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The mere thought of him still brings out the child in me and I feel like a joker; a joker who knows happiness and joy don’t depend much on the circumstances outside, and they depend more on what is present inside you. What is happening outside may put pressure on you at times when it is not favorable, it can never take away the right to smile and enjoy; as life is full of beautiful things whether small or big, which can always give you reasons to cheer and laugh.

The joker portrayed by this great artist called ‘The Greatest Showman of Indian Cinema’ is not an ordinary joker and he comes with a variety of emotions and messages. This joker is the one who tells you laughing is possible even in the worst of the circumstances; you can smile and make other people smile even when you’re taking big losses; it only takes goodwill to create good and nothing else; life can put you down at times but it can’t take away your right to stand up and move on; and finally, whatever may happen but ‘The Show Must Go On’.

This joker is as good as it gets and there is perhaps no philosophy bigger than his philosophy. The philosophy which says; keep smiling, keep creating good, keep rising each time you fall, keep moving on each time you fail, the real beauty of life lies in living it to the limit; and give others a reason to remember you and smile, long after you’re physically not present with them. The philosophy of this joker teaches us some very valuable lessons of life and that too in a cheerful way. This is what makes this joker as good as it gets.

Looking at another aspect related to this joker, he is nothing but a creative outward expression of the great artist who was not only able to raise this joker inside him; he was able to bring him out too. This is why Mr. Raj Kapoor is considered as one of the greatest artists our movie industry has witnessed. As this greatness was clearly an outward expression of what was happening inside him, it makes him a very good human being too. Only an enhanced human being can teach you such valuable lessons of life and only a great artist can put those lessons across in a very simple, cheerful and effective way.

Many movies of this great artist have made us consciously aware about some of the rotten social traditions, prevailing during those times. He had a great eye for observing the bad happening in many sections of society and he had great artistic vision to project such bad through his art. Whether it is the message of patriotism, whether it is the message of spreading good, whether it is the message of destroying social and cultural evils or whether it is anything else; he’s projected all these messages in a way that directly hits our hearts and minds.

It is interesting to note that even while conveying these messages, the joker is still alive; and this is particularly true as long as he is himself portraying such characters. It means that he was able to convey even the heaviest messages like patriotism in the most liberal way, which gives different and deep meanings to patriotism. This is the joker who tells you, “His shoes are from Japan, his trousers are from England, his hat is from Russia; but his heart is pure Indian”.

His brand of patriotism is liberal which means patriotism filled with humanity. This is the type of patriotism which tells you that you don’t have to narrow down all your choices in order to be a patriot, you only have to develop the heart of a true patriot. This joker tells you that your shoes, your trousers and your hat don’t matter when it comes to patriotism; and only your heart does.

Digging deep into these lines; you don’t have to restrict yourself from liking any other country, religion or faith in order to be a true patriot as that may change you into a patriot without humanity. All you have to do is to fill your heart with the love of your country; irrespective of how many other types of loves lie in the same heart. Remember, love is love and it shouldn’t be restricted to certain specific types. People who restrict themselves from engaging in certain types of love usually end up losing every type of love. It means a person who can love a number of things and people, is certainly able to love his country more as love comes natural to him. Similarly, a person who develops a tendency to stay away from love in many spheres of his life is certainly not able to love his country in the deepest senses as love is something he avoids getting into.

Much more can be said in praise of this joker who gave us a philosophy so deep, so true and so humane that it can turn us into great human beings; if we choose to implement it in its purest sense. However, since the theme of this book is more of an astrological theme, I’ll keep the remaining details for some other time, as and when I have the opportunity to do so. We will now move on to Mr. Raj Kapoor’s horoscope analysis and we’ll find out what makes him put such great philosophy across, with such great simplicity and humor.

For the sake of convenience, I will refer to Mr. Raj Kapoor as ‘this native’ during the analysis of his horoscope. Many astrologers draw different horoscopes for this native, with the most prevalent horoscope being that with Cancer rising.

However, through my deep research on the life of this native as well as on the horoscope of this native, I have found that his true horoscope is that with Virgo as his Ascendant rising. As mentioned by me time and again, only the rarest combinations of planetary energies can result in charismatic people like this native and such combinations are not repeated many times during the same day. This is why it is possible to find such combination as no other planetary combination during that day can produce a Raj Kapoor.

