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An interesting thing is that you may start noticing positive habits of this girl much faster than you do in case of other girls, which may help you like this girl even more at the earliest. It should be noted that these habits of her are her genuine habits and they’re not likely to be artificial ones; which means she may not be pretending to have certain good habits in order to impress you and she may simply be behaving in the most natural way. She may also notice or observe similar things about you and hence you two may build a relationship at a fast or very fast pace.

Though on the conscious level, you may feel that all this is happening coincidently but this is not so in reality. It is your subconscious mind which is interacting with her subconscious mind and these two are trying to resume the relationship which is already there. Since you or this girl don’t have any conscious knowledge about this relationship as well as about the things that your subconscious minds are doing to get you two together; it all seems to happen magically. Let’s now get to the bottom of this magic and see what is happening deep down; at the level of the subconscious mind.

Since your subconscious mind has significant amount of data related to her from past lives; it knows about most of her positive as well as negative habits and even about her preferences about food, clothes, perfumes and a number of other such things. It has already been explained that all habits and preferences are stored on your subconscious mind and hence they travel with you in each one of your lives. Hence habits or preferences once formed stay with you throughout the journey of your soul; until you consciously choose to move away from some of them.

For instance, if you start liking apples a lot in one of your lives; this preference is stored on your subconscious mind and accordingly; you may keep liking apples in all your coming lives until you change this preference with conscious effort. Looking at one such possibility; suppose in one of your lives; you get allergic to something that an apple contains like the iron in it; you suffer a lot because of it, you discover that all this is happening because of apples and you consciously choose to move away from apples.

We’ll discuss two options in this case. If your overall personality is such that you stop eating apples in order to avoid discomfort but you continue liking apples; your liking for apples may continue and it may remain the same or it may become even stronger in your next life. This is because if you keep wishing for something but you can’t have it, this wish keeps getting stronger. Since you like apples but you can’t have them; the desire for apples becomes stronger and hence you may have a lot of apples in your next life.

On the other hand, if your overall personality is such that you stop eating apples due to physical discomfort caused by them and at the same time; you stop liking them or you even start disliking them as they trouble you whenever you try them; you’ve changed this preference consciously. It means you may not like apples even in your next life and even if you try them in your next life; you may start having a feeling of discomfort though this feeling may not have any valid reasons in that life.

This is due to the reason that you’ve attached discomfort to apples in this life and whenever you eat apples; you start feeling discomfort. This feeling of discomfort is valid for this life as you’re only feeling what is happening in reality. It means you actually go through discomfort when you eat apples. Hence this feeling of discomfort has valid reasons and this is not an illusionary feeling.

When it comes to your next life, your physical body may be perfectly capable of handling apples and you may not suffer at all, if you have apples. However, as you have attached a strong feeling of discomfort with apples in your present life and you’ve repeated this act again and again; your subconscious mind stores this information and it marks this information important. As a result, whenever you try to eat an apple in your next life; you may find yourself suffering from discomfort and you may not be able to eat it.

You may not know the reason for this feeling of discomfort but it is there and that is what makes you stay away from apples. In your present life; this feeling of discomfort is caused by actual discomfort which happens when you eat apples and hence it is a valid feeling. However, when it comes to your next life; there is no actual discomfort and this feeling of discomfort is illusionary since it is coming from the past. It means apples are bad for you in your present life but they are not bad for you in your next life. Hence the feeling of discomfort while eating apples is real for this life whereas it is illusionary for next life.

This brings us to an important point that though your subconscious mind is very powerful on the basis of information it has from a number of your past lives; all such information is provided by your conscious mind only. Hence all your habits, preferences, comforts or discomforts are stored on your subconscious mind but they are not initiated by your subconscious mind and this job is done by your conscious mind.

A significant difference between your conscious mind and subconscious mind is that your conscious mind has the ability to act or take decisions when you witness something for the first time or when you want to change the way you like or dislike something, which means when you want to change a habit or preference. On the other hand, your subconscious mind doesn’t have these abilities and it works on the basis of the data which has already been stored on it. Hence it can’t help you form a habit and it can’t help you take a decision in situations which you’re facing for the first time; since it has no data related to those situations.

