bollywood, who have actually lived life king size.

The definition of king size life is not completed merely by having everything good in your life and living that good to the fullest. This definition completes with having a fair percentage of bad things along with the good things; and then getting through all those bad things just like you get through good things. He has proved time and time again in his life that he’s strong enough to encounter all the bad that came his way, suffer it and then get out of it, in order to search for and achieve the good once again.

Though life has put him down many times, be it the emotional setbacks in his life, be it his addictions, be it his unfortunate involvement in court cases or be it his repeated imprisonments from time to time; life has never been able to knock him down permanently. As I see it through his horoscope, life may not be able to defeat him even during the remaining years of it and the only way his life can win this battle against him is by choosing to run away; which means by leaving him.

This is the horoscope of a warrior; a spiritual, courageous, kind and at the same time, an emotional warrior. To succeed, then to fail, to succeed again, to be hindered and kept away from success, to come back and succeed even more, hindered again and succeed again; it is not something he’s done once; it’s his routine. Life keeps unsettling him from time to time and he keeps unsettling its plans with equal force. Life says, ‘I’ll bring even more difficult challenges, and he says, ‘I’ll defeat them in an even stronger manner’.

This warrior spirit is what I love the most about him. I mean how can you say a character has signs of greatness until such character has been put to tests? The only way you can measure someone’s greatness is to present them with more and more challenges and see if they’re able to overcome them. This is what life has done to him and it has sometimes attacked him with most difficult of the challenges it had.

Though he suffered initial setbacks against these challenges, he always rose up and defeated them. This is what makes him have the mark of greatness, the greatness of being a warrior who fights everything and surrenders to nothing. This great warrior suffers a lot from time to time but he still smiles and gets on top of the game. Such is his strength that even if there’s no ally or friend, he keeps fighting and winning. At the same time, such is his grace that he doesn’t complain much about the friends or allies who left him when he needed them the most during those battles.

This is why for me; he’s much bigger as a person than as a star. Since his stardom has touched the heights most actors may only aspire to touch; the level of his personal height may be imagined from this mere fact. In this chapter, we’ll analyze his horoscope and we’ll see what makes him reach the top as a star and at the same time, what makes him reach even higher as a person. I’ll refer to Sanjay Dutt as this native, during his horoscope analysis, for the sake of convenience.

Himanshu Shangari