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Diana, Princess of Wales; popularly known as Princess Diana is the name which needs no introduction. Seldom do we come across a person having a personality so charismatic that he or she is able to rule the hearts of a great number of people, even long after they are physically not present. The quantum of charisma possessed by Princess Diana is so big that her own personality overshadowed all the titles given to her by virtue of being born in a royal family or by virtue of being married in a royal family.

It means that though she had been bestowed upon with many royal titles, her own charisma surpassed all these titles. I’ve spoken to many people about this great personality and asked them about what comes first to their minds while hearing her name. Almost all of them have conveyed that they don’t picture a person famous due to her association with big families or big people; they picture a person who can give these big families and big people a reason to become even bigger, merely because her name is associated with them.

Such is the impact and charisma of this great person who dazzled great number of people with her bright light, just like the Sun dazzles everyone when it is in its full swing. Just as the Sun doesn’t need to tell anyone that it stands apart from the others, as its brightness is fully capable of conveying this fact; great people like Princess Diana don’t need to draw attention based on their titles. People like her are bigger than any title and they add more to the glory of the titles given to them, than such titles may add to their glory.

Many people consider the title of ‘Princess of Wales’ great because this great lady once held it; and not because it made her great. Such is the impact of this her charismatic personality that the moment someone says ‘Princess of Wales’, the name ‘Diana’ comes to your mind, even about 20 years after her death. She has glorified the title much more than she was glorified by it and that is why the title associates with her more than she associates with the title. Such is the impact of this great lady who made even the biggest of the titles anyone can wish to hold; feel proud that they were once held by her.

Whenever a royal lady becomes the ‘Princess of Wales’ now, the pressure of being the Princess may be much less on her than the pressure of holding the title which once this great lady held. It is natural for many people to expect any Princess to live up to the charismatic standards set by this great lady; and it is very difficult for anyone to actually achieve such heights of charisma and acceptance. In simple words, she has set the bar so high that the coming ‘Princesses’ may find it difficult to touch that bar despite their best efforts; though that is good in a way. This fact may keep motivating them to establish as much as they can, if not what she was able to achieve during her lifetime.

For the people from newer generations who don’t know that much about this great lady, let me tell you a few great things about her. During young ages like twenties when most females who are stunningly beautiful and charismatic like her may be enjoying their lives to the fullest by virtue of their beauty; Princess Diana was busy helping the suffering ones. She was actively and prominently engaged in more than 100 social welfare organizations and she did her best to help the needy ones.

During the times when people suffering from Leprosy were not physically touched by many, she used to fondle and soothe them. When the disease of AIDS was not researched enough to know whether it transmitted through physical contact or not and when it was seen as a taboo type of disease, she was the one to initiate physical contact with the victims, against all the odds of health risks and other types of risks. This was her way of telling the world that she is a human before being anything else and accordingly, humanity means more than anything else to her, even if it comes at the cost of health risks or other types of risks.

How many of us can dare touch people suffering from a disease when we know it is fatal as well as non curable; and it may or may not spread through physical touch? Everyone knows the answer and this is what makes her bigger than every title. This is what makes her great and this is what makes her name immortal as this type of humanity is seldom exhibited, especially by a person who has the luxury to afford every pleasure in the world and who is in her prime age. Yet she chooses to spend a great deal of her time towards the causes which seem much bigger to her, than the luxuries she has and the youth at her disposal.

Though I can mention many others of her humanitarian works, I guess the fact that she was a bright shining star of humanity has been established. Hence we will now move on to the horoscope analysis of this great lady and we will try to find out what makes her such a highly charismatic and benevolent personality. For the sake of convenience, I will refer to her as ‘this native’ during the analysis of her horoscope. Many astrologers draw different horoscopes for this native, with the most prevalent horoscopes being the ones with Scorpio ascendant and Virgo ascendant, corresponding to 19:45 Hrs and 14:00 hours respectively on the day of her birth.

However, through my deep research on the life of this native as well as on the horoscope of this native, I have found that her true horoscope is that with Capricorn as her Ascendant rising. As mentioned by me time and again, only the rarest combinations of planetary energies can result in charismatic people like this native and such combinations are not repeated again during the same day, in most such cases. This is why it is possible to find such a combination.

Only the combination of planetary energies represented by the horoscope with Capricorn ascendant justifies the charisma of this native, more than any other planetary combination possible during that day. I have also calculated the exact time of birth of this native and it has come out as 22:15 Hrs on 1st of July, 1961. Hence the family members of this native may keep a record of this time, as I have come to know through some internet resources that even this native herself didn’t have her exact time of birth. This time of birth may also be noted by students of astrology as well as by astrologers who conduct researches in astrology.