Therefore, when it comes to collect data about things or people and when it comes to form preferences; your conscious mind is the one that does all this. However, when it comes to act on the basis of those preferences or when it comes to continue doing certain things; your subconscious mind may take control in order to reduce your conscious effort. Hence your subconscious mind can’t record data on its own and it can’t form habits or preferences on its own; and this job is done by your conscious mind. However, your subconscious mind can certainly help you maintain those habits and do a number of things for you, on the basis of the information that it already has.

You can consider your subconscious mind as a computer program and you can consider your conscious mind as the developer of that program. It is the job of the developer to feed data and preferences in the program, which means he needs to introduce such information and features in the program, which he wishes to use in future. Looking at the other end, it is the job of this program to operate on the basis of the already registered data as well as preferences and reduce the effort of the developer.

For instance, if this program deals with geographical regions, their locations and other such things related to them; this program can offer only as much information as is fed into it by the developer and nothing more than that. Hence if it contains information about one thousand geographical locations; it may present any part of such information at the click of a button. However, when it comes to a geographical location which is other than these thousand locations; this program is helpless and the developer has to do this job on his own.

The only way he can get help related to this geographical location in future through this program; is to find such information by himself and then feed such information into this program, just like he did in case of all those thousand geographical locations; which are already stored in this program. This way, the developer can only get information related to that geographical region; which he collected by himself at a time and he then fed such information into this program. Hence the information related to any geographical region has to be obtained by the developer without the help of this program, he may then feed such information into this program and from the next time onward; this program may do this job for him.

Looking at the utility of this program; though it can’t create information or preferences on its own; it can certainly reduce the conscious effort of this developer to a great extent. This is because the developer only has to collect a piece of information once and then feed such information into this program and the latter takes care of everything related to this piece of information after that. Summing it up; the program can’t know more than the developer at any point in time since all the information has initially been collected and forwarded to it by the developer. However, the program can reduce the effort of this developer to great extent as it is much faster than the developer.

Similarly, your conscious mind collects information related to things and it stores such information on your subconscious mind. This information may constitute knowledge, preferences, habits and other such things which form the basis of your personality. Your subconscious mind can neither create this information on its own; nor it can modify this information on its own; and these jobs are done by your conscious mind. Hence your subconscious mind can’t form a habit or a preference and it even can’t modify it, as these jobs are done by your conscious mind.

Comparing it to the computer program; suppose the developer has fed information related to a geographical region about five years back, into this program. Suppose a part of this information has changed during these five years and the developer either doesn’t know about it or he didn’t update this information in the program. In this case, the information offered by the program and the actual information may be different as the program can’t update this information on its own and this job has to be done by the developer. As long as this information is not updated, the program may keep reflecting the previously correct but now incorrect or incomplete information.

This way, the developer and the program have a deep connection with each other and they depend on each other for certain things. The programs depends on the developer, in order to stay updated or in order to receive more and more information whereas the developer depends on the program for doing a number of jobs related to such information at a fast or very fast pace; compared to his own speed of doing such jobs. Likewise, the subconscious mind depends on the conscious mind to receive more or updated information related to a number of things so that it may do its job more efficiently whereas the conscious mind depends on the subconscious mind to do all the repetitive jobs so that the effort of the conscious mind may be reduced significantly.

If the developer dies; the software can’t update itself on its own and it has to wait for the next developer to come and update the information that it has. Similarly, when a person dies; the conscious mind dies and the subconscious mind leaves the body and it goes with the soul. Hence the subconscious mind needs another conscious mind in order to receive more information or in order to update the already registered information. A new conscious mind becomes available with a new birth and this conscious mind serves as a new developer for the same computer program. This keeps happening and one developer after another keeps connecting to this program.

All these developers keep feeding new information into this program or they keep updating some of the already existing information. At the same time; they keep benefitting through this program; by means of information fed or updated by them; as well as by means of the information stored on this program; by the developers who attended to this program before them.

Hence in the deepest sense; the information contained by this program at any point in time is the sum total of the information fed into it; by all the developers who attended to this program till that time. It means if a thousand developers have fed or updated information into this program till a point in time; this program contains information obtained by all these thousand developers; assuming all of them registered every piece of information they came across; with this program.

