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The Heart

One of the most wonderful things about heart is that it has the ability to live in the moment and it can assign value to things, people or places on the spot, unlike the intellect. Hence your heart doesn’t try to fill a large part of your subconscious mind with different types of information unlike your intellect; and this fact helps you perform better. This is due to the reason that more cramped is your subconscious mind, more thoughts it may keep sending to your conscious mind and accordingly, more disturbed you may feel.

People who think intellect is better than heart should know at this point that intellect can do much more damage to your life as well as to your overall personality than heart. The intellect keeps gathering more and more information about a number of things, it stores such information on your subconscious mind and it uses this information later on, in order to reduce the time taken by you to do the jobs related to this information. As there is a probability that you may have to do any type of job in future; your intellect keeps feeding information related to as many fields on your subconscious mind; as it can.

More intellectual you are, more is the capacity of your mental plane to work and accordingly; you tend to store more and more information on your subconscious mind because this is what the job of your intellect is. This is why people dominated by intellect keep learning more and more new things as this is what intellect loves the most. As they store more information on their subconscious minds, they’re better equipped to handle a number of situations which require the application of intellect, compared to a person with average amount of intellect. However, this blessing comes at a price and sometimes; this price may be too high to pay.

As you keep storing more and more information on your subconscious mind, it starts getting cramped with information and accordingly; you may find it difficult to have peace of mind. This is the time to know that your subconscious mind almost never sleeps and even when your body and conscious mind are sleeping; it keeps working. This is why you’re able to dream while sleeping, as your subconscious mind is working and it is creating those dreams. The kinds of dreams you may have depend on your overall personality type as well as on the most recent activities you’ve done or not done. We’ll deal with this topic, later on.

The concept called sleep means that your body and your conscious mind come to rest whereas your subconscious mind keeps working in order to maintain the compulsory functions of your body as well as in order to do some other things. If your subconscious mind also goes to complete rest; you may not even be able to breathe and you may die. Though breathing may look like happening naturally to you, which means it may seem to happen without effort; it does require effort like everything else. It should be noted that each and every type of activity needs some amount of effort or energy in order to take place and it can’t happen without effort or energy.

Since your subconscious mind takes care of functions like breathing, digestion and other such activities; they seem to happen without effort, which means naturally. It has already been explained that everything your subconscious mind does remains hidden from your conscious knowledge and hence it looks like happening naturally to you, which means without effort. This is why you feel like all these activities are happening naturally though due amount of effort is done by your subconscious mind.

This brings us to another important term called health. In the language of the mind, the state of perfect health may be defined as the state where all the compulsory functions of your body are executed by your subconscious mind and your conscious mind doesn’t have to pay much attention to them. Hence when you’re healthy in terms of physical, mental and emotional health; you don’t feel anything at all, related to these planes as everything is being done on the subconscious level and hence it seems like happening naturally.

It means your body is in such state of health that all its operations can be carried out by your subconscious mind and hence you don’t need conscious attention to carry out these operations. This state of affairs may continue as long as your subconscious mind alone is capable of doing so. Whenever it finds that it may not be able to maintain the physical health of your body on its own or whenever it finds that something happening to your body is worthy of being noted by your conscious mind either in order to engage in some effort or in order to take some type of precaution, it starts sending signals to your conscious mind.

These signals draw the attention of your conscious mind and this is the time you start feeling the problematic area of your body in a conscious way. When that happens, you don’t remain oblivious to this area like you do in general and it starts attracting your conscious attention again and again. For example, if you sustain an injury on your leg; the state of natural health is disturbed as you can actively feel that part of your leg now, until you recover from this injury. As soon as you sustain this injury; your subconscious mind starts working towards taking care of this injury with the help of your immune system and at the same time, it starts sending signals to your conscious mind to the effect that something worthy of paying attention has happened to this body part of yours.

