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It’s not about this single event and it is about the tendency of this single event to initiate a series of events which may finally result in a habit; a habit which says using heart where intellect should be used is fine and skipping duty in order to enjoy is also fine. We’ve already discussed the formation of habits from single events in the first part of this book and hence I’ll move ahead.

Another point worth mentioning is that as long as the emotional person is focused on the beauty of this river, he may not contribute much towards the research. We already know that the subconscious mind of this person will send a significant amount of energy to his heart as his heart is more active than his intellect at this time. As a result, the amount of energy sent to his intellect may reduce significantly. With reduction in this energy, his ability to find or analyze certain facts about this river may reduce because less energy means less output; whether such output is being produced by the intellect or by the heart.

Hence the same problem is happening in both these cases, though the entities receiving more energy are different in these cases. When it comes to enjoy bathing in this river, maximum energy should be available to the heart so that you may enjoy this river to the maximum. As intellect activates, more energy starts flowing towards it, which reduces the amount of energy being sent to heart and as a result, you may not enjoy this river properly; or you may not enjoy it at all; depending on the quantum of reduction in energy which comes to your heart.

The problem is the same in the second case also. Looking at the objective in the second case, maximum energy should be available to intellect so that it may do its work in the best possible manner; as this objective requires the application of intellect. However, as the heart of the emotional person gets activated; it starts drawing more and more energy, thereby reducing the amount of energy available for intellect. As the energy available for intellect reduces, its performance also reduces and it may fail to deliver what it is supposed to deliver.

Hence in both these cases, the entity unsuitable for the type of job in question is using more energy, thereby reducing the amount of energy available for the entity suitable for the job. As a result, the suitable entity may fail to do its job properly due to lack of energy; and the purpose may be defeated. Therefore, use of intellect should be avoided in the first case and use of heart should be avoided in the second case.

This is what keeps happening to most of us in day to day life where the entity unsuitable for a job in question consumes a significant part of available energy, thereby reducing the amount of energy that goes to the entity fit for doing such job. As a result, this suitable entity fails to do this job in proper manner or it may fail completely, in some cases. In common language, we call it lack of concentration or distraction; and it means lack of energy to the suitable entity in technical language.

Hence the word distraction means that a significant part of available energy is being consumed by an entity to focus on something which is not the primary objective of a job in hand. This reduces the amount of energy available to complete the primary objective and hence you may fail to do it, or you may not do it properly, due to lack of energy, though you’re otherwise capable of doing it. This means you can do or you may have done this job many times; when you’re not distracted. These were the times when sufficient energy was available to the entity required to complete this job and hence this entity was able to complete it.

Has it ever happened that you’re sitting at a place, working on some project and all of a sudden, a beautiful girl comes and occupies a table which comes directly in your line of vision? You may have worked well on this project so far but you may start lacking focus from this point onward and accordingly; the progress may slow down considerably. The technical reason for this event is that this girl gets your heart interested in her, your heart gets activated and it demands more and more energy in order to enjoy the beauty of this girl.

As more energy is sent to your heart or as it steals a significant part of the energy which was so far going to your intellect; your intellect falls short of energy, assuming your project needs intellect. Accordingly, it becomes incapable of producing the same quality of work, that it was producing so far and hence your performance drops. If your heart keeps steeling more and more energy with the passage of time as it may start enjoying this situation; you may even stop working on this project as you may realize that nothing much is going to happen; as far as this project is concerned.

A number of other such incidents happen to most of us in day to day life where a secondary entity steals the energy required by the primary entity and hence the primary entity fails to do the job in hand. Primary entity in this context means the entity which is fit for doing a job in question whereas secondary entity is the one which is causing distractions. Sometimes, the primary and the secondary entity may be the same and the distraction may be caused due to the interest of this entity in something which may not be your primary objective at that time.