Only the combination of planetary energies represented by the horoscope with Virgo ascendant justifies the charisma and greatness of this native, more than any other planetary combination possible during that day. I have also calculated the time of birth of this native and it has come out as 2:03 AM on 14th of December, 1924. Hence the family members of this native may keep a record of this time, if they don’t have it. This time of birth may also be noted by students of astrology as well as by astrologers who conduct researches in astrology.

Starting with Jupiter which is placed in the fourth house of this horoscope in the sign of Sagittarius, this is the planet which forms the core of this horoscope. Though there are planets like Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu which can bless this native with materialistic success of great quantum; Jupiter still remains the most important planet in this horoscope. The reason for this classification is that Jupiter is the planet in this horoscope which lies at the bottom of all the goodness that this native may contain inside. It is Jupiter which may bless him with strong but at the same time; liberal, ethical and human values.

The energy of Jupiter is about 80% positive in this horoscope and about 20% negative. However, the surprising thing is that even the negative energy of Jupiter may bring many benefits to this native through negative or destructive events, as we will find out soon. Let’s start with the positive energy of Jupiter first, the energy which can bless this native with love for humanity; the love that doesn’t bias between people on any basis and the love that wants to reach as many people as many it can. For readers who may not have much knowledge of astrology, Jupiter is the general signifier of humanity, religion, spiritualism and liberalism.

Though there are specific signifiers also, for all these aspects and these signifiers may be different in different horoscopes, Jupiter is still considered along with those signifiers to calculate the overall energy related to these fields. The fact that Jupiter is positive as well as strong by virtue of its placement in its own sign of Sagittarius makes it an important planet, the fact that it is placed in the fourth house which influences mind among many other things makes it even more important; and the fact that it strongly influences Mercury placed in the same house of this horoscope makes it the most important planet in this horoscope.

Readers should know that out of the twelve houses in a horoscope, the first house is the most important house and accordingly any type of influences on this house or on the planet which rules the sign falling in this house are very important in a horoscope. Since the sign Virgo falls in the first house of the horoscope of this native, Mercury being the planetary lord of Virgo becomes the lord of first house or ascendant in this horoscope. The placement of Mercury along with strong Jupiter in the sign of Jupiter may influence Mercury in a big way; and the working of this planet may be controlled by Jupiter in many spheres.

It should be noted that whenever two planets are placed in the same house of a horoscope, the planet with more strength is likely to control the overall results by dominating the planet with relatively less strength; just like we humans do. This factor gains even more strength when the difference in strengths of any two such planets is considerable, as in this case, the stronger planet has more control over the other planet. In the horoscope of this native, Jupiter holds about 60% share in the overall energy equation of fourth house whereas Mercury controls the remaining 40%. As a result, Jupiter is likely to influence this native more than Mercury though the latter may also have its say; owing to the healthy percentage of share held by it.

As Jupiter has the ability to dominate Mercury which is the lord of ascendant, and no other planet has this ability in this horoscope though some other planets may certainly influence Mercury; this makes Jupiter the most important planet in this horoscope. It should be noted that influencing a planet is like convincing someone where he may or may not do what you say. However, dominating someone means you may be able to get things done through them, even if they don’t want to. Hence some other planets may influence Mercury in this horoscope whereas Jupiter dominates Mercury, which gives it edge over all other planets in this horoscope.

Since Jupiter is the planet of spiritualism, religion, kindness, humanity and liberalism among many other things; strong influence of Jupiter in this horoscope can bless this native with abundance of these qualities. As Jupiter is positive in this horoscope, the native is likely to use these qualities for constructive purposes. It is worthy of being noted here that the same placement of Jupiter if working negatively can render to this native, the qualities lying on the opposite side of this spectrum.

It means that strongly negative Jupiter placed in the fourth house of this horoscope in the sign of Sagittarius can make this native religiously bigot, cruel on the name of religion, narrow minded on the application of humanity and kind to some specific people under some specific type of circumstances only. The natives under the influence of such negative Jupiter may play important roles in provoking as well as leading religious violence, extreme acts of racism and other such acts of hatred in the name of race, religion or country. Any planet can give us qualities lying on opposite extremes of the same spectrum; depending on its working nature and on the overall tone of the horoscope under consideration.