As a result, you may start having a feeling of pain around this area of your leg and this pain draws your conscious attention again and again. The same part of your body didn’t draw any attention when it was normal and hence you may not have actively felt it even. For instance, if this injury has happened around your knee, you may feel your knee again and again, through the pain generated by this injury or so to say; by your subconscious mind. However, you may not have actively felt the presence of this part before this injury happened; as everything was being handled by your subconscious mind and hence it remained hidden.

Your subconscious mind is sending you two messages through this pain. The first message is that you should be consciously aware that something wrong has happened to this body part and hence you should take precautions related to this body part; until this problem is fixed altogether. Accordingly; you feel the need to consciously engage in effort in order to keep this body part away from hitting against something as that may increase the quantum of this injury. As you consciously protect this body part until it recovers, the recovery becomes faster since you consciously ensure that you don’t do anything which may delay the process of recovery.

As long as your conscious attention is required, your subconscious mind may keep sending you signals and accordingly; you may keep paying attention to this body part. Throughout this process which may happen over a couple of weeks, you may be consciously aware of this body part of yours; more than you are generally aware of it and more than any other body part of yours during this time.

This is because all other body parts are working normally and hence your subconscious mind is taking care of the operations related to them. This body part has something wrong with it due to which, your conscious attention is required. Since conscious attention or effort means knowledge or awareness; you’re duly aware of this body part of yours until it recovers completely and your subconscious mind takes over this operation once again.

The amount of conscious attention you may require as well as the period for which you may require this attention; is dependent on the quantum of injury sustained by you. If your subconscious mind feels that the injury is not serious and it can fix this injury in a short period of time; messages of pain with mild intensity may be sent to your conscious mind until this injury goes away.

However, if your subconscious mind feels that the injury may take long or very long or it feels that the resources that it has may not be sufficient to handle this injury and outside resources are required; it may send the second type of message by increasing the amount of pain. It may send strong or very strong messages of pain so that your conscious mind may pay more attention to this body part and it may also engage in effort to help your subconscious mind in fighting this injury. This means that the first type of message tells your conscious mind to take caution and the second type of message tells your conscious mind to help.

Hence less pain means your subconscious mind doesn’t need much help from your conscious mind in order to fix this injury. This is why when you sustain minor injuries like bruises; you don’t feel like doing anything to fix them and you know that your body will automatically fix them in a couple of days. Your subconscious mind sends signals of pain which are mild in strength and through experience; you know that mild pain means your body or so to say; your subconscious mind will take care of this injury.

However, if you sustain a serious injury like a deep wound sustained by a sharp object; the quantum of pain felt by you may be high or very high. This happens because your subconscious mind realizes that much more effort and time may be required to heal this injury and your conscious help is also required. The first type of conscious help is to pay due attention that you don’t do anything which deteriorates this injury; like exposing it to water or something else of the same kind. Hence you may consciously start protecting this wound from things which may aggravate the injury.

The second type of help is the outside help which may be applied in the form of medicines, bandages or anything else which helps your body recover from this injury at the earliest. Have you ever felt that whenever you come across an injury; the need to go to the doctor becomes stronger as the quantum of pain generated by such injury increases? It means if an injury doesn’t give you much pain, you may not bother going to a doctor or availing medical help of any type. This is because you know on subconscious level that your immune system will fix it on its own and hence you don’t bother going to a doctor.

However, if an injury generates high or very high amount of pain; you may run for medical help at the earliest. This is because through this pain, your subconscious mind is telling you that the resources within your body may take very long to overcome this injury and outside resources may help it recover faster. Hence you may avail medical help so that this injury may be fixed at the earliest. Since availing medical help is the job of your conscious mind, this is why such signals of strong pain are sent to it by your subconscious mind.

As your conscious mind is also involved in this battle, you may actively feel this body part, as long as the injury is there. As soon as the quantum of injury drops below a level which your subconscious mind feels comfortable with; the pain reduces and you start paying less and less attention to this body part; until the injury goes away completely and you stop feeling this body part once again.

