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The time flies and the moment of departure finally arrives. You may not wish to leave but you have to and the same may happen to this girl also. As you two depart; the urge to meet again may start getting stronger and you two may fix the next date soon after departing or even before departing. This relationship may turn out to be one of the most meaningful relationships of your life and all you may feel is that everything happened naturally.

Well, most things were well planned and the comfort caused right from the beginning of this relationship was the already existing comfort between you two from past lives; though none of you knew this. Hence you felt like being comfortable in her company and she felt the same; right from your first meeting, though this comfort was there since a long period of time; on subconscious level.

Looking at some other interesting facts, when you two dress up for this first date; most of your choices related to this act may be controlled by your subconscious minds, in order to impress the other person. For instance, this girl may feel like wearing jeans with a top; for no obvious reasons though she may have a number of other types of dresses. She may naturally choose to wear a black top, though she likes blue, red and pink also. Similarly, she may make a number of other such choices related to how she dresses for this date; and all these choices may happen naturally.

In reality; she may only feel comfortable with a type of dress or with a color; which you like and her subconscious mind knows it. For instance, though she may try some skirts before trying a combination of jeans and top; something may not feel right deep down for her. She may not know why, but she may feel something is missing. She may try a combination of jeans and top and she may start feeling comfortable at once. She may then try different colors for her top and the moment she tries a black top; she may start feeling the most comfortable. The same may happen in case of choice of jewellery, makeup, footwear and all other things.

Her subconscious mind is helping her dress up in a way which impresses you a lot, according to the information it has, based on your interactions from the past. She may simply do all these things on the basis of inner feelings of comfort or discomfort and she may not be able to assign visible reasons for the choices she makes. For instance, though red may also be her favorite color like black; she may not feel the same vibe of comfort today; when she wears a red top; and this vibe instead comes when she tries the black one.

This is because her subconscious mind knows you like black more than red and hence it makes her prefer black over red. The same may happen in your case and you may naturally wear things which she likes a lot. It is like you two know each other very well, consciously for many years and you two are dressing up to impress each other. Since you both know what the other person likes, it is easy for you to do so. The same is happening here, though on subconscious level and hence you two have no conscious knowledge that you’re dressing in a particular way; in order to impress the other person as he or she likes this way of dressing.

You see, how your subconscious mind can fix most things for you; even before you have the chance to have your first chat with your life partner. When you two meet over your first date; this girl may have dressed in a way you like a lot and you may have dressed in a way she likes a lot. A number of other such things may happen subconsciously and that is why you may feel that it took no effort for this date to convert into a relationship.

Since all the effort was done by your subconscious minds; you’re right in thinking so because you only see that effort as effort; which has been done consciously. Since both of you may not have done much to impress the other on conscious level; it all seems like happening effortlessly. Hence you may feel like your relationship was blessed from the first moment. It is true and this blessing came through your own subconscious mind, which simply acted on your desires from the past lives. It means deep down; only you two are blessing yourself with this relationship and no one else is doing this job for you : )

It should be noted that the above example just explains the overall nature of subconscious acts in a particular type of case and some of these events may happen differently in case of different people belonging to the same type. However, one thing may be common and that is the fact that all such couples may naturally do things in the beginning of their relationships; which the other partners like. As already explained; their subconscious minds know what their partners from past lives like and hence these people start doing those things naturally; which means on subconscious level.

The term ‘a particular type of case’ in this context means that this is the study of the type of case where two people have had a significantly positive love relationship in their past life or past lives. Apart from this, two people who meet for dating purposes may have had a number of other types of relationships in their past lives.

For instance, a couple may have had a relatively less positive relationship in past life; another couple may have had a mixed type of relationship which means positive at times and negative times and yet another couple may have had a relationship which may have ended up negatively though it may have started positively in their past life. There may be yet another couple who may be interacting with each other for the very first time, which means they may not have had any relationship or interaction in their past lives.

The scope of this study is vast and there may be a number of different combinations of relationships; that different couples may have had in past lives. Based on the type of relationship a particular couple has had in the past life; their natural behaviors which mean their subconscious behaviors during the beginning phase of their interaction or relationship in this life may be described. It should be noted that the time taken by a couple in this life to reach an important stage in a relationship like marriage or live in; is an important factor when it comes to determine the strength of their relationship in their recent past life.