Moving on to the horoscope analysis, it is interesting to note that this native is born closer to another wonderful native called Mr. Barack Obama whose name needs no introduction. There births are separated by about 34 days in the same year, both of them have Capricorn as their ascendants rising, both of them have Neechbhang Raj Yog formed by debilitated Jupiter and Saturn in the first house of their horoscopes in the sign of Capricorn, both of them have a combination of Mars and Rahu in the eighth house of their horoscopes and both of them have Ketu in the second house of their horoscopes, in the sign of Aquarius.

Don’t these native seem to have many common grounds between their horoscopes? Well they do have and this is why we see both of them having great authority; and both of them using such authority for the benefit of humanity, though their ways may be different. This difference in their ways of working and the difference between the times they are allowed to live their lives is due to some differences in the energies of these five planets as well as due to the remaining four planets working differently for these natives. We’re soon going to find out what gives them both the ability to bring reforms and what separates their style of working, with Mr. Barack Obama being a very good diplomat and Princess Diana having more of a straight forward and aggressive approach.

Benefic debilitated Jupiter is placed in the first house of the horoscope of this native in the sign of Capricorn and benefic Saturn is also placed in the first house of this horoscope in the sign of Capricorn. Together these two planets form Neechbhang Raj Yoga in the first house of this horoscope, which may bless this native with top class authority and many other good things, if supported by the overall horoscope.

Looking at the working of Saturn, the energy of Saturn is absolutely positive in this horoscope and this energy forms the axis of this horoscope, just as it does in the horoscope of Mr. Obama, with many other energies being controlled and channelized by this highly positive and strong energy. The first thing that this highly positive energy may do is to bless this native with a great eye for her goals, just like it blesses the man she is being compared with. Hence she is likely to have focused approach and ones she knows what she wants; she may put all her effort to achieve that thing. This is once again a quality similar to that of Mr. Obama and that is why we see both of them having great focus on their goals with not much margin for distractions.

The positive energy of Saturn can also bless this native with an overall authoritative personality due to which most people meeting this native may know at the earliest that she means serious business and she is not interested in wasting time. Time is of great essence and in order for anyone to achieve great things with their own efforts; they must first know the value of their time. Both these natives know the value of their time in a perfect way and both of them may achieve great heights due to this quality, obviously with the support of their overall horoscopes.

Saturn can also bless this native with a headstrong attitude due to which she may not surrender to almost any type of adverse circumstances, as and when they may come; and she may start preparing herself for the next battle, if one is lost. This quality of this native may play a significant role in making her a great personality as the attitude of a true warrior is a must have quality in order to achieve greatness in any sphere of life. People who quit easily or people who put little resistance may almost never achieve the heights of greatness in any sphere, as greatness is achieved only by fighting against and winning through adverse circumstances. The same fact can be confirmed from a great number of such examples in the history of mankind.

The next planet to be discussed is Jupiter and this energy is also clean positive in the horoscope of this native, just like in case of Mr. Obama. This highly positive energy of Jupiter in the horoscope of this native brings to her, the love for humanity as well as a desire to do good for the others, once again a personality trait similar to that of Mr. Obama. The energy of Jupiter may also soften the energy of Saturn to some extent as otherwise, the rigid energy of Saturn may result in making this native the one who is all about rules, schedules and disciplines and who wants everything to be in perfect order. Due to the strong energy of Saturn, this quality may still be seen in this native, but the energy of Jupiter may reduce the quantum of this quality.

Together the combination of these two planets may form Neechbhang Raj Yog in the horoscope of this native and this Raj Yog may bless her with great authority, if supported by the rest of her horoscope, as we are going to find out. The next planet to be discussed, Venus tends to be much more towards being positive though it may have some negative energy in it. The energy of Venus is about 80% positive and about 20% negative in the horoscope of this native. The positive energy of Venus combined with the positive energy of Jupiter may give this native such grace, manners and other such qualities; which are fit for a true royal person.

Together, the combination of these positive energies of Jupiter and Venus may bless this native with a husband having a post of high authority and she may witness rise in her status as well as in her authority by virtue of her marriage. In simple words, the working of Jupiter and Venus in the horoscope of this native may bless her with a post of high authority and such post may come through her husband, of course with the support of the rest of her horoscope.