Coming back, the positive energy of Jupiter in this horoscope can bless this native with all these qualities and it may also bless him with great emotional strength. It means that this native may be able to express his emotions in a very strong and vivid way; a quality which works as a precious gem for people working in the field of arts, as art is all about expressions in the best possible way. As a result, this native may not only conceive great ideas; he may also express them through his art. This may result in more and more materialistic success and it may also bring great recognition to this native.

The strong energy of Jupiter can also bless this native with strong faith in his vision due to which he may stand firm on his viewpoint and he may do the needful to implement such viewpoint wherever and whenever needed, without being shaken. In simple language, the energy of Jupiter can bless this native with great conviction and he may achieve wonderful things due to this conviction. It should be noted that in order to achieve great things in any sphere of life; the first thing you need is strong conviction and everything else comes later.

This is because if you’re yourself not sure of what you want, how can you follow it with all your heart? If you don’t follow something with all your heart, how can you expect to succeed? If other people around you don’t find you confident enough in whatever you’re trying to do, how are they supposed to have confidence in you? There are many other such facts but the point is that you got to have faith in you before the world around you can invest the same in you. Great achievers always exhibit strong faith and the same faith begets more faith all around them.

Looking at the negative part of this energy, this part can cause some problems for this native, which may be physical, mental, emotional as well as personal in nature, depending on the overall energy equation of this native at any point in time. The negative energy of Jupiter may cause some physical problems like the problems related to the chest region or the organs situated in this region, making this native suffer from problems related to this region as well as problems related to the organs and functioning of those organs in this region. It should be noted that the fourth house graphically represents our chest region and negative energies in this house can create physical problems ranging between breathing difficulties and lung cancer. The type of problems as well as the quantum of these problems is controlled by our overall horoscopes.

On the personal level, the negative energy of Jupiter can create some issues in the marriage of this native, as Jupiter is the lord of the seventh house in this horoscope, the house which directly rules marriage. Since this is a private affair of this native, I will skip this part and move on to the next thing. The negative energy of Jupiter can also trouble this native on emotional plane though these troubles may ultimately turn out to be good.

It means that this native may engage in some acts or concepts at times, he may face negative results due to them, he may sit back and think about where he went wrong and he may improve himself in order to avoid doing the same mistakes. This is why I mentioned that even the negative energy of Jupiter can result in good things for this native as the setbacks caused by this energy may almost always teach him some very important lessons of life; making him a better and wiser person. Talking about such setbacks, they may be professional as well as personal, depending on the overall energy equation of this native at any given point in time.

Moving on to the next most important planet in this horoscope, the placement of Mercury in the fourth house of this horoscope in the sign of Sagittarius is an absolutely positive placement with not even a single trace of negativity in it. Mercury is the planet of speech as well as intellect and fourth house is the house of emotions and feelings. Hence the highly positive energy of Mercury in this horoscope may bless this native with great intellectual abilities, especially the abilities to observe and absorb the deepest of the emotions.

The same planetary energy may also bless this native with the ability to express these emotions thorough art and especially through speech. Add to that the humanitarian touch given by Jupiter in the same house, and you get expressions of art which are deeply touching, beyond the boundaries of any type and conveying the message of love; nothing but pure love. Pure love means the one which has no adulteration in it. If your love discriminates on the basis of color, race, country or other such things; it is not pure and it is adulterated. Pure love has to be free from any type of restrictions or boundaries.

It should be noted that hate may not be as big an enemy of love as big ‘boundaries’ may be. This is because, just like pure love, pure hate is also an extreme type of emotion. It means that the person engaging in extreme type of hate is an extremist just like the person engaging in the pure type of love. Hence both of them have a common ground, they are extremists, though with opposite type of extremes. Whenever a time comes and the hate of one such native is changed into love, this love is also extreme, which means it is pure.