As a general rule; stronger relationship in the past life means a quicker marriage or live in; whether such relationship was positive or negative in past life. On the other hand, a couple who had a relatively weaker relationship in the past life whether such relationship was positive or negative; may take much more time when it comes to start living in, getting married or even when it comes to start having a well established relationship; starting from their first date. If two people never had any relationship in the past lives and they’re meeting for the first time ever throughout the journey of their souls; the chances are high that they won’t witness a live in or a marriage and they may separate before this stage.

This happens because a stronger relationship from the past means much more activity or energy in such relationship, whether such energy is positive or negative. Since this relationship featured more activity; the same trend may start in this life also; as there may be a lot to settle from the past life. It is the time to know that apart from being positive, negative or mixed; a relationship also possesses strength or energy which is independent of positivity or negativity; and which is a very important criterion when it comes to study relationships.

Let’s take an example before dealing with this concept directly. We know that sugar as well as salt mixes with water. Let’s consider sugar, salt and water as three people and let’s draw two possibilities where water and sugar form one couple whereas water and salt form another couple. Suppose the mixture of water and sugar is positive and the mixture of water and salt is negative, which means we assume salty water as negative and sweet water as positive in this case. As water and sugar try to form a couple; which means when they try to form a mixture; though it is going to be a positive mixture; there are a number of factors which can affect the speed at which this mixture is formed.

The most common way is to put sugar in water and it’ll gradually get dissolved. Let’s consider it a relationship of average strength and let’s now look at other variations. If we put powdered sugar instead of regular table sugar into water, the process speeds up. If we use heated water, the process further speeds up. On the other hand, if we use sugar granules and we try to mix them with ice cold water; the process slows down. Similarly, the quantity of water versus the quantity of sugar is also a criterion as it decides how sweet the mixture may become.

The same can be observed in case of mixing salt with water by changing the temperature of water as well as by changing the type of salt. For instance, solid blocks of salt may take more time to dissolve in water than powdered salt. Hence the speed with which this relationship which means a mixture may be formed; varies in both these cases, depending on a number of variables though the overall nature of the mixture may still remain the same.

Similarly, the quantity of water versus the quantity of salt is also a criterion as it decides how salty the mixture may become. Hence the time taken by these mixtures to form and the overall strength of these mixtures, which means how sweet of salty they are; may be different in different cases; depending on a number of variables.

It means though a mixture of salt plus water is still negative as assumed by us; it may take much longer for the peak negative expression to appear; if solid salt is tried to mix with ice cold water. Similarly, a mixture of sugar and water is still positive but it may take longer or shorter time to be called a mixture; depending on what type of water and what type of sugar is mixed and depending on some other variables. For instance, if solid sugar is put into water just above its freezing point and the outside temperature is also just above the freezing point of water; this mixture when formed may certainly be positive but a very long period of time may be required; before we may even call it a mixture.

The same happens in case of people. Two people with weak auras of any type may take much long to form a relationship whereas two people with strong auras of any type may form a relationship at a quicker pace. Have you noticed that some couples get married soon after their first interactions whereas some other couples may take many years to reach this decision? The answer lies in the strengths of their relationships from the past; and these strengths further depends on their auras or in easy words; on their overall personalities.

People who have strong auras whether positive or negative; tend to create many more interactions with their partners whereas people with weak auras whether positive or negative tend to create fewer interactions with their partners. This is because strong aura means more energy and more energy means more activity. Similarly, weak aura means less energy and less energy means less activity. Have you noticed that some couples have a lot going between them most of the time, which means they keep interacting with each other in one way or the other whereas some other couples just seem to pass their time in each other’s company and there may nothing much going between them, most of the time?

The answer lies in their auras which means in their overall personalities. This is why some relationships are very dynamic and they have lots of energy in them; whether positively or negatively; whereas some other relationships are slow or very slow; as there is not much energy in them. Hence if a couple has had a positive relationship in past life and the intensity of this relationship was high; they may build a solid positive relationship in this life; within a short period of time. On the other hand, if a couple has had a positive but less or much less intense relationship in the past; they may need long or very long time to build a relationship in this life. This is the couple which may take many years before getting married.

Let’s now look into a negative type of relationship from past life and let’s see how it may materialize in this life. For the sake of this example, we’ll consider this relationship as a negative as well as intense relationship. Some people may wonder why does a couple need to form a relationship in this life to start with; if such relationship was negative in their recent past life? This is because whether positive or negative; any desire has to be fulfilled completely in order to be deleted from the task list of a soul. Hence a negative relationship may end only when both partners engaged in this relationship; or at least one partner gets tired of it; and this partner develops a strong desire to move out of this relationship.

