Heaven and Hell Within Part 4 04

Heaven and Hell Within 04

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This is what should be done by us also, if we’re to become better as human beings. If someone helps you from his heart; you should also help him from heart and not from intellect. It means if a poor friend tries to help you as much as he can; you also need to do the same. For instance, if he offers you Rs. 500 in times of need as this is the maximum he can offer though you may not accept it as it may be nothing compared to the quantum of financial problem you may  be facing; this is what you should do. When he’s in need, you should also offer the maximum you can or the maximum he needs if the latter is less than the former.

For instance, if you can offer him Rs. 1 million but he only needs Rs. 10,000 to get out of his problem; Rs. 1 million is your maximum at this time and Rs. 10,000 is the maximum he needs. Hence you should offer him at least Rs. 10,000 in order to call your offer of help fair. If you choose to offer Rs. 1000 instead; your intellect may tell you that you’re offering twice the amount of help he offered; it is not so in reality. This is because friendship in its purest sense is not ruled by intellect and it is ruled by heart. Hence if you’re making decisions through your intellect in the domain of friendship or any type of love relationship for that matter, there’s no relationship to start with.

Back to the example, if you set your house on fire in order to burn your neighbor’s house also, you’re doing it because you know he loves his house a lot and losing his house will hurt him with the same or even with more quantum than he hurt you with. As a result, all you care for is that the neighbor should feel the same pain as you felt and the material price you pay for causing him this pain doesn’t matter at all. As you’re a person dominated by heart, it should be easy to understand that the financial losses occurred by burning your own house don’t matter for you.

Going back to the property division, you may ask your brother to apologize for the wrongs done by him to you and your next action may depend on his reaction. If he apologizes due to any reasons and if your heart is satisfied, which means your ego is satisfied as it is your ego which is controlling your heart at this time; with the way he feels sorry; you may agree to this division and you may not care about the numbers. It means that if your brother apologizes in a humble way and your ego is satisfied; you may offer him a 50-50 deal or you may even give him the entire property, depending on your financial status and on your exact personality type at that time.

It means if you’re super rich and your brother has satisfied your ego through your heart, you may even give him the entire property. However, if you don’t have the financial luxury of losing your share in this property, you may still give him something extra, like a deal of 50-50. The reason you may do so is that you’re an emotionally dominated person and accordingly, feelings or emotional satisfaction is the most important thing for you.

It should be noted that an emotional ego type of person may value nothing more than emotional supremacy and he may not assign much value to money or wealth; compared to authority. Though he may have a lot of money and wealth; he may not love them much and he may instead use them as weapons to satisfy his ego on emotional level. Hence he can help a number of people if they bow to him and if they agree to whatever he says. As long as they can bow to him, agree to him and apologize whenever he wishes them to do so; he may keep giving them favors. If one such person enters politics; his primary objective may be to gain authority and not to make money through politics, though he may make money in order to purchase more authority. Hence he may spend a lot of money in order to gain authority.

On the other hand, an intellectual ego type of person may value nothing more than money and wealth; and hence his behavior may be a lot different. Money or wealth means power for him; power means security and security is an important concern for intellect as well as for ego. Therefore, you can’t fool him through flattery and other such things as in the first case; and you need a different approach. The people he may like the most are the ones who can suggest him some plans for gaining more wealth or who can come up with offers which look profitable. It means this person may only understand the language of money and he may not care much for anything else. Hence he may care to attend to you; only if he sees some profit through you.

If one such person enters politics; his primary objective may be to make more and more money through authority and the authority itself becomes secondary. This is the type which is found the most in politics now-a-days and this is why more and more corruption is ruling politics. Emotional ego type politicians primarily engage in acts of display of power and authority when they achieve such authority; and they may not want to make huge amounts of money through politics. As long as they have sufficient to purchase authority in future and they’re able to impress people with their authority, they’re satisfied. Hence they may show off more but they may engage less in financial corruption.