For instance, if you’re a song writer and you’re working on a new song at a quiet cafe; the primary entity used for this job is your heart. This is because writing songs in its deepest sense deals with emotions and hence it is dominated by the heart. As you’re working on this song, this girl comes and sits in your line of vision. Your heart likes her and it starts using more energy to enjoy her beauty than working on this song. Hence you may get distracted as your heart is divided in two parts and the part which is creating distraction is bigger than the part which wants to work on this song.

This happens because your heart liked working on this song the most, till the moment this girl came. As soon as you look at this girl and your heart gets interested, the quantum of interest your heart has in this girl may become bigger than the quantum of interest it has in the song. Hence it stops focusing properly on the song and it starts focusing more on the girl. As a result, you may not be able to work on this song any longer and you may instead start focusing on the girl; which is your natural response in this case; being an emotional type : )

Hence a big part of available energy may be used by an entity to create a distraction. This is one of the biggest problems of this time; and the only solution to this problem is to grow conscience as conscience alone has the ability to stop a secondary entity from stealing energy from a primary entity when the latter is engaged in something and it needs to finish it. You see, conscience is the solution to most of our problems and in the deepest sense, it is the solution to all our problems. I’m using the phrase ‘solution to our problems’ because at this point, we are surrounded by problems all around and accordingly, the best thing to read is solutions to these problems.

However in reality, conscience doesn’t provide solution to most of our problems and it does something else. As soon as your conscience grows beyond a point, it stops most of problems from being created in the first place and hence, there is no need to talk about solutions. I have used the phrase ‘most of the problems’ because most of the problems are created from inside us and only a few one of them are created from outside, which means they are created due to variables beyond our control.

When it comes to the problems created from within us, they can be stopped only from within us and not from outside. For instance, if you’re jealous of your neighbor’s car or house; it is a problem generated by your ego from within you; and it has got nothing to do with the circumstances outside. Some people may think that this problem can be controlled from outside also because if the neighbor loses his house and car, this problem may go away.

This is only what may look like the solution, especially to the person who is suffering from this problem due to his ego; and it is no solution in reality. It should be noted that your jealousy for your neighbor is not the fullest expression of this problem and it is only a small fraction of this problem. This means if you are jealous of your neighbor, he’s not the only one and this jealousy may be there in case of a number of people, from time to time in your life. Hence the fullest expression or root cause of this problem is not your jealousy for your neighbor, it is the word named jealousy in general, which means the existence of jealousy to start with.

Suppose you’re suffering from a specific type of skin allergy which causes rashes or pimples to appear on different parts of your body in a way that approximately ten pimples remain present on different parts of your body at any time. It should be noted that even a majority of problems inside you need energy to express them and this energy is also provided by your body. As your body has a limited amount of energy, a problem can also grow to a limited extent over a limited period of time, though such limits may be different in different situations.

Hence if you’re healthy and active otherwise, the chances are high that fewer pimples will appear on your body, even if you have one such allergy; compared to someone whose lifestyle is passive. The type of allergy may be the same in both these cases; but the extent may differ. This is because your body keeps consuming most of the available energy due to your active lifestyle and hence, not much energy is available for the particles causing this allergy inside you. Accordingly, the allergy may not be able to express itself beyond a point.

On the other hand, if you have a passive lifestyle, most of your energy is available for the particles causing this allergy and hence the number of pimples may increase in this case. It should be noted that most actions or reactions in this universe need some type of energy to happen. Accordingly, your body, your intellect, your heart, your ego, your conscience and even the particles causing disease need energy. As the supply of energy to these particles is reduced; they fail to express them at their maximum capacity and the person having such allergy may not suffer much.

Have you ever noticed that a number of health problems give you a feeling of weakness in your body, even though these problems may directly have nothing to do with weakness; and this weakness is considered as a by-product of such diseases, in medical terms? The reason it happens is that such a disease initiates a number of processes inside your body and as all these processes need energy; a big part of the energy available inside your body on average; goes towards these processes and hence the amount of energy available for your body to engage in physical activities reduces.