However, if both the partners want to remain engaged in one such relationship for negative reasons; this relationship may keep happening life after life. These relationships are generally the relationships based on revenge and that is why they happen. Suppose a couple had a relationship in their recent past life and though it started positively; it soon turned negative. A number of negative things were done by both the partners to each other and they both wanted to take revenge; till the end of their lives. Since they don’t desire to move out of this relationship and they rather wish to trouble the other person through a relationship; they’ll meet again in this life.

When it happens, they may quickly get married to each other. It is interesting to note that most of their interactions may have negativity and even the decision of marriage may be based more on negative reasons than being based on positive reasons. For instance, neither the guy may like this girl deep down nor this girl may like this guy deep down. This is because they hate each other on subconscious level due to the negative experiences from past life; and this hate is bringing them closer, instead of love doing so.

Yes, hate can also bring people closer, so that they may settle their pending accounts and they may move on their separate ways after clearing all the negativity which exists between them. If you have an enemy and you hate him a lot; simply try to focus on this relationship of hate; and this is what you may find. You may find that you want to settle a score with him and if given a chance; you’d love to settle it. This desire to settle score with him is what will bring you two together, so that this score may be settled and this desire may be deleted.

However, once your score is settled; your enemy may now have a score to settle with you since you’ve caused him pain in order to settle your score and he now wants to return this pain to you. Hence you two may once again get in touch, he may settle his score but then; you may once again have a score to settle with him. This may go on until a stage is reached in a particular life; when one of you gets tired of it and this is when this game ends.

It usually happens when one of you achieves sufficient spiritual growth to realize that one of you will have to quit the desire of settling score as otherwise; this negative relationship may never come to an end. If you’re that person; which means you achieve sufficient spiritual growth in a particular life say in this life; the enemy may keep doing bad to you but you may choose not to respond and you may bear all the pain caused by his acts. As soon as he feels his score is settled; this relationship ends because you don’t have any score to settle now.

It’s like a game where one of you has to win and you’ve become wise enough to accept defeat; since you know there’s no point in playing this game as it is useless; and the only way this game ends is when one of the two players accepts defeat. It should be noted that the game of hate can never be won by anyone, until the other person chooses to quit, which may be interpreted as accepting defeat.

This is because there is no finishing line in this game, which means it is independent of time and other conditions. It’s like you’re wrestling with someone and the rule says that as long as one of you doesn’t accept defeat; the game won’t be decided; even if it takes very long time. Hence the only way this game may end is when one of you accepts defeat. Another rule says that even if you’re badly injured or you get unconscious; you may take time to recover and then get back to this game. It means one of you has to accept defeat, in order for this game to end and there is no other way.

If such is the case, you may both keep wrestling for days, weeks, months or even for years as none of you may wish to accept defeat; and there is no other way to end this game. A time may come when the wiser one of you may choose to accept defeat since he may realize that there is no point in wasting time for this game. Though he may seem to have lost when he accepts defeat; he’s the winner in reality. This is because he’s seen the futility of this game of hate and through this experience; he’s learnt to stay away from all such games in future. It means this person won’t agree to engage in this type of wrestling with anyone else in future; as he knows how useless and painful this game is.

On the other hand, the person who wins by virtue of the other person accepting defeat is a loser in the deepest sense. This is because he’s won this game after long period of wait; this will boost his ego and he will engage in such games again and again. Since he knows through experience that the other party may accept defeat after some time and he loves to win; he may keep playing this game of hate with different people, simply in order to win. Though he may certainly win most of these games or all of them as the opponents in all cases may prove wiser and they may choose to quit; this person is doomed to keep playing this game of hate.

This is because more he wins more he wants to play and more he’s stuck in this game of hate. Accordingly, he may keep playing it though the other player may keep changing, which means his enemies may keep changing. Hence the winner in this game is loser in the deepest sense whereas the one who accepts defeat is the winner. This is why you should not hate people because this hate may get you tied to them again and again, which means you may have to face them in a number of lives; in order to get rid of such hate.

We’ll continue this discussion in the next part of this book. We’ll see how a negative type of love relationship forms and how the people engaged in this relationship may harm each other; without their conscious knowledge. So let’s take a break for the time being and let’s meet again after this break : )


Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari