Himanshu Shangari News Review 05

Deepest Secrets of Celebrities Part 2
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Hindustan Times Chandigarh, 5 February 2017.

Himanshu Shangari News Review

Hindustan Times Mumbai, 5 February 2017.

Himanshu Shangari News Review
Himanshu Shangari News for Sanjay Dutt’s Horoscope Analysis and Predictions.

The Phoenix will rise again, says Himanshu about Sanjay Dutt.  

Author Himanshu Shangari shared highlights from Sanjay Dutt’s horoscope, to be featured in the sequel of his book ‘Deepest Secrets of Top Celebrities’.

“I’ve learned he has his time of birth after 2 PM with Scorpio as his ascendant, which is incorrect. Sanjay Dutt was born around 1:56 PM with Libra as his ascendant, and that’s for sure. Major events of his life like his mother, substance addiction, unfortunate imprisonments and marriages are not explained after 2 PM and they’re explained perfectly with 1:56 PM. Hence he should have faith in me and correct his birth time”, he said.

“It is the horoscope of a warrior; a spiritual, emotional and kind warrior. Positive energies may make him kind, caring and protective. He may be perceived good and he may actually be even better than this perception. He may engage in acts of kindness and charity from time to time, and he may not even tell anyone about them; the true mark of a blessed soul”, says Himanshu.

“Venus, Mars and Saturn give him the ability of the Phoenix bird, which may revive him each time he falls. It felt like he touched my soul while I was analyzing his horoscope, an obvious impact of his blessed aura. An ascetic in the past life and a king or kingly saint in the coming life”, he added.

“His career will boom once again in the coming 5 years and this period is good for most spheres of his life, except his health. Problems related to heart or blood may start gaining strength after a few months and they may strike between August 2018 and October 2019. Hence he should take care”.

“Yellow Sapphire and Pearl may be advised by some, but they are harmful. Yellow Sapphire may bring some luck in profession but it can trouble him through legal problems, health issues and disturbances in marriage. It may also distort his ability to separate right from wrong, making him fall victim at times. A Pearl can make him too sensitive and disturb his peace of mind.”

“Suitable gemstones can only be advised after a personal discussion as his horoscope is complex. He’s advised not to wear any gemstones. Getting Jupiter Pooja with Saturn Kavach performed regularly can help a lot. Care should be taken that this Pooja is performed properly or it may have negative impact”.