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Heaven and Hell Within 05

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It means if someone wanted to travel, he could only carry ten kg load with him due to his physical limits; he had the option to carry gold; diamond or things of utility like grains, other food items, certain tools, weapons and other such things; he would have ignored gold and diamonds altogether and he would have taken other things which might prove useful. This is because gold or diamond carried no value then; and hence they couldn’t buy anything or they couldn’t be exchanged for anything. Apart from this, you can neither eat gold nor can you make weapons with it due to various reasons beyond the scope of this discussion; and the same goes for diamond also.

So what was the sense in carrying or even choosing to have these items with you if you were born during those times? It absolutely made no sense and hence you wouldn’t carry them with you or you wouldn’t even bother collecting them. Let’s now jump into a time when these items have been assigned high value like the present time. If you face the same situation today; you may try to carry as many diamonds as you can, followed by gold and then by other things; assuming you have the luxury to carry them or collect them.

So what has changed during these years? If gold or diamond means heaven today; why wasn’t it so during those times? Gold and diamonds haven’t changed but the impact they bring to us has changed. The reason for this change in impact lies in our interpretation. When we didn’t attach any value to them; they didn’t do much to serve us and as soon as we attached high value to them; they became capable of bringing many types of material heavens to us. Once again, it is not about gold or diamond; it’s about how we interpret them at any given point in time.

Imagine what may happen if this news is made public today that from now on, gold and diamond will carry no value and all the people who have them can exchange them with another metal which may be proposed as a substitute. Most people may quickly exchange these things with the new metal of high value and no one may care to collect them any longer. It means most people may stop wearing gold ornaments or diamond jewellery and they may start wearing the new metal which carries high value.

An interesting thing is that the same people who find diamond jewellery beautiful till this day; may start finding it not so beautiful or not beautiful at all. This is because in that situation, diamond doesn’t carry any value and hence there is no point in finding it beautiful. It means that even beauty doesn’t lie in the diamond and it lies in our interpretation of it, like all other things. As long as the diamonds carry high value; people may take pride in wearing them and their minds may necessarily find beauty in them.

However, as soon as they lose material value; the minds of the same people may change and as a result; diamonds may not look the same beautiful. In the deepest sense, you wear these jewellery items to let other people know that you’re rich enough to afford them. Hence these items keep changing depending on which of them are now capable of making you look rich. It means these metals are just the media through which you can show other people that you’re special or blessed; which further means it’s all about your ego in the end.

It should be noted that the quality of being special in the deepest sense; rises from the conscience whereas the desire to show other people that you’re special rises from ego. An interesting thing is that as long as you have the desire to show other people that you’re special; you simply can’t be special in the deepest sense. The moment you get rid of this desire to show you’re special; you become special; in the deepest sense. We’ll discuss more about this topic, later on.

Imagine all the currency notes of your country are discontinued at once and you’re directed to exchange them with new currency notes within a specific period of time. This announcement changes everything. The same currency notes which brought comfort to you may now start bringing discomfort to you because if you don’t exchange them within the specified time; you may never be able to exchange them and they may prove waste forever. As a result, you may do your best to get rid of them at the earliest whereas you did your best to collect them even until a moment before you received this information.

Once again, the currency notes are the same but the impact caused by them on you has reversed. They brought heaven to you until a few moments ago and they now seem like hell to you since you find them useless and you want to get rid of them at the earliest. Everything is the same about these currency notes except your interpretation of them and that changes everything for you.

Going back, your subconscious mind works on the basis of patterns and not on the basis of events. Hence your conscious mind may need much time and effort to form each one of these patterns on your subconscious mind through repeated events of the same or similar type; and your conscious mind may again need much time and effort to modify or delete some of these patterns.

Your conscious mind may be considered like the weather which may change on daily or even on momentary basis whereas your subconscious mind can be considered like the climate; which is the sum total of the weather; over a long or very long period of time. As you can understand, weather can change any time but it is not easy for climate to change and even some minor changes in climate may take many years to happen. If we want to assess the possibility of rain; weather deals with the rain which may happen today or tomorrow whereas the climate deals with how much rain a region may receive on average, during a year or during a particular season.

Therefore, if you don’t have weather predicting devices or systems; it becomes difficult to predict whether it may rain tomorrow or not as you can only be sure about today or to be precise, you can only make a guess about the present moment. This is like your conscious mind, dealing with individual events. However, even in the absence of weather predicting systems; you can still be able to predict the average amount of rain that your region may receive in a year or in a season; which means over a longer period of time.

