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This is the time when you start doing this thing naturally which means without any conscious effort as all the effort is coming from your subconscious mind now; and there is no way you may feel this effort as it is a hidden type of effort. The reason it may happen is because most of us depend on the subconscious mind to do most things for us, so that the conscious mind may be kept free as it needs more effort as well as energy to carry out its operations, compared to the same taken by the subconscious mind. Hence in order to preserve energy as well as effort, you start transferring information related to various acts to your subconscious mind, as and when you attempt them through your conscious mind. This information is stored on your subconscious mind and it helps you do the same or similar things faster and easier, in the future.

Though it helps you manage time, effort and energy in an effective manner; it comes with a disadvantage, which most people witness. As you engage in hundreds of such small or big acts and you transfer the information related to them to your subconscious mind; your conscious mind gets into a habit of transferring each and every type of information, which it finds important for positive or for negative reasons. This is because your conscious mind starts depending on your subconscious mind for each and everything it wants to do and in order to receive help from your subconscious mind, it has to transfer all this information to your subconscious mind as the latter can’t help you with something, as long as it doesn’t have information related to such thing.

As soon as this habit is formed; most pieces of information that you come across are forwarded to your subconscious mind, through your conscious mind. This is why when someone tells you that you’re not looking well, your conscious mind transfers this information to your subconscious mind without delay. This is where the problem may start because your conscious mind may keep sending such information to your subconscious mind, which may cause problems later on.

However, the good thing is that you have the choice to consciously choose which information is to be passed on to your subconscious mind and which information is to be blocked from reaching your subconscious mind, if you know the secret of doing so. This job can be accomplished in two ways. The first way is to make your conscious mind strong enough so that it may not want to depend on your subconscious mind for help and the second way is to learn specific techniques which may enable your conscious mind to block any information it doesn’t want to send to your subconscious mind.

Looking at the first method which is meant for most of us, when it comes to transfer any type of information; your conscious mind obeys a rule. The stronger is your conscious mind, less is the amount of information it sends to your subconscious mind as the former knows it can deal with a number of things on its own and hence it doesn’t need help from the latter.

This is the key factor which decides confidence. As your conscious mind starts gaining strength; your confidence rises. This is the time when you’re ready to face any type of challenge or adventure because most challenges for you are the acts which have not been performed by you and which may be difficult to meet in the first attempt. Since the first attempt at anything is always made by your conscious mind, you don’t receive any support from your subconscious mind and you depend on the strength of your conscious mind alone. It means if your conscious mind is strong, you may accept one such challenge and if your conscious mind is weak, you may not accept one such challenge.

For instance, if someone offers you a significant amount of money as part of a bet; if you spend 30 minutes in ice cold water; this is what may happen. If your conscious mind is strong and you wish to earn this money; you may accept this bet without much trouble and you may even win this bet, even if you’re doing so for the first time in your life. On the other hand, if your conscious mind is weak, you may refuse this bet as this is the first time you may attempt to do something like this and your subconscious mind can’t help you. Since your conscious mind is weak; you may have this internal assessment of yours; that you won’t be able to win this bet.

However, if for any reasons; you have done this job a number of times in the past, though you may have been forced to do so; you may accept this bet. This is because you now have information related to this act on your subconscious mind and this information tells you that you can do it. Accordingly; you may accept this bet and you may win it too in this case. This is why parents, teachers or gurus may force you to do certain things though you may be afraid that you won’t be able to do them. They know that even if you fail during your first attempt; you may start getting better and better at one such act; as you keep trying it.

They may not know the exact mechanism which says that your subconscious mind starts helping you when you try the same thing again and again; and hence you’ll be able to do it; but they know through experiences that if someone tries a thing again and again; he may succeed. As a general rule, the faster you succeed at a new thing which means fewer are the number of attempts you make in order to succeed, the more confident you are, which means the stronger is your conscious mind.