Hence pain or discomfort of any type is your subconscious response to make your conscious mind aware about the fact that something wrong has happened and it needs your conscious attention. It means that though some people may hate the feeling of pain which comes with an injury; this pain is your friend in reality, as it helps you assess your state of health as well as your chances of recovery at any point in time. Therefore, pain should not be hated and it should be welcomed because this pain is nothing but your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that you need to fix something which has gone wrong and which may become even worse if you don’t pay conscious attention to it in time.

Suppose you’re taking a walk in a park near your house when a neighbor comes running towards you and he shouts that your house has caught fire. As soon as you hear this news; a number of things happen inside you, depending on your personality type. Your intellect may start calculating the losses which may occur due to this incident of fire and hence it may give you reasons to worry. Your heart may start bothering about some people, some things or even the entire house; whichever of them it is attached to. As a result, it may add a feeling of discomfort and the intensity of this discomfort is directly proportional to the intensity of your emotional attachment to these things or people.

Your ego may also start worrying about this incident in its own way because if your house burns down completely; you may become the object of sympathy as you may become homeless for some time. Since your ego may have invested much time and effort in building or decorating this house, a strong feeling of pain may be generated by your ego also. Your conscience may also be worried about the well being of people in the house as well as about the well being of the other houses and the people in those houses.

It means your conscience may not care for the house itself or the things in the house, it may get worried for the people and it may also be concerned with facts like what if this fire spreads and catches other people’s houses also? Hence your conscience may also suggest you to act at the earliest, though this suggestion may not be accompanied by pain or strong discomfort, like in the first three cases. As a result, you may start running towards your house and on the way; you may start thinking about the ways you may get the appropriate type of help and resources to fix this problem.

When you analyze the situation this far, you may find that though the information provided by your neighbor has filled you with discomfort, you don’t dislike him and in fact you may be thankful to him. This is because he has only tried to bring your conscious attention to something wrong happening to things or people you care for. Hence you don’t curse him for causing you pain or discomfort as it is the most welcome type of pain or discomfort, because it gives you a chance to fix certain things at the earliest.

The same happens when your body sustains an injury. Your subconscious mind informs your conscious mind through signals of pain that something is wrong and it needs to be fixed. Hence you should welcome pain and you should not hate it because it is trying to draw your attention to something which needs to be fixed at the earliest. The same theory applies in case of other types of discomforts like any type of fever. Any type of fever is not your enemy and it is your friend in fact. When you suffer from fever, it is the way through which your subconscious mind tells your conscious mind that a problem has happened inside your body. Hence your conscious attention as well as conscious effort to fix this problem may be required.

Therefore, this fever should be welcomed and it should not be hated as it is only trying to inform you that something needs your attention at the earliest. Suppose, there is no feeling of pain and there is no fever. It may look good as you may be relieved of these problems now, but the reality is the opposite and you may have to suffer much more. For instance, an infection occurs in your throat and as it gains strength beyond a point, your subconscious mind generates pain as well as fever in order to draw your attention to it. Now imagine that none of these feelings are there.

If that happens, you may not be able to realize that this infection is there and it is getting worse day by day, until your throat stops working altogether or even until this infection turns into some type of tumor. Kindly understand that the only way you may feel this infection on conscious level is through the pain around the area of this infection which may be called sore throat in this case; and also through the increase in body temperature, if this infection crosses a significant level. As a general rule, your subconscious mind will first give you a feeling of pain, when this infection is at the early stages. If you ignore this feeling and you don’t do the needful, the infection may aggravate. Accordingly, the pain may increase in intensity and it may also be accompanied by fever so that you may attend to it at the earliest.

As you receive these strong signals, you become consciously aware of this condition, you avail medical help and the problem starts getting fixed. When this infection drops below a level, the fever goes away. This is a signal from your subconscious mind to let your conscious mind know that your effort is in the right direction and it is helping. However, if the medicine doesn’t work for some reason; the pain as well as the fever may increase in quantum. This is the way through which your subconscious mind tells your conscious mind that the effort generated by the latter is not helping and something else should be tried.