The positive energy of Venus in the fifth house of this horoscope in its own sign of Taurus may also bless this native with high fertility and as a result, she may be able to give birth to healthy children without much trouble. It should be noted that the same energy of Venus may get this native very much attached to her children and she may take very good care of them. The working of Venus in this horoscope has a high tendency of motivating this native towards raising great children who could make her proud. Hence she may invest very good amount of her time in her children as she may want to see some of her dreams coming true through her children. Needless to say, all such dreams or missions are likely to be good ones, owing to the overall positive horoscope of this native.

Looking at the negative part of Venusian energy; though this part is small in percentage, it may still cause some problems. The negative energy of Venus may cause some problems in the marriage of this native and it may especially create a specific type of lack of attachment towards husband, in the mind of this native. Since this is a very personal affair of this native, I will avoid getting into the exact details in order to respect her privacy.

Moving on, the placement of Moon in the second house of this horoscope in the sign of Aquarius is a mixed placement with 70% positive part and 30% negative part in it. The positive part of this energy can help this native attract a rich and wealthy man towards her for the purpose of marriage or for the purpose of a long term relationship. However, this positive energy of Moon is not sufficient in itself to bless this native with the company of a man in high authority and it needs the support of planets like Venus and Jupiter to do that.

It should be noted that Moon is the lord of the seventh house in this horoscope, the house which directly rules the affairs related to marriage. Hence the positive energy of Moon may help this native benefit through her marriage. The positive energy of Moon may also give this native the grace to handle a number of important matters with grace as well as with a liberal point of view, though this aspect may be restricted in some specific types of matters due to the interference of other negative energies.

The negative part of Moon’s energy may cause some problems in the marriage of this native and it may also push this native to use some not very good words, whenever she is provoked. As a result, she may use heated words where silence or diplomacy may have been a better option; and this may cause problems in some spheres of her life. The exact details like what type of situations and what possible reactions; are once again being avoided for the sake of her privacy.

The next planet on the list is Ketu which is placed in the second house in the sign of Aquarius along with Moon. This planet has mixed energy with about 50% of it being positive and about 50% of it being negative. Considering the positive part first, the positive energy of Ketu can bless this native with deep feelings for the suffering ones and this energy may also motivate her to actively engage in causes of welfare for the weaker or suffering sections of society.

This energy can also make her work beyond boundaries, restrictions or taboos when she engages in social reforms. This is the energy which can motivate her not only to work for a suffering section of society like ‘AIDS patients’, it may also make her touch and embrace the victims of this disease and other such diseases. It should be noted that though the victims of some specific diseases may be considered as ‘Taboo’ in the time of this native and many social reformers may choose not to work in those sections, this native may rise above such ‘Taboo’ and she may embrace the victims of such diseases with equal ease and with same humane feelings, as she would do with the victims of some not so ‘Taboo’ looking diseases.

Hence the positive energy of Ketu gives this native an important quality for achieving greatness, the quality of being unbiased while serving the others. Due to this positive energy of Ketu, this native may serve some of the most difficult to serve sections of her time, in an easy and relaxed way. The phrase ‘difficult to serve’ in this context means the sections of society which even many social reformers of her time may not want to serve. This fact is once again established that in order to become great, you have to rise above the rest and do something which may present an example for other people to follow.

The greatness of this native shows though many of her humanitarian missions which were difficult or very difficult to accomplish, but she never backed out. This is the mark of a great warrior, Great Humanitarian Warrior. Such is the height of greatness of this native that many social workers or reformers take inspiration from her name, even after almost two decades of her physical absence. The charisma of selfless service rendered by this native to the suffering sections of society is still equally capable of motivating good people to do the same.

Coming back, the negative energy of Ketu in this horoscope can cause problems in marriage as well as in some other personal spheres of this native’s life. As a result, this native may face issues with her husband as well as with some other members of her family. Though this negative energy may be partly corrected by other positive energies in her horoscopes, it may still show its effect due to which she may find it difficult to manage some of her relationships. I will once again skip the exact details of these relationships as well as the type of problems she may face, in order to respect her privacy.

This energy can also make her say things at times, which she may not want to say otherwise and which may not be very pleasant. Such incidents may often be followed by feelings of regret, as she may think she shouldn’t have said some of the things she said, in a particular situation. Such things are likely to be said when this native is provoked or when she knows she is being treated unfairly. The overall horoscope of this native is that of a rebellion in a good way; and the negative energy of Ketu may take this personality trait to unhealthy levels at times, especially verbal rebellion. Though her complaints are likely to be valid ones most of the time, the way she puts them across may be a bit too aggressive at times, especially when this negative energy of Ketu gains strength due to supportive running times. This may create some problems in relationships, especially in close types of relationships.