You’re able to do so as you see it happening every year and though the days of rain may change during a year or season; and even the amount of rain during a particular day may change a lot every year; the overall amount of rain which happens during a season or a year; doesn’t change much and it remains closer to the predicted limit. Hence you can’t depend on the weather of a region if you don’t have weather predicting systems though you can certainly depend on the climate of a region as it follows a uniform or predictable pattern.

Imagine what may happen if the climate also starts behaving like weather? It means it is cold one day and it is hot another day. It rains one moment; it stops raining the next moment and then it starts raining again, the moment after that. If this keeps happening, you may simply not be able to grow any crops because they need some predictable climate patterns in order to grow. The same may happen to many other things which are dependent on uniform patterns of climate and all such things may fail to materialize. Hence there is a need to have some type of predictable climate in order to maintain harmony in life; in any region in general or on earth in general.

This is what happens in case of conscious mind and subconscious mind. Even if the former tries; it simply can’t change any pattern formed on the subconscious mind through a single event or so to say; without resistance and it needs effort and time. For instance, the average temperature of a geographical region during a particular month may not increase or decrease by 10 degrees all of a sudden. If such change is to happen; it may happen over 10, 20, 100 or even 1000 years as this process is slow and not fast. Therefore, habits are formed on your subconscious mind and it takes effort and time to form them, to modify them and to delete them.

This effort varies in case of different people as well as in case of different habits, which means how strong or weak those habits are. Stronger is a habit, more effort is needed to change it. Since the effort is to be generated by the conscious mind and the resistance is to be offered by the subconscious mind; the strength of your conscious mind versus the strength of your subconscious mind is the most important criterion; when you want to make some changes to your personality. As a rule; more spiritual growth means more conscience, more conscience means more strength for your conscious mind and stronger conscious mind means it is easier to make changes to your personality. We’ll discuss more about this, later on.

Let’s now get back to the example, where you meet this girl. Your subconscious mind knows most of her preferences as well as her habits and her subconscious mind also knows the same about you; though none of you know it on conscious level. If you know thousand habits and preferences that she had in recent past life; the chances are high that only a few of them may have been changed by her, due to the reasons already explained; unless she’s a spiritually advanced person in which case; she may be able to change majority of her habits and preferences if she wishes so; due to her strong conscious mind. However, this is an exceptional case and this is not the scope of this discussion.

As you still know most of her habits and preferences deep down; your subconscious mind may start helping you out in order to resume the relationship with this girl and her subconscious mind may also do the same. Since none of you knows these things consciously; it may look like magic or magical to you. The first thing which is bound to happen is that no matter how many filters of formality you apply so that your first conversation may look decent or reserved; your subconscious expressions may start shouting that you like her a lot and the same may happen to her also.

It means though you two may engage in formal talking as this is your first meeting or date; this formality may only be expressed through your conscious channels like your words and all the subconscious channels may express clear consent, liking or willingness. Hence you may strongly feel attracted to this girl and you may have this feeling that she also likes you a lot; and the same happens in her case also. This is what you call love at first sight. The reason you call it love at first sight is because you’re consciously seeing or meeting this girl for the first time though in reality; you’ve spent many years or even many lives with her; but you don’t know this fact on conscious level.

This is why you may find that some people just get in touch with you at different times in your life like most other people; and these specific people become very important for you in a short period of time; contrary to how you form relationships in general. All such people have already established relationships with you from past life or lives and though your conscious mind doesn’t know this fact; your subconscious mind knows each and everything about these relationships. Hence you may feel from the beginning of such relationships that these people can be trusted.

Comparing them to the people who didn’t have much interaction with you from past lives; whenever you think about anything proposed or offered by those people; your conscious mind starts weighing things as it does in general. It means you start measuring their visible positive points against their visible negative points and based on this comparison; you decide whether or not you may trust them with different things, in the earlier stages of such relationships.

However, when it comes to the people who have already had significantly positive relationships with you in past lives; this assessment is done in a different way. Though your conscious mind still does the same type of calculations like weighing their visible advantages against their visible disadvantages; the invisible factor or so to say; the subconscious factor also comes to the picture. It should be noted that in case of general people; your subconscious mind doesn’t have much information or any information about them from the past and hence your conscious mind does most of the job. Therefore, such assessments follow a visible pattern, which means you know exactly why you should trust or not trust them.