On the other hand, intellectual ego type politicians focus on earning more and more money; and the word sufficient doesn’t exist in their dictionary; when it comes to make money through authority. Accordingly; they’re the ones who may engage in acts of financial corruption; more than any other type. They’re generally not interested in showing off their authority and the authority they have is only a tool to make more and more money and wealth for them. Since politics is a field ruled by intellect and not by emotions; the number of politicians of this type is much more than the number of politicians of any other type; throughout the world. It means that financial corruption may almost never be eliminated from politics and history is the witness to this fact. It looks sad as well as hopeless; but this is how it is.

Going back to the example of property division, since you’re an emotional ego type, authority is more valuable than money for you. As your subconscious mind has a perfect record of this top priority of yours, it may make you give him more even if you don’t think much about it, in order to help you out.

As a result, you may deliver a decision to give him more than he intellectually deserves; and this decision may come without any conscious thoughts or feelings because it may be given by your subconscious mind. The reason for this extra value given to your brother is that this extra financial value is delivered with a hidden or to say a subconscious message that as long as your brother takes care of your emotional needs, he’ll keep benefitting in terms of material things, in future also.

Isn’t it amazing how deep your subconscious mind can go even though you may not be aware of it at all? Let’s analyze this act in details. Sooner or later, your brother will realize that you don’t care about the percentages or money to start with and all you care for is emotional satisfaction. This is because he realizes that as soon as he satisfied you emotionally, you gave him more than he deserved; as per his intellect. This gives him a strong hint for future that all he needs to do in order to have a good equation with you or even in order to get benefits from you is to take care of your emotions.

Accordingly, he may publically start showing more respect for you, he may start paying more attention to your emotional needs and he may start doing many other such things which give you the types of feelings that your ego wants through your heart. In return, you may start offering him more and more things holding material value; as he may be an intellectual type and you know that these things matter to him the most. Hence a silent understanding may be reached through which, your brother gives you emotional comfort and you give him financial comfort or so to say intellectual comfort in return.

An onlooker may think your brother is exploiting you as he is the one who’s benefitting in terms of material things; but this is not how you may think. The equation is fairly balanced according to you because he gives you what you like and you give him what he likes. The end result of both these types of acts is a feeling of satisfaction and hence they’re balanced. He gives you satisfaction the way you want and you give him satisfaction the way he wants; and this is what is fair according to your heart. Hence even if a number of people keep telling you that your brother is exploiting you financially; you may not pay attention at all; as you know the equation is fairly balanced.

Coming to the second possibility of division when you’re an emotional type with high ego; if your brother refuses to apologize for any reasons which may even be justified according to him; you may refuse to settle. This is because you know he attaches same value to material things that you attach to emotions and hence you may want to make him feel the same pain that he caused you, if he refuses to apologize. The division may go to the court and it may be kept pending for many years, causing your brother more and more pain as he may want to get his share at the earliest and so the delay disturbs him. You may even intentionally delay the proceedings by manipulating certain aspects of this case, as you know that such delay will cause even more pain to your brother.

You see, how the definition of the word ‘fair’ may be different for your body, intellect, heart and ego. Your body defines ‘fair’ as returning the same amount of physical pleasure or pain that someone gives you, provided it is not controlled by your ego, in which case it gets corrupted. Your intellect defines ‘fair’ as a returning a rational amount of profit or loss based on calculations, to the person who gives you such profit or loss; unless it is corrupted by your ego. Your heart defines ‘fair’ as returning the same type of feeling that someone gives you, provided it is not corrupted by your ego.

When it comes to your ego, it defines ‘fair’ as whatever satisfies it and it finds the use of any method fair, in order to achieve its objective. Since your ego is dependent on your body, intellect and heart for practically applying its actions, it may use one or more than one of them in order to get what it wants. Hence if it corrupts your body, you may beat your brother up in the already mentioned example. If it controls your intellect, you may try to give your brother less than he deserves, as your intellect is all about the numbers. If your ego controls your heart, you may either want your brother to emotionally pay for his wrong doings by apologizing or you may make him feel the same pain that you’re feeling.

It should be noted that even if you choose to give him more when he apologizes, this is an act of ego and it is not an act of uncorrupted heart. This is because all you want in this case is to see your brother in pain and when it comes to pain, there’s no pain as strong as the pain caused by a forced apology; provided you have significant amount of ego. Hence the intent is to cause him the same amount of pain on instant basis rather than doing so through court case which takes much longer. You see, an instant apology is a better remedy found by your corrupted heart because it serves the purpose at the earliest.