A person with extreme type of nature will do most things in extreme ways and thus it is natural for him to love in an extreme and pure way, whenever he does so. On the other hand, a person who has drawn so many boundaries and he has restricted himself within these boundaries, is neither worthy of exhibiting extreme love, nor worthy of exhibiting extreme hate. Kindly understand, this native is half hearted in everything he does; as he puts so many conditions on himself. These conditions or boundaries will not let him love anyone in an extreme or pure way. Hence he may always have plans on whom to love, how to love and how much to love.

Coming back to the topic, due to the mixture of positive energies of Mercury and Jupiter, the pieces of art exhibited by this native may come out as very vivid, deeply touching and liberal. In other words, these energies may use this native to convey the message of love beyond any types of boundaries or discriminations; the message of pure love. Hence the art of this native may be full of such messages and the same may reflect in his real life also.

The combination of these two positive energies can bless this native with the ability to stay in control of his mental as well emotional energies most of the time; and this combination may also give him proper exit routes to express these energies in various forms. Hence he may not suffer from big mental or emotional types of problems throughout his life; though he may face some of them due to part negative energy of Jupiter or due to other negative energies to be discussed later on. Therefore, this native may have strong conviction, great sense of emotions and the ability to express those emotions through his art.

Moving on to the next planet, the placement of Venus in the second house of this horoscope in its own sign of Libra is once again a clean positive placement, with almost 100% of its energy being positive. It should be noted that Venus is the planet associated with beauty of every type as well as with arts of many type. The positive energy of Venus may add a touch of beauty to each and every piece of art that this native may produce due to which the liberal, emotional and heart touching art of this native may now have a strong element of beauty also. This may certainly add more value to this native’s art and this may bring more success to him on professional level.

On a non professional level, the energy of Venus can bless this native with a mindset which may tend to seek justice and balance in most spheres of life; and which may believe in solving even the biggest of the problems in a civilized way; like through table talks. Though this personality trait may sometimes change due to the impact of other negative energies to be discussed, it may remain present more or less. This quality may give this native an edge in the sphere of his personal relationships as he may be conceived as a friendly type of person, instead of being perceived as an offensive type of person.

The next planet to be discussed is the mighty Saturn, which is exalted and placed in the second house of this horoscope in the sign of Libra along with Venus. The energy of this planet is about 70% positive and about 30% negative. The positive part of Saturn’s energy may bless this native with very good amount of patience and perseverance which may increase the chances of success for this native in his professional as well as in his personal sphere. It is due to this positive energy of Saturn that this native may think properly before saying or committing something important so that he may not have to feel ashamed due to his impulsiveness later on.

As a result, this native may project the image of a person whose word can be trusted and who is able to give opinion on important matters, in a sober, just and polite way. It should be noted that though there are other energies in this native’s horoscope which may make him engage in jokes and pranks at times, these tendencies are likely to show when this native is relaxed and he is not attending to something important or serious.

As a result, this native may exhibit two different patterns of behavior under two different circumstances. When he is in a mood to enjoy and relax, he may become a joyful and playful person. However, whenever he is engaging in something important like creating a piece of art or directing a movie, he may become very focused with no margin for error, though he may still remain polite. In simple words, this native may mean serious business while he is working and he may duly enjoy while he is relaxing.

Looking at the negative part of Saturn’s energy, it can trouble this native with financial problems at times and these problems may increase during the periods when the overall energy equation of this native may become negative, due to the influence of running times. Since Saturn is placed with Venus, some of these problems may come through the domain of Venus also; which means this native may face financial difficulties or losses through professions related to art.

It should be noted that Venus is a general signifier for lover and wife also, though these fields may be specifically represented in a horoscope by some other planets also, and such planets may be different for different natives. Though Venus is positive and it is placed in its own sign, which means it is strong; Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra and it has part negative energy also. As a result, the negative energy of Saturn may interfere with the domains of Venus as much as it can, be it professional or personal domain.

Hence this native may face problems on the personal front also, including problems in his marriage from time to time. However, since Venus is also strong and the energy of Saturn is only partly negative, these problems are likely to be managed most of the time. It should also be noted that Jupiter being the specific signifier of marriage in this horoscope, as it is the lord of the seventh house which rules marriage and wife in specific; is strong and placed with benefic Mercury. Hence the energy of Jupiter as well as that of Mercury may also help this native with regards to such issues related to his personal life. I will skip the details of these personal issues as they are private affairs of this native.

