Heaven and Hell Within Part 4 05

Heaven and Hell Within 04

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Comedy relaxes through understanding and hence it needs intellect. Even the words used in the songs need intellect to be understood though not much intellect is required in this case also. This is because you generally tend to listen to the songs you like; time and time again. Your conscious effort uses your intellect in order to understand the words used in a song; only for the first few times and as you listen to this song again and again; you memorize the words used in this song. It means the words used in this song have been stored on your subconscious mind and hence you don’t have to pay conscious attention or use intellect to understand or memorize them again.

Many of you may have noticed that if you’ve listened to a song hundreds of times, all the lines used in this song keep coming to you prior to when they appear in the song. This is due to the reason that this song is stored on your subconscious mind and hence you don’t need conscious effort to understand or even remember this song as the operation has been taken over by your subconscious mind. This is why the words keep coming to you naturally before they appear in the song; because everything created by subconscious mind is natural.

This process follows three steps where the first two steps use your conscious mind and the third step uses your subconscious mind. In the first step, you only try to understand the words or lines used in a song and your conscious mind is used for this purpose. This is because your subconscious mind only deals with things that you’ve already done back in time; and things you deal with for the first time need your conscious mind because your subconscious mind doesn’t have any memory of these things. Hence you try to understand the words through your conscious mind and you need intellect as your conscious mind uses your intellect to do so, in this case.

In the second step, you try to memorize the lyrics of this song and once again, you need your conscious mind and intellect to do so. You do so by consciously listening to this song again and again; and even by singing it again and again; until you’ve memorized it perfectly, which means it has been stored on your subconscious mind and hence the job of your conscious mind is done. In the third step, whenever you listen to this song again, your subconscious mind starts working and it starts sending you the lyrics of this song in a natural way which means without effort; or to say, without conscious effort.

Let me mention once again that whatever needs the application of your conscious mind, needs effort. On the other hand, whatever needs the application of your subconscious mind doesn’t need effort and hence it seems to come naturally which means without effort. An interesting fact is that you engage in effort in case of using your subconscious mind also; but you don’t realize this effort because of two reasons. The first reason is that this effort is much smaller in comparison to the effort needed by your conscious mind. The second and more important reason is that your subconscious mind is the hidden part of your mind and accordingly, whatever it does remains hidden from you or so to say, from your conscious mind. Hence even if it puts in effort to do something, this effort is hidden and you won’t realize it. This is why you feel that the things done by your subconscious mind happen naturally which means without effort as you’re not able to feel the presence of any effort while doing such things.

This is how you understand, memorize and enjoy the lyrics of your favorite songs and even when you use intellect in the first two steps; you don’t put too much load on your intellect and you tend to relax it more, due to the nature of these exercises. Coming to the music used in songs, you need almost no intellect to understand it because music is not understood and it is felt. Since feeling something falls under your heart’s domain, you use heart and not intellect in order to enjoy music.

This is why you may find that the pieces which contain music only and no words; may prove much more soothing and relaxing. It happens because your heart is completely engaged in order to feel them and that shifts the focus of energy away from your intellect. Therefore, if you’re listening to a piece of music which has no words and you’re lying on bed while doing so; this is what is happening in reality. Since you’re not using much of the available energy for your body; it relaxes. Moving on, as your intellect is also not doing much work and at the same time, your heart may be using most of your available energy to feel this piece of music as much as it can; your subconscious mind may limit the supply of energy to your body as well as to your intellect in order to send maximum amount of energy to your heart so that it may succeed at what it is doing.

As that happens, your body and intellect feel even more relaxed because more energy means more activity and less energy means less activity which further means more relaxation. Hence the comedy shows and music relaxes your intellect. There are a number of other such activities which may do so; and hence they can be used to achieve this objective. In fact, there are specific activities intended to relax each one of these three entities and hence they can be used as and when needed.

Coming back to the topic, since the harmony or balance between these three entities has been disturbed; we’re facing more and more issues. The fact that this balance is getting disturbed more and more with passing time; only means that we as people are being controlled by our egos more and more with the passage of time. This is because the job of our conscience is to maintain this balance and as long as the conscience is present in significant quantum, it never fails to do its job. Since this job is not being done properly, it only means that the amount of conscience we have has decreased in the recent 100 years or so.