Hence you may change medicine or doctor until the fever goes away and the pain reduces. After this, the pain may also go away gradually and you may not feel anything related to your throat now, which means your throat becomes normal now. This happens because your subconscious mind realizes that the problem has been fixed and no help is required from your conscious mind. Accordingly, it stops sending signals of fever or pain to your conscious mind. This way, the pain, the fever or any other type of discomfort generated by your subconscious mind; related to your body, is the way through which it tells your conscious mind to attend to something important in time; so that bigger problems may be avoided. Hence pain or fever should be welcomed and they should not be hated.

The same happens in case of other planes like mental plane or emotional plane. Hence migraines, headaches, restlessness, anxiety, inability to sleep and all other such things are the signals sent by your subconscious mind to your conscious mind. These signals inform your conscious mind that something is wrong with your mental plane and if it is not attended to in time; the problem may aggravate. Since the matters of mental plane are not so easy to understand, a number of people may not realize that all these symptoms are there to tell them that something is wrong with their mental planes. Hence they may keep avoiding these signals, which may result in bigger problems related to mental plane; including insanity or schizophrenia.

It should be noted that just like the physical problems may take time to become very big if not attended to in time, the same happens in case of mental problems also. For instance, a throat infection may take a long period of time to convert into a tumor if you choose to pay no attention to it at all, for any reasons; or you choose to pay minimum attention. It means you choose to take pain killers and fever suppressing medicines instead of treating this throat infection which is the root cause of these problems. Since you’re avoiding the cause and you’re only dealing with the effect, you’re only going to end up facing more problems in the long run.

Suppose someone is throwing stones at you and he has a heap of stones around him. The correct approach to fix this problem is to stop this person from throwing stones at you, through an appropriate method. However, if you instead start attending to the body parts which are being hit by the stones; your problem is only going to aggravate. This is because the injuries sustained by your body are the effects of the act of throwing stones, which is being done by this person. Hence the cause of these injuries lies with this person and not with the stones which are just the media used by this person. Accordingly, the correct approach is to stop this person from throwing stones at you.

Similarly, the correct approach in case of throat infection is to get it fixed and not to suppress pain or fever generated by it. This is because if the root cause is not attended to in time; the problem which means the infection may aggravate to the point where pain killers and fever suppressants may not be able to help you any longer. Hence the correct approach is to get the infection fixed as doing so will automatically make the pain and fever go away.

The same happens in case of mental problems also. The people who suffer from frequent headaches, migraines, anxiety, restlessness or inability to sleep should understand that these problems are only the effects of something wrong happening on their mental planes and these problems are not the causes, in most cases. Hence they should try to get the causes fixed instead of suppressing the effects. It means that though you can keep getting rid of headaches, migraines and other such effects with the help of medicines; this may not help in the long run and it may aggravate your problem in reality.

Kindly understand that you’re only dealing with the effect and you’re not dealing with the cause or so to say, the root of the problem. As long as the root is there, the problem is not going to go away and in fact, it is only going to aggravate with time. Hence you should attend to the root cause of this problem at the earliest, whatever that may be in your case; so that you may not suffer more in the long run. An occasional headache or a random night without sleep is acceptable but if it happens in routine, you may certainly have problems related to your mental plane. Hence these problems need to be fixed in time; instead of being avoided.

It happens in case of your emotional plane also, though in a different or so to say, in an emotional way. For instance, if you don’t like something or someone but you keep doing that thing or you keep being in the company of that person in spite of suffering from emotional discomfort, your problem is only going to increase. Hence you should try to get out of this thing or move away from this person; so that the root cause of the problem may be fixed. For instance, if you’re a doctor by profession but you want to be a singer and this urge is getting stronger day by day; the best way to fix this problem is to quit medical field at the earliest and try your luck in singing.