It is the time to discuss a big difference in Mr. Obama’s horoscope and this native’s horoscope. The former may be able to manage a good married life whereas the latter may have a troubled married life, though both of them have similar planets indicating marriage in their horoscopes. Looking at some facts, the placement of Venus in Mr. Obama’s horoscope is entirely positive and it may give him a diplomatic approach to settle most of his problems through discussions and talks, including the issues related to marriage.

The placement of exalted Moon in his horoscope is also entirely positive which may bless him with the ability to ignore some mistakes or unjustified actions of people closer to him. It may sound like a not so good quality but it has its own benefits and hence it may prove highly beneficial at times. It is a well known fact that everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. The forgiving attitude of this native may not only make other people forgive his mistakes whenever he makes them, it may also make other people get attached to him in a stronger way.

This is because many people closer to him may know this fact with the passage of time that he has ignored many of their mistakes even when he had solid evidences of such mistakes and he could have chosen to make them pay for such mistakes. This gives these people more comfort in the company of this native as he may give them proper opportunities to improve themselves and he may even keep respecting them in the same way. In other words, the placements of Moon and Venus in his horoscope give him more liberal attitude.

Coming to the horoscope of this native, the negative parts of the energies of Moon, Venus and Ketu may sometimes make it difficult for this native to forgive some mistakes of even the people very close to her, especially when such mistakes directly hit her on personal level. As a result, she may retaliate through words or actions which may not be wrong and which may be entirely justified according to the mistakes made by such people. However, this may make some people close to her scared of her as they may know that some of their mistakes may not be forgiven. This can affect close relationships of this native in a negative way and as a result, she may witness problems in some of these relationships from time to time.

It should be noted that both Mr. Obama as well as this native have their own ways of handling other people’s mistakes and none of them may in particular be right or wrong. Whereas Mr. Obama may willingly choose to ignore some not very good things, this native may choose to react in some of these situations. Mr. Obama’s overall energy is that of a reformer with a liberal attitude whereas this native’s overall energy is that of a reformer with an aggressive or a rebellious attitude at times. None of them may be better than the other and both may have their own advantages as well as disadvantages.

It is only due to this aggressive and rebellious attitude of this native that she may be able to bring social reforms at a pace, which may prove faster than the people with liberal attitude. This is because once she knows the right or wrong of anything and once she makes up her mind, nothing may stop her. The same attitude however may come with its own disadvantages as this pace may become a bit too fast at times and some other people may start feeling uncomfortable with this pace or with this attitude.

Speaking of the liberal attitude, such attitude may take its due time to take as many people with it as many can be, as the natives with this type of attitude not only want to bring reforms, they also want to make most people agree on such reforms. This may prove good for the relationship aspect as the people around such a native may be given enough time to consider his point of view and they may not have complaints of this native moving at a fast pace. However, the same liberal and all inclusive attitude may take more time to implement actions and sometimes, even the much needed actions may be delayed, in order to wait for the approval of other important people.

Therefore, both these personalities have their own advantages as well as disadvantages and considering one type better than the other is only a matter of individual opinion. People who like reforms or actions at a much faster pace may like the native under analysis whereas the people who like an all inclusive approach may like the ones with liberal approach. Liberal attitude may prove very good when the time so demands; and aggressive attitude may not do the job so well. Similarly, aggressive attitude may prove very good when the time so demands; and liberal attitude may not do the job so well.

Every type of thing and attitude is required in this world and only the time can justify, which attitude is right and which one is wrong, based on a situation under consideration. It is only due to the aggressive attitude of this native that she may be able to work hard and bring reforms in the sections of society, which many other reformists may not dare touch even. The natives with this type of personality can take on anything or anyone; and they especially feel challenged by people in authority or by difficult jobs which are said to be impossible or very difficult.

It is very hard to keep them down by using any type of authority and it is hard to keep them away from a job they want to do, merely by telling them that it is very difficult and many people have already failed. The pressure from authority as well as the pressure of a task being very difficult to accomplish may bring out even the deepest elements of courage, lying within this native. As a result, she may fight with even better strength and she may achieve amazing things due to this strength. This native is a true rebellion as well as a true warrior and nothing or no one can keep her down, especially by putting any type of pressure on her; as that may only attract strong reactions from her.