When it comes to these special people; your subconscious mind already has a significant amount of information about them from the past lives; and that changes everything. As your conscious mind starts assessing these people for certain things; the subconscious mind interferes. Your hear strong inner voices which may be called intuitions as they come with no conscious reasons; and these voices tell you that even if you don’t have sufficient visible information to trust these people at this time; you should go ahead and trust them.

Since you don’t find the reason for these voices; that is what makes these reasons invisible for your conscious mind as the reasons are certainly there on the subconscious level; and it is only the fact that you can’t see them on conscious level. Hence these reasons look invisible to you and so you call these voices intuitions, which means voices or feelings without visible reasons.

Though your conscious mind may not understand a thing; your subconscious mind may assure you that you can go ahead and trust this person; and this assurance may come through inner voices. You choose to listen to these voices as they’re strong; you go ahead and trust these people and this trust proves right most of the time. You may call it magical but there are solid reasons behind all this and hence there is no magic.

Hence when you meet this girl, all your subconscious expressions as well as all her subconscious expressions may speak out loud that you two like each other a lot. Though it is the first meeting or date; you feel like a lot has happened over this date and she also feels the same. This is due to the fact that you need much more time when you need to create something for the first time; compared to repeating or doing something that you’ve already done a number of times. Since you’ve done a number of things with this girl in the past; you find that doing those things comes natural to you during this date.

Your subconscious mind has perfect record of her preferences as well as that of your interactions from the past and it uses them to resume this relationship. Since you don’t know the acts of your subconscious mind on conscious level; it looks like happening by magic or by luck to you. Let’s look at certain things which your subconscious mind may do for you and which may put you in a position of advantage.

Suppose you like tea as well as coffee and you have both of them at times. Suppose this girl likes coffee and she doesn’t like tea. Since your subconscious mind knows this fact; it may help you out here. As you order for something; you may choose to have coffee today instead of tea; and you may do so randomly which means without any conscious reason. However, this is not random and your subconscious mind has made you do it; by controlling what comes out of your mouth when you order. This is because it knows the girl doesn’t like tea and ordering coffee at an early stage of this relationship may help you since bigger number of common interests or preferences may help you develop a relationship at the earliest.

Hence you may choose to have coffee and you may even mention that you like coffee a lot, though you may not say it in a planned way and it may just get out of your mouth randomly; and you know why. Since the girl is also going to have coffee and you’ve told her that you like coffee a lot without consciously knowing that she likes it too; you look natural to her. It means if she says she likes coffee and then you tell her that you also like it a lot; she may think you’re saying so to create common grounds and it may or may not be true. It generally happens at the beginning of this type of relationships and people do so to find or create common grounds.

However in this case, since you’ve expressed your liking before asking her about her liking; she only has the choice to believe that you really like it; which means you two have one thing in common. The trick is that your subconscious mind also knows that she likes coffee and that is why it makes you express this fact that you like coffee a lot; before asking her what she’ll have. When it comes to her subconscious mind; it also knows that you’re telling the truth because it knows you really like coffee. Hence her conscious mind doesn’t have any reason to doubt this fact since you’ve mentioned it without asking her about coffee; and her subconscious mind already knows you’re speaking the truth.

As a result; she may believe at once that you really like coffee a lot and that initiates a common ground between you two. Moving on; even before you talk about coffee; your subconscious mind may start impressing her without your knowledge. For instance, when you approach her for the first time and you ask her out; your subconscious mind already knows that she likes chatting over coffee and she doesn’t like going to public parks or movies; as much as she likes coffee. Once again; you may randomly propose her to chat with you over a cup of coffee though you may have proposed a public park or a movie to some other girls; when you asked them out for the first time.

As you know, this is not random and your subconscious mind makes you do it in the most natural way. Since this girl loves going to cafes for chatting; you’ve added one more advantage to your account. She feels attracted to you, she feels like going out with you and you’ve offered her favorite place for the first date. The answer comes as a yes and neither you nor she knows that it is a planned proposal.