Your heart is only interested in causing him pain and it doesn’t care how this pain is caused. Whether it is caused through apology or through court case is all the same to your heart. In fact, the former is even better than the latter. This is due to the reason that if such pain is caused through apology, your supremacy is accepted which is an added bonus whereas if such pain is caused through court case, your supremacy is not accepted though your brother may feel the same amount of pain in this case also. This is why emotionally dominated people with high egos may always present apology as an option for many disputes; as it makes them feel in command. You see, how the interplay of all these entities can complicate the personality of a person, depending on which of them dominates and which of them controls him at a time.

It is the time to look at the conscience now. Conscience is also an application like the ego and hence it also depends on your physical body, intellect and heart in order to get certain things done. However, your conscience is a different type of application and in fact; it is almost the opposite of the ego. If the ego is a virus which controls the functions of all the three entities already mentioned, your conscience offers an antivirus as a part of its application. It means as your conscience grows, it starts fighting with your ego and it starts stopping your ego from corrupting your body, intellect and heart.

Accordingly, the more your conscience grows the freer you may feel from your ego and the expressions of all three entities may become free from any corruption, which means they may start exhibiting in their natural states. However, this is not the only thing your conscience does and this application comes with other features also. Your conscience also works like a booster and it can enhance the performance of your body, heart and intellect. As your conscience grows beyond a point; it can unleash such powers hidden inside your body; intellect and heart; which can help them connect to such entities from other worlds; which have greater or much greater powers and abilities compared to a human. We’ll discuss this topic in details, later on.

The basic job of your conscience is to keep these three entities free from any types of corruptions as well as from any types of pressures or interferences. In addition to this, it is the job of your conscience to make sure that these three entities work as a team and they co-operate with each other, as and when required.

Though ego can corrupt or control these entities and cause problems; these entities on their own can also interfere with each other at times and this is where your conscience comes handy. For instance, if you’re playing a video game and your intellect is taking great pleasure in this video game, supposing it is a video game that requires a lot of intellectual abilities; this is what may happen in the absence of conscience. You may get so involved in this video game that you may keep ignoring the signals from your body that it needs food or it wants to excrete water as the bladder may be full.

Most of you may have noticed that while playing those interesting video games, the food, the need to go to toilet and many other such things may have been delayed; and sometimes, delayed a lot. When this happens, it means your intellect is interfering with the affairs of your body because your body needs to engage in certain activities and your intellect is stopping it from doing so. This can happen as long as your conscience has not grown beyond a certain level and this can even enhance if you have high ego.

However, as your conscience reaches a healthy level, it stops your intellect from interfering with the needs of your body and hence it guides your intellect to stop playing this video game, have your meal or go to toilet; then come back and play again. Your conscience has got nothing against your intellect or against any other entity for that matter and all it wants is for all these entities to work in harmony. Hence it makes sure that your intellect doesn’t trouble your body in order to get what it wants.

It should be noted that maintaining harmony between these entities means stopping an entity from forcing another entity to do or not to do something that becomes necessary for it; and the word necessary is the key here. For instance, if your body is genuinely in need of food, this function becomes necessary as it needs energy in order to carry out its operations in a smooth way. As your intellect stops your body from doing so in order to get what it wants, say for a period of 30 to 60 minutes or even longer; your intellect forces your body to make unnecessary compromises.

Looking at the situation of your intellect; the act it is engaging in is relatively less important than the act your body wants to engage in; and hence your body should be given priority. This is because playing video games ranks low in priority when compared to the need of your body for food as the need of your body in this case is necessity whereas the need of your intellect is luxury. As it is easy to understand; necessity should never be compromised at the cost of luxury; hence your conscience stops your intellect in this case, in order to maintain harmony.

