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Heaven and Hell Within
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Hindustan Times Chandigarh, 19 March 2017.

Himanshu Shangari News Review

Hindustan Times Mumbai, 19 March 2017.

Himanshu Shangari News Review
Himanshu Shangari News coverage for Heaven and Hell Within.

‘Discover and use the amazing power of your subconscious mind through ‘Heaven and Hell Within’.

Author, Astrologer and Personality Developer Himanshu Shangari shared views on the concept of conscious and subconscious mind, as explained in his book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’. Excerpts :

‘Our conscious mind is used for new activities and our subconscious mind is used for repetitive activities. You go to a place first time; you consciously try to find the correct path. You keep going to the same place and you start taking the correct turns automatically. When you did so first time, your conscious mind did this job and hence you did it actively’.

‘Through repetition, you stored preferences on your subconscious mind and it started doing this job for you. Since your subconscious mind is the hidden one, you can’t feel its functioning in a conscious way. These acts happen automatically and we call them natural. Hence all that comes to you naturally; comes through subconscious mind and all that needs effort; comes through conscious mind’.

‘Subconscious mind stores your preferences and knowledge from this life as well as from past lives and your personality is built upon these preferences called habits. Your net personality at any time is the sum total of good and bad habits stored on your subconscious mind throughout the journey of your soul. Hence if you have a habit, it simply means you’ve consciously done it a lot in your past lives and so your subconscious mind starts doing it automatically’.

‘You try to dance and it all starts happening naturally. It means you’ve danced in lot in your past lives and it has become a habit. You’re afraid of challenges from young age, it means you’ve consciously avoided them a lot in your past lives and it too has become a habit. Since subconscious mind is hidden, you may have no active memory of these habits. You consciously learn something in this life and you remember the source. The same knowledge goes to next life also, but you won’t know the source then. Hence you call it gifted or natural.

‘Though subconscious mind can’t be controlled, it can be trained. It means through specific activities, you can get rid of any bad habit and you can develop any good habit. This way, you can achieve any type of personality and hence you may do anything possible with that personality type. All it takes is proper guidance and conscious effort. This book tells you how various bad habits form, what their symptoms are and how to get rid of them in an effective manner’.