In the same way, the information as well as the ability of your subconscious mind at any point in time is the sum total of the information or ability of all the conscious minds that you’ve had in all your lives since all of them fed information on this very same subconscious mind. In easy language, your subconscious mind has information related to all your past lives so far; and it can help you out on the basis of that information. Just like a program may not know something which has not been fed into it by the developer; your subconscious mind may not have information related to things, people or situations; which have never been dealt with by any one of your conscious minds.

Looking at another angle; just like the developer number 1000 may know much less than the program as the program is the sum total of the knowledge of 1000 developers including the developer in question; your conscious mind may know much less than your subconscious mind since your subconscious mind at any time is the sum total of all your conscious minds so far, which may be thousands of them, including your conscious mind for present life.

Accordingly, the conscious knowledge of developer number 1000 is what he possesses and the rest comes as help from the program. Similarly, the conscious knowledge of your conscious mind at any point in time in any one of your lives is what you’ve gained through it in that life till that point in time; and the rest comes from your subconscious mind as help.

Taking an example, if you’re asked to have one of the two drinks where one of them tastes very good and another one tastes very bad; and no one tells you which one tastes good or bad, here is what may happen. Assuming you want to have the drink which tastes good; this objective can be reached in two ways. The first way is that you’ve already had one or both of these drinks once or more than once in this life. It means you have conscious knowledge about which one of them tastes good or bad; and hence it is easy for you to choose the drink which tastes good. This choice has been made by your conscious mind, based on the information it collected earlier in this life.

Looking at the second way; suppose you’ve never had or even seen any one of these drinks in this life and hence you don’t have conscious knowledge about any one of them. It means you have to take a random guess or try your luck; supposing that having one of them is compulsory. Though you may think of taking a random chance, it may turn out to be more than a random chance. In this case, this job can once again be done by your conscious mind or it can be done by your subconscious mind and this is how.

If you’ve never had any one of these drinks even in any one of your past lives; your subconscious mind doesn’t have any information related to anyone of these drinks and hence it can’t help you out. Therefore, this job has to be done by your conscious mind alone and you have to make a random guess in the deepest sense. It means neither your conscious mind nor your subconscious mind knows anything about these drinks and hence you can only try your luck.

On the other hand, if you’ve had one or both of these drinks; many times in your past lives, say in your recent past life; your random guess may not be so random in this case. This is because your conscious mind still doesn’t have any information related to these drinks but your subconscious mind does have this information. As a result, your subconscious mind may help you out and it may tell you which one of these drinks tastes good or bad. However, as your subconscious mind is hidden and so are its messages that reach your conscious mind; here is how this messages may work.

On the conscious level; you’re blank and you have no clue about any one of these drinks. However, you may feel that a kind of intuition is coming to you from inside, which means a voice is coming from inside and this voice is telling you to try a particular drink. This voice tells you that this particular drink is the good one and hence you should try it. Since this voice is the result of the decision of your subconscious mind; you can’t actively understand the reason or logic behind the choice made by this voice; since active reasoning is the job of your conscious mind which knows nothing about all this.

Hence you may subconsciously feel motivated to try a particular drink but you may not know why this feeling or voice is coming to you. If you’re an emotional type, you may simply go ahead and try that drink which turns out good as the voice says. However, if you’re an intellectual type; you may get confused because in this case; you may get interested in why this voice is coming to you from inside; more than you’re interested in choosing the drink that tastes good. This is because the intellect almost always wants to know the reasons first; and it believes in acting only when it is duly convinced by such reasons, whatever they may be; depending on a particular situation.

Since there is only a voice and there are no obvious reasons attached to this voice; your intellect may suggest you to go against this voice. This is because it is the natural job of your intellect to doubt anything which has no reasons or which doesn’t explain itself properly. Since this voice is not explaining itself on conscious level; your intellect may guide you against this voice. If you listen to your intellect and you try to choose the drink which is other than the one suggested by your subconscious mind; you may feel that the voice is getting louder, it is repeating itself more often and it is trying to stop you from trying the drink suggested by your intellect.

As you may understand; your subconscious mind knows for sure that the drink suggested by your intellect tastes bad and hence it is warning you again and again to choose the other drink. This is just like when you try to build a project in the already discussed program and you try to feed an incorrect value for a particular geographical region; the program may start warning you that this value is incorrect and it should be corrected. Though you may choose to manually override the suggestion of this program as you may have incorporated that feature in this program; it may not be a wise decision as the program is suggesting so on the basis of information that it already has. Hence the advice of this program is likely to be a genuine one and it should be paid attention to.

