Horoscope Analysis 08

Deepest Secrets of Celebrities Part 2
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One of the dialogues which I’ve heard a lot from my friends and fellow men from time to time is, ‘what does she think of her, is she Kareena Kapoor?’ They used this dialogue whenever a girl behaved like she’s most beautiful and stylish girl in the world. The impact of her name can be judged from this dialogue, which circulates a lot in this country.

Being beautiful is one thing, being very beautiful is quite another and being very beautiful as well as stylish is Kareena Kapoor. Though Bollywood has introduced very beautiful and talented heroines from time to time; an explosive combination of high class beauty with an even higher level of style is what separates her from the others and it makes her have a class of her own.

Even when it comes to style, she has a class of her own. You may have seen some heroines who are beautiful and they have very good sense of style through what they wear, how they look and how they behave. However, it is hard to find another such beauty; who doesn’t need predefined parameters to be called stylish. In fact, she’s the one who defines style in a way no one may have defined before her.

I mean, she may simply pout her lips and it becomes style. She may simply put that sensual or seductive smile on her face and it becomes style. She may simply deliver dialogues like, ‘How dare you, tumhara koi haque nahin banta ki tum itni khoobsoorat lago’, or ‘Main apnee favorite hoon’, and they too become style; as every other girl starts speaking them.

She possesses such charisma that she can say or do anything which may never qualify for being stylish in routine, but she makes it stylish too. Her ability of changing even the simplest things into stylish ones, merely by casting her shadow on them is what sets her apart from other heroines of her time.

This is the reason why the success or failure of her movies has almost never had an impact on her demand among fans. When you go to watch Kareena’s movie, the first thing you’re looking for is a charismatic and stylish beautiful girl; and you almost always get that. After this, whatever the movie has to offer is a bonus.

A number of my friends have been telling me from time to time after watching her movies, ‘The ticket money was recovered merely by watching Kareena and everything else was a bonus’. How else can you define charisma? You simply can’t define it and you’ll have to agree that charisma and style are the bynames of Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Let’s now try to look into the horoscope of this goddess of beauty, style and charisma; and find out what makes her have all these attributes plus many more. For the sake of convenience, I will refer to Kareena Kapoor Khan as this native during her horoscope analysis.

Himanshu Shangari