Hence true confidence rises from the conscious mind and it helps you attempt things for the first time; without any fears or worries. This is why people with strong conscious minds or the people having true confidence may try a number of things for the first time, without worrying much about the results. On the other hand, people having weak conscious minds have low confidence and hence they avoid getting into new things. These people try to stick to the things as well as to the routines which are familiar to them; so that most of the job may be done by their subconscious minds, though they may not know this fact.

Though by doing so, they can certainly succeed at such jobs with the help of their subconscious minds; they keep missing out on the opportunities to provide strength to their conscious minds as such strength can only be gained by trying new things. Hence the secret to provide strength to your conscious mind is to keep trying more and more new things. While trying such things, try to be fearless and don’t worry about the results as that may create fear of losing. As you keep doing so; your conscious mind may start gaining more and more strength because you now need it more and more. It has already been explained in the third part of this book that any entity which needs more strength; gradually grows stronger.

The second way is the way of meditation which offers specific techniques to train your conscious mind in a way that it can choose to accept or reject any type of information at any time. Whichever information it rejects; doesn’t go to your subconscious mind and hence no record for such information is created in your memory as memory is dealt with by your subconscious mind. Though this way is not meant for an average person, I’ll still explain how it helps.

This is the secret method which spiritually advanced people like saints use. They can stay in the material world but it may not lure them in the way it lures a common person. Even if most beautiful girls try to entice them; such girls may fail to do so and this may happen in case of all other material desires. This happens because in order to desire something, you have to consciously like it and wish for it again and again; so that a subconscious record of these experiences may be created. As this conscious desire is created again and again; it is registered by your subconscious mind and this is when your subconscious mind takes over this operation and it starts encouraging you to fulfill this desire and it starts suggesting you the ways to fulfill this desire.

However, when it comes to true saints; they reach a stage where they see and feel everything; but they don’t create a conscious desire for anything. As long as there is no conscious desire; the subconscious mind can’t influence you to fulfill that desire because it doesn’t have any desire or data to start with. The saints make use of this method and they don’t let any material thing go through their conscious minds; to their subconscious minds and hence no record is created; which means no desire.

Therefore, when a beautiful girl tries to entice one such saint; he may keep watching her but he may stop his conscious mind from registering any impact of this event. Since the impact is not registered; nothing related to this girl is forwarded to his subconscious mind and hence no desire is created. You can relate this act to the act through which, anesthesia is injected in a body part of yours; when a doctor wants to operate it and he doesn’t want you to feel the pain. As long as the anesthesia remains effective, you can’t feel anything happening to this body part though it may be going through a surgery.

When it comes to feel any type of impact, your body only receives an impact but this impact is not felt by it and it is felt by your conscious mind, through the nerves which connect your conscious mind to different parts of your body. The anesthesia stops the nerves of a specific body part from sending signals from this body part to your conscious mind; as long as it remains effective. Hence whatever happens to this body part may not be felt by your conscious mind. Accordingly, you don’t feel any pain though the body part may be cut deeply; because feeling pain as well as many other such things is a conscious act and hence it can’t be carried out until your conscious mind is involved.

The anesthesia prohibits the involvement of your conscious mind in this act and hence you don’t feel any pain. Since your conscious mind is working well and it is able to carry out all other operations related to your body; except those related to this body part; you may see this surgery happening like a witness; without any impact being registered on your conscious mind. As your conscious mind doesn’t register this impact; it is not forwarded to your subconscious mind. Hence the only memory you may have of this surgery is that you saw it getting performed on you and nothing else; which means no pain or pleasure attached to it.

It further means that not much importance may be attached to this incident as pain or pleasure automatically attach importance to events or experiences; where pain attaches even more importance than pleasure. This is why you may remember those events of your life most clearly; which caused you some type of pain; followed by the ones which caused pleasure and then followed by the ones which caused none of these feelings; which means they were neutral type of events.