A question may arise that even if the amount or percentage of conscience has dropped, why is it necessary that the amount of ego has increased? If you remember the third part of this book, it mentions that it is possible to have less quantum of conscience or ego; even while having them in healthy percentages. Hence it is possible to have low conscience as well as low ego at the same time, like most animals have. Then why did I suggest that we’re being controlled by our egos more and more?

This is due to anther rule which has also been explained in the third part. Only your conscience and ego have the ability to use your body, intellect and heart as a team in order to achieve objectives which are much bigger than your basic needs, at any point in time. Hence if significant progress is happening on any levels, it means that either conscience or ego is present in significant strength. When it comes to materialistic development, we’ve achieved more in the recent 100 years than we may have ever achieved during any period of 100 years.

As the achievements are phenomenal; it means the people of this age either have high levels of conscience or they have high levels of ego because only these two entities are capable of creating this magic. As the harmony within us is being disturbed more and more; it simply means that conscience is not present or it is present in low quantum. Hence conscience is eliminated from this equation and what remains is ego. This is why ego is ruling us more and more in this day and age.

When it comes to harmony, not only the harmony within us is being disturbed but universal harmony has also been disturbed a lot during these 100 years or so. It is once again a strong sign that we as a community are being controlled more and more by ego and less by conscience. The first priority of conscience is to restore and maintain universal harmony and it can do so even at the cost of individual harmony. It means a person with high conscience can sacrifice himself partly or completely, in order to restore or maintain universal harmony or universal well being.

However, the opposite is happening in this day and age, as we’re trying to exploit each and everything around us, in order to witness more and more profit or comfort. This is something that ego only can do and in fact; it is the signature move of ego; to get whatever it wants; no matter how many problems it may create for other people or systems. This is what is happening today and this is what suggests that conscience is leaving us day by day and ego is taking its place. Only a species ruled by ego, which means a human; can think that if he has the power, he can exploit all the natural resources and all other species existing in nature in order to benefit more.

Unauthorized interference is the thing that conscience hates the most and it is the thing that ego loves the most. Since the incidents of unauthorized interference are growing in numbers whether it is burning more and more forests, causing more and more pollution, killing animals for money, fur or even for fun or other such incidents like the stronger country exploiting the weaker country or the stronger human exploiting the weaker human; the evidence for growth of more and more ego is obvious.

Getting back to the topic, if you listen to music or you watch comedy shows on TV, they help your mental plane relax. On the other hand, if you watch programs which are full of drama and especially the negative type of drama with rising and falling pitch; you’re not relaxing your mental plane and you’re instead causing more problems for it. Similarly, if you choose to watch crime investigation programs or you watch programs offering knowledge of some type or if you watch news on TV; you’re making things even more difficult for your mental plane, instead of giving it rest.

This is because all these programs need significant amount of mental energy to be understood and some of them need even more energy when it comes to memorize them. For instance, a program which offers any type of knowledge like a program based on planets and universe needs much more attention from your intellect and hence you end up using your intellect even more, instead of giving it rest. All the facts and information mentioned in this program need understanding as well as memorizing, which puts load on your mental plane and this is the same type of load which your mental plane may have been dealing with throughout the day.

It’s like you’re just finished with your gym routine for your legs, they’re completely fatigued and you go for mountain tracking or you go to a discotheque in order to dance, soon after this routine. As you can understand, your legs may get even more fatigued and as a result, they may even sustain injuries. This is because if you keep putting load on a muscle, even when it is duly tired and it needs rest, the chances are fair that it may sustain injury. Hence it is better to give your legs some rest after a tiring legs workout and put them back to heavy work, only when they’ve significantly recovered.

The same happens with your mental plane also and putting it under load when it needs rest can result in injuries. These injuries are caused on mental plane and accordingly, there are subtle compared to the injuries sustained by the body. Though they may only seem to result in headaches or migraines on temporary basis, a lot more damage can be done over a longer period of time. When it comes to TV news, it once again needs a lot of attention and memory as well, which means significant use of your mental plane and hence it can put more pressure on your mental plane instead of relaxing it.

Drama programs may prove the worst though they may not demand as much mental energy as news and knowledge offering programs may require. The reason they may still trouble your mental plane more is that most of these programs are filled with negativity and the characters in many of these programs engage in conspiracies, betrayals, violence and other negative acts against the other characters. Through these negative acts, these programs send negative energy to your mental plane and this energy is the opposite of the energy which can relax your mental plane.

