Horoscope Analysis 07

Deepest Secrets of Celebrities Part 2
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Her stunning physical beauty helped her become Miss World, but her inner beauty holds even more essence. Her mesmerizing blue eyes have always captured the hearts and minds of millions, but these eyes hold much more inside them than is visible. Her charming face holds perfect grace most of the time, but there are a number of things which try to disturb this grace from time to time.

Her smile may be enough to relieve your pains, but the same smile may hide some of her own pains at times. Her image may be that of a perfect woman, but underneath this perfect image may be a woman who has been trying hard to maintain this perfect image. Though the outer Aishwarya certainly looks like the one who may be the wish of most men and the ideal of most women, the inner Aishwarya may be a lot different.

Whereas the outer Aishwarya is the upper surface of an ocean which looks all peaceful and graceful; the inner Aishwarya may witness so much happening at the bottom of this ocean of her personality. One of the reasons an ocean is called great is that despite all that is happening deep down, it portrays a peaceful and controlled expression most of the time. An ocean has a strong ability to keep many good as well as bad things inside and look perfectly welcoming on the outside.

The inner Aishwarya seems to be nothing less than the inside of this ocean, hiding so much inside and yet allowing the outer Aishwarya to look all graceful and perfect. Though most people may think that being Aishwarya is a blessing and blessing alone, the truth may not be so. Being Aishwarya is certainly a blessing of a higher order, this blessing may come at a high cost. Whereas the outer Aishwarya seems to enjoy the fruits of this blessing, the inner Aishwarya may be paying the price for these fruits, from time to time.

Hence being Aishwarya is more of a journey than a blessing, in my opinion. Whereas some other celebrities may have witnessed good things coming to them relatively easily and they may not have paid much for their stardoms, it may not be so in this case. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan of today may be the resultant of the long journey that a person named Aishwarya undertook long time back. Through years and years of this journey, she may have witnessed many highs as well lows and those lows may have tried to make her disengage from her journey.

However, it is the inner strength of this beautiful woman, which may not only have given her the courage to continue her journey of being a person of higher and higher respect despite all the problems that came her way; the same strength may also have given her the ability to make this journey look simple. It means that whereas the outer Aishwarya may have seemed to keep achieving one milestone after the other in an easy manner, only the inner Aishwarya may know the strength it took her to achieve those milestones as well as the difficulties she faced in order to continue her journey.

This is what makes her great. We’re talking about a person who may have been going through a number of emotional as well as mental disturbances, starting from her age of 15; and even till this day. It is her ability to fight with these disturbances, defeat them and come up as a winner that makes her a strong personality. However, it is her ability to keep all these struggles hidden from most people; which makes her great, just like an ocean. Hence when talking about Aishwarya, there is certainly much more than what meets the eye. Though the outer Aishwarya has certainly proved herself as the most beautiful woman in the world, the inner Aishwarya may not be any less beautiful. In fact, she may be even more beautiful and she may be the one responsible for giving this outer Aishwarya to the world.

This is because without the inner Aishwarya, the world may not be been able to witness the outer Aishwarya for long. Therefore, if the outer Aishwarya is the peak of a mountain; the inner Aishwarya is that strength of this mountain, which keeps it from falling apart, despite being in a zone of frequent disturbances like earthquakes. Though the top of this mountain certainly gains all the attention, it is the inner core of this mountain in reality, which has let the top enjoy all the attention while this inner core kept facing challenge after challenge.

This is why I mentioned that being Aishwarya is more of a journey than a blessing. As we discuss her horoscope, we will find out what gives her the strength to carry on her journey despite all the hurdles and what gives her the ability to make it look so simple. For the sake of convenience, I will refer to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as this native during her horoscope analysis.

This native was born on 1 November 1973, at Mangalore, Karnataka, India. There are some speculations about the time of birth of this native and different astrologers come up with different times of birth. Though I have calculated her time of birth through my knowledge, I will not reveal the exact time of birth.

I did the same practice in case of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar also; while writing the first part of this book. However, hundreds of readers and students of astrology have requested me to mention some relevant details so that they may connect to the horoscopes in better ways. Many of them have requested that if not the birth time, I should at least share their ascendants so that they are able to understand their horoscopes in a proper way.

Hence while writing this book; I will partly honor the requests of these readers. Therefore, I will share the ascendant of this native though I will not share the exact time of her birth. It should be noted that every ascendant remains effective for about two hours. Knowing the ascendant gives you an idea about which two hours during the day of birth of a person have his or her birth.

The knowledge of ascendant also helps you understand the horoscope in a better way though you still can’t understand it perfectly; without knowing the exact time of birth. This is because an ascendant remains effective for an average of two hours and much can change during those two hours also, though a number of things may also remain the same during this period of time. Hence you can get a better idea of the horoscope after knowing the ascendant, but you can’t grab the finer details without knowing the exact time of birth.

Himanshu Shangari