As the particles of a disease, say fever enter your body, they start drawing more and more energy from your body in order to express themselves completely. This may reduce the amount of energy available for your body as well as for your intellect and heart. At the same time, the immune system of your body starts fighting these particles and in order to fight them effectively; it also needs energy. Since the energy is consumed by your immune system also; the amount of energy available for your body reduces even more. This is why you start feeling fatigued relatively sooner; when you try to engage in physical activities while suffering from a disease.

Have you ever heard that people in the old times suffered much less from health problems, compared to us? Well, you know the secret now. As they kept using most of their available energy in order to do one thing or the other, the disease particles were unable to find sufficient energy to express them on a big level. For instance, if the virus of common cold stays within your body for about five days on average; the quantum of problems caused by it may be different in different cases, depending on a number of variables.

The first variable is the strength of your immune system versus the strength of this virus and this factor may change the equation considerably. If your immune system is strong enough to counteract the effect of this virus, it may remain present for three to five days but it may not express itself on a bigger scale as your immune system is counteracting it effectively. As a result, you may suffer from cold for a few days but it may not cause much problem for you and it may only cause running nose, watery eyes or some sneezes at times. If your immune system is even stronger, you may not catch cold to start with.

The second variable is the level of your physical activity and this factor is related to the first factor also. It means that people who engage in a lot of physical activities are likely to have stronger immune systems than the people who don’t engage much in physical activities. Suppose you engage in physical type of jobs which require you to work hard for eight hours every day. As you finish your work on a particular day; the muscles you used a lot for this job need attention or repair as some of them may have suffered injuries, which is why body ache is caused.

As you take rest or as you sleep in the night, your body starts repairing these muscles and this repair is done by your immune system. Suppose this is your first day at one such job and before this day, you didn’t engage much in physical activities for a long period of time. It means that your immune system may be an average type of immune system and hence it may not be able to repair all these muscles till the next morning. It should be noted that there are two important factors related to the performance of your immune system. The first factor is how much your immune system can do and the second factor is how fast?

Even an average type of immune system may be able to make these repairs, however it may take longer time. Hence your immune system at this time may be able to repair these sore muscles in 72 hours and not before that. As you get back to the job on the next day, you may not feel as energetic as you felt on the first day because all the muscles have not been repaired yet and in addition to that, your immune system is still working in order to complete the pending job of muscle repair, which needs energy.

Accordingly, the number of healthy muscles as well as the amount of energy available to your body drops which makes you uncomfortable while engaging in this job. However, as you understand that you have to do a certain amount of physical work by the end of the day, as a part of your commitment; your will power comes to help you and you keep working hard, even with sore muscles. You may still not be able to produce as much work as you produced yesterday, you may do reasonably well.

When you do so, your subconscious mind detects the need to make your immune system faster so that the muscles may be repaired faster and you may be able to produce the amount of work committed by you on daily basis. As this is your second day only; your subconscious mind may not allot the exact amount of energy to your immune system, which is required by it to expand in a way that it is capable of repairing all these muscles in 24 hours or even less. This is due to the reason that your subconscious mind assigns importance on the basis of repetition.

Accordingly, more you keep repeating any type of action or thought; more important it becomes for your subconscious mind as with each repetition, you send one more request and the number of requests related to a particular action or thought is the most important thing for your subconscious mind. Since this is your second day only; your subconscious mind may increase the supply of energy to your immune system but this energy may still not be sufficient to enable your immune system to the extent that this repair may be done in 24 hours. Suppose the extra energy allotted to your immune system enables it to complete this job in 48 hours, compared to its previous performance which needed 72 hours.

On the next day, you may still not feel at your physical best but in order to honor your commitment, you may keep working with sore muscles and you put more load on them. Another request is sent to your subconscious mind that the repairs need to be completed even faster. Accordingly, it may allot even more energy to your immune system and this increased flow of energy may enable your immune system to make these repairs in 36 hours. This may continue for some days and a day reaches say the fifth day at job; when you feel that though you were fatigued last night; you’re as fresh on this morning as you were on the first day.