The only way you can win such natives is the way of Love and Convincing. You have to make them understand certain things in a very loving way, even if you have some type of authority over them. The last thing you want to do is use such authority against them as that is only going to increase your problems. Always remember, you’re dealing with a fierce tiger which can be tamed with love and love only; nothing else will do the trick. If you try to use tactics like force, pressure or attack; be prepared for a counterattack, much stronger and fiercer than yours.

Hence love and proper space is the only solution here and the people close to this native may agree that they were able to get the best out of her, only with love and affection. If this native comes to know one of your mistakes, don’t try to justify it as that may worsen the matter. Simply admit your mistake and ask for forgiveness, the results may be surprising and pleasant. For a native like her, only right and wrong matters; and the social or any other type of status of the person doing wrong doesn’t matter. This is why they are called rebellions as they dare challenge even the most authoritative people on their face, whenever they feel the need to do so. Such natives play a very important role in maintaining the overall balance of this world as without them; people in authority may become absolute at times.

Moving on to the next planet, the placement of Rahu in the eighth house of the horoscope of this native is a positive placement and this energy may bless her with many good qualities. This energy of Rahu may bless her with the ability to understand some of the very important matters in their deepest senses, without much trouble. It means that while some other types of natives may not sense the quantum of problems which may be posed by a situation if not attended to in time, she may understand them and she may take proactive actions. This is the quality which may give her edge over many other people as she may not want to wait for the time when a problem hits with its entire strength and she may wish to deal with it as soon as she comes to know about it.

This can especially give her very good results in the section of reforms as she may not be willing to ignore a suffering section of society under any pretext; and she may understand the need to act, and act fast. The positive energy of Rahu can also bless this native with very good amount of intelligence due to which she may be able to assess the truth behind many situations, facts and people. It is this energy of Rahu which can make it very difficult to fool her as she may be intelligent enough to see through your tricks. Once again, the best approach to deal with natives like this is the admission of right or wrong in a decent way; as that may not bring the warrior out of her.

Going to the next planet, the placement of Mars in the eighth house of this horoscope in the sign of Leo along with Rahu is a mixed placement with about 60% positive part in it and about 40% negative part in it. The positive part of this energy can give this native sufficient courage as well as sufficient physical energy to carry out even the most difficult or challenging looking tasks. It is due to this energy of Mars that she may not think much about the difficulties or disadvantages of engaging in a task, once she understands that such task is a much needed one. Hence she may commit to things, situations or people she’s sure of, faster than many other types of natives.

The positive energy of Mars may also bless this native with the courage to keep smiling and working hard, even in the most difficult types of circumstances. This is the energy which may make her stand strong and smile, even when she’s alone and there’s an entire army against her. For a native like her, the strength of the enemy is immaterial and all she may care about is her own strength. She may strongly believe that battles may not be won by the enemies when they are stronger; they may be won when she is weak.

She may understand this most valuable fact subconsciously that as long as she is strong and fighting, no enemy however strong may defeat her. This is why she may prove a true warrior as a true warrior only cares about his or her own strength and it is never about the strength of the enemy. It should be noted that the word ‘subconsciously’ used in this context means that she may actively not be aware of this quality of her and she may naturally exhibit it as and when she is in need of it.

The negative part of Martian energy can sometimes stretch the same quality of this native, a bit too far. It means she may sometimes undertake tasks or she may challenge people who may prove troublesome in the long run; despite all her strength and courage. This may not only bring difficult circumstances, it may also make some important people stand in opposition to her. The fact that she may not care about such circumstances and people, and she may keep fighting is one thing whereas the fact that she may face losses due to such circumstances and people is another. It means that she may become prone to have influential opponents or enemies and they may cause her losses at times.

The negative part of Martian energy is also partly responsible for putting her life into danger at times, and this danger may come through influential enemies or through the bold decisions made by her under dangerous situations. It means instead of finding peaceful solutions in such situations, she may choose to take aggressive measures which may prove troublesome at times; though such measures may also reward her many times. Higher level of aggression and the strong ability to take risks always comes with its benefits and losses. Such natives are certainly able to achieve more in a shorter period of time; and they are also likely to pay higher prices for their achievements at times. This negative energy of Mars is supported by the energies of the remaining two planets and that is what may take some events in the life of this native to a different level.

Taking a look at the next planet, the energy of Sun is mixed in this horoscope, with about 50% positive and about 50% negative part in it. The energy of this planet is undoubtedly the trickiest and the most complex energy in this horoscope as the positive or negative results given by this energy may be dependent on certain specific actions of this native. It means that this same energy can become completely positive at times and it may become completely negative at times, depending on the overall situation and on the action taken by this native in such situation.