Have you ever wondered that when you go to a park or to any other public place for enjoyment; though you may come across hundreds of people; you may only be able to remember a few of them by the next day? There are three types of people you come across according to your mindset. The first type of people are the ones who create a sensation of pleasure; like a beautiful girl smiling at you. The second type of people are the ones who create a sensation of pain or fear; like a guy who beat you at one such public place. The third type of people are the ones who are neutral which means they don’t create any sensation at all, like people in general.

Accordingly; you may remember the ones who caused pain and you may also remember the ones who caused pleasure but you may not remember the ones who caused none of these feelings. This is because your conscious mind didn’t feel much impact through the people of the third type and hence the information related to them was not sent to your subconscious mind or to be precise; this information was a very weak type of information as the conscious impact caused by them was weak.

Based on the strengths of these impacts as felt by your conscious mind and as forwarded to your subconscious mind; you tend to remember that person the most; who created the maximum impact, followed by the one who created relatively less impact and so on. A person who influenced your conscious mind the most in positive or in negative way; may be easy to remember; even after a couple of months. This is how the conscious as well as the subconscious mind create memories; in co-ordination with each other.

It should be noted that the negative impacts are stronger than the positive impacts for most people; as pain is given more importance then pleasure by an average person. This is because avoiding pain is more important than creating pleasure for most people and hence pain is felt more strongly than pleasures; so that the events causing such pain may be avoided in future. This is why you may be able to remember a beautiful girl who smiled at you at a public park, even after six months or a year as she created the impact of pleasure on your conscious mind and the same impact was forwarded to your subconscious mind.

Taking a look at another possibility; you may remember a guy for many years or even for the rest of your life; whom you met just once at this park; whom you had a fight with and who beat you badly. This is an impact of pain and hence you may not forget it for many years or even throughout your life; depending on your overall personality type and depending on the quantum of importance your conscious mind has attached to it, while forwarding it to your subconscious mind. More is the quantum of importance attached to an event by your conscious mind; longer and more clearly your subconscious mind remembers it.

Hence you may not remember this surgery as clearly or in an as impactful manner as you may have; if it was done without anesthesia and you had consciously felt all the pain. If it happens to be so; you may not forget it for the rest of your life and whenever you remember it, you may start feeling some type of pain once again; as there is pain attached to this memory; on subconscious level. However, in case the anesthesia is given, you may remember this event not so clearly or not for a long period of time and on top of that; you may not feel any pain when you talk about it.

Let’s now get back to the saint, after knowing the mechanism of creating desires, memories and impact. The saint has learnt the art of rejecting the impact of everything he wants to avoid. Hence he may experience an event which may cause pleasure for an average person, like watching a beautiful girl dance, but he may consciously put this act into the third category which is the neutral category. It means that though an average person watching this girl may create a memory or desire as he may attach pleasure to this event; the saint may not do so because this event doesn’t cause much impact on his conscious mind.

This is because he’s learnt the art of putting every type of act into a neutral category. It means he has trained his conscious mind in a way that it looks at everything in a neutral way. Accordingly; the conscious mind doesn’t send much information related to any act to the subconscious mind; and hence no memory or desire is created. It means this saint has learnt to look at everything or experience everything; just like you look at hundreds of people in your day to day life but you don’t attach any importance to most of them as they fail to create an impact on your conscious mind.

This is the time to understand that the conscious mind of every human being has different levels of sensitivity and hence the definition of good, bad or neutral impact may be different for different people. For example, if an average person wins million dollars in a lottery; it may create a big impact of pleasure on his conscious mind which may forward it as an important memory to his subconscious mind. However, if a multi-billionaire wins the same amount of money in a lottery; he may not pay much attention and hence no significant impact may be created on his conscious mind, through this event. Similarly, if an average person wins hundred dollars in a lottery; it may not create much impact on his conscious mind.