It means this energy can not only put more pressure on your mental plane, it may even cause harm to it as this negativity may get trapped in your mental plane and it may start hitting its walls. As a result, you may feel even more restless, anxious, or troubled. It should be noted that if you’re a person with high ego, you may not have these feelings instantly and in fact you may feel like you’re enjoying such programs more than anything. This is because your ego also engages in all such things and hence it may like watching similar acts.

However, the problem may become even bigger as all this negative energy may start causing mental distortions inside you with the passage of time and hence you may suffer from mental health issues which may range from mild to very serious issues like split personality disorder or insanity. But this is not all and the problem with the mental plane is even bigger. As you lie on bed in the night and as you try to sleep; your body instantly goes to rest mode but the same may not happen with your intellect.

Your mental plane may still remain active and as long as it remains active, you can’t sleep. This is because your mental plane should come to rest in order for you to sleep or you may not be able to sleep for a long period of time; after lying on your bed in the night. All the thoughts from day’s work; all the negative energy from drama programs, all the information gained through news or from programs offering knowledge may start running within your mental plane and they may make it difficult for your mental plane to come to rest. As a result, you may find it difficult to sleep and there may be only two options for you.

The first option is the natural option and though you may not know by this time how it works, it is the time to know. In this option, your mental plane starts dealing with all the energy trapped in it and as a result, all these thoughts and facts may start running through your mental plane once again, as if they’re happening once again. It means your mental plane may start reliving all these concepts and thoughts one by one so that it may get rid of them. Yes, this is how your mental plane works.

If you give it a number of jobs, the only way for it to relax is to finish working on all those jobs and it may keep working till then; as long as its capacity doesn’t die out. Hence it may catch a thought about a character in the drama serial and it may start exploring various possibilities related to this character or this serial; as it does in general. It has already been mentioned in the third part of this book that the job of your mental plane is to break every fact, information and thought into smaller units and find possibilities. It keeps doing so until it is satisfied that it has reached the smallest possible unit or it realizes that going beyond a point is not possible for it at a time; due to the capacity it has.

Hence it may start dealing with that serial and it may not leave it until it is done with all the possibilities. It may then start dealing with something related to your profession like tomorrow’s meeting which may be important for you and that is why you put it in your mental plane; by thinking about it again and again until now. Hence it may catch the concept of tomorrow’s meeting and it may start deriving possibilities related to this meeting as well as its outcomes.

It may seem like a short sequence but in reality, even a meeting and its possible outcomes can consume a couple of hours as your mental plane may present you with a number of possibilities and it may then start processing all those possibilities. These possibilities may further give birth to a number of other possibilities and this way, your mental plane may engage in a chain reaction of thoughts, which may not seem to come to an end. This is why you may find it difficult to sleep as your mental plane may be significantly busy; which can hinder your sleep.

This may keep happening until your mental plane has run out of all the possibilities or it has reached its limit. This is when you may witness sleep but you may have put a lot of extra stress on your mental plane by then. As it may keep happening and in fact this is what is happening to majority of us in this day and age; your mental health may start going down and hence you may suffer from mental problems; which may be mild or serious; depending on all other variables which affect this equation in your case.

Looking at the unnatural option; some of us may go for sleeping pills so that they may witness sleep at the earliest. However, these pills may do a different type of damage to your mental plane and you may have to pay an even higher price for using them. These pills may forcibly stop your mental plane from working and hence you may be able to sleep. However, they may also make your intellect grow in backward direction which means they may reduce your intellectual abilities over a period of time. Apart from this, they can also have adverse affect on your memory, speech and on some other important aspects. Therefore, their use should be avoided until they become absolutely necessary in certain specific cases.

This problem of mental tension may aggravate more in case of people who have relatively bigger egos and they may end up facing even more mental issues than people with smaller egos. This is because ego means ambitions, bigger ego means bigger ambitions, bigger ambitions mean more planning and more planning means more load on the mental plane as active planning is the job done by the mental plane or intellect. This is why people with big ambitions may find it difficult to sleep because their ambitions may make it difficult for their mental planes to stop; as they may keep asking for more and more planning; even when they’re trying to sleep.

The situation may be so worse in some cases that such people may keep making plans while eating, while going to toilet, while bathing, while driving and while engaging in many other such day do day activities. As such a person keeps planning more and more; these conscious acts send a specific request to his subconscious mind that he wants to plan more and more. Accordingly, the subconscious mind may take over this operation once this request is accepted and it may start providing more and more time for planning.