In order to understand the working of this energy, let’s first take a look at the negative part of this energy, unlike the case of all other planets where we discussed the positive part first. This is because the positive part of this energy can be understood properly, only after understanding the negative part of this energy. The negative energy of Sun in this horoscope may prove the most difficult energy for this native to handle and it may cause problems of high intensity, many times in her life.

This energy can trouble her with tensions from many types of day to day issues and these tensions may put load on the mental and emotional planes of this native. These problems may happen due to many reasons as well as due to many people around this native and I will skip the details of those problems. However, let me still mention this fact here that this is the energy which may trouble her with enemies who may be hidden as well as with enemies who may keep introducing problems in her life from time to time. It should be noted that the negative energy of Mars indicates the possibility of powerful enemies though it doesn’t indicate the possibility of hidden enemies.

However, the negative energy of Sun indicates the possibility of hidden enemies though it doesn’t indicate powerful enemies on its own. Combining the resultants of both these energies, we get enemies who may be powerful and who may also be hidden at the same time. Hence this native may face many problems in her life from time to time, due to the presence of such hidden and powerful enemies. It should be noted that the word enemy in this context may not necessarily mean the person who may cause serious damages to this native, though that may also happen when the running times support these negative energies.

Unless that happens, the world hidden enemies means some people around this native, some of which may even be close to her; who may not like this native and they may try to trouble her from time to time, even if on account of small day to day matters. This may create many types of problems for this native from time to time, especially on the mental and emotional planes. Though many of these problems may be small ones and they may only send in small amounts of negative energies to the mental and emotional planes of this native, these energies may add up with time and they may start hitting the walls of these planes when it becomes difficult for this native to contain them.

The only way out of these negative energies is to give them an outlet, an outlet which may give them an exit route and that too, a constructive exit route. This is where the role of Mercury and Mars may become very important along with the overall theme of the horoscope of this native. It is because whenever the energy of Mercury which is yet to be discussed, gains strength due to running time; this native may not be able to give an outlet to this negative energy of Sun, as the working of Mercury in this horoscope tends to internalize things instead of finding outward expressions for them. We’ll find more about Mercury’s working in later sections.

On the other hand, whenever the energy of Mars gains strength due to running times, this energy may push this native to give outward expressions to the energy of Sun; whether such energy is positive or negative. Whenever the energy of Mercury is strong, all the conflicts and problems may start collecting on the mental and emotional planes of this native with little going out. As a result, mental and emotional problems may start rising and they may reach significant levels whenever this negative energy becomes very strong.

Since this native may not find an exit route for this energy, she may at times do some strange looking things under the impact of this energy. There is nothing strange in reality, and the energy is finding its way out in any possible manner. Since the details of these acts are once again personal, I will skip them.

However, if the energy of Mars as well as some other favorable energies gain strength, this native may find exit routes for this energy and here again, two things may happen. If the overall energy equation of this native during one such expressive time is negative, such outward expression may come in the form of complaints and accusations towards the ones who may have caused her problems. On the other hand, if the overall energy equation of this native during one such expressive time is positive, she may find constructive and much better outlets for this energy.

Since this energy rises from conflict, she may be able to direct this energy in the domain of conflicts themselves. It means that this native may engage in more and more acts of social welfare in order to manage and resolve the conflicts prevailing in a number of suffering or weaker sections of society. This is the best use of Sun’s energy and this is the way through which even the negative part of this energy may be turned into positive. However, whether this energy of Sun will find exit route or not and whether such exit route may be constructive or destructive, depends on the overall energy equation of this native at any given point in time.

Therefore, based on the overall energy equation of this native from time to time, three things may happen. She may not find an exit route for this energy and she may suffer, she may find negative exit routes and she may take this energy out on the ones who originally sent it to her; or she may channelize this energy to help the people, who may be in dire need of this energy. You see, how big a difference the running times can make, though the person has the same birth horoscope. Running times keep changing our overall energy equation and based on that equitation, we may do good or not so good things.

Coming to the last planet, the energy of Mercury is once again a mixed energy, with about 40% positive part and about 60% negative part in it. However, this energy may give this native a personality trait which may prove difficult for her at times. The energy of Mercury whether working positively or negatively at any given point in time, may internalize things instead of giving them exit routes. It means that whenever any type of negative or even positive energy enters into the mental or emotional plane of this native, Mercury may try to keep this energy within these planes, instead of providing these energies with ways to get out.

As a result, this native at times may have much to say, share or complain but she may choose to keep quiet. This may start hurting her from inside and it may lead to some issues related to mental and emotional planes, leading to some behavior patterns which may otherwise not be a part of this native’s personality. Here again, as and when this energy of Mercury gains strength in the horoscope of this native, these problems may gain momentum and the native may suffer even more.

Looking at the working of different energies of Mercury in this horoscope, the positive part of this energy may help this native connect to the sufferings of other people, in a very deep and effective way. The same energy can also make this native feel the pain of the suffering sections of society, like she’s actually going through such pain. As a result, she may be better equipped to serve such suffering sections. The positive energy of Mercury may also bless this native with the ability to put vigorous efforts in service of humane causes and she may also use this energy to serve the ones she cares for, in a better and more effective way.

The negative part of Mercury’s energy may continuously keep sending negative energies to the emotional as well as mental plane of this native, which may disturb her. In practical language, the negative energy of Mercury may keep causing one or the other type of problem in the life of this native, through her enemies or through people who may simply be jealous of the abilities that his native may possess. To summarize, the negative energy of Mercury may increase the conflict factor in the life of this native, it may disturb her on the mental and emotional level, which may lead this native to take some impulsive decisions. Since this energy is internalizing things, such decisions are likely to hurt her more than they may hurt the others.

However, the combination of Sun and Mercury’s energies may prove very good for this native, as and when the overall energy equation of this native becomes favorable due to the effect of running time. During such times, this native may start using these energies for the constructive purposes in order to help the weaker sections of society or in order to bring some social reforms. She may also be able to use the negative or destructive parts of these energies to destroy or destruct social evils or other types of evils, instead of letting these energies cause damage to her from the inside.

Readers should understand at this point that the twelve houses of horoscope are symbolic as well as graphical representation of twelve energies centers in our body. These energy centers register the energies of planets which get situated in these centers at the time of birth of a native. Based on which planet or planets have chosen which energy center to be placed in the body of a native, the horoscope is drawn which shows this information in graphical form. From there, the nature of these energies, their interactions with other energy centers, their interactions with other planets in the same energy center as well as with planets in other energy centers is studied. There are many other such calculations and the net resultant of these energy interactions is called the energy equation or the Aura of the native under consideration.

Once this energy equation is broadly formed at the time of birth of a native; planetary seasons keep making changes to different energies in different centers of the body of a native and these changes may then change the overall energy equation. This is why we keep changing or evolving as the net equation of energy is continuously changing. Vedic astrology is vast like an ocean or the universe and the astrologer who is able to make more complex calculations is able to predict more accurately; and hence he may prove a better astrologer.

Moving on, whereas some energy centers of our body are relatively easy, some of them are very intense or complex. It means that the planetary energies placed in the easy centers or houses as they are called in astrological language, find it easy to do good or bad things at ease, depending on their good or bad nature. On the other hand, the complex or intense energy centers make it difficult even for the positive energies situated in them to find easy expressions, let alone the negative energies. This is why the energies situated in these houses at the time of birth of a native can prove difficult to handle and they may easily cause problems.

Sixth energy center or sixth house is one of these most difficult houses where the other two most difficult to handle houses are eighth and twelfth houses. Sixth house is generally not very intense but it is very complex. As a result, the planetary energies situated or so to say, trapped in this house may often not find proper expressions and they may cause many types of problems for the native having such energies. Only the natives with overall strong horoscopes are able to make proper use of the energies in this house, whether such strong horoscope is positive or negative.

It means that a person like this native who has an overall positive horoscope, may channelize the energies of Sun and Mercury in the sixth house to engage in positive and constructive tasks, whenever the overall energy equation is strong. On the other hand, a native with strong negative horoscope may use the same energy for destructive purposes, like robbing other people or hurting other people in other ways, in order to gain benefits.

Sixth house in a horoscope is so complex that it can exhibit results lying on the opposite extremes of the same spectrum. It can make a native extremely selfish when the overall horoscope is negative; and such native may cheat, hurt or exploit anyone in order to gain profits. On the other hand, the sixth house can make a person completely selfless when the overall horoscope is strongly positive like in case of this native; and such native may forsake many pleasures in order to serve humanity.

I have analyzed more than 70,000 horoscopes now and this is what I see. A majority of social reformers and humane people have planetary energies situated in the sixth house, just like this native has Sun and Mercury placed in the sixth house and Mr. Obama has Venus placed in the sixth house. At the same time, a large number of the greediest and the worst type of people also have planetary energies situated in the sixth house. However, whether such energies will be used for the benefit of humanity or they will be used for selfish motives, this house doesn’t tell this fact on its own, like some other houses of horoscope, which are called simple houses.