Likewise, an average housewife may feel significant impact of pain on her conscious mind, if a needle pierces one of her fingers while sewing whereas a warrior may not feel anything through the same act. The warrior may need a deep wound caused by a sharp weapon, in order to feel the same conscious impact of pain. Similarly; all other types of impacts may vary in quantum for different people; depending on a number of variables. A popular actor may not care much for a beautiful woman as a number of beautiful women are mad for him. However, the same beautiful woman may cause a strong impact of pleasure on the conscious mind of a person who has never been in the company of a beautiful woman, though he has always wished for it.

A true saint masters the art of being absolutely insensitive to all material things and hence none of them can cause an impact on his conscious mind; whether such impact is good or bad. He experiences everything like a witness and he never becomes an active part of anything. It means he never thinks he’s doing something while doing it; and he thinks such act is happening through him. Hence he considers himself as a witness when experiencing things and he considers himself as a medium when certain things are done through him.

Through this technique, this saint has learnt the art of avoiding the conscious impact of each and everything; which means he has learnt the art of staying away from the desire element as no desire can be created without conscious impact. A particular desire may need big conscious involvement whereas another desire may need very small amount of conscious involvement or impact; but no desire can be created without conscious impact or involvement. The saint experiences everything but he remains uninvolved or unattached in all these things and hence he never witnesses a state of confusion or disturbance; as there is no conflict between his conscious and subconscious mind at any stage.

Hence a saint can go through every experience whether it brings pain or pleasure, but he remains unaffected from it on conscious level. Just as you watch the surgery being performed on you like a witness when you have been given anesthesia; he watches everything happening like a witness but he consciously chooses not to let such events create an impact, just like the surgery fails to create a conscious impact of pain in your case. Therefore, if a number of people keep telling him the same thing which he knows is not true; his confidence may not be shaken because the opinions of these people are unable to go through his conscious mind.

Accordingly; these opinions may not go to his subconscious mind and so; no confusion may be created. In order for any type of confusion to be created, there should at least be two options or two things. An average person comes across opinions from two parts of his mind; which are conscious and subconscious mind. Whenever these two minds have different opinions; a state of confusion is created. On the other hand, a saint only operates through his conscious mind and his subconscious mind remains passive most of the time. This is because subconscious mind is all about past, memories, experiences, desires and other such things.

The saint doesn’t create any of these things as he lives in the moment only and hence his subconscious mind doesn’t have anything to offer in most cases. Hence his confidence can’t be shaken because he only has one mind and not two minds. As long as there is only one; confusion can’t be there. For instance, if you’re to choose between red and green; you may get confused but if green is the only option; there is no confusion since there is no choice. Even when it comes to green; as long as the choice of taking or leaving it is there; you may once again get confused. However, if there is only green and you have to take it; there is once again no confusion. The saint always has only one option which comes through his conscious mind. Hence he’s truly confident and no one can shake his confidence or create confusions in his mind. We’ll talk more about this topic; later on.

Coming back to the example of the guy who walked out of the relationship; you see, it was obvious from the start but you didn’t care. Taking a look at some other facts, even you may have ignored many negative things about this guy in the beginning phase of this relationship as your subconscious mind may also have been helping you get into a relationship at the earliest, just like his subconscious mind. Consider all the situations mentioned by me for this guy at different stages, in your case also and you may find that you may also have been seeing what you wanted to see at every stage, just like this guy did.

You see, the outside world may not be changing its colors and it may be you who’s imposing your own colors on it. As long as you’re able to impose those colors, the world looks beautiful and the moment the world starts showing up in its true color, it starts looking illusionary. This way, most of us are under the spell of second type of illusion where the world doesn’t change at all and our perception changes alone. Accordingly, the illusion is not coming from outside and it is rather coming from inside.

Hence no matter how much you may try to fix this illusion from outside, which means no matter how many options you may try; this illusion may never go away. This is because the problem is inside and you’re trying to fix it from outside, which is not going to happen. All you need to do is to remove your glasses, whichever color they may be; and try to see the world as it is and not as you want to see it. That reminds me of the fourth option. So let’s discuss this option now.