Coming to the next planet, the energy of Sun placed in the third house of this horoscope in the sign of Scorpio is broadly positive and this energy can bless this native with a free spirit nature. It means that the positive energy of Sun may encourage this native to travel to different corners of the world, to come in contact with people from different races, genders, countries and ages; and it can also make him believe in the concept of being a global citizen. Since Jupiter is already indicating liberal attitude, the energy of Sun may find support and hence it may motivate this native to explore more and more about this world as well as about the people in it. This is why it can make him a free spirit, having strong urge to travel across the globe, with heart still rooted in the homeland, due to strong energies of Jupiter and Mercury.

The positive energy of Sun can also bless this native with great understanding of the technical aspects related to some artistic fields. It means that this energy of Sun can motivate this native to take up a profession like direction, and it may find support in planets like Saturn. As a result, this native may get interested in the forms of art, where he may be able to bring creativity out of other people, instead of displaying his own creativity alone. As the job of a director is one such job, this native may engage in the field of direction.

Sun’s positive energy can render quick understanding of the concepts related to direction due to which this native may learn many important aspects related to this field in a relatively shorter period of time. This energy can also motivate this native to add intensity to his art whether acting or directing due to which the art created by this native may at times reach the level of intensity called fever pitch. The energy of Sun can also keep creating newer ideas in the mind of this native and it may keep him ahead of his times, when it comes to conceive ideas.

The next planet on the list is Mars which is placed in the seventh house of this horoscope in the sign of Pisces. This planet has mixed energy; with about 40% of it being positive and about 60% of it being negative. Mars is the most troublesome planet in this horoscope and it can cause serious problems to this native, whenever supported by the running times. The positive part of Martian energy can render very good amount of wisdom to this native and it may bless him with the ability to grab the bigger picture in many cases.

It should be noted that intelligence, cleverness, convincing power, logical reasoning and wisdom are all different qualities and they are not the same. Intelligence is the ability to understand things at a faster pace, cleverness is the ability to use the already gained information to gain benefits, convincing power is the ability to convince the other person that your viewpoint is better whether or not it may be; and logical reasoning is the ability to provide facts and logics in favor of what your are saying or conveying. Though all these abilities can make you successful, rich, famous or recognized; they may not make you wise.

Wisdom is altogether a different quality and it is far ahead of all these abilities. In order to understand the true meaning of wisdom, kindly understand first that the qualities like cleverness and logical reasoning are the ones which try to get benefits for you, not always caring for the profit or loss of the other party. It means these abilities at times may make you completely selfish and you may start trying to conquer people instead of winning them.

There is once again a difference between conquering and winning. By conquering people, you tell them to surrender to your authority, whether such authority comes from money, power, intelligence, cleverness or something else. However by winning people, you make people like and love you by their own sweet will; and you don’t force them to surrender to you or even to like or love you. Whereas qualities like cleverness can help you conquer people, a quality like wisdom can help you win people. Such is the magic of this word called wisdom.

So what is this wisdom and how do we know one has it? Wisdom is the quality which makes you compromise or sacrifice smaller or individual benefits, in order to improve the overall picture, whether such picture is that of professional success or personal relations. Wisdom is the virtue which tells you that sometimes it is better to let other people win; even when you are fully capable of winning. For example, a clever person may try to win each and every argument or discussion in order to prove his worth; not knowing how many people he may be hurting in the process.

A wise person on the other hand, will be willing to lose or quit some arguments in order to make those people happy who matter to him. He is the one who can make them feel worthy instead of forcing his own worth on them. Obviously with cleverness, you’re conquering people as you’re making them lose or surrender every time. As no one likes to lose again and again, these people start keeping their distance from you because they fear you may make them feel small any time, by conquering them once again.

However with wisdom, you’re giving them a chance to win every now and then. Hence these people feel good, they feel like being in the game while playing with you and they love being in your company. It should also be noted that sooner or later, everyone around you comes to know that you intentionally avoided defeating them, though you were fully capable of doing so. This is what earns you respect as a person who is capable of winning and he still chooses to lose or not to win in order to show respect for the feelings of the others, is certainly worthy of being respected, liked and loved.