This is a sign that your immune system has expanded and it is now repairing most of your sore muscles within 24 hours. The reason it didn’t do so on the first day or the reason it did so in 72 hours in the beginning of this venture is once again the rule of management of energy, obeyed secretly but surely by your subconscious mind. Till the first day; your routine was such that you didn’t engage in hard physical activities for many hours on daily basis.

You may only have engaged in such jobs once or twice a week due to various reasons. Hence you may have needed most of your muscles to be fully capable, every third or fourth day. As per your demand, your subconscious mind controlled the amount of energy available for your immune system in a way that it was capable of making such repairs in 72 hours as this was the time after which, you might need most of your muscles again.

As already explained, it is the job of your subconscious mind to allot only as much energy to an entity within you, which can enable it to complete the jobs it may be dealing with regularly at a point in time; and not more than that amount of energy. By doing this, your subconscious mind ensures that the remaining energy is available for the other entities as they may need it anytime.

As you keep doing this physically demanding job on daily basis, your subconscious mind understands that all those muscles need to be repaired within 24 hours and accordingly it boosts your immune system. Over a period of a week or so, your immune system may have become stronger than it used to be; particularly in case of physical repairs. As your immune system strengthens, the chances are fewer that you may suffer from a disease as this system fights such disease particles strongly, in order to make sure that you are able to do your job on the next day.

A point worth mentioning here is that this is why a day off from work after every five to six days was introduced so that your immune system may do all the pending repairs if there are any; and your abilities may be restored perfectly. It may happen in case of many people that even if they engage in physically demanding jobs on daily basis, their immune systems may be able to repair about 80% to 90% of the sore muscles within 24 hours and not more than that. The reason for this may be the fact that the amount of physical load put by you on your body in such cases; may demand so much energy to be allotted to your immune system in order for it to make repairs in time; that the energy available for other important entities may be compromised.

Accordingly, the amount of energy available to your immune system may enable it to repair 90% of the sore muscles within 24 hours and not more than that. When you get a day off and you don’t engage in hard physical activities for many hours, this is the day when balance is restored. The muscles which need repair on this day and night may be half in number, compared to the number of muscles your immune system can repair on daily basis. Since it is an easy job for your immune system, this is the day when it completes all the pending jobs and you feel at your best on the next day; say Monday. You see, how smart and intelligent a system is working inside us, which can take each and every type of decision on its own and which seldom makes mistakes : )

Coming to the people in old times, they worked hard and hence they had stronger immune systems. In addition to that, they kept consuming the available energy on rapid pace on account of the demand for energy, generated by their bodies in order to meet their job requirements. The stronger immune systems were able to fight the disease particles in a better manner and at the same time, not much energy was available for disease particles to expand and express them on a big scale. Hence many of them didn’t suffer from problems like cold whereas some of them had cold at times; but it was a subdued type of cold which didn’t bother them much.

Hence physically active people tend to suffer less from physical type of health issues due to the reasons already explained. Here is an interesting experiment that I’ve done a number of times and you can also try it, but with significant amount of caution. The first thing you need to know is that this experiment may deliver significant positive results; only if you have a habit of engaging in physically demanding jobs on regular basis, and not otherwise. For instance, if the nature of your job is physical or you go to gym and you exercise on regular basis, this experiment may work for you.

Let’s start with common cold which affects you through a virus and this virus needs energy to express itself. The next time when it comes to you; this is what you can try with caution. When you haven’t eaten for about 2 to 3 hours at the least, go to the gym and start working out. If you’re good at walking, running or at any other type of cardio activity, you should engage in one such activity as that may increase the success rate of this experiment. For instance, start walking on a treadmill as you do regularly.

Since a part of the energy is being consumed by this virus and another part is being consumed by your immune system; the amount of energy supplied to your body may reduce and accordingly; you may start feeling tired relatively early. This is natural but this is not the end and this is where we may change the equation by using the formula that a laborer uses without even being aware of it.

Put your will power to work and when this barrier of fatigue comes, try and break it by continuing with the activity like a laborer does when he keeps working despite having cold or fever. As you break this barrier, slowly but surely, you may start feeling that not only is the level of fatigue decreasing; the level of discomfort caused by cold is also dropping.