In the fourth option, you’re looking at this wall without any glasses and hence you see it as it is. You’re aware about each and everything that happens to this wall, as and when it happens and the way it happens. This state of no glasses is represented by your conscience as this is the first thing it does. As conscience starts growing, you start seeing things and people like they are and not like you want to see them. Since there is no difference between what you see and what there is in reality; there is no illusion in this case.

Hence a person with high conscience doesn’t find any illusions in this world, though the other three type of people may think he’s lucky enough not be hit by them or he’s smart enough to handle the illusions. He’s neither lucky nor smart when it comes to face or handle illusions and it is the simple fact that he doesn’t see any illusions to start with. As there is no illusion, the question of how you handle it doesn’t rise in the first place. I mean, how can you deal with something which isn’t there to start with?

Coming back to the example where your conscience stops you from eating a lot of food, it may do so in a friendly manner and it may also ensure that your heart is also compensated in one way or the other, instead of ignoring it. Looking at the way it may do so, the next time you have free time and you feel like eating, it may remind your heart to have this food item again, supposing it is an item which is generally not made at home and it is available at commercial food joints only. As that happens, these four entities may once again start an equation within you. Let’s look at this equation now.

It may need ten minutes to go there, another ten minutes to come back and about thirty minutes to have this item; this is what your intellect may be thinking at this time. When it comes to your ego, it may never suggest this option to start with as it may want to use these fifty minutes for something profitable or constructive and there’s no profit in spending fifty minutes plus money to have what your heart wants.

Since you’re a conscience ruled person, you don’t have an issue with ego and your issue is more likely to be with the intellect. The intellect may suggest that spending fifty minutes and money merely in order to have a feeling which you have already had many times; is not a good option. Your intellect may suggest you to invest this time in learning something new; revise something already learnt or create something new with the knowledge you have.

Once again there’s a conflict between your intellect and heart like the previous situation and your conscience brings harmony through the same method. It honors the wish of your heart and it assures your intellect that its concern will also be taken care of. Your conscience keeps doing this and it maintains harmony between all these entities. It honors the request of your body when needed and it does the same in case of your heart and intellect.

Since your conscience is taking good care of all of them and it is not asking them to pay high price like the ego does, all these entities may start loving your conscience with the passage of time and they may be ready to make any compromise at its wish. The best thing is that your conscience never tells any of these entities to make unnecessary compromises and it lets all of them exhibit in their natural states.

In fact, it may boost their performances, as already explained. As a result, you may do business like a perfect businessman with no emotions involved, you may enjoy like a kid who doesn’t have intellect to start with and you may also take very good care of your body. This is called the state of balance and once you reach it, only then can you realize how good it is to be in this state. We’ll discuss more about the working of conscience in the coming parts of this book.

Going back, being an emotional type, you hit your lover and then you start hitting your fist against the wall, in order to balance out what you did. You may not know it consciously, but the number of times your fist hits against the wall may be such that the quantum of pain you suffer becomes equal to the quantum of pain that you lover is experiencing according to you. As you reach that point, your fist may stop hitting against the wall because even this feeling may leave your heart now; that you’re guilty of hitting your lover. Soon after this, the feeling of care for your lover may take over your heart and you may start attending to her medical needs.

It is interesting that you may not carry much guilt for this incident after you’ve injured your fist, as justice has been delivered according to you. Even if your lover brings up this incident after some time like a couple of months later; and she complains that you once hit her so bad; you may at once say that then you hit yourself also, as an act of repentance. When you say this, your voice as well as your body language may not carry much guilt or any guilt at all and instead, it may carry love. This is because your subconscious mind carries no guilt related to this incident as the equation was settled on the spot and hence; it may not express such guilt through subconscious expressions like your voice and body language.

Himanshu Shangari