As a result, this person may start planning whenever he may be doing something which doesn’t need much intellect like the activities mentioned above; and this planning may be initiated by the subconscious mind, though it may then be carried out by the conscious mind as active planning with future possibilities is the scope of conscience mind. It means when this person starts having his lunch; his subconscious mind may automatically send a thought about the pending planning for tomorrow’s project.

As he has marked this project important, his conscious mind catches this thought at once and it starts processing this thought, using more and more intellect. In a matter of no time; his conscious mind may be engaged in planning and the operation of having lunch may be transferred to the subconscious mind. Accordingly, you may observe that though this person is having lunch; he seems to be lost somewhere else and the food is going into his mouth by some automatic procedure.

This is because his conscious mind is engaged in planning which means it is present at the venue where this project is to take place and accordingly; it is absent from the place where his body is having lunch. His body is having lunch with the help of his subconscious mind and as the acts of subconscious minds are hidden, so are its imprints. It means all the activities carried out by your subconscious mind don’t require your active or conscious attention and hence your conscious mind doesn’t have to be there in order to carry out these activities.

As your mental presence is marked only when you’re consciously attending to something, the other person may find you physically present but mentally absent in all these activities. Hence if you watch this person having his lunch; you’ll find him lost somewhere else which is in fact true because his conscious mind is visiting the venue of his project. You see, how your subconscious mind may even encourage you to start planning?

This keeps happening throughout the day and you keep planning while engaging in all the activities which don’t require the use of your intellect; which means such activities don’t require your conscious attention or presence. It may look fine till here though it is not; but the problem starts after this. As you lie on your bed to sleep; you’re once again trying to engage in an activity which doesn’t need the application of your conscious mind or intellect; which means this time is also a free time and it can be used for planning.

Accordingly; your subconscious mind may send you a thought related to some type of planning which may be pending; and as your conscious mind has developed a habit of catching such thoughts given by your subconscious mind and then processing them; it may start planning. One thought may lead to the other and a chain reaction may start once again. Before you realize; 30 minutes may have passed by the time you’re finished with all the aspects related to this planning.

As it happens, you may realize that you shouldn’t engage in planning at this time as it is the time to sleep. Hence you may convince yourself and you may try to disengage from any types of thoughts. However, as you try to relax; your subconscious mind may once again send a fresh thought related to another planning which is pending. Acting upon the habit, your conscious mind may once again engage in the thought process and another 15 or 20 minutes may be gone by the time you’re finished with this series of thoughts.

Your conscious mind may start getting irritated by now and it may seriously want to rest. However, your subconscious mind may once again send a thought related to another ambitious plan and your ego may force your conscious mind to process it; as a lot may change if this plan comes through. This may keep happening until your mental plane has reached its limit and it is in no position to work any longer, without taking rest. Hence it may collapse and you may witness sleep though a couple of hours may have passed or so to say; they may have been wasted by then.

As you have to wake up early in the morning in order to go to your job on time; the amount of rest you give your mental plane may not be sufficient for it to recover completely. Accordingly; it may witness injuries when you start putting load on it from early in the next morning, as it may be still tired. Such mental injuries may appear as headaches, migraines, anxiety, restlessness and other such things in the short run and they may appear as much bigger mental problems in the long run.

This is what many of us are doing in routine and this is why we’re heading towards more and more health issues related to body, intellect and heart as we’re disturbing the harmony between them. Going back to the topic of conscience, it is the job of your conscience to maintain harmony between these entities and it does this job well, if it is present in significant quantum. Hence it may stop your intellect form playing video game so that your body may have the food it requires.

Taking a look at another example, suppose you like a particular food item and you tend to eat it a lot whenever you get the chance, which may often cause problems later on. In this case, your heart is interfering with your body and the harmony is being disturbed by your heart. This is because all types of feelings and emotions are dealt with by your emotional plane and hence it is your emotional plane which likes this food item.

Accordingly, it pushes your body to eat more and more of this item though doing so may cause discomfort for your body; later on. However, your heart may not care for such discomfort and it may keep pushing your body which may act under pressure if your emotional plane is stronger than your mental plane. This is because it is the job of your intellect to issue warnings based on calculations, numbers, analysis and data. As your intellect has data related to discomfort caused by the excessive use of this food item in the past; it may keep issuing warnings which may be ignored if your emotional plane is stronger than your intellectual plane.

Himanshu Shangari