This happens because of the rule of conscious focus that your subconscious mind obeys perfectly and this is the rule used by the people who engage in specific techniques of meditation, which is the art of using conscious focus at specifically targeted entities. As you consciously make effort to keep walking and as you keep walking despite the fatigue; your conscious mind sends strong signals to your subconscious mind that walking is an important activity at this time and it should not be stopped at any cost. As these signals are repeatedly sent to your subconscious mind with each step you take and as your subconscious mind starts working on this request, the equation may start changing.

Your subconscious mind may start cutting down the amount of energy being supplied to all other resources and when that happens; the energy being supplied to the virus may be reduced first as well as the most. This is because of another rule which your subconscious mind obeys and this rule is even more important than the first rule. This is the rule of survival and this is the most important rule for your subconscious mind. According to this rule, your subconscious mind will try its best not to temper with the amount of energy being supplied to your immune system in order to ensure survival because your immune system means your survival.

Accordingly, your immune system may not feel much reduction in energy and it is the virus which may fall short of energy. A trick which may help you is to keep walking for as long as you can, like for an hour or even for two hours; even if you have to reduce the pace in order to meet this target. As you keep doing so, your immune system may keep working well but the virus may fall short of energy as the energy being consumed by it so far is now being supplied to your body, in order to enable you walk more and more.

This way, a stage may reach when your immune system becomes stronger or much stronger than the virus, it may start killing this virus and accordingly, the count of this virus in your body may start dropping. Keep doing it until you’ve burned equal number of calories or even 10% more calories than you usually burn. When you get off the machine, give yourself a drink and have a meal which should not be very high in calories and take some rest.

Over the next few hours, you may start feeling that the intensity of cold has dropped. This is because the virus has dropped in number due to lack of energy it needs to remain activated against your immune system. As you’ve not eaten a lot, the amount of energy supplied by the food may be consumed to fill the basic type of energy in your body as this energy has been depleted through exercise; and towards making repairs to the muscles which may have got hurt during this exercise. This is why taking rest for some time may help as the process of repair becomes faster.

The reason why the energy supplied by food may primarily go to your body and not to the virus is once again the rule of survival. Your system doesn’t love diseases and it loves the state of being healthy. Hence it tries its best to keep you in best shape; and it can achieve this target relatively easily, if you also support it by doing things which help it achieve this target at any stage. When you have this meal, the first priority of your system is to fill your body with the most needed energy called glycogen, which is stored in blood and which is ready to be used anytime. It is this energy which has been recently depleted by you through exercise.

Hence it may not provide much energy to this virus, unless you give it too much extra energy through the meal in question. It should be noted that the exact definition of balance for this meal in question is different for different people and it can be realized only after experiment. It depends on your body type, your level of activity in general, the number of calories you’ve recently burned and on some other factors also, each one of which can change this equation. For instance, a 400 calorie meal may be sufficient if you have average body type and you have burned 500 or 600 calories in this cardio session.

On the other hand, the same 400 calorie meal may trouble you by creating energy deficit in your body, if you’re a muscular type and you’ve burned 1500 calories in this cardio session. If such is the case, you may need 600 or 700 calories in order to make sure that at least the amount of energy required for basic operations is supplied to your body. This limit varies in case of different people and it can be observed through experiment only. This is why this experiment needs caution and accordingly, only the people who are the aware type of people should conduct it; as they are generally able to observe the needs of their bodies far better than average type of people.

This experiment can be done in case of some other health conditions also, like viral fever; but due caution should be observed. A thought may rise that this way, the people who don’t engage in physically demanding activities on regular basis can also benefit by eating less while suffering from such issues. Yes, they may certainly benefit by eating less but the quantum of benefit may be less or far less than that in case of physically active people. This is because in case of physically active people, a stage may come when they may consume most of the energy available in their body; except the fat storage; in order to keep doing what they may be doing.


Himanshu Shangari