Hence for a clever person, winning is all that matters. However for a wise person, playing only matters and winning or losing is secondary. Need a practical example? Try playing with a kid and start winning every time. The kid may stop playing with you and he may also think you’re not a very good person. Now do this again in a different way. Try playing with the same kid and lose more often than you win. The result; this kid will love being in your company and you’ll soon become his favorite. The same can be applied to all other fields of life as well as to all other people who matter to us.

A wise person will always be willing to lose if he sees bigger benefits, the benefits which may be the collective benefits and the benefits which may bring a bigger number of people even closer than before. A clever person will always scrutinize other people’s mistakes and he will make them aware of those mistakes; making them feel ashamed and embarrassed. A wise person on the other hand may overlook some of these mistakes wherever they can be overlooked; as he understands that everyone makes mistakes and making them ashamed of their mistakes all the time will only make the matters worse.

The people who have made such mistakes will also come to know this fact sooner or later that the wiser person let them save grace despite knowing everything. This is what makes them respect you and they may be willing to stand by you and comfort you; whenever you may suffer due to your mistakes. You see, the clever person wins approvals based on fear or shame whereas the wise person wins people, with their own will to be won. This is why I’ll always choose to be wise than clever as I don’t want to conquer people, I want to win them.

Coming back to the discussion, the positive energy of Mars may bless this native with wisdom and by virtue of this quality; he may willingly lose many small and unimportant things in order to win bigger and worthy things. This may impact the overall performance of this native in a positive way; almost in every sphere of his life and hence he may benefit through it. The positive part of Marian energy can also bless this native with the ability to stand his ground firmly, even in the most difficult type of circumstances.

Looking at the negative part of this energy; this energy may trouble this native in many spheres of his life including his profession, marriage, health and overall lifespan. As a result, this native may suffer from problems in his profession and marriage from time to time and such problems may increase in quantum, whenever this energy gains strength due to the impact of running time. It should be noted that as this energy is situated in the seventh house of this horoscope, the house which directly deals with marriage, the maximum negative impact of this energy may be seen on marriage.

However, the positive energies of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury support the marriage of this native due to which these problems may still be managed in most such cases. As the details of the problems which may happen in the marriage are a personal affair of this native, I will skip them. However, I’d like to mention here that the negative impact of this energy on the marriage of this native will be strong till his age of 46 and once this native crosses this age, the problems in the marriage may start fading away.

The negative impact of this energy may also trouble this native with financial problems and setbacks through profession, from time to time. Such problems may gain momentum whenever the overall energy equation of this native shifts towards negativity, due to the impact of running times. This negative energy may also hit this native on the front of his health and it may afflict him with some health problems which may ultimately prove fatal for him.

It is worthy of being noted here that whereas the negative impact of this Martian energy on the marriage of this native is likely to reduce after his age of 46; the negative impact of this energy on the health of this native may only start showing significant bad results after his age of 50. Hence after this age, this native may start suffering from some health issues which may prove fatal in the long run. However, these health issues may be manageable till this native’s age of 55 as they may not have much impact on him till this age.

The year 56th of this native may start bringing these health issues to the foreground and this native may now actively feel health problems of significant quantum. These problems may further aggravate during the 57th and 58th year of this native’s age and he may actively feel the difficulties caused by these issues, though things should be manageable even here. However, the negative impact of this Martian energy may start showing its maximum impact once this native completes 61st year of his life and this may be the time after which these issues may start getting out of control. The completion of 61st year of this native’s age is likely to make this negative of Mars, strong enough to cause problems of the biggest quantum. Therefore, this native may go through aggravated health issues after his age of 61.

Coming to the next planet, the placement of Rahu in the eleventh house of this horoscope in the sign of Cancer is a mixed placement with about 80% positive energy in it and about 20% negative energy in it. The positive part of this energy may bless this native with great psychological abilities and by virtue of these abilities; he may be able to understand the thought pattern, mentality and even emotional state of the person he may be dealing with. This ability may bless him in the domain of relationships as he may not need to be told what others expect of him; and he may already know it most of the time.