If you don’t do so and you keep hanging on to the medical profession, the emotional discomfort may start increasing and a time may come when it may reach a point where an explosion may occur. Which things or people may get affected by this emotional explosion depend on the root cause of this problem. For example, if you keep practicing as a doctor despite wanting to be a singer, primarily because of the pressure of a family member, say your father; this is what may happen.

Subconscious deposits of hate or disliking for your father may start building inside you because you want to do something and he’s stopping you. Hence the amount of respect you have for your father may go away gradually; and it may be replaced by hate or disrespect which may gain more and more strength with the passage of time.

Depending on your exact personality type; this hate may find an outlet in a direct or indirect way, which means in a conscious or subconscious way. Looking at the conscious way, you may one day confront your father and you may tell him on the face that you’re going to become a singer and that’s it. You may also express a number of emotional grudges from the past and the intensity of these grudges may be high enough to do significant damage to this relationship, at least for the time being. However, this is the easy way out and the subconscious way is even more troublesome.

If you’re a relatively weak person; you may choose to react in subconscious ways as the conscious ways need much more effort and courage. Looking at some of these ways, you may subconsciously start disliking your father more and more though you may almost never confront him directly. You may also start disliking your profession and this dislike may gain strength with the passage of time.

As a result, your performance at your profession may start dropping and you may witness results which may not be as good as they used to be. An interesting thing is that you may not bother much about fixing the problems in your profession and on the contrary, this drop in performance may start giving you subconscious vibes of strange comfort.

Since these vibes are subconscious, you may not feel them consciously. It means you may not realize that it is your heart which is causing problems with your profession and you may think that outside variables are affecting your profession in a negative way. Therefore, you may consciously feel that luck factor is going against your profession and that is why progress is not happening. However in reality, your heart is going against your profession or to be precise, your profession is going against your heart and this is why both your heart and your profession are suffering.

Since your heart wants to get out of this medical profession, your liking for this profession drops. As a result, you may try to get out of it but you may have to continue it due to the pressure from your father’s side. When that happens, your liking for your father as well as for medical profession drops and as this state of affairs sustains, this liking keeps dropping until a point comes when it turns into dislike. From here on, this dislike for your profession as well as for your father may keep gaining strength with the passage of time, though all this is happening on subconscious level which means without your conscious awareness.

As a result, your heart starts showing disinterest in your profession and when that happens, you may not bother much about gaining more knowledge about your profession, staying updated and doing all other things which are required to make your profession grow. It should be noted that you may not do all these things consciously and they may all happen on subconscious level, which means without your knowledge. Since your subconscious mind is very powerful and it is hidden, it may create things which may spoil your chances of achieving more in your profession. All these things may look so natural that you may not even realize that you’re doing any effort to move away from your profession.

For instance, there’s a medical conference which features discussions and information about some of the most prevalent as well as important medical issues. A number of doctors from across the country or even from other countries are going to attend this conference and hence you may gain a lot if you attend to this conference. However, as the dates for this conference are announced, they may clash with the dates of vacation that you’ve planned with your family; especially for your son as it may be summer holidays for him. As a result, you face a situation where you either have to postpone the vacation or you have to miss this conference.

Accordingly, you may try to convince your son or even your wife, that the vacation should be postponed by a week or so; in order for you to attend to this conference. Your son may start protesting and even your wife may let you know about her plans for the week after your conference, which she’s already made in advance. You may assess the situation and you may choose to miss this conference in favor of your family vacation. You have all the valid reasons to miss this conference and you may not even feel in the least that you’ve been tricked by your heart and your subconscious mind.

In the past, whenever a situation like this approached, you tried to deal with it on the basis of merit; without being biased in any way. However, your heart is biased against this conference this time and since your subconscious mind is helping it out, you may not feel the conspiracy planned by the two of them. As a result, you may consciously feel that you’re choosing the vacation due to the love for your family whereas in reality; you’re choosing it due to dislike for anything related to medical profession. Kindly understand that there is a big difference between avoiding this conference because of love for your family and because of dislike for this conference. The first reason is positive whereas the second reason is negative.

Himanshu Shangari