Likewise, your subconscious mind may start making you uncomfortable if you still try to choose the drink suggested by your intellect and if you don’t listen to the former. As a result; subconscious reactions like feelings of fear on small scale, trembling of body and hand in particular and other such signs may start appearing. These are the ways through which your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that you’re going to do something wrong. Since your subconscious mind already knows you’re going to select the wrong drink; it starts giving you fear.

Suppose you finally decide to act upon the advice of your subconscious mind and you choose the drink suggested by it at the last moment. As the voice says; this drink tastes good and though you as well as other people present at this scene may think that you took a random chance and that chance paid out for you; it is not a random chance in reality. You already knew which drink tastes good and the only reason you think it is a random chance; is because this knowledge is subconscious and hence you can’t actively know the source of this knowledge. It means you may at the most feel that an intuition or an inner voice guided you and nothing more than that.

In reality; your subconscious mind has all the reasons to suggest you this drink; just like your conscious mind has them; in the first case. It means when your conscious mind suggests you to choose one particular drink in case of first option; you actively know that the reason it is doing so is because you’ve already had this drink earlier in this life. Hence the advice of your conscious mind is duly supported by relevant information. Similarly, the advice of your subconscious mind is also duly supported by relevant information and the only catch is that you don’t know this fact. Hence all you may feel is that an intuition guided you and a random chance clicked for you by means of this intuition.

Therefore, your subconscious mind may have a lot of information related to the girl you’re interacting with and it may also have information about a number of her preferences. It should be noted that some of these preferences may have changed between the time of your last interaction with this girl in any one of your lives and the present time. It means if you had a relationship with this girl in your recent past life and your subconscious mind has a record of her preferences from that life; most of those preferences or habits may remain the same though some of them may have changed.

As already explained, you need conscious effort to form a habit as well as to modify it or to get rid of it. This concept has been explained in details in the first part of this book. In general, most people don’t tend to change most of their habits or preferences; primarily due to two reasons. The first and the most common reason is that they may be comfortable with these habits or preferences and hence they may not want to change them. Since the desire to change a habit or preference is not there; such habit or preference is not going to change.

Looking at the second reason, even if you want to change one of your preferences or habits; you may not be able to do so. This is because a significant amount of conscious effort is required to change such habit or preference and this effort varies in case of different habits or preferences; depending on how strongly they’ve been formed till the time you want to change them. In general, preferences take less effort to change whereas habits take more or much more effort. Some habits may be so strong that you may find it very difficult to get rid of them; even if you try very hard to change them.

Looking at a couple of examples, you may find that staying away from apples is relatively easy than getting rid of laziness. This is because liking apple is a preference whereas laziness is a habit. The basic difference between a habit and a preference for the context of this topic is that a preference is a luxury whereas a habit becomes a necessity. It means if needed, you can afford to stay away from luxury but you can’t do the same to necessity.

Taking a look at this from a different angle; a preference is circumstantial whereas a habit is natural. It means you can stay away from apples for a very long period of time even if you like them; and you may not even remember them much; until you see them or you come across them. However, the habit of laziness is like your breath or like the flow of your blood which happens naturally and which keeps happening all the time; even without your conscious knowledge. Hence if you like apples; the urge for them may get stronger only when you see them, in most cases.

It means that circumstances have to be in favor of this preference and only then you may engage in this preference. For instance, you like apples a lot and you move to a country for professional reasons; which doesn’t have apples; let’s suppose so. Though you may miss apples at times; you’re not going to miss them all the time and you may even realize that the urge for apples is reducing with the passage of time. This is because this preference is circumstantial and when the circumstances don’t support it; it may fade away with the passage of time.

On the other hand, laziness is a habit and if you have it; it is incorporated in your personality; just like your breathing pattern has been incorporated into your body. Once you form a particular type of breathing pattern; it keeps happening automatically and you don’t even have to be aware about it. Hence it may not go away or fade away on its own or according to the circumstances and you need significant conscious effort in order to change your breathing pattern. Even if you go to another country for professional reasons; the circumstantial preference of apples may fade away due to the circumstances in that country but your breathing pattern or laziness may remain completely unaffected.


Himanshu Shangari