Another fact worth mentioning is that most of such video games come with a pause feature or they offer you to save your progress at check points which may appear every 2 to 4 minutes. Hence you have the luxury to put your video game on pause and resume it after having your meal; without much trouble. On the other hand, the need for food and the need to urinate don’t come with a pause feature. Though you can certainly abstain from doing these things for an hour or two; such delay is not natural and you’re forcing it. This means that your body is not co-operating and you’re forcing it to adjust; which is where harmony gets disturbed.

The word harmony in this context means that whatever your conscience finds worthy of doing at any stage; all three entities should agree to it. Taking the present case, your conscience knows that if such force is used on your body, this will disturb harmony as your body may start suffering. Though such suffering may be on small scale and you may not even notice it in the short run, the consequences are bound to appear in the long run. This is something that your intellect may not know or care for; but your conscience knows and cares for. This is why it may stop your intellect to force unnecessary things on your body in order to maintain harmony.

Have you ever wondered why people in general are physically or even mentally not as healthy as they used to be in old times? The root cause of this problem is disturbance of harmony within us. In the recent times; more and more priority has been given to the intellect and in order to do so; the body and the heart have been ignored, which has resulted in disturbance of harmony. There are no doubts that when it comes to intellectual domain; we’ve seen the kind of progress which may certainly be much more in quantum as well as in pace; compared to the progress made during any other ages in the same amount of time; but this progress has come at high price.

As the needs of physical body have been ignored and is it has been forced to make unnecessary compromises; it has suffered in the long run and hence; the physical health factor has significantly dropped. This is why in order to balance this factor; many types of physical exercises and special types of diets have been introduced in the recent times. Though they have certainly helped; but only to an extent and even they’ve failed to restore that natural harmony of body, intellect and heart that we used to have, as the force factor continues to exist.

Looking at the other end of this problem, we have not only invited a number of physical problems by ignoring the body, we have also invited a number of mental problems by putting too much load on the intellect. This is why a number of mental health issues have also appeared over these years and this is what happens when harmony is disturbed. The body is suffering because it is being forced to make compromises whereas the mental health is suffering because the intellect is being used beyond healthy levels.

This is why the word balance is the most important word. The word balance in this context can be considered equal to harmony and both these words may be considered similar to but not equal to the word conscience. This is because the conscience tries to restore harmony or balance and hence it becomes equal to these words most of the time; but it can compromise the balance between these three entities at times; where the need to restore balance rises in fields much bigger than you.

Though your conscience may still be engaging in the act of restoring balance, such balance may be universal or collective and in order to restore such balance, the balance of these three entities within you may be disturbed. This is how your conscience works. It knows perfectly at every time; which one of a given number of things is the most important, which one comes second and so on; and it’ll always do them in the order of priority. We’ll discuss this topic in details, later on.

Coming to the mental health issues, it should be understood that the word harmony or balance is the key here. Using any of these three entities below a healthy level can cause problems and using any of these entities much above healthy levels can also cause problems. This is because when you use your body below a required level or you force it to make compromises beyond a healthy level; it starts deteriorating. Similarly, when you use your intellect beyond a healthy level; you don’t give it sufficient time to expand and relax; and hence you may invite mental health issues.

It should be noted that all these entities need time to refresh and grow; and this rule must be remembered in order to maintain harmony. For example, it is not when you go to gym and engage in hard exercises that your body grows; it is when you take rest that it grows. By engaging in such exercises; you’re only giving demand to your body that you need more strength or muscle and you’re doing nothing more than that.

However when you take rest; it is only then that your system takes care of this request and it works in order to grow more muscle and strength so that you may have it the next time you want to do those exercises. This is how it happens and this is what you should understand. If you choose to go against this rule; you may disturb the balance and you may end up suffering instead of benefitting. For instance, if you try to engage in gym exercises for 8 hours every day and you sleep for 4 hours only or even less; you’re certainly going to land in trouble because you’re putting so much load on your body and you’re not giving it sufficient rest to gain more strength or even to recover; in order to be able to handle this load, the next time.

Hence your gym trainer may suggest you to exercise for an hour or two at the most at beginner or even at intermediate level; and that also for five days or at the most six days a week and not more than that. This is because they know that if proper rest is not given to your body, you may suffer in the long run; though you may see some benefits in the short run.