This answer almost always lies with the overall tone of the horoscope of a native under consideration. For instance, the overall tone of the horoscope of this native is positive and this is why she may be able to use the energy of Sun and Mercury to serve humanity as well as to fight social and other types of evils. However, if the overall theme of her horoscopes was negative, the same energy might have made her engage in crimes like financial frauds or money laundering.

Similarly, the overall tone of the horoscope of Mr. Barack Obama is strongly positive and hence he may be able to use the energy of Venus in the sixth house of his horoscope to bring social reforms, especially the reforms related to gender or race inequality and social justice, as these are the areas Venus directly deals with. However, if the overall theme of his horoscope was negative, the same energy of Venus might have made him engage in crimes related to women and crimes related to sex, as these are also represented by Venus.

This is where the trick lies with these difficult houses and this is why we witness a number of great people rising through the energies situated in these houses. It should be noted that Princess Diana has four planets situated in two of these three difficult houses; and Mr. Barack Obama has three planets situated in the same two difficult to handle houses. Since they both have overall positive and benevolent horoscopes, they may both may be able to utilize the energies in these houses for constructive purposes; and humanity may benefit through them.

Since the overall percentage of positive energy is very high in case of Mr. Obama, he may be better able to handle the energies in the sixth and eighth house of his horoscope. This native on the other hand, has a relatively less overall percentage of positive energy, and hence she may not use it as well and as consistently; as Mr. Obama may. Due to the overall birth energy being strongly positive, Mr. Obama may not witness intense negative changes whenever the running times introduce negative energy to this equation. This is because his net energy equation may still be overall positive due to a big contribution of positive energy from this his chart. Our net energy equation is always the resultant of the mixture of birth energies and energies introduced by running times.

However, this native at times may find it difficult to manage things, as the overall energy equation at the time of her birth is not as strong, though it is strong. Hence she may face problems whenever the running times may introduce negative energies to her overall energy equation as the balance may sometimes seem to shift towards an overall negative equation, though such equation may not be highly negative during most such incidences.

Hence the energies of Sun and Mercury in the sixth house of the horoscope of this native may bring some of the best as well as some of the worst things to this native, depending on the overall energy equation of this native at any given point in time. This is why she may be able to produce great humanitarian work and this is why she may invite unwanted or even underserved troubles at times. The combination of Sun and Mercury’s energy with the help of other energies may make this native engage in selfless service of humanity and the quantum of such service may not know any boundaries or barriers.

Since Sun being the king among planets is present in the sixth house, no taboo or no barrier may stop her when she chooses to engage in social welfare. That is why you may see her reaching to those suffering sections of society, which many other reformers may not think of touching. For a native like this, the meaning of selfless service is the one that doesn’t bias between suffering people on any grounds, whether such grounds are social, racial, political; or any other grounds.

This is why she may become the queen which rules the hearts of weaker sections of society, as she is engaging in such selfless service, directly under the influence of Sun; the king among planets. Since the king Sun is shining in the house of selfless service, it may bless her with the title of the queen of hearts of the ones she serves.

However, the energies of Sun and Mercury may cause many problems also, some of which have already been mentioned. Apart from those problems, the energies of Sun and Mercury may also try to reduce the overall lifespan of this native. These energies when supported by strong negative energies through the running times can make her take decisions which may cost her very dear; or these energies may attract such enemies towards her, who may force her to take such decisions.

Coming to the end, great people like Princess Diana are the true strength of humanity as they can inspire many other good people to engage in more and more humanitarian works, even when they may be facing many problems themselves.

The day she died made me very sad and this sadness lasted for a significant period of time. Being a young man of 22, I didn’t understand the cause of this sadness and grief at that time; but as a grown man of 41, I do know now. I was sad because the good part of me subconsciously knew that someone very good had left this world and she might not be present any longer in her physical form; to motivate me and inspire me as she always did.

However, through years of experience and the wisdom I suppose I have achieved, though I may still not have it; I know even more. I now know that she may not inspire me in her physical form any longer; but her astral presence is always inspiring me in one way or the other. If I have been able to accomplish anything good, a significant part of the inspiration to do such good has come from the astral influences of great and divine souls like her.

This is why I have included her horoscope analysis in this book, to pay my tine little tribute to this great soul, called Princess Diana. She wanted to be the Queen of Hearts and look she still is!

Lord Shiva Bless Your Soul

Himanshu Shangari