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Heaven and Hell Within
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Hindustan Times Chandigarh, 12 March 2017.

Himanshu Shangari News Review

Hindustan Times Mumbai, 12 March 2017.

Himanshu Shangari News Review
Himanshu Shangari News coverage for Heaven and Hell Within.

‘Your Aura is the sum total of your soul’s journey so far, Himanshu in ‘Heaven and Hell Within.

Author, Astrologer and Personality Developer Himanshu Shangari shared some thoughts on the concept of aura, as explained in his book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’.

‘Your aura at any point is the net equation of energy. Your good or bad karmas attract positive or negative energy and this energy is added to your aura. Hence your aura at any time is the sum total of the pending good and bad karmas; called your luck’.

‘When you hurt a soul without valid reason, negative energy rises and it adds to your aura. When you serve a soul, positive energy rises and it adds to your aura. Positive energy in your aura attracts positive results whereas negative energy attracts negative results. This is how your luck is formed’.

‘We keep doing karmas and hence our auras keep changing due to regular addition of energies of both types, depending on the nature of our karmas. Since your aura is your luck at any time, having net negative aura is bad luck and having net positive aura is good luck. As the positive or negative energy in your aura is controlled by you through your karmas; only you’re the maker of your luck or destiny’.

‘This is why you should avoid bad karmas and engage in good karmas so that you may have good luck. A person with best skills may fail and a person with average skills may receive fortunes. The former has pending negative energy and the latter has pending positive energy in his aura. So these energies attract positive or negative results to balance out’.

‘Spiritual growth teaches you to collect positive energy and choose where to spend it. If you wish to become an actor or another professional, this energy can bring you success. If you wish to achieve liberation, spiritual growth helps you do so through Nishkaam Karma which means earning positive energy through good karmas and saving it by not wishing for fruit’.

‘So if you keep earning and spending positive energy, you achieve material success. If you keep earning and saving positive energy, you move towards liberation. Since your desires require positive energy to be fulfilled, they keep you away from being liberated as you keep losing energy.  This is why desires are considered bad for liberation which is achieved when your aura has an extremely high amount of positive energy and no amount of negative energy.