The same happens to your intellect also. When you keep using it a lot; without giving it sufficient rest; it starts suffering. The fact which makes it even more complicated is that it is much more difficult to rest you intellect compared to your body. It means all you need in order to rest your body is to lie down or assume any other posture of resting your body, though you may be doing anything like watching TV. Even when you watch TV, your body starts relaxing and by the time you’ve watched it for 30 minutes, your body may be relatively relaxed and ready to work again.

However, this is not the case with your intellect; as it needs different type of rest. The fatigue of your body is physical and hence it needs physical rest whereas the fatigue of your intellect is mental and hence it needs mental rest. Therefore, you need to stop engaging your intellect in any type of mental activity at all; in order to give it proper rest; just like you need to stop your body from engaging in any type of physical activity, in order to rest it.

This is why you can relax your body while lying on couch and watching TV but you may not be able to relax your intellect this way. In fact, you may end up making the situation even worse than it was at the beginning of this act. This is because the TV program you are watching may require the application of a lot of intellect; and hence it puts even more pressure on your mental plane, instead of relaxing it. In this case, your body is resting but your intellect is working and accordingly; your body will relax and your intellect may get even more tired.

However, this is not a big problem and it can be fixed easily. All you need to do is to start watching such programs which require minimum amount of intellect or which require the application of heart instead. For instance, watching all those foolish type comedy shows or listening to soothing music can relax your mental plane also. This is because the music is dealt with by your heart and hence your intellect is put to rest. The comedy shows do need some intellect in order to be understood properly; but the application of your intellect is the opposite type in this case and hence these programs help it relax.

If you go to gym, you may remember that after doing all those heavy exercises for a particular muscle group, certain stretching exercises for the same muscle group are recommended. As a general rule; these exercise should put more pressure on that muscle group and accordingly; it should feel even more tired; the opposite happens and your muscle is relaxed. This is because all other exercises are intentionally meant to put pressure on this muscle group in order to put demand for growth; this last exercise is aimed at releasing some of that pressure.

It should be noted that the demand for extra muscle has already been given through those exercises and hence you don’t need to carry this tension in your muscle any longer. Accordingly; some physical movements which aim at releasing the pressure instead of building it are advised. When you do these stretching exercises, you may feel that the tension from that particular muscle group has reduced. Hence specific types of physical exercises are done in order to relieve specific types of physical tensions. This is why you may find most sportsmen engaging in stretching exercises before they start playing. They do so to remove unwanted tension from their muscles. Though these exercises are physical in nature, they don’t cause tension in muscles and they remove the already existing tension.

The same happens in case of your mental plane or intellect also. The kind of effort it does when you’re watching comedy shows is the opposite of what it does in general and hence this effort serves as stretching exercise for your intellect. It should be noted that even in order to watch and understand comedy shows as well as in order to laugh; you need the application of intellect and you can’t do this without intellect. This is because comedy is created either through situations or through words and you have to understand the meaning behind those situations and words, in order to be able to enjoy it.

As soon as the word ‘understand’ comes to picture, intellect also comes with it. In general, the comedy shows which feature comedy through situations, which means they try to make you laugh through visuals; need less amount of intellect. This happens because the visuals are generally self explanatory and they don’t have hidden meanings. On the other hand, words can have hidden meanings and in fact; some comedy shows may be entirely based on the theme of creating laughter through words with hidden meanings. These are the comedy shows which require more intellect compared to some other shows which deal with graphics or with relatively simple words or sentences.

However, even in case of comedy shows which require more intellect, the application of intellect is in a different direction and hence such exercises of your intellect help you relax. In addition to this, as and when you laugh while watching these shows; laughter creates that special effect of relaxing your mental plane in its own way. This is why watching comedy shows can help you.

When it comes to music, you may need intellect in order to pay attention to the words being said in a song, but the amount of intellect used is not much. The music in the song needs almost no amount of intellect as there’s nothing to understand in music and in fact, you can’t understand a thing about music, even if you use all your intellect. Music can only be felt and it can’t be understood. It means though you can understand what instruments can be used to create music and how those instruments can be used; you can’t first understand music and then enjoy it, like you do in case of comedy shows; as music is felt through heart.

Himanshu Shangari