When you to go to a café; you may randomly choose a table; say in the corner and that may happen for no obvious or conscious reasons. Have you noticed that at times when you go to such places and there are a number of vacant tables; you may take a moment or two to decide which table to choose? You may then decide to go with one particular table and you generally don’t have conscious reasons for choosing that table. It means this table may at times be in the corner, it may be in the middle at another time or it may be someplace else at another time, though you may certainly have your favorite spots. It all happens naturally and you just feel like going with the inner voice which selects this table. Well, now you know the reason behind this inner voice.

In the present case, your subconscious mind may encourage you to choose a particular table and you may naturally lead her towards that table; say a table in the corner which is just by the side of cash counter; though you may or may not choose this setting in general. You may not have any idea at all that you’re choosing this table to impress her as you’re not planning this move; though only on conscious level.

Your subconscious mind has a record of her preferences and it knows that when she visits places like cafes; her favorite spot is the corner closest to the cash counter. She may have her own reasons for this liking and she may even like another type of spot. The point is that whatever her preference may be; your subconscious mind already knows it through experience.

As you lead her to one such table; you’ve already scored points, even without your conscious knowledge. This is because she likes this table the most; among all the vacant tables and you’ve also chosen this table; which is one more sign that you two have things in common; deep down. She may not interpret these signs on conscious level but she may clearly feel that things are happening in your company; as naturally as they happen to her when she makes the choices. This means that if she had the choice to make these decisions; she would have made them in the exact same way. Hence you touch her deeply since you do things like she does; and you don’t even know it till this point.

It should be noted that the closer you get to someone’s subconscious mind and the more you touch it; stronger is your relationship with this person, as a result. This is why you’ll find that when you go out for a dinner with your wife and kids; you tend to do things which they like, assuming that you want to make them happy. You do so because those things touch them on the deepest level, which means on the level of their subconscious minds and hence they start liking you more from this level. It means their subconscious minds start attaching more value to you since you know how to comfort or please them.

Same thing is happening here with the only difference that you’re not doing it on purpose and you don’t even know that you’re doing it; and it all feels like just happening according to you. Since the girl also have no idea that you know what she likes; she can only understand that you two have common tastes. When you get closer to this table; you may once again choose a random side to offer her for seating; and this is the side she likes the most; when she has the choice to make. For instance, you may offer her the side which gives her the view of cash counter and it may be her favorite side; though you may do so randomly : )

You see, even before you two have actually interacted; your subconscious mind has guided you in a way that she’s already feeling relaxed in your company because her favorite things are happening when she’s with you and that also when you don’t know anything about her choices; at least according to her conscious knowledge as well as your conscious knowledge. As you ask her for coffee and she says yes; you ask her if she’d like to eat something and you may then randomly suggest if she’d like to have a chocolate pastry.

You’re bang on target and you’ve once again hit a spot deep within her. She likes chocolate pastries a lot and the first thing you’ve offered her is a chocolate pastry. It is once again like she’s making all these choices instead of you offering her those choices; and this is what makes her even more comfortable. Once again, you don’t know that you’ve done anything to please her so far; as all this is being done by your subconscious mind. You may not even like chocolate pastries a lot and you just offered them as a random choice as your conscious mind may have told you that girls usually like things having chocolate as an ingredient and a chocolate pastry randomly occurred to you.

In reality; you subconsciously know this fact that she likes things like chocolate pastries and you also noticed subconsciously that the café has chocolate pastries featured in the showcase; when you entered the café and approached the table. Have you ever heard that most of the communication between two people is non-verbal and this part is more important than the verbal communication? Now you know how these non-verbal communications happen and why they are more important than verbal communications.

Verbal communications are controlled by your conscious mind which has far less information compared to your subconscious mind which controls most non verbal communications; like in this case. You haven’t done much so far according to your conscious mind but you’ve still touched this girl more deeply than someone else may have touched even in ten dates. She also doesn’t know the conscious reasons for all these things. Hence all she feels is a strong feeling of comfort in your company and a feeling of comfort is the best type of feeling in most situations.

More comfortable you feel in someone’s company; more time you want to spend in his or her company whereas more discomfort in someone’s company means you want to spend less time in his or her company or you simply want to avoid his or her company. Since the comfort factor is strong; she may already like your company and this date is almost destined to give birth to a meaningful relationship which may last for many years or which may continue till the end of your life. Over the course of this date; a number of other such things may happen when you may touch her deeply without any conscious effort and she may also do the same without any conscious effort.


Himanshu Shangari