It should be noted that the fact that this native may already know what others want from him doesn’t mean he may also do those things for them. Understanding what other people expect from you is one thing and giving them those things is another. The positive energy of Rahu may bless this native with the understanding part whereas the positive energies of Sun and Jupiter may bless him with the giving part, as and when he feels the need to give the other person what he or she wants. Hence the positive energy of Rahu may give this native, very good psychological abilities and though you may or may not notice it while interacting with him; he may most of the time know what you expect from him, even without you telling him clearly.

In other words, this native may not only be able to understand what you’re trying to convey through your words or expressions, he may also be able to decode the hidden meanings behind your words; as well as your silence. This great psychological ability may also do a lot of good to him in the field of profession as it may help him understand the psychology of his audience and accordingly he may be in a better position to deliver what they want. Since this native may understand and deliver what other people want, this ability may make him highly accepted in his personal sphere and highly popular among his audience.

The negative part of Rahu’s energy can sometimes put extra emotional load on this native by taking in negative energies of many types. It should be noted that knowing what other people want is not always good and every coin has the other side also. Due to his enhanced psychological abilities, this native may from time to time be able to understand certain things that other people may want, things that he may not be able to do for them due to various reasons and the things he knows those people are not going to get otherwise. This may create an emotional zone of pressure as this inability to do certain things for some specific people may hurt him on the inside.

Though this native is fully capable of releasing this negative emotional energy through his art or through other types of expressions, parts of it may still remain trapped in the emotional plane of this native and they may trouble him from time to time. It should be noted that due to the strong positive energies of other planets in his horoscope, this native may be able to hide these emotional disturbances effectively, and they may not be judged by most people around him.

As a result, this native may seem all composed on the outside, but he may be deeply affected on the inside at times. This is because this native may have very good psychological abilities and he may know very well, how not to let other people read his true feelings, whenever he may choose to hide them. Due to the overall positive tone of this horoscope, such hidden emotions are likely to be positive ones in most cases; like he may feel affected due to the fact that he was not able to help someone due to his own limitations.

The next planet on the list is Ketu placed in the fifth house of this horoscope in the sign of Capricorn, which is highly positive in the horoscope of this native and it doesn’t have almost any negative energy. The positive energy of this planet may enhance the artistic abilities of this native and it may also add a wonderful signature of its own to his art. It is the positive energy of Ketu which may help this native break the barriers of almost every type of social and cultural restrictions or limitations and he may choose to work in a taboo breaking manner.

Since breaking the taboos present in any society at any time is considered an approach based on future, this native may be considered ahead of time. In simple words, people may often consider this native ahead of his time as he may be doing or expressing things in a way, which may at times prove too hard to digest for many such people who may not even visualize breaking the boundaries of such taboos. The liberal and expansive artistic attitude of this native may rise from Jupiter, it may gain strength from Sun and it may reach its peak with the help of Ketu’s energy.

Coming to the last and a very beautiful planet, the placement of Moon in the tenth house of this horoscope in the sign of Gemini is a mixed energy with a big percentage of positive energy in it. The energy of Moon is about 80% positive in this horoscope and about 20% negative. The positive part of this energy can bless this native with very good speech abilities and it may help him convince other people and make them believe what he says. This energy may add a specific type of benevolent touch to the voice of this native; the touch which may convey the message to the listeners that he wishes well for them.

As a result, what he says may not only be easy to be believed by his audience, he may have the same impact on a majority of people in his personal circle also. The positive energy of Moon can help his native put his thoughts across in such voice and with such expressions, that they may look genuine, kind and caring. This can help this native gain more and more acceptance in his personal sphere as well as in his professional sphere. For instance, if you’ve hurt your arm in a small accident, he may come to you and ask about it in such manner which may assure you that he cares for you and he wishes that you get well soon.

Needless to say, you’ll feel attached to this native as he’s showing genuine concern for your problems or sufferings and he wishes you get out of them. This is the ability which may earn him many friends and well wishers through the magic of his voice as well as through the magic of his words. It’s usually not difficult for this type of natives to come up with suitable words for almost any situation, giving them a definite advantage over the others. He may simply know how to touch you deeply through his worlds and through his style of communication.

The positive energy of Moon can also bless this native with a mindset which may refuse to believe in the process of aging, in certain senses. It means that this energy may make him believe that a person doesn’t get old unless he starts thinking he has become old. In simple words, the physical aging of the body may keep happening though, the mental oldness may not reach this native at a fast pace. It should be noted that this quality is meant in its positive aspect and it should not be understood in its negative sense.

There are two sides of this quality, the first side is that you’re mentally not mature and you don’t achieve such maturity even till your old age. This is negative. The second side is that you have all the mental maturity and in addition to that, you have a strong tendency of not to let the child inside you die. It means you have the wisdom of a grown man and you have the ability to enjoy like a child. As the combination of wisdom with a sense to enjoy like a child is a very good combination, this native may be able to enjoy his life in very deep senses. Though this young energy of Moon may at times be challenged by other mature type of energies in the horoscope of this native, it may still show significantly in the lifestyle of this native.

The positive energy of Moon can also bless this native with a deep sense of care for the family as well as for the ones he feels responsible for. As a result, this native may engage in sincere efforts to ensure that the ones he cares for are benefitted in as many ways as many possible. Hence he may from time to time, do the needful to motivate, help or project his family members and dear ones so that they may benefit and achieve more in life. This energy makes him a man with universal viewpoint; and deeply caring for his family and the loved ones.

The negative part of Moon’s energy may cause some problems on the emotional front due to which this native may at times find it difficult to let go of the people or feelings, which should be let go. Though this energy is not very strong and other energies correct it also, it may still show its effect and this effect may become significant when this energy gains strength due to receiving support from the running times. Hence this native may feel troubled due to some emotional issues at times.

The negative part of this energy can also make this native focus more on the image than on profits due to which he may suffer at times. I know this may seem like a good quality but it can become a negative quality when the circumstances demand against it. It should be noted that for a person looking to earn, the income aspect is a very important aspect while doing anything, if not the only aspect. As this native may put much more importance on how he is conceived by other people than how much he earns, he may sometimes engage in acts which may certainly bring him more recognition, but they may cut down his incomes.

Looking at the overall theme of the horoscope of this native, he may find this quality very good as his overall horoscope is more about recognition and relatively less about profits. It may certainly help the audience as well as the society on the whole as he may always be looking to do something meaningful instead of doing something profitable, and such meaningful acts may benefit the society. However, the same quality may at times make him remove his focus from the financial aspect of his art and as a result; he may have to suffer on this front.

This tendency may rise whenever the negative part of Moon’s energy gains strength due to running times. These may be the times when this native may create something with great social or moral messages but such pieces of his art may not be capable of bringing sufficient profits as he may not have paid much attention to the commercial aspect while creating such pieces of art. You see, everything comes with advantages as well as disadvantages and even the seemingly very good qualities can make you suffer on some fronts, while blessing you with benefits on some other fronts.

As the overall horoscope of this native is more in favor of recognition than in favor of profits; especially when such profits come at the cost of his moral and ethical values; even the negative part of Moon’s energy may at times prove a blessing in disguise for this native. Driven by all these energies, he may work towards creating pieces of art which may serve the society and which may make people remember his name, long after his physical absence.

As he may have a very good understanding of human psychology, he may understand well that financial profits are temporary but good name is permanent. Hence he may work hard with his focus on creating pieces of art which may be meaningful and which may be worthy of adding values to society as well as to his name. This is why this native may rise above the others in his time; as his goal may be to create good and achieve good, instead of it being to earn profits at the cost of goodness.

Hence he may achieve very good heights of success and recognition and he may also be able to draw people’s attention to the needs of their times. He may put this message across in an effective way that rotten traditions should be thrown away and healthy new traditions should be welcomed, as and when needed.

Coming to the end, Mr. Raj Kapoor may not be physically present with us but the Joker is still alive and he will always be. This is the joker who tells us to do good things; the joker who teaches us to laugh through miseries and the joker who delivers the message that life is a journey and walking on our respective paths is the most important aspect of this journey. This joker is nothing but a mere outward reflection of what this great artist felt inside.

This joker still gives me strength and it makes me laugh whenever life tries to put me down. With passing years of my age, this joker is progressively taking control of more and more of my personality and as it does so; I’m feeling happier.

Lord Shiva Bless Your Soul

Himanshu Shangari