Heaven and Hell Within Part 5 02

Heaven and Hell Within 05

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Heaven and Hell Within 05

The Heart 02

Om Namah Shivaay

This book has become possible with the Grace of Lord Shiva and every valuable word in this book is only due to his Blessings. This Book is dedicated to the advancement and development of the good in people. The primary aim of this book is to make our lives as well as those of others, better and better by improving ourselves continuously.

Om Namah Shivaay


The views expressed in this book are author’s views, based on his knowledge; and they are not bound on anyone to believe. Some of the views expressed in this book may not appeal to some natives or they may not agree with those views. This is absolutely normal as each and every individual has a right to stand by his own views.

Hence this book should not be seen as an effort to force author’s views on other people and it should be seen as an effort to make people aware of author’s views about certain specific topics, based on the knowledge he possesses.

Contents :

The Heart

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They Come First

After bowing to Lord Shiva, let me take this moment to thank the person who has been an influence so strong and supportive in my life that she is second only to Lord Shiva for me. She is none other than my respected and adorable mother, Smt. Jeewan Lata. So much can be said about her contribution to my life and her support in making me what I am today, that a whole book can be written about it! But, I will consider her like Lord Shiva and hence move onto the next person, after bowing to her, as even an ocean of words can’t describe her real contribution in my life and for this book.

Second on the list of acknowledgments is my dear and respected father Lt. Sh. Bodh Raj Shangari. Though he left us when I was nine only, the mere fact that he along with my mother brought me to this world, makes me indebted to him for this life as well as for many lives to come. God Bless your soul father, wherever you are! Even though you are physically not with me anymore, you have always been present in my mind, through all the sweet memories of my childhood, and you will always be.


The first two parts of this book dealt with the things like the basic working of the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, the aura, the transfer of energy, the theory of karma, the formation of good and bad habits and some other concepts.

From the third part onward, we’ll try to look deep into our existence and we’ll try to understand the working of the entities which are responsible for making us what we are at any time; as these entities lie at the bottom of each and everything we do and even at the bottom of each and everything we even think of doing.

Through this part as well as through some other parts of this book, we’ll discuss such entities in our existence, which collectively define what we are at any point in time, during the journey of the soul. These entities are the body, the intellect, the emotions, the ego, the conscience and the soul.

We’ll dig deep into the working of these entities and through that working, we’ll try to understand the actual role of each one of these entities in our existence. We’ll also discuss how these entities influence our overall personalities and how we can choose to shape up most of these entities the way we want.

For instance, this part explains the working of heart and it also explains the role of heart in our lives. The book is written in easy language and it is full of day to day life examples so that the concepts explained in the book should be understood well. For instance, a day to day life situation is mentioned and then it is discussed how you may handle this situation; based on which one of the important entities dominates your personality.

Hence your response in this situation is considered if you’re a person dominated by heart; and such response is discussed in details. It means the things like what you may do in such situation; why you may do them, how the other entities like intellect may try to counteract the response generated by your heart and why you may finally choose to go with the response generated by your heart; are discussed. Even when you do so, what may happen inside you after this and how different entities within you compete with each other; before and after such response.

Then your response is considered in the same situation if you’re a person dominated by intellect and all these possibilities are considered in details; once again. Hence you may get an insight into how these entities compete within you for each and everything you do or even think of doing and how a specific one of them may win this battle; based on your personality type. Likewise, your responses are considered in cases when you’re ego dominated or conscience dominated.

Through these situations, this book explains the continuous battle for supremacy between your intellect and your heart; as well as the continuous war between your ego and conscience. The scope of study is advanced from third part onward and we’ll deal with some of the deepest secrets of human existence, through this part as well as through some other parts of this book.

With this, I now take your permission to lead you to the book.


Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari